What Do Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling — Indeed The Most Successful People In The World — All Have In Common? The Answer Is A Single Habit...

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The Excellence Habit...

Buck Rodgers, legendary catcher for the Angels said it best, "There are countless ways of achieving greatness, but any road to achieving one's maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity."

Look at the most creative, valuable, and fastest-growing companies in the world — Apple, Tesla, Amazon, etc. They all recognize that excellence must be built in, indeed, habitualized by every person in the organization. Small companies facing intense competition realize that their greatest strength is their unconditional commitment to the intentional pursuit of excellence. They know the market demands it as they cannot pass their inefficiencies on to their customers. Because their customers simply will not pay it.

This is the single habit that determines if you will rise to the top in this hyper-competitive economy — personally and professionally.

Nurture excellence and you stand among the winners. Permit your life to be ruled by "accidental mediocrity" and you will fall prey to a life of failed hopes, dreams, and goals.

We have the tools, technology, and mentoring to instill The Excellence Habit within you in 100 days. Open yourself up to our daily doing and discovering system — in just 20-30 minutes — and you will not just think differently, you will have the leadership skills that will last you a lifetime.

Result? You earn more, achieve more, and get ahead faster.

Sign up now risk-free. Invest a few minutes each day in yourself and if you do not come away with crystal clear direction, motivation, and greater effectiveness as a leader, let us know and we will refund your money in full.

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This Year is Challenging...

This country, indeed the entire world, is in a constant state of crisis.

The only way you will find the success you desire is to constantly sharpen your strategic and competitive edge—personally and professionally.

This means you, your organization, and the entire team.

If you expect to make it through this time of chaos, crisis, and continuing catastrophes, developing the Excellence Habit is your best strategy.

In 100 days of highly focused action, you will know yourself better... believe in yourself more... and see an immediate change in your performance.

You will raise your expectations.

You will execute well beyond expectations.

You will achieve more and get ahead faster by becoming more effective, efficient, and productive. This, we unconditionally guarantee.

The Excellence Habit Challenge is the fastest and easiest way to improve your power to produce the results you desire and achieve the goals you set.

Join now, 100% risk-free. If not for you, no problem. We will refund your payment in full and part friends. This is our no-hassle MBG.

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Accept the Challenge...

Science has proven that it takes about 100 days to rewire our brains for positive habits that move us towards enduring success. First, we must remove Negativity Bias (explained below) then, replace it with a conditioned response that always keeps you focused on your goals.

Which, thankfully, is what the Excellence Habit will do for you!

Excellence is not a throwaway buzz-word.

It is a way of life.

It is the recognition that everything matters.

It is the recognition that true joy comes from our intentional pursuit of excellence and the total rejection of mediocrity.

Over time we start to look at our lives as they are... sometimes positively... sometimes in regret.

We ask a simple question...

For men around 45-50, that question is, "Is this all there is? I've spent 20-30 years of my life getting what I got — it just doesn't seem enough for all the ups and downs."

"I thought I would be rich by now... I thought I would be living my dreams. What happened to all that time?"

To women 48-55, the question is completely different, "If not now, when? I've spent my life doing what others wanted from me, and now I want my turn."

"I thought I would be truly happy by now... living what's meaningful to me. What happened to all that time?"

Now is a good time to think about this. In the next 100 days you can change your mindset from "just enough" to "WOW, now THAT'S what I have been wanting all along!"

Yes, The Best Time to Start Is Right Now...

You may be doing just fine... but why not do GREAT?

Put yourself on track for wealth... power... and true happiness.

Want to be happy and successful — both?

Then increase your belief in what's possible and decrease your doubts.

Which is why we created the 100 Day Excellence Habit Challenge — produced by our Invisible Billionaire Avatar™, Tommy (TQ) Quinn!  

