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Where Artificial Intelligence & Working Intelligence
Converge To Empower Human Aspirations


How TQ + GPT Produces TQ/Ai Adaptive Coaching™:

The convergence of TQ (Time Quotient) and GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology represents a groundbreaking advancement in the field of personal development and coaching.

By integrating the detailed performance metrics of TQ with the sophisticated natural language processing capabilities of GPT, this TQ/Ai Adaptive Coaching™ model offers a highly personalized and dynamic approach to self-improvement.

TQ/Ai Adaptive Coaching™ leverages real-time data and intelligent algorithms to provide personalized guidance that evolves with the individual's progress. Put simply, as YOU evolve, your coach/mentor evolves with you... preparing you with a true Performance Mindset.

This is the fastest and easiest way to systematically learn, remember, and master the success-critical skills for higher achievement.

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Key Benefits...

GREATER PRODUCTIVITY: Your Time Quotient (TQ) is the Gold Standard Measurement of Your Practical Working Intelligence™. TQ measures how smart you ACT, not how smart you ARE. We break your performance into 10 core, Color Coded areas, with 100 key Factors so you can SEE exactly what's holding you back from the success you desire. Once you can SEE where you're hot and where you're not, you can quickly change your arc of results. Click Here To Test Your TQ...

GREATER RESULTS: Einstein said it best, "Education is not merely the learning of facts. It is the TRAINING of the mind to THINK." This is precisely what we do! Our MISSION is to inspire you to become the best version of yourself possible... using TQ/Ai ADAPTIVE COACHING™ to train your brain for maximum success. IMPACT: a significant competitive advantage over people who confuse efforts with results. You EARN More... Achieve Greater RESULTS... and Retire RICH! Click Here To Discuss Greater Results...

GREATER EFFECTIVENESS: Excellence is KNOWLEDGE transformed into superior transferable and transportable SKILLS... Time management skills... Goal Setting and Planning skills... Leadership skills... Positive habits... you at your best filled with passion and purpose every single day. Develop The Excellence Habit™ and you succeed. Don't and you struggle. Click Here To Order The Excellence Habit Challenge...

GREATER PERSONAL POWER: TQ/Ai Actionable Intelligence™ is a revolutionary new way to use AI to reprogram your "INNER-SELF" with fresh new ideas for action, deeper perspectives, greater insights, and an easy way to inculcate EXCELLENCE into your daily habits. You get concentrated content specifically focused on rapid personal transformation. TQ/Ai™ is by far the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember, and master the success-critical skills for higher achievement. Click Here To Purchase the TQ/Ai Diamond System™...

BETTER: A $500/ Hour Executive Mentor on Call 24/7/365 For About $1/Day!

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Personal Benefits...

√ Achieve Leadership & Personal Success...
(Make Your Day Work Better ~ Become a Rising Star.)


√ Achieve Stretch Dreams & Goals...
(Increase Your TQ Daily ~ Remove All Limits.)


√ Achieve True Financial Freedom...
(Invest in YOU, retire RICH.)



Business Benefits...


√ Achieve Greater Performance, Productivity & Profitability...
(Delivered by a Personal Coach for Everyone on Your Payroll)


√ Achieve Greater Employee Engagement & Retention...
(Turn Your HR department into a Profitable Force-Multiplier)


√ Up-Skill Your Entire Salesforce ~ Deploy Rising Stars...
(Harvest Maximum Dollars ~ Create Unbreakable Relationships)


√ Achieve An Unstoppable Competitive Advantage...
(Out-Smart, Out-Produce, and Out-Market Your Competition at Every Step!)



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TQ/Ai™ + ChatGPT™ = Actionable Intelligence™

A Personal Message from Eric Richard Haas, CEO,
Serial Entrepreneur x23, Author x28 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire)...

Ours is a dream 30 years in the making. Our quest was simple: help people quickly learn, remember, and master the timeless wisdom locked away in the billions of books up on the shelf... make sense of the trillions of web pages all holding out hope for a better life... and create a push-button, 1-2-3 system for Self-Measurement... Self-Evaluation... and Self-Improvement.

Better, the convergence of TQ and AI has made something that was out of reach for the masses, instantly available and affordable. Now, EVERYONE can afford an Executive Master Coach to assist them in their steady climb to the top!

Albert Einstein famously opined that, "Education is not merely the learning of facts. It is the training of the mind to THINK." This is precisely what you will be doing inside TQ/Ai: retraining, rewiring, and changing the way you think about productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency... or, in a word, RESULTS. Greater Results in Less Time is the core of TQ/Ai.

I like to use Napoleon Hill as the instigator of TQ/Ai—he forsaw what we are doing almost 100 years ago. In Think and Grow Rich, he advised, "Action is the real measurement of intelligence." This, of course, is why you start your journey with us by taking your TQ Tests. TQ measures how smart you ACT, not how smart you ARE. TQ shows you exactly, with 1,000 degrees of precision, which actions you take are strong and vibrant, and which are weak and faded.

Every product and service... every App... every word we write is based on a truly inspiring idea...

" There are countless ways of attaining greatness. But any road to reaching one's maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity. "

~ Buck Rodgers

You want to grow, personally, professionally, and in business. We'll make it fun, fast and easy.

You want to achieve all your goals. We'll automate the process so you achieve them sooner rather than later... or maybe never.

Order The TQ/Ai Diamond System and we will systematically make you smarter... more resilient... and a great deal more agile. You will grow personally and professionally.

You will reach higher and achieve significantly better results.

Always remember, if every person in your company does better, your company prospers.

I personally guarantee it!

E. R. Haas, CEO, The TQ Smart family of companies


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TQ/Ai Actionable Intelligence™ serves one purpose: To make YOU smarter in the moment... raising your expectations for what's possible in your life... your career... your family. In short, to make every minute in your day more productive, every single day.

This takes an entirely new approach, using AI-Driven content... INSTANTLY releasing the ideas, suggestions, and actions from the last 5,000 years of recorded history... in BILLIONS of books, audios, videos, and the TRILLIONS of web pages. Yes, INSTANTLY.

Purchased separately, TQ/Ai Diamond will cost you over $3,000 including products, coaching, mentoring, and the BEST integration of ChatGPT designed for Advanced Working Intelligence™.

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