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The Golden Key To Life: Focus and Commitment.

"The older I get the more wisdom I find in the ancient rule of taking first things first. A process which often reduces the most complex human problem to a manageable proportion." ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Last week we discussed the connection between your Will Power and your Results.

Without question, the Results you actually GET in the TIME you have will determine your ultimate success or failure.

Want greater success? Consistently produce greater Results!

This week our focus is on the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done your very best.

If you have, day-by-day, achieved the best that is in you, what more is there?

That's right, nothing.

However, you owe it to your life to actually give your best—consistently.

You owe it to yourself, and everyone around you, to make absolutely certain that you are operating at peak performance... putting your God-given gifts and talents to their highest and best use.

Nothing less will guarantee the life you want for you, your friends and family. Yes, you owe your best to not just YOU, but everyone around you.

TQ This Week's Lesson In Excellence...

If you want to produce better results this week, you can.

Learn to take highly focused actions based on your core priorities.

How? Easy!

Simply print off this TQ Lesson Plan, and take a few minutes each day to not only THINK about these ideas for action... but put these ideas into ACTION.

Then, take a moment each day to ANSWER the "Today's Question", and see how other people have responded as well.

This will give you specific guidance for living a life of RESULTS, not REGRETS!

By committing to this simple, yet highly effective daily regimen, you will take your performance to the level... not Someday... but now!

TQ Focus On The Important... Not The Urgent...

To achieve your dreams... to maintain balance in the heat of the battle... to know that you have done the best you could given the circumstances you faced... requires you to focus on the important, and not be consumed by the urgent.

This is a major driver of success, both personally and professionally. It is not hard to focus, if you know what's important to you, and what's not.

Doing Your Best Today Means...

Focusing on First Things First.

Last week, I asked you to take a minute to WRITE out what you hope to accomplish next year. What will make you feel GREAT next year at this time, when you look back on the year that was?

Now I want you to explain to yourself WHY this is so IMPORTANT to you.

My Hopes For 2018...

FAMILY ___________________________________________________
Important Because______________________________________
FRIENDS __________________________________________________
Important Because______________________________________
YOURSELF ___________________________________________________
Important Because______________________________________

TQ Look closely at what you have written down.

How are you going to move these hopes off this page and into your life? The simple answer: By constantly remaining focused on the important, and not permit life's urgencies to wear you down and wear you out.

Right now your list is only a list. It is a reflection of what you HOPE you will achieve.

Last week, I asked you to question the VALUE of this list... BEFORE you invest a year of your life pursuing it. Assuming you did this, I now want you to FOCUS.

Prioritize Factor 6a asks if you "prioritize your life by choosing what's most important rather than what's most urgent?"

Do you?

The simple fact is, when you prioritize your life, you determine where your time will produce the most rewarding and satisfying results.

Base these priorities on your personal list of values, goals and commitments. (If you don't have this written list, do your Mission workshop now.)

Urgency is a quality given to something requiring immediate attention -- regardless of its relative value.

You can spend years chasing down one urgency after another.

Or, you can focus on top priorities and ensure that what's most important to you actually shows up in your life.

By choosing priorities over urgencies, you stop reacting to circumstances and start creating a life of power, passion and purpose.

TQ Factor 6A's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests that you prioritize your life based on things that mean the most to you. You consistently make the right choices between the urgent -- and what's most important. You apply your life's priorities to every situation -- from how you're going to spend the day -- to those crucial decisions that determine your future.

Sometimes, you choose to put what you value most on hold while responding to more demanding events. Yet, even then, you make sure time is not diverted so long that it does any permanent harm to your highest priorities. Custom lesson plan to improve this Factor...

"It is the mark of great people to treat trifles as trifles and important matters as important." ~ Doris Lessing

TQ Factor 6A's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment suggests you are someone who can lose sight of what's most important. Your life is often not as satisfying as you would like.

Urgencies tend to rule your day, and it may feel like there's never enough time to do the things that are the most meaningful to you.

Long-term goals are consistently delayed, as you attend to more urgent demands in your life. You also tend to put off your favorite dreams indefinitely, while chasing down easier or more immediate payoffs.

TQ The bottom line.

What happens when you FAIL to consistently do Factor 6A? Your goals die a slow, agonizing death from a lack of attention, focus and action.

Look at your list of hopes again. Are they forged of fire and passion resulting in a white-hot commitment? Or do they lack the purpose and the power to shift your innerdrive into overdrive?

TQ Remaining FOCUSED on what's important, every single day, is part of doing your best...

When you are committed to your personal best—day in day out—you will live a life of abundance and accomplishment.

Uncommitted and unfocused equals a life that simply doesn't matter.

Remember, your family lives on the RESULTS you produce. Time measures you by the RESULTS you produce.

So, take action to produce better RESULTS. Do it today! What's holding you back? -- E.R. Haas, CEO

The Key To Greater Success Is Now In Your Hands...

Take some time this week to think about the issues we raise and put the following Ideas For Action into ACTION.

This will not only help you achieve better RESULTS this week, but keep you on the path to achieving ALL your goals and aspirations.

Which, of course, is the whole point of this week's TQ Lesson Plan!


First, Review These Ideas For Action...

Learn how to "Stay Focused on What's Most Important."

The following Ideas for Action represent some of the best thinking on the planet regarding this subject.

They're designed to inspire and motivate you to actually do this factor a great deal more frequently.

Spend some time reading each one. Make sure you understand them. Visualize yourself doing them.

Keep in mind, however, that these ideas will remain ideas until you put them into action.

TQ As You Begin Each New Task, What Goes Through Your Mind?

As you go through your daily tasks, keep in touch with your mission and goals. The most important things in your life should never be sacrificed to the less important.

Take a moment throughout the day to relate your mission and goals to each task you do. Don't let your journey obscure your destination.

TQ Are You Ready To Design Your Day?

For any task to be a priority, it must have more importance than something else. Importance comes from your values, goals and commitments.

Design your day around achieving your primary goals.

TQ How Willing Are You To Be Distracted?

You can be easily distracted when you do not have a purpose. To increase your focus, direct your time and energy through your filter of values, vision and mission.

To gain focus, ask yourself "what's the most important item I should tackle right now." Focus on that first.

TQ Does This Really Matter?

The key is to know exactly what you want at any point in time. A lot of time and energy are wasted when you focus on things that don't really matter, and leave what's most dear to you unattended.

Give the gift of your attention to what's most dear to you -- today and every day.

TQ Are You Doing Too Much?

A carefully chosen list of priorities acts to clear out the deadwood and debris that ordinarily clutter up your life. With clearly set priorities, you reaffirm what has meaning to you and eliminate what doesn't.

