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Learn & Burn Success Essentials:
Get Fit, Smart, Fast!

1-Pop in Ear Buds... 2-Press Play... 3-Learn & Burn...

Our unique new, LEARN-while-you-BURN program contains an amazing collection of high-impact success IDEAS — over 10 hours in total — set to exhilarating, heart-pounding, fitness-inspiring music that will become the soundtrack for making the rest of your life, the BEST of your life!

This is the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember and master success-essential skills.

You get hundreds of ideas on SETTING GOALS... MAKING PLANS... living your PASSION and PURPOSE... boosting your ATTITUDE... remaining FOCUSED on your top priorities each day... taking BOLD ACTION... and much much more!

With our hot, new — and more importantly SIMPLE Learn & Burn Success Essentials program, you will move MORE... get fit FASTER... and learn SUCCESS ESSENTIAL SKILLS to make the REST of your life the BEST of your life!

"Train like a Champion — Learn like a Genius!"
~Kent C. Madson, Co-Author
Just $24.95 Today...
Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

Turn a BORING workout into a
music-driven learning ADVENTURE and
get Fit ~ Smart ~ Fast!

  Better Fitness...

Fitness experts like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr. Oz, Jillian Michaels, Chuck Norris, Denise Austin, Suzzanne Sommers and Richard Simmons (plus countless others) all have this message for you:

Move More ~ Eat Less.

Four simple words that will change your life. You can eat to LOSE... eat to WIN... eat THIS, not THAT... or simply make FITNESS your priority #1 each day by refusing to live your life burned-out, stressed-out and running on empty.

BENEFITS: Reduced risk for heart failure, longer life expectancy, better sex, greater career options, improved cardiovascular efficiency, reduced cholesterol levels, reduced body fat, stronger muscles and bones, better coping with stress, improved ability to focus.

  Greater Success...

Executives and motivational writers like Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Tom Peters, Meg Whitman and Stephen Covey (plus countless others) all have this message for you:

Expect More ~ Execute Better.

Another four words that will change your life. Raise your EXPECTATIONS then EXECUTE up to them. You can achieve SUCCESS beyond your wildest dreams. Simply develop the SKILLS to out-hustle... out-smart... out-work... out-produce... and out-perform the competition every step of the way.

BENEFITS: Faster career growth... more money... the potential for real wealth... total control over the forces now controlling you... fabulous relationships... and a powerful sense of passion, purpose, direction and meaning.


Learn & Burn Success Essentials Helps
You do BOTH at the same TIME!



Here's a color-by-color snippet of what you will be LEARNING while you are BURNING!

"The best IDEAS from the best BRAINS on the planet!" ~E. R. Haas, Co-Author


Stressed-out, burned-out and running on empty? Increase your physical energy level and mental stamina -- by learning to commit to peak personal power each day!

ENERGY is the first color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum, because the simple truth is, there are no dead peak performers. For even minimal performance, you have to be, act and feel alive.

If you don't have the energy to do whatever it takes, you'll never perform up to your true potential.

Contains hundreds of techniques to keep your PHYSICAL, MENTAL and EMOTIONAL energy level burning red-hot all day long!



Make the rest of your life the best of your life! Heighten your sense of purpose and direction -- by learning how to actually live what you value most and incorporate your core personal values into every action you take.

MISSION is the second color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum, because until you know what's most important, you're spending the only life you have on things that simply don't matter.

Lacking direction and purpose, you are powerless to make a real difference in your life.

However, all self-imposed limitations are removed when your HEART and MIND are focused on the same thing.

Learn hundreds of ways to unleash an unstoppable sense of PURPOSE and MISSION, creating a life of happiness, satisfaction and significance.



Need to start looking for the best in every situation, the opportunity in every problem? Build self-confidence in impossible situations -- by looking beyond life's problems... focusing instead on solutions and opportunities.

ATTITUDE is the third color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum. Because even though you may have a passion for what's most important, until you also believe that you can make a real difference — in your life and those around you — nothing's going to happen.

Nothing is produced, nor even attempted UNTIL YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ENOUGH to transform your passion into action.

To reach maximum productivity, your body, heart and mind must all enthusiastically say "yes!"

Here you will find hundreds of great ideas for maintaining a powerful, optimistic, ENTHUSIASTIC and POSITIVE attitude!



Want the shortest path to high achievement? Transform your dreams and visions into a series of crystal-clear future expectations. Learn to expect success rather than fear failure, and key goals almost achieve themselves!

SET GOALS is the fourth color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum, because you can't make the leap from here to your vision, all in one jump.

You can't just "do" a mission. You need specific, tangible targets to give you immediate direction — ones which will lead thereafter to even greater destinations.

Here you will gain hundreds of success-critical ideas to turn your HOPES and DREAMS into ACHIEVABLE GOALS!



Running in circles but making good time? Turn your goals into rock-solid plans -- by learning to create realistic milestones, objectives and deadlines!

