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Every one of us is in a constant struggle for a strong sense of identity, purpose and direction.

We want to love our lives...

To know we truly matter...

We desire an irresistible sense of purpose — a calling — that will guide our hearts and minds... our thoughts and actions.

We want to feel our life is ON purpose FOR a purpose.

Most of all, we want to feel truly ALIVE.

Discovering your purpose and truly living it is the difference between success at the highest levels or just another day of the daily grind.

Yes, the purpose of life is a life of passion and purpose... which is WHY we developed Success On Purpose.

If you have been praying for things to be different... make them different. Shake up your personal comfort zone — DO SOMETHING NOW.

Connect what you value most with a vision of the future that contains everything you want out of life. Then, create an empowering role that permits you to live your values and achieve your vision.

Most people (a staggering 97%) find doing this simple exercise incredibly difficult... and as a result, they spend the only life they have to live on things that simply do not matter. Instead of living their best life every day, they live a life of regret, remorse, and recriminations.

Why not try the easy way?

For the last 30 years, our customers tell us this program was the answer to their prayers. May well be yours too.

You listen and learn... do and discover... and put your life back on track for the best experiences... the best relationships... the best career... the BEST of everything that truly matters to you!


Success On Purpose contains 8-hours of audio programs that are shown below as MP3 CDs which mean they are immediately downloaded to use anywhere, on any device 24/7/365! PLUS, this bundle contains deep access to hundreds of training videos, thousands of Key Ideas, and our full skill-building, brain-training Teaching Through Testing applications. Used it for 1 full year and if it doesn't change your life from the ground up, let use know and we will give your money back, delete your account and part friends.

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Make the REST of your life the BEST of your life...

  • Discover your Natural MISSION and Authentic DIRECTION...
  • Expand your VISION of what's possible for your life...
  • Learn how to achieve SUCCESS without limits...
  • Develop a WINNERS Mindset™: Absolute Clarity... Unwavering Conviction... Total Commitment... and the Courage to overcome fear, uncertainty and doubt and take bold ACTION.
  • Includes our 524 page interactive digital edition...
  • Includes our 6 CD audio MP3 edition...
  • Includes bonus 1-Hour Achieve Success On Purpose MP3 CD...
  • Includes a Coaching Certificate for 12 LIVE Quick Start Coaching Seminars (Normally $100 each)...
  • Small group setting where every question is directly answered...
  • Includes one private personal coaching session with a TQ Master Coach ($250 value)...
  • This program is essential for people who need additional direction, advice and accountability.
  • All digital delivery, no shipping! Order now and your account will be authorized for Quick Start Coaching and immediate access.
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Success On Purpose — Real People ~ Plain Talk...


TQ The TWO Great Tragedies In Life...

It has been said that the two great tragedies in life are these: Not knowing your purpose—not knowing why you are here on Earth... and once you know your purpose—not LIVING it with passion and dedication... every single day you are alive.

Pastor Rick Warren, in his thought-provoking book, The Purpose-Driven Life, posed the question of the ages...

"What on Earth Am I Here For?"

However, once you know the answer to this question—once you understand the Divine reason for your existence—there's an even bigger question to be answered...

"How in the world am I going
to make this happen?!"

Just HOW can I live a life of passion and purpose? What, exactly, am I expected to do? How can I transform my life's purpose into an unstoppable mission... and ultimately achieve the success I desire, personally and professionally?

You may have struggled with clarity of purpose and direction for your entire life. By the time you complete Success On Purpose, this will no longer be an issue. You will—maybe for the first time ever—discover your Natural Mission in life.

The good news is that there is a simple formula for determining your life's Natural Mission—a formula that contains only 3 variables.

Plug in your unique Visions, Values and Roles, and you will have the starting point for living your dreams and goals... the foundation for achieving Purpose-Driven Success.

You will discover how your values, vision, and roles combine in your life... giving you inherent direction and purpose for every choice you make and every action you take... permitting you to create the life you were intended to live.

By the time you finish reading this simple to understand book — and complete the personal exercises — you will understand your unique Purpose... exactly how your Natural Mission forms... and find Inherent Direction for your life.

You will become a Purpose-Driven Success.

You will discover—and achieve—your life's Natural Mission.


"Success On Purpose is a treasure trove of practical advice, excellent resources and pure motivation and inspiration" ~ Jack Conners
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An Hour By Hour Explanation of our guaranteed,
step by step process of creative reinvention.