Invest your time in what's most rewarding to you. This is so important, it's worth repeating: DO WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT -- let the rest take care of itself.

TQ Did You Know That...

If you look at your life, exactly as it is right now, you will discover which priorities you are currently focusing on first.

At every moment your priorities are made visible by your decisions and your actions.

TQ What's Your Joy Quotient Today?

Choose what gives you joy.

Fulfillment comes from accomplishing the important, not from surviving the urgent.
* * *


Now, Answer These Integrating Questions...

How to incorporate these key ideas into your daily actions.

Understanding how this Factor drives your performance is key to improving it. Sometimes a small shift in perspective gives you a huge shift in power.

Print this page, take out your pen and invest a few moments to answer the following questions.

Do it now.

Each one is designed to shift your perspective, change your point of view, and to invite specific action.

"Point of view is worth 20 IQ points"
~ E. R. Haas

TQ Power Up Questions:

  1. If you don't consider your next task important, how did it get on your schedule?
  2. What's one area of your life that you would like to focus on more?
  3. What's the absolute, MOST important thing you can focus on right now?

TQ Insight Questions:

  1. What have you been giving priority to in your life, and where has it been getting you?
  2. Doesn't one completed, important priority outweigh ten unimportant ones?
  3. When was the last time you felt totally focused and committed?
  4. What do your values, vision and mission say you should be doing next?

TQ Perspective Questions:

  1. Are you satisfied with all you've been achieving?
  2. Have you ever noticed that how you spend your time is already a result of your pre-existing priorities?
  3. If your life isn't what you desire it to be, are you ready to establish a new set of priorities to make it so?

"Success On Purpose steps up to the plate, swings the bat, and delivers a home run. A unique, timely and excellent sequel to The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren"~ Lee Wise, Former Director of Internships
Baptist Bible Seminary


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

* * *

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Running Member Comments...

It think your program does a great job of giving you a wake up call. It really points out holes in your life.

I have been listening to the tapes this past week and studied the entire day yesterday and have to admit, I am still not clear on a exact method you recommend to actually address the areas to improve on.

I started today not really knowing what to do first or how. There is so much info and so many little rabbit trails of thought its confusing to put it together to implement

I am not complaining but you gave me the opportunity to post a comment and it is what I thinking at the moment


Rod Powers


A quick thought would be to have a custom action plan print out based your TQ colors.

This would be a print on that address each color. Which one to work first, then go to the next one etc.

You would have the entire action plan in front of you rather than trying to figure what to do with information overload.
Rod --

Thanks for bringing up a point that everyone is interested in: Where to start!

Actually, when we reviewed your Color Chart, we made specific written suggestions as to which Color to improve first and which resources to start with! (You may have missed this sheet in your package.)

As with each customer who orders a copy of The Power of TQ, we provide a written evaluation and a specific sequence for you to follow based on our analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.

Without telling tales out of school, I highly recommend that you take your Mission Color up to a 10, then get your Set Goals Color in the 8-9 range. When you do, you will have a strong sense of purpose and direction... together with the power to perform on purpose!

Thanks for letting us address this issue and please do let us know how you are progressing.

Today's Question: How will I use my gift of time today?

I will spend the first 20 minutes of my day planning and prioritizing my long list of to be done's today!
i would learn new things, meet new people,try to improve yesterday's performance. will never bow down in front of others if i am not mistaken. accept my shortcoming in order to improve in future if this gift of time continues to come on my way.
This year has been a biggie in terms of having faith in a dream. I am a coach/trainer in the real estate field and my dream is to create an online program for affordable training everywhere. I have now met someone with an online training platform which I have licenced from them and I am in the process of building the training modules and working in a marketing plan for "selling" them to franchises and individual agents. Wish me luck! Terri
I will be a positive, kind, caring role model
as I help others achieve their goals and dreams
through creating a source of unstoppable wealth
through the wellness industry!
By not dwelling on the past mistakes but by making every second of the future count
i have never have anything to say until i subscribe to the newsletters from TQ.COM
i now find it that there is more in life than what we see and those who will see the extra ordinary things are those who will never stop search
thanks for the wonderful thing you brought to my life.
live powerfuly every minute and every moment ...use time to exercise , meet people , practice medicine and relax
invest time in people , we build people and people build businesses....
time is inflexible ,ireversible gift it to your loved ones .....
Today, I will work on a rush order for a customer.
I will use my gift of time today by taking care of unfinished projects that are waiting for me - those things I do not finish because of spending time in the unimportant stuff.

When you spend money, you can earn it again later. Once you spend time, it's gone forever.
Helping others in my office and decluttering my desk!
What exactly do you mean? Could you give some EXAMPLES? I have read your columns daily since march of 2006, and I still can't figure out what to do. I have read "What Color Is Your Parachute" by Richard Bolles TWICE front to back every page, chapter, word, and that has not helped me either. I'm a 40 yr old man totally unhappy with life and with what I'm doing for a living. I'm not married, and not happy about that either. I was involved in a 2 year relationship with, who in which I thought would be my life partner. But that went sour also. I don't want to take much of your time on that issue, because its not what you are offering. However, you have an idea of how I feel. Thanks for reading. Could you please respond with some specific advice. Thank you.
Frank --

The process is simple:

1. Test your TQ to see EXACTLY which area of your performance is holding you back...

2. If you score LESS than 70, this is your wake up call. I highly recommend you order the TQ Gold package and stop READING and start DESIGNING a future you want to live in...

3. If you score LESS than 10 on Mission -- start there. You are simply wasting the only life you have to live until you find the Natural Mission and Authentic Direction you so desperately need. Lack of Mission and Direction is the SOURCE of your frustration I read into your questions.

If you want to make a huge difference in your life -- starting right now -- read Success On Purpose, do ALL the exercises and complete the My Purpose My Life form in Chapter 5. See ThinkTQ.com/SOP

You will have exactly what you are looking for... the Starting Point for a life of Purpose-Driven Success.


to study my goals, rewrite them, and take action
I was dreaming over the weekend. That is what you have been asking us to do.

Boy did I come up with a hum-dinger!

As a City Manager, I am going to put our organization through the local government process to compete for the Malcolm Baldridge Award.

We are a small town of 5,000+ and a regional center. When I was hired 4 years ago, I said to the City Commission, "I would like us to be recognized as the best run small town in America." Now is the time to put legs under that thought.

