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Frequently Asked Questions...

"TQ is where your dreams come ALIVE. All we ask of you is to remain connected to your GOALS... and stay committed to your PERFORMANCE. Do this each day and you will find success beyond your wildest expectations." ~ E. R. Haas, CEO

Quick Facts...

TQ has taken an incredibly complex subject — personal, professional and business excellence — and reduced it to a push-button simple sequence of actions... making it easier for people to unleash their full potential.

To many, it will seem like a miracle — to others, a magical transformation from the person you are right now — to the person you are destined to become. Some of our customers even rate the experience spiritual and thank God each day for TQ. (This is not an exaggeration.

The key is to engage in the continuous process of daily Self-Measurement... Self-Evaluation... and Self-Improvement.

The great news is that this only takes 5-10 minutes each day.

TQ is the fastest and easiest way to impregnate your imagination with information and inspiration to move you up towards the results you want and the success you desire.

Make this your daily ritual and you will truly live a life of passion and purpose. You will succeed brilliantly.

Universal Instructions For Becoming TQ Smart...

TQ (Time Quotient) is the effective measurement of your "working intelligence" — your ability to produce outstanding RESULTS in far less TIME.

There are 7 recommended ways to access the integrated tools, systems and resources here. While each is a unique path forward, they are dependent on your TQ Test Scores.

Your TQ Test breaks your performance down into 10 Color-coded broad categories, and from there, the 10 Factor Actions that drive the intensity of that Color.

Your objective is to keep all 10 Colors burning in the 8-9-10 range all day long... every day you are alive. Improving your life is not a one time event. It is a continuous, daily process that we make fun, interesting and easy to do. To better understand the big WHY behind our approach to learning, remembering and mastering these success-critical ideas, please take a moment to read the full instructions for properly using Today's TQ!

At the most basic level, it comes down to this simple progression:

Read Today's Daily Lesson In Excellence >> Take your TQ Test >> Review your Color Chart frequently >> Select a Color to improve >> Choose a Factor to improve >> Get ideas to improve it >> Take smarter actions by accentuating performance POSITIVES and eliminating performance NEGATIVES. Get better RESULTS. Repeat daily until healthy, wealthy and wise!

Regardless your path, here you will find everything you need. All in one place.

No excuses. No fear. No rationalizations. No regrets.

Do what we advise, and you will quickly become all that you are meant to be... fully alive in body, mind and spirit... with the right to expect that the rest of your life will in fact be the best of your life.

Some people find that 5-10 minutes each day on site is all they need to keep their edge sharp and glowing. People that start with a low TQ Score (20-40) will need to do the additional work necessary to get their numbers up. The great news is that we have made this fun, fast and much easier because of our measurable, sequential, systematic processes.

If you get stuck, request a personal coaching call. The investment, small... the return great. It is no more complicated than that.

Pathways to Success...

First, to get a Gold Standard baseline for improvement, do all the exercises in The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence. Here you will see exactly what you must do differently to achieve the results you want and the success you desire.

Once you have read your personal book, you must then choose a path for ongoing improvement. In all cases, we want you to return to the My TQ Section of the site, answer the Question of the Day, read Todays TQ and get your day started on the right footing.

While many of these Pathways are open to all registered members, many will require you to upgrade to TQ Gold Membership where you will receive additional personal coaching and site access. Gold Members have access to the entire library of special training materials, coaching calls, TeleSeminars, live Q/A and an incredible Podcast Vault where hundreds of hours of great advice, motivation and inspiration will be found.

1—The 100 Day Excellence Habit Challenge...

2—The Daily Intentional Excellence Challenge...

3—The Color Concentration Challenge...

4—The 12 Hour Success On Purpose Challenge...

5—No Fear: Developing The Winner's Mindset...

6—The Learn and Burn Challenge...

7—A Christian's Challenge...

1-The 100 Day Excellence Habit Challenge...

This path is recommended for everyone who wants fast-track their progress.

TQ is all about the Intentional Pursuit of Excellence through the systematic, sequential process of Self-Measurement... Self-Assessment... and Self-Improvement.