Remember we do NOT ship CDs anymore! All audios are immediately available
to download as MP3 audios to iTunes, MS Music, etc. Play anywhere on anything!


Pure MOTIVATION: In the 1st hour, you will...

Learn an amazing secret about success that is so simple, yet so profound... that just 3 variables -- all of which are under your complete control -- separate the world's most successful people from those who struggle just to make it payday to payday.

In this inspirational hour, you will see that the key to your success comes down to just 4 words: High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution. Develop the power to greatly expand your Expectations and your life becomes a living dream. Don't, and your life becomes nothing more than a slow motion nightmare.


Incredible INSPIRATION: In the 2nd hour, you will...

Connect the dots between theory and practice... by listening to a true story about a husband and wife who were drifting through life, both personally and professionally, until they found Success On Purpose.

In this highly emotional hour, you will feel the pain and heartbreak Ben and Melissa felt, and the joy and elation they found when they put their lives back on the right road... the road to achieving their greatest hopes and aspiration.


Scientific PROOF: In the 3rd hour, you will...

Learn that enduring success is a simple matter of triangulating your 3 personal variables into a Natural Mission... giving you an unstoppable sense of passion, purpose and direction. We will scientifically prove that ALL successful people have one thing in common: A highly evolved, virtually unstoppable sense of Mission.

In this fact-filled hour, you will fully understand the Power of Purpose and why Defining your Purpose gives you a whole new approach to the age old problem of answering the question "Why am I here, and what am I to do with the one life I have to live?"

You may THINK you know the answer to this question. However, if you are not fully utilizing your gifts and talents... not happy with where you are right now... not satisfied with the results you are getting... not living a life of meaning and significance... THINK AGAIN!

Brilliant INSIGHT: In the 4th hour, you will...

Fully grasp the importance of your Natural Mission and Authentic Direction in life. Through 5 key case studies, you will see why it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to achieve great things in life without your 3 core variables all being in the proper proportions and equally related each to the other.

This is a fun hour where the aha's... the I get it's... the WOW I didn't have a clue it worked that way will start to flow!


Glowing ENLIGHTENMENT: In the 5th hour, you will...

Learn how your Values, Visions and Roles — in the right combination and concentration — unite to give you absolute Clarity... absolute Conviction... and the reason to fully Commit to living your dreams.

You will find the big WHY of your life in this hour... and be poised to do the work that will guarantee that the REST of your life will be the BEST of your life.

By the end of CD 5, you will be chomping at the bit to pick up the book and DO the remaining work. You will be excited and enthused. You will be at the Starting Point for a true creative reinvention of your life.

Unleashing Your PASSION: In the 6th hour, you will...

Discover an amazing truth about success. For you to actually LIVE your best life now... to actually LIVE a purpose-driven life... you must consistently PERFORM on purpose.

In just 1 hour you will get the connection between your faith, belief, hopes and dreams... and your power to perform beyond your expectations.

You will find strength and hope. You will understand why all your previous efforts fell short, and precisely what you can do to finally get control of the forces now controlling you.

Simply listen to the 6 highly motivational, inspirational and educational CD's ONCE. In just 6 hours, you will understand exactly what you must do to take your success to the next level... to actually LIVE a life you will LOVE.


Success On Purpose is For You...


Who Benefits MOST from Success On Purpose?

Since the release of our first edition, we have heard from tens of thousands of our customers. Here is a short list of what men and women, from every walk of life, tell us they see... and why Success On Purpose is critical to your future.

  • The shocked man of 57 who has just been "right sized" out of his six-figure job... and is now a temp at Home Depot assembling grills and gazebos...

  • The heartbroken 52 year old woman who just lost her husband of 30 years... and has to start over from scratch...

  • The highly successful Entrepreneur who is now looking to make a big difference in his community... and the world at large...

  • The highly skilled men and women returning from service in the Gulf... and no jobs to return to...

  • The middle aged couple who is in marriage counseling for the third time... trying to find a shared sense of value and purpose... a reason to keep their marriage alive...

  • The mom and pop grocery store owners who have been praying for a miracle... to keep their little shop alive in the face of staggering competition... and are slowing working themselves to death...