Today I used my time to make Al happy. I created three desserts, because he missed having something sweet to eat for several days now. Keeping Al happy is very important also. If he is unhappy, it doesn't matter how successful I am making money, I have failed.
I did accomplish something this evening..I received two stamps from Magic Kids, so I put them together, which was quite a chore. But I am that much closer to making money with Magic Kids.
The first thing this morning I canceled my AT&T telehone. It will be cut off tomorrow, when I will have the cable telephone installed. Today was not a total loss, thank goodness.
Paying close attention to my horses through out the year and saddle break them.
This is how I am spending my time today,
regreting the time I did not do what I should have done the last year, feeling bad about the day I will have to leave my work in the future for other co-op students and thinking about how I could not take a significant step toward making my dream come true

I know these are a complete waste of time, but I feel terrible
building my relationship with god he will provide the rest
What is MOST important to me?

My health and level of fitness, because if I don't have the physical and mental strength to achieve my goals, nothing else even has the chance of happening.

After 62 years, I finally get the connection between sweat and success!

Most important? That I be contented and as healthy as possible. And that my Significant Other also be as contented and healthy as possible. That is what I also want for my son, daughter and her family. Everything else, like success in my new business is gravy. I expect by the end of next year that I will have season tickets for the Pops concerts and tickets for whatever operas and plays I want to see. And also plane tickets to go see my daughter and son-in-law in Florida, and my brothers. That would add considerably to my contentment in life.
That is why I must apply myself and my time in establishing my business this next year, so it will continue to flow in years to come.
My family and doing God's will for my life and ministry.
My family, and their wish for me to become a successful individual in the future.
Wow i can't answer this question!
ME is the most in mportant so is my bird my partner my art my music. my mother and father. my work! a clean house.. and having time is all important to me the MOST important to me!
My God, my family and being certain that both know how much I love them and how thankful I am to have them to complete my life.
my family & control over my life
getting a job in my field.
surviving financially.
learning to enjoy being alone
Family, Peace, Knowing my Purpose, Achieving What I'm suppose to be doing
Peace. Peace of Mind and Peace of Heart.
My family and our security
Having a harmonious life for my family.
To work only 40hrs a week and spend every night with my family
Kevin retired from the teamsters at home working ma with me and the kids meeting all our needs and wants and helping many people change their lives with health and wealth!We are in a beautiful large contemporary log home over looking beautiful views of the mountains and water very close to golf and tennis with many dear friends around us!
Becoming a successful author and motivational speaker.
To have financial security,a clean, peaceful and functioning home,living a macrobiotic lifestyle with my family in a home where I can live with and have a loving and strong relationship with all my animals and work with my animals daily!
What is my most beautiful dream?

My dream is that people will stop struggling so hard to just get by, and find the peace of mind that comes from doing their very best -- using their God-given talents fully -- to live what's truly important to them.

People would not only get along, but help one another get ahead.

Why must this be just a dream?
To spend 1 additional hour everyday with my kids!
Dont you people think that your workshops are too costly. They are very costly for me at least. In india nobody will buy your product.I really want to go through your programs,but your workshop cds are so costly that i cant afford to buy even one of them as i am a student. I am in a very critical situation. My performance is going down day by day. I am not able to improve it anyhow. I am in very bad situation. As i am not able to improve so i am thinking to commit suicide...
Dear Pushpa:
I am sorry that you are feeling this way. I understand the cost of the program and I have never bought anything. I have learned by taking the TQ test and going through the questions again and thinking of ways I can improve. I read these posts and every time someone posts something interesting I make notes in my computer. I have learned so much here and it hasn't cost me a dime. Please don't become discouraged. Any tiny tiny step forward is better than none at all. For example, I am working toward getting a Certified Nurses Aide certificate. I have passed my final exam with a 94%. I still have to do my skills which is the hardest and most frightening part, then I need to take the state test. I am only 1/3 of the way there, but I am 1/3 closer than I was. Even a 1/3 counts. What is holding you back from improving? Perhaps the people here might have some suggestions for you. I wish you the best, keep pushing! I watched the Today show and the lady lost about 200 pounds and when asked how she did it she said I kept trying and kept trying and kept trying... don't give up.
Pushpa- I've not used any of the workshops. I took the TQ test and I read my TQ every day. I have a printout of the download "You Become Unstoppable When You Are..." posted by my desk at work and I put sticky notes under the three key words in "Today's Lesson". When I feel unfocused or distracted, I simply look at those three words and I get back on track. I also remember what my Life Mission is: To share the gifts God has given me, especially my love for all humankind. I don't know if you are Buddhist, Christian, Hindi, Muslim, or some other religion. My mantra is: "Be still and know that I am God". This is how I follow the Path.You are unique and there isn't anyone else like you in the entire history of the World and there never will be. May you find your Path and follow it! Rani
live life to the fullest ,enjoy each and every moment spend time with near and dear ones
Constructively and methodically.
Living in Panama in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean, flying my own Aero Commander, and driving a Black Nissan Patrol. I also own a home in Tucson, I have no debts, and drive a Rousch Mustang Convertible or a Mustang Cobra Convertible. My bank account is full of eight figures tax free and I am free to travel whenever and wherever I want. My weight is a svelte 175 pounds and I am perfectly healthy.
A viberant and powerful church of 200+ that is unbound and worships in total joy and freedom.
2007 will be a year of financial stability and honor. I don't want to live in restrictions any more; instead, I want to be dedicated to a career that gives me honor, respect, and financial abundance.
This is to Frank-66966 (and to Pushpa - 64941 in India, this will work for you too, all gods are one God - Indra, Yahweh, Buddah, Allah..).

It is a response to a similiar dilemma answered by our minister and I do not think he will mind me posting his response here. I know you may not be religious, but I was not either when I tried a similiar exercise and it changed my life - I hope you will give it a shot:

"Well I'm going to offer a suggestion, but to do so I need to break one last preaching rule - 'Don't tell a story about yourself.' But it's a true story, and it marked a very important change in my life. And I do believe that personal testimony is a powerful way for us to discover what God is doing in our collective life as the body of Christ.

"I was a junior in college. It was spring time. I had a girlfriend of one year. I had been playing music in the same band for four years. I was going to Jerusalem to study for the summer. And I was surrounded by lots of family and friends. Life was great. Until one day, I received a phone call from a high school friend. He informed me that he was engaged. Instead of congratulating him, I found myself really angry with this news. You see, I knew that my friend had had all sorts of troubles with his girlfriend over the years. They were contantly on again, off again. So I thought he was making an impulsive, bad decision.

"But when I challenged him over the phone, he said, 'No, I'm sure this is the right thing and I'll tell you why. I've never really given everything up to God. So I took a half hour one afternoon to pray, and went through the list of everything in my life I could think of, and I gave it to God. You should try it.' I was still angry, and not at all satisfied with his answer. But a few days later I took him up on his offer. I went into my bedroom, closed the door, and my eyes, and gave everything I could think of back to God.

"Within one week of that prayer, my girlfriend and I split up, the band I played in quit altogether after four years, and I contracted a bad case of mono; so my trip to Israel was cancelled. I found myself alone and sick in bed for the entire summer.

