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Learn & Burn: Success Essentials...

"Fitness is not about being better than someone else... it's about being better than you used to be." ~ Steve Young

YOU: Fit... Smart... Fast. How? Simply...

1-Pop in Ear Buds... 2-Press Play... 3-Learn & Burn...

Our unique new, LEARN-while-you-BURN program contains an amazing collection of high-impact success IDEAS — over 10 hours in total — set to exhilarating, heart-pounding, fitness-inspiring music that will become the soundtrack for making the rest of your life, the BEST of your life!

This is the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master success-essential skills.

You get hundreds of ideas on SETTING GOALS... MAKING PLANS... living your PASSION and PURPOSE... boosting your ATTITUDE... remaining FOCUSED on your top priorities each day... taking BOLD ACTION... and much much more!

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

Turn a BORING workout into a
music-driven learning ADVENTURE and get
Fit ~ Smart ~ Fast!

"Train like a Champion — Learn like a Genius!"
~Kent C. Madson, Co-Author

Today Only...

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

  Better Fitness...

Fitness experts like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr. Oz, Jillian Michaels, Chuck Norris, Denise Austin, Suzzanne Sommers and Richard Simmons (plus countless others) all have this message for you:

Move More ~ Eat Less.

Four simple words that will change your life. You can eat to LOSE... eat to WIN... eat THIS, not THAT... or simply make FITNESS your priority #1 each day by refusing to live your life burned-out, stressed-out and running on empty.

BENEFITS: Reduced risk for heart failure, longer life expectancy, better sex, greater career options, improved cardiovascular efficiency, reduced cholesterol levels, reduced body fat, stronger muscles and bones, better coping with stress, improved ability to focus.

  Greater Success...

Executives and motivational writers like Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Tom Peters, Meg Whitman and Stephen Covey (plus countless others) all have this message for you:

Expect More ~ Execute Better.

Another four words that will change your life. Raise your EXPECTATIONS then EXECUTE up to them. You can achieve SUCCESS beyond your wildest dreams. Simply develop the SKILLS to out-hustle... out-smart... out-work... out-produce... and out-perform the competition every step of the way.

BENEFITS: Faster career growth... more money... the potential for real wealth... total control over the forces now controlling you... fabulous relationships... and a powerful sense of passion, purpose, direction and meaning.

Learn & Burn: Success Essentials Helps
You do BOTH at the same TIME!

Get Fit Faster...

Get Smarter Now...

Immediately Greater Success!


"The best IDEAS from the best BRAINS on the planet!"
~E. R. Haas, Co-Author

Today Only...

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

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About Learn & Burn: Success Essentials

A Quick Overview...

You want to Get FIT Faster... and become a great deal SMARTER about everything you do. That's a given. (It's why you're here... Right?)

You also want to make more MONEY... Right?

You want to put your CAREER track on the fast track to success... Right?

You want to achieve total financial SECURITY and INDEPENDENCE... Right?

You want to become truly successful... personally and professionally... Right?

Great news: You're in the RIGHT place!

Just $24.95 Today...
Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

Here's a color-by-color snippet of what you will be LEARNING while you are BURNING!

Contains hundreds of techniques to keep your PHYSICAL, MENTAL and EMOTIONAL energy level burning red-hot all day long!

Track 1: ENERGY is the first color in your performance spectrum, because the simple truth is, there are no DEAD, peak performers!

Learn hundreds of ways to unleash an unstoppable sense of PURPOSE and MISSION, creating a life of happiness, satisfaction and significance.

Track 2: MISSION is the second color you must master, if you want to live a life of PASSION and PURPOSE!


Here you will find hundreds of great ideas for maintaining a powerful, optimistic, ENTHUSIASTIC and POSITIVE attitude!

Track 3: ATTITUDE is a huge driver of success, and a factor that can make you a winner or a loser in a heartbeat.


Here you will gain hundreds of success-critical ideas to turn your HOPES and DREAMS into ACHIEVABLE GOALS!