  • People battling battling all forms of medical issues who need to look beyond their illnesses... and find a REASON for hope... a REASON to put their whole heart into the battle.
  • People who have given up all HOPE for living their dreams... people who have lost the COURAGE to see themselves WINNING... people who have started to believe that the worst of life is inevitable... and there is nothing they can do to turn their lives around.

    The common thread is people who are looking to renew, restore, reinvigorate and recreate their lives... and are looking for a new Starting Point for making the REST of their lives, the BEST of their lives.
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    Success On Purpose Testimonials...

    Since the initial release of Success On Purpose, Version 1.0 beta, we have had a tremendous out-pouring of comments, suggestions, testimonials and fabulous success stories... from people in every walk of life: Ministers, salespeople, executives, single moms, people who have lost hope, people looking to rekindle their dreams, people who are at the top of their respective professions and want to pass their successes on... indeed, people who want to live a life of passion and purpose.

    In reviewing a few of the letters, it struck me that maybe we should use testimonials from the clergy... as they not only have unimpeachable credentials... but understand the need for connecting the dots from a person's purpose and mission in life... to their actions/performance.

    It should be noted that Success On Purpose is not at all "theological" in nature, but helps people understand the importance of actually LIVING the "Purpose-Driven Life" Rick Warren so beautifully described.

    In a way, Success On Purpose is the performance-oriented followup to his inspiring and life-changing book. Where his book is about the big WHY of life... our book is all about the HOW... and was designed to give you the starting-point to get going and keep growing.

    Our point is well served by these select testimonials: To LIVE a life of passion and purpose... to LIVE a purpose-driven life... requires you to not just talk about it... think about it... or feel the inner-calling.

    No, to LIVE your Purpose requires you to PERFORM on Purpose.

    After all, when God tells me to do something, I have no other choice but to DO it. The "consequences" of failing to take the necessary actions to make it happen are, well, just too high a price to pay!


    TQ From Reverend Charles M. Taylor...

    "You have ONE life to live. What would you do if you could live a life of significance and importance—starting right now? What if you could really achieve all that you desire... all that you were meant to do... all that you were destined to accomplish in THIS lifetime? Well, you can. Success on Purpose offers a step-by-step, systematic approach to living the life of your dreams. There's nothing magical about it; it's practicality will help you overcome all your resistance points you may have about success. E.R. and Kent have taken the principles of success—and the enrichment of our soul's purpose—and organized them very clearly so that anyone who uses this system cannot help but attain a life of fulfillment. You WILL, as they say, become a Success On Purpose!"

    TQ From Dr. John Shelby, M.D...

    "I have read virtually every book on passion, purpose and mission ever written. Success On Purpose is by far the best written, most practical and empowering book on BOTH success AND purpose I have ever read. It is the LAST book on the subject I will ever read. Thank you so much for creating it."

    — Dr. John

    TQ From Gabriele L. Grach, Executive Coach, EAPC...

    "Through the creation of SUCCESS ON PURPOSE, you have not only given us a CLEAR understanding of how to create lasting hope by reconnecting us to our hearts, but also an effective and efficient systematic, sequential process for turning our dreams into a reality called LIFE—aka—'heaven on earth.' You have produced a methodology for continuous creation, evaluation and expansion via the highest level of contribution possible, given our unique talents, skills, values, visions, empowering roles, and worthy missions."

    "The continued use, practice and exercise of the valuable principles and brilliant framework found in the metaphor of the Time Prism performance spectrum, enables us to tangibly choose and practice intentional excellence over intentional mediocrity, by identifying, choosing, developing, evaluating and applying the best behaviors, best patterns and best practices available to mankind. Thus High Expectations and Brilliant Execution results in seemingly no time at all. This is what doing, being and contributing our best at any given time and in the least amount of time necessary, is all about. Congratulations to you and the TQ TEAM."

    — GG

    TQ From Pastor Paul Early...

    "When I finished reading Success On Purpose for the first time, I was astonished at how well (and how simply) you nailed the notion of Natural Mission and Authentic Direction!

    We are all on a Mission as Rick Warren says. No question, we all have a Divine Purpose guiding our lives and the multiple Missions we take on in this one life we have to live."

    "I was a little taken back when I came across St. Teresa of Avila's quote you used on page 62. It seemed out of place in a "success book" but it isn't..."