"I offered it all up to God...
...and He took it.

"He gave me a couple of things in return though. He showed me that I was afraid of being alone - and there is a difference between loneliness and solitude. He showed me that he was real, and never left me alone. He also brought me together that summer with the woman I would eventually marry. I would go so far as to say that God planted in me that summer, the seeds that eventually flowered into my call to the priesthood, and the privilege of serving Christ here at St. Michael's today.

"So I commend to you this exercise. Take 30 minutes this week and pray through all that you have and all that you are, and give it up to God. After all, there's really nothing to lose. It's all God's anyway. And who knows, maybe He wants some of it back."

-Sermon - Fr. Doran, St. Michael's-by-the-Sea,
Carlsbad, CA
My daughters in homes I have bought for them.With businesses of their own.
Complete spiritual harmony...financial independence and filling my days with fufilling and rewarding experiences.
Most beautiful dream......being able to attend every play, concert and opera that I might want to....dressed elegantly.
i will find rt kind of people who r focused and like minded people ...people with vision and purpose in their life .
I have found them, my family and my Market America team of fast track builders.

I will be my own partner
I know my husband will be there to help me achieve my dreams and my kids. I have a few close friends that are always there for me and they will be there as I achieve my dreams as well.
John Lavenia on my LLI business. Brad Lutgen to aid me with setting up different web sites and ad contacts. My son to show me other alternatives using the internet. Bill Hindelange to aid me in gettng a new business started in
Asia. Latin American Cupid to help me to find the right women to share this all with. Van Mueller to aid me with the use of the money in my account so that I can get financial aid in gettng my businesses off the ground.
I'm getting myself a coach for 2007. I've put aside the money and I'm ready to play full on.
Who will help achieve my dreams?

Specifically, Jan, Kent and Michael -- as they are so intertwined into what I do daily. They are indispensable to me, and I to them.

All of Team TQ, as their success determines my success.

Finally, the Power of the Almighty, as most of my dreams and goals are mighty large. No way for me to "live large" without the divine hand of God pushing and pulling me towards the life of my dreams!
Interesting question! Do I fear success?

No, I embrace the possibilities and potentialities with open arms, hoping, dreaming and praying for success each and every day.

I know that if I simply take the right actions, in the right way, for the right reasons, at the right time... I will be successful. Nothing to fear there.

My only fear is ignorance. There is nothing more frightening than ignorance in action!
I think I do. I believe that might be the reason I have all the extra weight I have because then I can use that as my excuse for failure. I know it doesn't make sense but I believe there is something to it. I think becasue I have been trying for so many years to conquer this and failed I think ,or should I say know, i hate rejection, so I'll create my own. Make any sense?
You know Lynn - it does make sense - soooooooooo if you really want to lose weight-
eat a lot of fiber ( high fiber ) cereal in morn - lots of it - no taste but it will fill you up and give you motvation to lose - Use my " Swamp mix " drink - lots of veggies in a blender - mix in milk (yes milk ) add a flavor of strawberry add some french vanilla Ensure and blend it all - drink it down in fell swoop - you can doit - and you will be on the way to significant weight loss - it is a start - get creative with the drinks and enjoy as much as possible at the start - it will grow on you - do my " power mix ' with fruits and blend a lot of fruits the same way - this is desert = Lynn - this works and it takes about 6 months to really start enjoying it - you will start to need it in a short while - gung hooo - whoo ra - US Marine Corps !!!!!!!! I am down from 200 to 170 and I was discharged from the Corps in '68 at 187 after Vietnam and have hit 170 - doit Drill Instructor DOIT NOW - Good luck Lynn - Good luck- best - John Rhodes -
I would like to thank Irene. So many times I get sidetraked thinking I have to fix everything and forget I can fix nothing. I will spend time today remembering where all strength comes from and giving all to God. I surrender all.
I don't have to find anyone...I have my beloved Al. While he is so down to earth and not given to dreaming....he is always here to help me in any way he can..No woman can ask for more thatn that.
Everybody will look up to me and I can't handle the attention.
I think it is a comfort zone issue. I have a false sense of accomplishing by just getting by.
If I were to succeed and accomplish and do what I am called to do/ my purpose in life, then I would have to let go of this life of struggle. Which I have become very good at and safe with.
Maybe, SETTING GOALS will break me of this.
If not, then WHAT !!
No, but my inate fear of failure sometimes slows me down.
YES! It seems no matter how much talent, education, experience and skills I have achieved over many years, I fall short of the financial success that should come with all of it. I have worked hard, and suffered burnout more than once with nothing to show for it. I've come to think it's just not worth it. My dilemma is--I also have a fear of failure. So what do I do?
no, i have become lazy
Failure is an illusion that very much falls within the realm of becoming a reality the more we shift our steadfast focus and perspective from our objectives that are envisioning a confident and constructive set of results.

Henceforth, the root cause or fear of failure should not instill any lack of confidence but this should very much become an strong foundation of continual success since strength is embedded in each and every facet of Life.

All that has to be done is to draw on this precious strength and vision that is always inspiring each one of us to achieve excellence in each and every one of endeavor for the Benefit, Progress and Prosperity of Our Families, Our Friends, Our Countries, Our Beautiful Universe, The World where we have been provided tremendous opportunities to Excel towards Excellence.

Even the remotest thought of failure should not prevail amongst the corridors of one's mind, since it is the single thought that gradually augments and increments its proportion to envelop the corridors of the platform of the mind with doubts and hesitation, thereby providing a lack of concentration and pivotal focus on the promising objectives which are awaiting us to recognize and ignite the sparkling radiance of the gift of awareness that each one of us are tremendously fortunate and have been bestowed with an accolade of opportunities and benefits, "Each and Every Moment".

To summarize the above, it could be repeatedly said that, "Life is a Miracle", Each Moment is a Miracle, Life is continually rewarding us for the constructive steps that we take towards bringing Benefit, Progress and Prosperity for the Mutual Benefit of this Wonderful Universe, for each and and every Person all across this Wonderful Paradise, The World.

Always exercise, Prudent Acumen and Due Diligence, Plan each Step, Organize Methodically, Strategically, Prioritize and Maintain the Important Focus on Success.
Always exercise, Prudent Acumen and Due Diligence, Plan each Step, Organize Methodically every endeavor whilst thinking with a broader perspective that consistently encompasses the Benefit, Progress and Prosperity for this Wonderful Universe consistently.

With reference to the question, the very phrase 'inate' and the phrase 'fear' are two aspects of an element of 'inherent' and 'fear representing an element of lacking'.