TQ is an important discipline built around the idea that when excellence becomes your prevailing attitude you succeed.

Allow mediocrity to rule, you struggle with failed hopes, dreams and expectations.

You've heard of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but what you might not realize is that there is a SINGLE habit responsible for high achievement: The Excellence Habit™.

This single habit is the source of Leadership excellence... high self-esteem and confidence... mental toughness... resilience... and the will to succeed in the face of adversity.

Ultimately, it is the source of all wealth, power and happiness.

The good news is that you can develop The Excellence Habit™ in just 100 days flat!

If you are serious about personal development, take a moment to learn more about our 100 Day Excellence Habit™ Challenge. This is simply the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master the success-critical skills you need to thrive.

Click to Learn More Now...
"There are countless ways of attaining greatness. But any road to reaching one's maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity."— Buck Rodgers, IBM

2-The Daily Intentional Excellence Challenge...

This path is recommended for people with TQ Scores in the 80 Plus range where you are looking to keep your numbers strong each day.

  1. Read Today's TQ and answer the Integrating Questions...
  2. Return to My TQ and answer the Question of the Day (You must be Signed In.) Submit your answers on the Weekly Commentary...
  3. Update your Dreams, Goals and Plans...
  4. Choose a new Color/Factor commitment...
  5. Review your Thin Line Chart and choose a POSITIVE to make even stronger, or a NEGATIVE to eliminate.
  6. Complete Integrating, Perspective and Power UP Questions...
  7. Listen to the Factor "pep talk" or set your Learn and Burn to the selected Color/Factor...
  8. Frequently go to IntentionalExcellence.com to read our blog posts on every aspect of personal and business success!

3-The Color Concentration Challenge...

This path is recommended for people with TQ Scores under 40-50, who need in depth instruction/training. Print off the workshop, listen to the CD and come back each day to the My TQ Section of ThinkTQ.com each day, update your dreams, goals and plans, read the Today's TQ and answer the Question of the Day. Then, choose a the Color/Factor to work on. Print the lesson plan, listen to the motivational audio. Follow it.

Once a week retest that Color and decide if you need to hit a certain Factor harder than another. Move on to another Color when you have improved the select Color to your satisfaction (7-8-9.)

Again, dial up the chosen Learn and Burn Color and listen to it as you work out. Overtime, you will burn this information into your brain, and your retention will be greatly enhanced! Frequently go to IntentionalExcellence.com to read our blog posts on every aspect of personal and business success!

4-The 12 Hour Success On Purpose Challenge:
Living A Life That Matters...

This is the Dreams, Mission & Goals Concentration. If you score less than 10 on Mission and less than 8 on Goals and Plans, this is exactly where you must start. Order Success On Purpose. Complete ALL the exercises then update your values, visions and roles online, and make sure you create at least 2-3 new goals each day. Make some daily/weekly goals. Make others for the longer term. Get into the habit of creating Missions On Demand.

When you get into the habit of connecting your Values to your Visions and create an empowering Role to achieve those visions and live those values, the next logical step is to make certain ALL your GOALS support the various Missions you are on!

This is called the 12 hour challenge as there are 6 instructional CDs we want you to listen to (6 hours) then do the 3 2-Hour exercises (6 hours.) Most people will "get it" in this time, but then realize that this is the MOST IMPORTANT WORK of their lives, then take the time necessary to do the work fully.

While on this path, you will still want to follow the Daily Intentional Excellence instructions above! Frequently go to IntentionalExcellence.com to read our blog posts on every aspect of personal and business success!

5-No Fear: Developing The Winner's Mindset™...

The Winner's mindset challenge removes fear, uncertainty and doubt via clarity, conviction, commitment and courage. Concentrate on these 4 Colors over the next 40 days: Mission... Attitude... Goals... Act Now...

If you feel you are engaged in fear-driven behavior — fear of failure... fear of success... fear of the future... fear of change... fear of loss — you are robbing yourself of a bright new future.

