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Welcome to the TQ/Ai Center For Advanced Working Intelligence!™

Here you will experience Mastery of your full potential by getting your most personal questions answered, with actionable information you can put into immediate ACTION.


The concept is simple. Use Artificial Intelligence in combination with your TQ (practical working intelligence) to create/generate Actionable Intelligence that will EMPOWER your performance—a transformational metamorphosis to help you achieve all your dreams and aspirations—faster... easier... and a lot sooner than you can even begin to imagine.


Promise: Systematically Higher Achievement. TQ lives at the intersection of your hopes and dreams, providing the power to achieve them sooner, rather than later, or sadly, maybe never.


Your Avatar, Tommy Quinn, is wicked smart. His only job it to make YOU a great deal SMARTER about how you think, what you do, and how you do things. He takes nothing for granted and knows you better than you know yourself... all from just completing your 10 Color, 100-Factor TQ Test, and 100-Day Excellence Habit Challenge. Add your personal profile and work history, plus all your responses as you integrate TQ into your life, and you have a friend, coach, mentor, and all-knowing resource at your side. Every day for the rest of your life... to make every day the best of your life!




"Action is the true measurement of intelligence." ~ Napoleon Hill


There are many ways to get Actionable Intelligence (Ideas, support, direction, and advice you can immediately ACT ON!) from every encounter with Tommy. We have found that you can go broad and wide or go with strategic precision.


For example, you might want Tommy to consider a specific TQ Factor or all your TQ Scores in context. If you have checked those boxes in your profile, you just need to ask him!


TQ/Ai Actionable Intelligence is not just limited to career, professional, or wealth creation. We are using it broadly in relationships, family, spiritual, and love-related questions. Here are a couple that I (ER) initiated:

Personal Relationships/Family My Business Career/Work




Health/Wellness Personal Development
Finances Leisure/Recreation
Community/Service Spiritual/Emotional Well-being
Education/Learning Beating the Competition
Diversity awareness Employee Guidelines


AND Anything else you want or need advice on from Tommy!





Form your questions short and sweet... tell him how you would like to see the output (maybe just bullets or a PowerPoint, or an executive summary), and you will be AMAZED!

Or, carefully qualify your question with as many specific criteria items as needed for to get the exact advice you need.


Usually, you can just read and act. But we have gone a step further inside every Tommy query, Learn More and Do It Now footnotes you can follow to remind, refresh, and react to the Actionable Intelligence you just received. Remember, you are the decider and what you decide TO DO NEXT matters!


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