To address the above two phrases, the aspect associated with 'inate' and 'inherent' is that none of us have been pre conditioned or provided with the above aspects, but rather false expectations against objective reality might create illusive detours which are self created or developed due to pursuing an shortcut or quick fix method of reaching one's objectives. Every aspect of Life has to be naturally evaluated with careful consideration to ensure that it takes into consideration the Benefit, Progress and Prosperity for those around us, for once we contemplate and implement each action towards the mutual benefit of those around us and for this Wonderful Universe, we bring about and create immense Happiness that dispels the ignorance associated with the terms 'inate' and 'fear'.

'Failure' by itself teaches us not to repeat our mistakes and to learn carefully from each occurrence / event / incident but cautions us not to take steps that could jeopardize the interest of ourselves and those around us. Taking irrational steps without careful consideration or speculating / gambling away the precious assets and moments of this Wonderful Life carelessly and negligently could lead to an repeated set of results that might prove to be in favorable and undesirable.

Henceforth, always look to the sparkling and radiating virtue of "Confidence" and "Success" that each and every one of us have been bestowed with. Look within one's own self and recognize / become aware of the tremendous potential and leverage the core competencies of each moment constructively time and again to ensure that this brings along with it, "Benefit, Progress, Prosperity, Harmony and Success" all across this Wonderful Universe.

Learn to share and contribute each one of our efforts / our endeavors towards complimenting it towards the Benefit, Progress and Prosperity of All People / for All Countries across this Wonderful Universe Always.

There is and There are several factors that have to be carefully considered and due diligence / prudent acumen and caution must be exercised and very carefully implemented to ensure that the inate fear of failure is met and tackled with an strategic and constructive approach.

Where necessary, seek guidance and re think, in fact at each and every step of every "Think Carefully and Act", Weigh the Consequence - the Repercussive Ramifications and the Price for Failure since there is a price for Failure and consequences associated with it"

May 2007 and all the Wonderful Years Ahead infinitely bring along with it / them Greater Confidence, Greater Benefit, Greater Happiness, Greater Vision, Greater Perspectives, Greater Knowledge and Awareness, Greater Understanding Amongst People and Countries all across This Beautiful Universe, Greater Progress and Greater Prosperity for All People and All Countries across this Beautiful Universe, this Wonderful World.

With Best Wishes & Kind Regards,
Do I have an inate fear of failure? Yes and no.

Fear is a powerful motivator. The fear of failure for some is an awsome motivator... and for others... causes them to dead stop in the face of fear.

Personally, when I identify my fears, name them and see them for what they are, I find that they are usually -- but not always -- much smaller than my power to handle them.

So, no, I do not fear fear itself, that of success OR failure.

However, I like Chandi, try to open my perspective in the face of whatever fear I perceive to be greater than my power to prevail over it.
Thus, fear doesn't stop me -- ever.

I find the appropriate action, and take it.

The fear goes away in direct proportion to the quality of my action. Usually, instantly!

Which proves the point that any POSITIVE action will overcome -- indeed transform -- a big NEGATIVE such as fear, into a POSITIVE, giving you more power. Again, instantly.

With one less negative, and one more positive, I now have more power to plow through the circumstance that caused my fear in the first place: lack of money, skills, resources, time, etc.

Identify your fears. Then act inspite of them. Other than physical danger, most are mere figments of our imagination anyway.

This simple prescription has "rescued" me from the jaws of fear, indecision and doubt quite literally a million times over my career.

I believe everyone does at some point in thier lives, ..but the key is to not let failure enter your mind as a reality. If you know in your mind that failure is not an option, then it will not ever be a fear of anything less than success. Success must be the only option allowed in your life. What you believe in your core values is what is the driving point to all your success, or failure. If you do not believe in failure then there is no way you should ever fear it. Like the old saying goes, " THere is nothing to fear but fear itself."
Well I think this may be true, why haven't I taken the action on things I know needs to be done within my company so to grow it into what I think and imagine. I fear what success might bring and I have only been there in my mind, I haave not experienced it on the phsyical plane yet. Maybe I should back off on imagining and picturing success and focus on my action so to bring the image or definite chief aim into this physical world. Why would I fear what I don't have in my environment? I only possess it virtually. Fear is natural, it is there to protect you when you were a child. As an adult it is there to help you reason and think about dangers, but people continue to allow this fear to penetrate them, now that they are adults. We have the power to control our fears and use it as a call to produce the nesssary action to bring whats inside our head out into this physical plane. This is what I think, but is this correct thinking for this type of society that we are in.
No, I trust the fact that I have God watching my back. If I put forth the effort, I will succeed. Your program is helping me stay focused.
No, I trust the fact that I have God watching my back. If I put forth the effort, I will succeed. Your program is helping me stay focused.
Yes I do. I do all that is required to do of me. I do talk to people about my business. I attend all of the events and I do what is required. I am just not secure in my ability to lead others. But when it comes to following up with people or calling them about the opportunity. I procrastinate. Even though I am excited about the opportunity and product.
My most beautiful dream is to write children's books and to be able to publish and to play basketball, read and travel, and be with nature, and try something new, like playing guitar.
i had it previously but have overcome it
Yes! Yes! Yes!

I just can't seem to get past that fear of not being perfect the first time around.

And, I'm also afraid of success and the unknown responsibility of achieving success.

...no wonder I'm stuck!
I do not have a fear of failure.
Yes.....but the only way to conquer fear is to move stright through it. And each time you do it, you realize how smart and strong you really are. Faith in God makes it much easier.
No I don't think I have an inate fear of failure. I do have a sense of urency. I feel that I always have something more that I should be doing. Sometimes I am able to feel on top of some of my games. I haven't come to the point that I feel all cought up with everything. Maybe I never will. There is always something new that I must do. I am making steps toward my goals, and that gives me a sense of accomplishment.
Well, I am finally on the right track, albeit late in the year - but I feel like I'll accomplish what I set out to do.
Aha !!! WOW - i WANT TO DO SO MUCH - I AM OVERWHELMED BY THE POSSIBILITIES !!!!!! I really am - - there is so much to do and have fun with - travel - sights - places to go - people to see - monuments to see- history to read - wood to cut - things to do - yards to rake - wood to burn for heat - wood to cut for burning - things to repair and maintain - woods to walk - lakes to swim in - athletic games to go to- games to play - raquetball games to play - friends to have and nuture = places to go - Universities to visit - libraries to read in - capitol bldgs to visit = WOW !!!!!!!!!!!! it is a fun life to live - be simple - eat simple - play simple - ?? &^%$ I am overwhelmed by all the great things to do with this life - HELP !!!!!!! I love you all and thanks for being there for me - _ John Rhodes - P.S. is anybody out there from Platoon 156 Parris Island US Marine Corps Boot Camp 1965 ( summer ) late July '65 to October ' 65 ?? if so get back to me at - rhodes350@comcast.net = It's me Private " scum bag " Rhodes - I was the platoon Guidon and DI Schadd - DI Jones - Di Collins - and DI Granto were our Drill Instructors - semper fi = John Rhodes
Heck !! I am still here and musing to myself - what the hey ! heck - I am cleaning up my language - I only curse when I am playing games( raquetball ) and I am cleaning it all up !! That is my short and long term goal for the day - that is enuf BUT I do have to help carol and kate today - car for Carol and mailings for Kate - Heck - I am going to help today - thanks TQ - Love John R
I will use the mantra of "It Is Possible" today to turn around my negative thinking. Years of negativity have ravaged my brain so I rarely think positively. It is time I changed for sure. I feel I have wasted my life!
Hi Maureen - wow - we are all alike for sure
the negative keeps festering in the brain---
It is soooooooooooooooo hard to excise it
I will write more back later
I will focus and do what's important rather than what's urgent.