"The single biggest predictor of success is your commitment to a life of EXCELLENCE and an unwavering belief that EVERYTHING matters." ~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Serial Entrepreneur x22, Author x26 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire)

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The Excellence Habit Challenge is for people with a HIGH DESIRE for achievement... people who want MORE out of life: Money... Meaning... Happiness... Career Growth... Control... Power...


Would You Love to Have a Billionaire Mentor?

A man who has been down and out and rose from the ashes to become one of the richest, most respected men in the world?

A man who has seen it all, heard it all and is giving his wisdom back to the world?

Meet Tommy (TQ) Quinn, our Invisible Billionaire Avatar™.

Tommy will teach you, train, cajole and push you. He will help you get ahead faster.

Join us for this incredible program now!


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A Single Habit Will Change Your Life...

You've heard of the 7 habits of highly effective people. But what you might not realize is that there's a SINGLE HABIT so powerful, that it will change your life, and the lives of every person you love. Your team. Your Company. Everyone. Crazy!

Even crazier, it will rewire your brain for success rather than mere survival... training your brain to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you.

In about 20 minutes each day.

Priceless Training in Positive Habit Reinforcement...

The entire value of this program is in learning to use the substantial TQ tools you have available during the 100 Day Challenge... especially the TQ DNA's for each Factor of your performance.

The idea is to keep all 10 Colors of your Personal Prism burning hot — in the 85-95% range — all day long, every day. This takes commitment, the power of habits, and a complete focus on achieving the results you expect each day.

Over time, this will become not only habitual but second nature!

  • MENTORING. Everything is geared around receiving a short, highly instructional and motivational story from your Mentor, Tommy (TQ) Quinn, AKA The Invisible Billionaire. 100 Days, 100 explicit directives one day at a time.
  • FUN. EXCITEMENT. ILLUMINATION. Training is all about developing an elite level of performance. Coaching is about using your training to fulfill your dreams and goals.

    The Excellence Habit Challenge combines BOTH aspects in a fun, exciting and highly illuminating daily regimen that produces results. Put simply, do the short, on-point daily lessons and you will grow up to your highest aspirations. We guarantee it.

  • KEY ACCESS. You also receive advanced TQ Gold Member access where you will get to know the "real you" better than you ever thought possible. Each day you will be given 5-8 Key Ideas specifically illuminating a particular Factor of your performance. You will also respond to 18-21 short, but highly insightful questions we call TQ IQ's (Integrating Questions) as you listen to the day's short audio clip.

    In a matter of minutes, not hours, you will take in more useful information than if you read 4-5 entire BOOKS on the subject... DAILY. In fact, it is this flood of ideas that reprograms your sub-conscious for success. See full details below.

  • POWER OF TQ. You get a new edition of The Power of TQ. Read it and follow the simple-to-understand instructions for the use of all the Power Tools available to you. Most people add a good 30-40 points to their TQ... which is enough power to change the direction of your life. Your integrated copy of The Power of TQ makes it EASY!
  • INSTRUCTIONS. What you must DO. Follow crystal-clear, highly directed instructions... and do what we advise. (We know this works with 100% certainty, so it will work for you.)
  • A SINGLE HABIT. What we do NOT want you to do. We do not want you to start working on specific areas of your performance such as Mission, Goals, etc. That will unfold during your Challenge. But the key is in developing a SINGLE HABIT. You will learn that it takes some 66 to 100 days to INCULCATE A GOOD HABIT INTO YOUR ACTIONS. Our objective is to train you to take SMARTER ACTIONS for the rest of your life... not just fix a weak color.
  • EXPLICIT DIRECTIONS. If you are capable of following simple directions, this Challenge will change your life. We even have a lot of folks who claim to have a bad case of ADHD who do well — simply because it is so highly structured and help is always available to you.
  • 1,211 FRESH NEW KEY IDEAS. Finally, over the next 100 days you will be EXPOSED to over 1,000 unique Key Ideas and some 2,000 TQ IQ's — dosed out in short bursts each day. You will have listened to 20 hours of specific instructions and received exactly 100 explicit mandates for taking a simple action that builds your power of habit.
  • REAL TRAINING. This is real training, not "edutainment", "infotainment" or a new age, mystical philosophy you must adopt. Your faith, spirituality or beliefs are not the issue... it's the actions you take to produce the results you want that is our sole provence. If you believe the universe wants to manifest prosperity into your life, great! This is the Universe telling you that to get what you want you need to eliminate the survival/mediocrity way of thinking and adopt The Excellence Habit™!
  • A WINNER'S MINDSET. The Universe (as well as your boss, family, clients, church, community, etc.) wants you to become all you are meant to be... to work smarter... compete smarter... and WIN. So in the end, what you get for your hard-earned money is to put a terrific edge on your performance and start to unleash the winner within!