Track 4: SET GOALS is the fourth color of your performance, because you can't achieve your MISSIONS all in one step.


Contains hundreds of great planning ideas that will give you the power to achieve EVERY goal you set!

Track 5: MAKE PLANS is the next critical color of your performance, because a GOAL without a PLAN is nothing more than a WISH without a HOPE. Achieve your biggest GOALS easier than you ever dreamed possible, by turning your dreams into ROCK-SOLID PLANS.


Here you will find hundreds of great ideas to keep you highly FOCUSED on what MATTERS MOST!

Track 6: PRIORITIZE is the next success-critical color, because if you lack focus, you will remain dragged down by the URGENT and never get to the IMPORTANT.


Learn hundreds of fabulous, TEAM BUILDING and leadership-inspiring ideas that help you produce greater RESULTS through real leverage!

Track 7: SYNERGIZE is the seventh color, because you wont achieve much trying to be an ARMY OF ONE.


Gain hundreds of simple ideas to help you GET and STAY organized... NOW!

Track 8: ORGANIZE is the eighth, success-critical color you must master, because just how much can you get done when you are messy, haphazard and disorganized?


Contains hundreds of ideas for squeezing every drop of success from every minute in your day!

Track 9: OPTIMIZING your TIME is the key to achieving MAXIMUM RESULTS. Make time your MONEY MACHINE, and you will grow rich!

Contains hundreds of ideas to stop fear, uncertainty, doubt and procrastination from robbing you of your future!

Track 10: ACT NOW is the final color in The Time Prism performance spectrum, because the simple truth is, nothing happens until you take BOLD ACTION.

Just $24.95 Today...
Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

Real Story — Real Success: Click to Go TQ Gold...


In just 2 hours, you will learn the nuts and bolts of true and lasting success. These are two
of our most popular, full-length
TQ audio training programs!

BONUS 1: Secrets Of The Time Prism.

Here you will learn about the creation of the world's first Time Prism and why it is the KEY to achieving your heart's desire.


BONUS 2: Achieve Success On Purpose.

Sit in on a live coaching session and learn why success comes down to just 3 simple variables, all of which are in your control. This CD will change the very fabric of your future.


BONUS 3: Revelations Of The Time Prism.

Think of this as your INSTRUCTION MANUAL for becoming the BEST YOU POSSIBLE... the pure essence of Full Spectrum Time Management!

This 136 page eBook will give you the keys to achieving a life of success beyond your greatest dreams.

It is the most important book on Time Management yet written.

You will be INSPIRED.

You will be MOTIVATED.

Just $24.95 Today...
Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

How Does Learn & Burn: Success Essentials Work?

Connect SWEAT with SUCCESS: Work Smarter — Compete Harder — Achieve the Winners Mindset™.

You get FIT FASTER, and become a whole lot SMARTER... all at the same time!

In a way, this is a "do it to you" product!

You listen... you learn... WHILE you burn — getting FIT SMART FAST.

The truth is, your brain makes up only 2 1/2% of your body mass BUT consumes over 25% of the Oxygen you breathe!

It is a proven scientific fact that when you are exercising, you are flooding your brain with more Oxygen... which causes you to learn more faster and retain information longer.

With more Oxygen to the brain, you are actually improving information flow and retention. We could give you a long winded explanation about synapse formation, and how regular physical activity helps improve oxygenation of the brain, which is vital for synaptic formation and growth — but, thankfully, we won't!

So, here's the short and sweet version: Turn Exercise Time into Personal Transformation...

Your Brain Now...




Your Brain While Learning and Burning!


Fit ~ Smart ~ Fast!


Just $24.95 Today...
Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

* WARNING: Before engaging in any exercise regimen it is imperative to consult a physician to obtain a physical exam and receive a physicians approval to engage in strenuous physical activity.

"Powerful, Personal, Transforming..."

Never did I expect a web site to make me smarter. Never did I expect to wake up one morning and find someone to help me see my life from an entirely new perspective. You did both.

Barry H.
Dallas, TX


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