I will straighten the house to an organized one. I will work on my license renewal material. I will mail my Christmas cards and finish my business plan for 2008.
I want to be a great motivational speaker; My problem is me. People tell me I have a great speaking voice; When I meet people for the first time I am often asked if I am on radio, or I have a voice like Lou Ralls; Or, I bet you do a lot of speaking. Etc. I just can't seem to get started. I read all the right books, attend all the right seminars and workshops, join all the right networks (NSA, Toastmasters, ASTD, ISN) but I just can't get started past there.
I will use my gift of time to review my mission statement, my values, roles, goals, and plan of action. I will concentract on getting things done at home since I am off today, but I will work on things that I have been puttng off.
love health and wealth
first things first
healthy balance of duty and fun

At that point, you will have High Expectations -- with goals, plans and aspirations that are directly linked to what you VALUE most -- coupled with Brilliant Execution -- the raw POWER to achieve the life of your dreams.

It is High TQ Performance that yields BALANCE in your life... which leads to the whole point of living. Just 3 words actually: Happiness... Satisfaction... and Significance.

If you are happy each day... genuinely satisfied with the results you produced, knowing that you have done the BEST that you could, you will earn the third word: Significance. Your life will have mattered... it was important... YOU were important... you left a living legacy to the future.

Indeed, operating with High TQ Performance is the key to the life you so perfectly described above!

Yes, success comes down to this simple advice:

Expect More
Execute Better


Great Life, Satisfying Career and Lots of Fun

SPS Chauhan
Definitely i am not going to use the time thinking about what shall i do and how to utilize my time.
My selling goals.
To be flying, or sailing.

To be wind driven.
friends family doctor chiropractor myself. any one that will support my goals
hell - it is me !!!!!!!!! memememememememememememe
the person to help me achieve my dreams - which are to
OK ??? right now I am happier than a clam at high tide --
right here right now - thank you - John R
I have found someone to stay on me to achieve my dreams. I have not found anyone to help. I am always the one to help and encourage others. When I need it I am getting it for myself. Right now TQ is the one to help me and the power that is within myself. I am always touching my dream, however if someone ask me for help I seem to put their needs in front of my dreams. I enjoy the feeling of helping and kick myself because I have no time to work on my dreams. I will make time to work on them every day. I will continue to read my TQ, because TQ helps me to stay focused and committed. With 18 days left in this year, I have no time to waste. Thank you for your help TQ.
Hi Amanda!
You and I are similar - I am always putting others and their needs before myself. I am also allowing others to tell me that I can NEVER achieve the big visions I have for my life. You have the right attitude! Make time for YOUR dreams and goals every day. No one else will. You are definitely worth it!

God Bless, and Merry Christmas! Keep dreaming BIG! :)
My most beautiful dream is to become the best Meditation Coach, Personal Awareness Coach, and the best Entrepreneurial Coach available. To extend my dream is to be the catalyst for helping individuals be all they were created to be,-and live life on their terms.
some times when i know their is a bigger chalenge coming next.
What a wonderful question!
Most believe in fear of failure due to lack of experience,self doubt or low self esteem. If I become successful, I must take responsibility for what I did well. That means no excuses
about lack of resources,talent ,support
etc. In the process,one would have to
make some potentially painful life altering decisions.
Those decisions could blow the roof off of some long held personal myths. WOW!!
yes, I do think so, cause I hesitate a lot and focus on the unimportant
I think in todays world everyone need godfather, the growth of individual who does not ahve god father is limited.
Yes. Even though I do try to set goals and make them a reality, I seem to have difficulty in visualizing the goal as already happening.
It is Sunday, God make us to rest for the 7th day. I choose to go shpping with my family which I feel so good that I haven't shopping with them for so long....
I think I have an innate desire to fail. I push everything to the last minute. I can do everything and then refuse to do the last piece that will complete an issue but really believe I want and deserve success. How is that? I don't understand.
It is the great start and easily tire syndrome. I have the same problem so I have learned to try to anticipate what things I need to complete the task, but it always seems that I forget something or something else happens. I can leave 15 min. early and I will still be late. I think it just takes me longer to do something than other people. I am the one who is always lagging behind and I get upset with myself because I don't understand why I can't do it as fast or as well as someone else. There has got to be some sort of pill or something that will make me "normal". I know people do things at different speeds, but mine is never fast. I feel that I don't deserve success because than I would be above someone else. I hate people who think they are better than anyone else, yet I always think everyone else is better than me. In my mind I realize we are all equal. We just have different talents. But in my heart I wish I had more talents and still believe that because I am not financially independent that I will not be a success. It doesn't matter that I have other good points, just that I am forcing other people to help take care of me and my family. Then I have the problem of helping others before myself like some other people here. If I don't help, I feel like I am being selfish. It has just occurred to me that sometimes the people I help are being selfish with my time, energy, and money. I should be able to help only when I am able and I wish they would understand if I can't. It's not all their fault, I just learn to say the word "NO" and mean it and tell them that I will say "YES" another time.
...and WHY?
I just don't know how to shake it.
I am focusing on finding a well-paying job so that I can fund my business the way it should be.

For now, although the dream of having my own business is still there, the funds simply aren't, so I am getting real and focusing on getting back to what I really need to be doing, which is becoming less dependent on others, and more dependent on myself.