MAKE PLANS is the fifth color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum, because a goal without a plan is merely a WISH without a HOPE. Once you've set a specific goal, you must immediately develop a detailed plan for its accomplishment.

You are most productive when you prepare ahead of time for exactly how and when you're going to take each and every step — before you actually take them. When you eliminate wasted steps, your productivity instantly and automatically soars!

You map the shortest route from conception to realization of your goals when you MAKE detailed PLANS. Every goal is accomplished in the shortest time possible when you eliminate wasted steps by planning ahead.

Contains hundreds of great planning ideas that will give you the power to achieve EVERY goal you set!



Remove the drama, start living up to your full potential. Remain focused on your top priorities each day -- by concentrating your time on what's most important -- rather than permit life's urgencies to grind you down and wear you out.

PRIORITIZE is the sixth color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum, because even though you want to complete every step of every plan, you can't complete them all at the same time.

Achieving maximum personal productivity means making CONSCIOUS CHOICES, deciding what can be done now and what can wait.

It's having the self discipline to eliminate everything else temporarily so you can focus on what's most important now.

Here you will find hundreds of great ideas to keep you highly FOCUSED on what MATTERS MOST!



Are you trying to be an army of one? Create powerful force-multipliers -- by broadening your team-building and leadership skills. Learn to delegate, inspire, and share your vision and more work gets done in far less time!

SYNERGIZE is the seventh Color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum, because once your 24-hour day is filled up, the ONLY way you can become more productive, increase the quality of your results, or reduce the time required for accomplishing your goals is through the participation and contribution of other people.

When you SYNERGIZE by working through others, you gain leverage and compound your effectiveness. You will instantly become more productive when you find ways to help others help themselves — by helping you.

Learn hundreds of fabulous, TEAM BUILDING and leadership-inspiring ideas that help you produce greater RESULTS through real leverage!



Get and stay organized! Develop highly efficient organizational skills -- by learning to simplify, reduce and eliminate the clutter clogging your systems.

ORGANIZE is the eighth color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum, because after leveraging your results through others, getting and staying organized is the next most productive thing you can do. To get what you want out of life requires you to be as productive and as efficient as possible with the limited time and energy you have.

Even though you may be BUSIER than ever before, you may be simply doing things the HARD WAY, or worse, just SPINNING YOUR WHEELS — confusing effort with results — going NOWHERE fast.

Gain hundreds of simple ideas to help you GET and STAY organized... NOW!



Turn your time into a magic money machine! Improve your ability to manage time -- by ridding yourself of the three thieves stealing your life away: Distractions, Interruptions and Preoccupations.

OPTIMIZE is the ninth color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum, because the truth is, you already have all the time there is. There are exactly 1440 minutes in a day, no more, no less. If you're going to get anything accomplished today, these are the 1440 minutes you have to work with.

When you make every minute count, you will OPTIMIZE your limited time and MULTIPLY your results. You will automatically get more done in the same day when you put more of your precious minutes to work for you.

Contains hundreds of ideas for squeezing every drop of success from every minute in your day!



Stop getting ready to get ready! Take bold action to make your life an action adventure -- by learning to triumph over fear, uncertainty and doubt.

ACT NOW is the tenth color in the Time Prism Performance Spectrum, because nothing gets done without first getting started. Don't let time pass you by! Until you stop living your life on hold — nothing is going to happen.

It's time to make your life story an action adventure!

Contains hundreds of ideas to stop fear, uncertainty, doubt and procrastination from robbing you of your future!

Just $24.95 Today...
Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

How Does Learn & Burn: Success Essentials Work?


Connect SWEAT with SUCCESS: Work Smarter — Compete Harder — Achieve the Winners Mindset™.

You get FIT FASTER, and become a whole lot SMARTER... all at the same time!

In a way, this is a "do it to you" product!

You listen... you learn... WHILE you burn — getting FIT SMART FAST.

The truth is, your brain makes up only 2 1/2% of your body mass BUT consumes over 25% of the Oxygen you breathe!

It is a proven scientific fact that when you are exercising, you are flooding your brain with more Oxygen... which causes you to learn more faster and retain information longer.

With more Oxygen to the brain, you are actually improving information flow and retention. We could give you a long winded explanation about synapse formation, and how regular physical activity helps improve oxygenation of the brain, which is vital for synaptic formation and growth — but, thankfully, we won't!

So, here's the short and sweet version:
Turn Exercise Time into Personal Transformation...


Your Brain Now...




Your Brain With Learn and Burn!


Fit ~ Smart ~ Fast!


Just $24.95 Today...
Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

* WARNING: Before engaging in any exercise regimen it is imperative to consult a physician to obtain a physical exam and receive a physicians approval to engage in strenuous physical activity.

"Yesterdays don't matter..."

You are 100% correct. What was good enough to get me by last year doesn't have a snow-balls chance this year. I have to do things differently -- just to keep pace. The Power of TQ truly opened my eyes to my current limitations and my ultimate potential. I am ever so grateful.

Sherry H.
Santa Barbra, CA


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