Complete the 12 Hour Success On Purpose Challenge, then for the next 40 days, review your Mission... Attitude... Goals... and Act Now Colors. Simply pace through the 10 Factors for each Color, one day at a time.

Do this and you will have ABSOLUTE Clarity of Vision, Values and Roles... TOTAL Conviction that what you are doing is the RIGHT thing for you to be doing... UNCONDITIONAL Commitment to your dreams and goals... and the COURAGE to take Bold Action!

Again, as you do this, we highly recommend you visit the My TQ Section each morning, read the Today's TQ and answer the Daily Question. Frequently go to IntentionalExcellence.com to read our blog posts on every aspect of personal and business success!

6-The Learn and Burn Challenge...

As you run, walk, ride or otherwise get your exercise on, remember to listen to your Learn & Burn tracks over and over until you are actually taking the actions you learn.

Choose a Color, listen and learn >> then follow the advice above. L&B is a wonderful reminder system, helping you connect sweat with success!

At least once a month, go back and update your TQ Test to see your progress. Go to The Learn and Burn Connection to read our blog posts connecting sweat with success!

While on this path, you will still want to follow the Daily Intentional Excellence instructions above!

7-A Christian's Challenge...

Spiritual Concentration: The Believer's Guide. For Christians who want to become the full success God created them to be, we highly recommend you follow the session by session sequence for uniting a scriptural basis for success, with your personal power to produce results.

This is the path chosen by those who want to strengthen their faith, while at the same time, understand the Divine connection between living your BEST life in Christ, and becoming all He created you to be. Simply follow the 6 Step Map found in your package.

While on this path, you will still want to follow the Daily Intentional Excellence instructions above! Frequently go to IntentionalExcellence.com to read our blog posts on every aspect of personal and business success... and catch our blog posts at MyBelieversGuide.com.

Be sure to frequently print off a new Wise Poster and use it to guide you through your day!


Below are the answers to a some of the most frequently asked questions regarding TQ and the TQ System.

What is TQ?
TQ is an acronym for Time Quotient, a measurement of the actions you take to produce the Results you get over Time. TQ measures how smart you ACT, not how smart you ARE.

What is the TQ TEST?
We have several different assessment and evaluation tools, each designed to help you see your strengths and weaknesses in a whole new light.

Our Perceived TQ Test gives you quick insight into how well you are performing overall.

Our full, 100 question TQ Test helps you see how well you match up to the Gold Standard of personal and professional excellence.

The full test helps you SEE what you are doing right... what you are doing wrong... and what you need to do differently to immediately produce greater results.

What is the TIME PRISM?

A prism separates light into its component colors. Our metaphor, The Time Prism, separates your performance into 10 Color-coded areas, each critical to producing exceptional results:

This includes your physical and mental Energy level... your sense of purpose and Mission... your Attitude... your ability to Set crystal-clear Goals... your ability to Make Plans to support your goals.

It also includes your ability to Prioritize your tasks... your ability to create powerful interpersonal Synergy... your ability to Organize your activities and Optimize your time.

And finally, your power to take swift and decisive Action.

Our complete training program contains 33 different modules, each addressing separate areas of your personal performance.

This system can be purchased one element at a time, or as a complete package.

After someone takes our full TQ Test, we can then custom-publish an entire 172 page assessment and evaluation of their performance with 1000 degrees of precision.

Each book is unique and made to order based on an individual's given responses.

Once you identify a specific area of your performance that needs to be addressed, the solution is simple: Listen to the Audio CD and do the 64 page self-paced workbook.
What is TODAY'S TQ?
This is our Daily Lessons in Excellence training program that is both on site and sent as daily email reminders.

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If you want to expand your career from the mundane to one that is truly exciting ... to a career that is both emotionally and financially rewarding ... this is the 'MUST-READ' book of the decade!

Robert M.
New York, NY


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If you want to expand your career from the mundane to one that is truly exciting ... to a career that is both emotionally and financially rewarding ... this is the 'MUST-READ' book of the decade!

Robert M.
New York, NY


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