I believe going back to work will help me focus on being better able to look at my business objectively, and I will be able to work on building it slowly, rather than foolishly hoping it would take off all at once.
I see so many obese people struggle with their weight, and as I am in college, and learning what the body requires to be healthy, I believe that I could help by studying nutrition and becoming a motivational speaker and coach, and developing DVDs to teach people how to prepare healthy meals. I believe this would be the best gift I could give of myself.
What does inate mean? I am a little afraid of sucess when it has not happened to me in a while, because the nice feeling that follows is unfamilliar, but if it happens repetitively, I become used to it, and it becomes a really good feeling.
Honestly...No. I do not fear success only some of the virables and challenges that leads to it.
$100,000 in the next 6 weeks.
Sorry, my mistake. I wrote weeks, but what I meant was: $100,000 in the next 6 months.
Help my brother Al promote to Manager by Dec.30th

Help C.G. (Diana) get two new Reps. by Dec. 17th

Work my business to promote myself to Director by December 31st~
Earn First Expansion Bonus of $500.00

Start Juliana's Business in January 2009
I am dying to write a book on health and the prevention of disease.
My couch is my gift of time today. I will enjoy it and dive deep into it.
christmas is close i will move quickly along with several small jobs to completion remove clutter
Double time when it comes to full spectrum success. I admit tv was one of my time wasters. We all have the same 24 hours to waste or invest. Develop and grow.
I will learn the IbuzzPro system of recruiting and work at least one to two hours a day building my business. I will further determine my purpose once and for all if it is speaking and training. If that is the case, I will work on my signature speech and focus in one or two areas.
I will care for my body & mind; having gotten up early enough to do a routine of exercises that my body is grateful for; spent some time drumming on my djembe along with a CD I had playing on the stereo. I then packed good nutritious food to take along to the office, which makes my mouth water just thinking about it. As I work through my day I will prioritize my tasks & do what is most important 1st, yet be willing to adjust the prioritization order when necessary. I open to thoughts of gratitude every day & throughout the day...it is as easy as walking down the hallway & opening to any thought of gratitude in that moment of time (I am healthy, I love who I am & have become - so in turn I can sincerely love others). I will use my time today to do a kindness for another with no want or need of anything in return, yet my knowing that I can sincerely share I guess is my return...hmmm. A goal I have for each & every day of my existance in this human form is to live through the day with leaving the world a better place than when I awoke in the morning. I will spend some time this day in reading something good for my mind & soul. I will also spend time today in being totally present in my relationships with others to remain open to hear what they need to share & try to dwell in the expansive emotions instead of the contractive ones. I thank Source Creator for my existance here in this time line.

Love, Light & Blessings, Lori
Most important is creating a life worth living. To make lots of money, to be a leader in my field, the have a beautiful place to live and companions to do things with....theatre, travel. To see my family more often, to have a private trainer again, to give to people who need help. To be in the world with
joy and abundance.
Success in business.
my school grades are important to me. I take pride in being a good student. My friends are also very important to me. Without them, I don't know where'd I'd be. They help me through hard times and make good times better
Positivly effecting the lives of thousands of indivdual lives, Financialy and Spiritualy
The more important thing for me is My Self, I belive that if I died everything stop there, my project, my friend and my family. It real important that I complish my gold before died, to let to does to know me to delivery what i say, and finish my promeses to those that i love them. I m the more important person in this world and the rest is just part of the circle to become influence my who i am for good or for bad, for reach the excellence or to kept the mediocrese, that desicion it at to them.
how about getting your beautiful new Bentley, or Rolls and be driven to
our local Millionair jet and go wherever we would like to go. There will
be many great views as we cruise to each of our destinations. I can be
reached at Toomuchfinance@yahoo.com, if you want to help me reach
my dream today, or these are your dreams and we can help you.
To Show respect to all people, young, peers, and elderly at all times; in all places, and for every circumstance.
arranging everything in systematic order to attain maximum results
To make $2,000,000 a year and everything goes from there!!!
Earning enough money from my home business to set up solid trust funds for each of my children.(They each have severe developmental disabiliites and will be unable to care for themselves as adults) Their trust funds will include the house, transportation and staff they need to care for them.
Having a palacial house but very serene,filled with plants, which i want to create with my son
My most beautiful dream is to be a world famous Tango dancer/performer traveling the world with my best friend/partner who is ideally my perfect European husband.
To live in a beautiful home with my wife and kids. All of my children with a personal and strong relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Financially independent and my kids college fund fully funded. The ability to travel without financial constraints. I'm in great health.
I want to stay happy and add even more things to my life to make it more fulfilling.
To have my daughter live with me and have my medical degree.
Realistically, I am driving my RAV-4 around the streets of Coal Creek, CO. I know exactly where my house is, but I'm taking the scenic route, listening to Delta Spirit and texting my husband on the phone. He gets home from work early, I go to the music shop and buy him a new instrument to play with...perhaps a drum or a new banjo, or maybe a fluid drum, if I can find one. And then I come home and he's playing with our doggie, Kayla, and has a remarkable dinner prepared (or delivered) for me. I love my job, he loves his - but coming home to our 4-bedroom house on the weekdays is our favorite part of the day. I love him more than the first time I fell in love with him. Bigger than this dream, we're sailing along the Ivory Coast on the yacht I bought him when he turned 35...or we're climbing a ridiculous mountain, until the drugs wear off :-).
What's most important to me is education, enlightenment, and excellence. I also desire constant improvement and challenges, because it is through times of trial that one truly grows.
Yes, I think I may.

No, success to me used to be frightening until I was able to examine what success means to me. I am no longer afraid.
I am dying to finish my masters' simulation.
People might think that I am arrogant and full of myself if I do what I am good at or what I love.
Yes I do, probablly because I am anxious I would trip up and lose it all, while in the throes of success and that has proved devastating, painful, and a pragmatic loss of advantages that had accrued to me. Of course, the circumstances, under which I direct myself have fundamentally changed, which brings forth the awareness that my fears are partially irrational.
What I achieve for myself are personal levels that one does'nt
lose; rather, one grows from, and growth remains. This is similar to earning an MBA that nobody can take from me, and the rewards are mine to keep everlastingly, which I have done.
Yes. I was talking with my business partner about that and we both have that issue. We've made a pact to support each other toward mutual success. Hopefully that way, we can both work through this weird issue.
No, but I have a perfectionist personality
in a way. but next year i'm not going to try not to fear success
Perhaps. NEgative thoughts and fear seem to always be around.
Yes. I know what I have to do, but I wander in life aimelessly with no real sense of directions because I haven't committed yet to my goals nor have a set realistic targets. I am going to start today by being a better person to myself and to hold myself accountable more t towards achieving my success....
No. I welcome success with open arms. I look forward to having the time and money to do the things I enjoy most and called to do.
No don't fear success. I fear myself for not living up to my dreams because i always have this urge to procrastinate and i easily get distracted. That's one major thing i need to work on myself this year.
On surface no, but for some reason I don't achieve what I know in my heart I am capable of.
to develop a grazing system that will allow me to be very successful in the ranching business, and to be able to build a new home for my wife and i, and have no more money worries
Not interested in dying, just going about doing good every day. Be flying to Hawaii soon.
Work, study and set my checking account straight. Go to church in the evening.
How will you use your gift of time today?