    "Christ has no body on earth but yours, no hands but yours, no feet but yours. Yours are the eyes through which Christ's compassion for the world is to look out; yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good; and yours are the hands with which He is to bless us now." —St. Teresa of Avila

    "I have seen this quote a hundred times before. It's the inspiration behind Habitat for Humanity... "No Hands But Yours."

    But somehow, when I came across it as you were discussing how your Natural Mission forms when you "triangulate" your Visions, Values and Roles, it jumped out at me as if Christ was saying to me, "Pay attention Paul... I can't change the world without YOU. I have given you a Purpose -- would you PLEASE get on it!"

    "If I am to do Christ's WORK... to live my Mission in Him... I have no option but to, as you say "Perform On Purpose!"

    "May God Bless You and Keep You in His Service."

    "Many thanks for a wonderful system."

    Paul Early

    TQ From Tom Dodd, RFC College Funding Partners...

    "Success On Purpose is among the top five things I wish I had when I was 21. Recently I found myself gravely injured, empty handed, almost literally with nothing but the clothes on my back, my dreams, and my values. Turning as soon as I was able to Success on Purpose, I find myself just six months later with a reinvented life. Each day is filled with hard work and commitment, but is exciting, guided by principles and values, some of which I discredited much of my life."

    "If TQ and Success on Purpose were a boat leaving a desert island, every other self-help book I've ever read might be usefully bound up for use only as ballast."

    "Success on Purpose is a masterpiece of living, working, growing and flourishing—with, through, and among people. Use this book; consume it as though your life depended upon it—because it does. It's not about you; it's about everyone you will ever meet or love. Then go stomp the terra!"

    — Tom

    TQ From Mike Bailey, Life Coach...

    "In the field of personal development so many things can seem theoretical and abstract. It's called "all that touchy-feely stuff"—or worse."

    "This is not the case with Success on Purpose."

    "If you are looking for an immediate and practical means to make changes in your life, in a relationship, in an organization or business, using the principles and exercises explained in Success on Purpose, you will not go wrong."

    "In fact, it will bring you a beacon light flooding the path before you enlightening you and whoever else is involved in your creation of change and achievement like nothing else.

    You will know what you stand for, where you are going, who you must become to get there and what it will take each day and week to get yourself there."

    "This is pure creation for true achievement."

    "Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

    — Mike Bailey

    TQ From Lee Wise, Director Of Internships...

    "Shortly before I received my copy of Success On Purpose from E.R., I was reflecting on my greatest enemies in terms of what one might term 'success in Jesus.' Two of the enemies I identified were lack of self-discipline and busyness."

    "Personally speaking, I believe that anyone who identifies with these 'enemies'—regardless of their particular focus in life—will discover in Success on Purpose something extremely valuable: they will be given a practical, hands-on tool for identifying and capitalizing on their own major reasons for winning any challenge they may face in terms of their own self development."

    "While I approach life from a faith-based background and don't believe anything in print can replace an ongoing, intimate relationship with Jesus, I do consider Success On Purpose to be one of the finest resources available for assisting people in their pursuit of living a full and meaningful life."

    "Having served most of my life in one form or another in what might be termed a coaching capacity—including serving over twenty years as the Director of Internships in a seminary setting—I quite naturally gravitate to anything that provides people with concrete steps of action to help them become better persons. In fact, that's one reason I ended up requiring my student interns to acquire and use The Power Of TQ as a part of their internship training and why I recommend Success On Purpose: simply put, it is filled with those concrete steps of action!"

    "On a more personal note, I appreciate it when I can get to know a person well enough to sense their heartbeat regarding a particular endeavor, and I can say from my experience that E. R. Haas has reflected to me a consistent, passionate desire to help others discover their purpose and live a life of personal fulfillment."

    "Many thanks to E. R., Kent and the entire Success On Purpose team for not only the privilege of working with you on this project in a small way, but also for being a very positive influence to me personally, way before I was able to do so!"

    — Lee Wise, Director of Internships Baptist Bible Seminary (1987-2009)

    TQ From Pastor Esther Chambers...

    "One of my favorite sayings is, 'Life is a journey not a destination.' I love this quote because it challenges me to ask, 'If life is a journey, where am I going?'

    Will I choose to awaken motivated to follow a crystal-clear vision of my spiritual calling? Or, will I arise and allow life's circumstances to control me like a dandelion seed caught in crosswinds?"

    "How does one develop a crystal-clear vision of a spiritual calling or any calling, be it entrepreneurial, academic, or otherwise? Then, how does one move from a place of vision into action and follow-through?"

