"Yes, the country is still in COVID-Crisis Mode but for people who are TQ Smart, this can be a terrific year. It all depends on if you see yourself as a victim of circumstances or the victor. For the prepared, new opportunities will be exceptional. No question, tough times don't last, but tough people do!" ~ Leah
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ThinkTQ, Inc. is the world's leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence. In short, we train WINNERS... by greatly improving your Practical Working Intelligence through our exclusive Speed Learning and Teaching Through Testing system!

Our mission is to make it easy for ORDINARY people to produce EXTRAORDINARY Results... and do it in far less Time.

Work SMARTER, and you achieve your hopes and dreams.

Continue to work harder, and, well, you get the point!

TQ Programs will help you, family, friends, and co-workers achieve more, get ahead faster, and live the life you love.


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It's Time to Up-Skill Your Productivity!

"It doesn't take a miracle to achieve the life of your dreams... the career you deserve... financial freedom... a life of happiness, satisfaction and significance. All it takes is desire and the right set of tools." ~ E. R. Haas, CEO

The Time To Act Is Now!

Up-skilling your productivity — in business, personally, and professionally — is your Number One objective in a crisis-driven economy. Improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of everyone in your circle is the essence of positive leadership today.

We understand! This offer puts our most popular programs in your hands for just $97 — including everything you see above + more.

We are in a crisis-driven economy that is creating more opportunities than at any time in recent history. While very bad for most, the smart, savvy, and performance-driven will rise faster than you can imagine.

No question, tough times don't last but tough people do.

More Millionaires will be created this year than at any time in history.

With desire, skill and training, this can be you.

Please feel free to look up the various products on our main site. If you purchased this bundle separately, your cost would be over $600. Other than including live coaching, this is a fabulous value at 3 times the price.

OK... OK... OK...

I'll even sign you up for 12 Quick Start Live Master Mind Coaching Sessions!

You now have no reason to wait, and every reason to step your game up a notch or two.

Double your income... why not you?

Increase your personal free time... why not you?

Expand your business... why not you?

We all want to be happy.

The key to your happiness and success — personally and in business — is found in just 2 words:

Expect Success

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New to TQ? Money on Your Mind?

We have hundreds of products and services all designed with one thing in mind: To make it easier for you to achieve outstanding success... personally and professionally.

Think TQ & Grow Rich is not just a "primer" but a powerful way to start thinking about the connections between your thoughts, actions and success.

This book is a wonderful way to look at your life through the lens of wealth, power and happiness.

If you are looking for a fresh new approach to high achievement and wealth creation, this is for you!

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Stretch Goals Do Require You To Stretch...

"COVID has given us all a reason to dream a little more about what our "Best Lives" will look like once this Pandemic has been crushed.

You deserve a chance to achieve your dreams. You deserve to be happy, financially successful and experience a life of pure adventure.

If you have dreams and goals that have been on your bucket list for far too long, this TQ Crash Course is for you!" ~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Serial Entrepreneur x22, Author x26 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire)

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Success On Purpose ~ Repurpose Your Purpose:
Scholarship Sale ~ Limited Time Only


As human beings, we are in a constant struggle for a strong sense of identity, purpose and direction.

We want to love our lives... to know we truly matter...

We desire an irresistible sense of purpose that will guide our hearts and minds... our thoughts and actions. We want to feel our life is ON purpose FOR a purpose.

Most of all, we want to feel truly ALIVE.

Discovering your purpose and truly living it is the difference between success at the highest levels or just another day of the daily grind.

Yes, the purpose of life is a life of passion and purpose... which is WHY we developed Success On Purpose.

If you have been praying for things to be different... make them different. Shake up your personal comfort zone — DO SOMETHING NOW.

Connect what you value most with a vision of the future that contains everything you want out of life. Then, create an empowering role that permits you to live your values and achieve your vision.

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One Full Year FREE Access to LIVE Quick Start

Coaching and TQ TeleSeminars.

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"The competition is brutal -- this is our edge..."

We are in a brutally competitive industry and if we don't learn to sell and compete smarter, it is the difference between us getting the business or getting out of business. This gave us the edge we were looking for.

Wayne M.
District of Columbia


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