Concluding pending issues: Aspel contracts for A2PC, fulfilling MACU contract, Supply money to my wife for car fuel, reviewing credit card charges and preparing expense report for ABS.
Pray to God of course.
I will use my gift of time wisely to address my most important goals first and deal with the issues I have to deal with. I will feel accomplished and good about myself for doing so. To not do so is self sabotage which only diminishes me and makes me feel powerless.
Most important to me is using my talents to help others. Using my talents includes being courteous, grateful, forgiving, cooperative and lots of other small gestures.
What is most important to me is meeting and exceeding my goals - complete and total financial freedom, living in peace, living a good life, and taking care of my loved ones. It may sound a bit selfish to put money first but I know that money is the key to making the other goals possible. I also put it first because it is the greatest challenge in my life at the moment.

My friend has as his motto, "Never quit". Since I learned that I have started using it too.

To effectively run business and be a performing artist without having to worry about the stuff that currenlty hold me back, also having the time to enjoy the finer things in life and make lots of friends.
My whole family saved by the Lord Jesus Christ! Nothing is more important than that!!!
My most beautiful dream is affording and building my new house just the way I picture it, out on at least 10 acres south of town, with my boyfriend and us living comfortably there together with plenty of love, happiness, and financial security for the rest of our lives.
I will find Jeff Nelson and Ngossi Cicilia to hold me accountable for wring all my late PAThs papers by Jauary 15Th and 30Th. Brogdon Norman will be responsible for my financil goals.
My Wife. Also with support of TQ.
I am afraid that all of my friends will move on and I will remain at a same place.
No, I do not have a fear of success.
As long as it is achieved intimately, and integrated in a positive way, my success should be self rewarding.
Depends on what success is defined as. if it's a win-win situation, I'm not.
If it's an individual competitive thing, sometimes i am.
it's ironic that the text above this box says "please check your spelling...", and yesterdays' question misspelled "innate".
Yes I have, success comes - most of the time - with more responsabilities, less time off, more stress and that scares me

My husband, and my busines partner, keeps telling me that I do not focus properly on the day's priorities...yes , I do know that , how do I change it ???? Very frustrating process for some time.Today's lesson has clearly brought to my attention that I was raised to focus on the "journey" and enjoy any destination I was brought to ...kind of a like a cruise ship with many ports. And even though I have taken many classes, and made much improvement in my general mindset in this area, the wording in today's lesson gave me a clear image.

I can now through out the day pause - and check in - "Am I enjoying the journey too much, to the detriment of a preset destination ? Am I really enjoying the direction that this emergency is blowing me in, and forgetting on where my FEDEX boat was supposed to deliver me today ?"

Thanks so much for the unique way I can use this program to increase my TQ, and improve my life beyond my wildest dreams, Jolana
I used to have a fear or rather guilt to succeed, but not now. I recall moments in my life when I did something well and felt proud of myself, but my close friends or colleages would get jelous and resistant. So instead of feeling positive i would get a feeling of guilt. Over the years, I made new friends and i still get almost same response when i reach my accomplished goal. I wish I could find people that would encourage me, beleive in me and cheer for me. I know that i am resposible for the way i feel but the truth is we all need support.
i think i do ...
After all the rewards and magazines featuring the magic stud finder, my dream is to see the Magic Stud Finder in every tool box, and get all my other inventions in the market one after another.
Every small effort you do is a step closer to success.
Other than my SPIRITUAL COMMITMENT to Jesus and to live my life for Him... I want to continue in my current business-ChildShieldUSA.. to help to reduce the increasing numbers of lost, missing, abducted & runaway children in America. To provide immediate assistance in recovering children IF they DO go missing for ANY REASON.
to be a successful rancher, better husband, christian, and teacher.
Spend it with my family, read a book on Qi gong and meditation, meditate and get clear about what I really want and schedule it into my calendar.
I'm alive meaning my mission on earth is not finished!
My gift of time is well used!

I spend almost half my time in "vision-engineering" constantly looking towards the future to find new ways of helping people achieve more out of life.

I do not want people to live my story.

I want them to create their own story... and live it to the hilt.

An action adventure of the first order!

Family, my values, wisdom and Financial Freedom

Thank You ER & Kent for creating the road map!
to help the poor of my people with organize efforts.
The only person I really have any control over is myself. I must depend on myself to make the changes necessary to reach my dreams!
Jay Tervo
I have two wonderful girlfriends who serve as accountability partners to me and I to them. We meet in person weekly (one is in Atlanta so we call) and check in with each other every day to see how each of us is doing on our goals. I have to say that having someone checking on me daily and having to "report" my progress each week keeps me on my toes!
I pray that I find people of like vision who have the abilities and drive to help the vision become a reality.,
Those whose minds are in harmony with mine.
Yes, absolutely. In the past I have given away my success by compromising my values, stepping back into a shadow so that somebody else can benefit. I have allowed others to feed off my success and work at my expense. Stupid, wasn't it
I would like to thank you for remembering me in your Christmas gifts by sending me Today's TQ. Thank you very much. May the Good Lord abundantly bless you.
My Top 15 Value :Love (God Neighbour Family),- Freedom- Finance Freedom- Wisdom - Honesty- Compassion -Adventure-Selff Talk -Sport's -Health - Education- Spirituality-confident -imagination -Faith
My family, my liberty my character, my health and my wealth.
To make a list of tasks and to complete it by then end of the day!
My home business has enabled my wife and I to quit our jobs and become completely debt-free. We've decided to take a year off, sell our house, home school our daughter and travel the world, first across America via RV, then around the world, exploring, learning and living!
To no longer, finally, have to worry about money and how I will pay my bills.
My friend and personal life coach, John.
Not At All. cut in the "vertigo of "Morphe's Law". This To Will Pass.

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You've heard of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but what you might not realize is that there is a SINGLE habit responsible for high achievement: The Excellence Habit™.

This habit is the source of Leadership excellence... high self-esteem and confidence... mental toughness... and the will to succeed in the face of adversity. The good news is that you can develop it in just 100 days flat!

You will learn to THRIVE not merely SURVIVE.

If you are serious about personal development, take a moment to learn more about our 100 Day Excellence Habit™ Challenge.

This is simply the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master the success-critical skills you need to thrive.

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"There are countless ways of attaining greatness. But any road to reaching one's maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity."— Buck Rodgers, IBM


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"Yesterdays don't matter..."

You are 100% correct. What was good enough to get me by last year doesn't have a snow-balls chance this year. I have to do things differently -- just to keep pace. The Power of TQ truly opened my eyes to my current limitations and my ultimate potential. I am ever so grateful.

Sherry H.
Santa Barbra, CA


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