    "ThinkTQ's Success on Purpose is the best success-creation system I've ever come across. It is filled with more than just academic prose. It has easy-to-follow diagrams and methods which anyone can use to move from a place of confusion to a place of clarity, power and execution."

    "ThinkTQ's Success on Purpose is a compass, a tool box and a teacher presented in the form of a success book.

    Success on Purpose empowers me daily to follow my dreams, but more importantly, using ThinkTQ's success system, I combined three important roles in my life to guarantee that I will not only live MY best life... but to help others do so as well."

    Most Sincerely,

    Pastor Esther Chambers

    TQ From Annie Armen, Producer/Director...

    "Here is how I can best describe ThinkTQ, Inc. ThinkTQ is like a treasure island. If you dig in deep enough, you will locate their global well rich in resources and nutrients for the human mind, heart, body, and soul. The beauty about the ThinkTQ Well is that it runs 24/7 for anyone and everyone who is thirsty for both 'active' and 'PRO'active knowledge, and in need of exceptional, state-of-the-art resources as nutrients for bumping up expectations, and 'executing brilliant results instantly,' as my dear friend E. R. Haas always says."

    "I am a walking testament to you both after producing Legends in Excellence�, and walking proof of how Success on Purpose rolls! Thank you E. R. Haas and Kent Madson, not only for creating a starting point, but for scientifically proving where one must PRO-actively begin to apply your provided fountain of knowledge consistently over time, in order to achieve brilliant results!"

    "Here's the bottom line: Success on Purpose—MORE than a Book, MORE than a Success Map, MORE than a Directional Performance Guide—it is your Starting Point to your Mission on Demand™ now, it is your key to unlock the greatest doors of your life, of your destiny, to fulfill your legacy in Intentional Excellence! So don't just read Success on Purpose, use it, turn it, open your success door, Expect More, Execute Better, and win, because you CAN!"

    — Hurricane Annie

    TQ From Tim McFadden...

    Here is my blurb: "This book was a vehicle of revelation for me."

    That is so true. But there is much more...

    I consider myself just an average guy, but if you put a blurb like that and say "Tim McFadden, Attorney and Doctoral Candidate in Theology, Oxford", it might carry more weight—I mean if you want to add mine to whatever else you've got, which I won't presume is worth it. But I do want to help!

    I see you guys working in a sort of Proverbs of Solomon space, yes? It's good practical wisdom about how things actually do work, regardless of how much noise one is making about "religion."

    There was that ancient Solomonic sense of Wisdom being the warp and woof of reality; and now we have the Logos of John 1 as the full revelation of this reality.

    So I think it glorifies God (who meets us everywhere certainly in daily life: it says he cares about how the stones in the trader's bags are weighted) as you just keep diligently, prayerfully pumping out true stuff about how life actually works.

    It really has been part of an improvement in my life (though I backslide from time-to-time!) just by the presence of reality in your work, which seems to me grace from God — who, Incarnate, spent more years nailing, cutting and sanding than he did preaching.

    Anyway, keep it going, E.R. Fight the good fight.

    And thanks,


    * * *

    Tim --

    Thank you so much for the wonderful thoughts and the encouragement it represents.

    I too am a man of faith, and strongly -- actually with 100% of my body, mind and soul -- right down to the DNA strands believe that James was right: there is no faith without works.

    Here's what the Holy Bible says about Faith and Deeds...

    James 14: What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? 15: Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. 16: If one of you says to him, "Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? 17: In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. 18: But someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds."

    Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.

    I know that Paul and Peter had a "time" with James, arguing if faith is all we need, but if we do not ACT on our faith... take ACTION to right the wrongs, help the poor, feed the sick (all verbs) -- then what we have in the end are words that are not true expressions of our faith -- to serve -- to love -- to help -- to, as I like to put it, live the law with love.

    While TQ is in no way a theological undertaking, it does help people become more efficient, effective and powerful at delivering on their "good intentions".

    No question, we are saved by Grace... but leave a legacy of works/results that derive from our faith in action.

    This is why Success On Purpose is so important. It connects our Divine Purpose with Personal Performance. The only way we can LIVE our Purpose... is to PERFORM on Purpose.

    If we get this right, we will help millions of people help billions of people throughout the world!

    God bless and thank you Tim!

    E. R.


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