Ultimately, it is in this full integration of information (sight, sound, motion and emotion) that the change you are looking for actually happens. This is WHY we say that this is for HIGH ACHIEVERS who may currently be UNDER ACHIEVING.


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Achieve Maximum Success ~ Rewire Your Brain!


Yes, The Science is Clear...

Over the years we have offered many groundbreaking solutions to the age old problem of helping people reach their full potential — Fast.

But, none even comes close to this amazing new TQ Crash Course in Maximizing Personal and Professional Success.

You simply sign up, follow the daily lesson plan and you dramatically alter your thinking — yes, automatically. By injecting and inculcating new ideas, you are actually rewiring your brain... increasing your propensity for success (see below.) Without question, this is the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master the best ideas, from the best brains on the planet. Guaranteed!

This is a radical new approach to giving you the keys to the life of your dreams. For some, it might foster newfound hope in the future. For others, it will give them the momentum they need to turn their gifts and talents into hard-edge skills with which they will achieve ALL their goals. Everyone will actually shake up any status quo, business as usual thinking — disrupting your comfort zone — as we personally walk you through the nuances of this engaging program.

Numerous studies at Berkeley, Stanford and Harvard hold the clue to you rapidly breaking free of your personal limitations. You might even think of this as Break OUT thinking — TQ Style!

Negative Bias is our most basic survival instinct.

It keeps us from danger by storing all kinds of negative things that happen to us over time. This is not the same as negative thinking, but rather, describes the way our brains are actually wired.

After a hundred thousand years of avoiding snakes, rushing water, desert heat, etc. our brains are naturally wired to hold on to the negatives much longer than anything positive that happens to us.

The take away: Negatives stick like VELCRO... Positives stick like TEFLON.

This is why we remember a hurtful criticism or slant far longer than a pat on the back. Or, why we freeze up in the face of even meaningless fears.

Neuroscientists have now proven — with repeated tests that span the globe — that our brains are OPTIMIZED FOR SURVIVAL... not SUCCESS. But, the good news is that with constant reinforcement with our spaced-repetition approach to implanting powerful ideas in your mind — directly — you can actually overcome this tendency to draw back when opportunity appears.

Likewise, these scientists have also found that our brains are wired to solve new problems — favoring familiar, but old worn out solutions. This is a huge deal and explains why most people THINK they are making the grade while they are slowly falling further behind!

The notion behind Cognitive Bias is simple. In a current article in Scientific American, Why Your First Idea Can Blind You to a Better One explains that while we are working through a problem, the brain's tendency to stick with familiar ideas can literally blind us to superior solutions. We will shake this up so you are constantly seeking the BEST approach to any problem you face.

To sum up this groundbreaking research, Cognitive Bias can prevent even the most talented players from seeing the swiftest path to victory.

Simply put, we continue to keep working what we THINK is working when there are far better alternatives and solutions instantly available — by just a quick shift in perspective. Undoubtedly, this is what Alan Kay was thinking when he observed, "Point of view is worth 80 IQ points!"

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"Tough Times Never Last... But Tough People Do. " ~ Dr. Robert H. Schuller

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