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TQ Stupid performance...

"Stupid is as stupid does" ~ Forrest Gump

Each of your 10 Colors weak and faded...

There are 10 stupid mistakes people make each day to screw-up their success.

They're stupid because they're highly visible to others, they're easily correctable — and yet — people still make them anyway.

If that's not just plain "stupid," what would you call it?!

Low TQ Performance...

  1. Consistently low physical and mental ENERGY.
    TQ Negatives: Tired, Erratic, Sluggish, Stressed-out, Run-down, Lethargic and Gloomy.

  2. Half-hearted sense of MISSION and purpose.
    TQ Negatives: Aimless, Directionless, Neglectful, Uninspired, Uncreative, Passive and Arbitrary.

  3. A terrible, defeatest ATTITUDE.
    TQ Negatives: Doubtful, Discouraged, Pessimistic, Indecisive, Negative and Critical.

  4. Vague, uninspiring GOALS.
    TQ Negatives: Capricious, Wishful, Disillusioned, Ambivalent, Detached and Lackadaisical.

  5. Poorly developed PLANS.
    TQ Negatives: Shortsighted, Rash, Unprepared, Noncommittal, Chaotic, Ineffective, Uncertain, Unreliable and Reactive.

  6. Confusing, unfocused PRIORITIES.
    TQ Negatives: Scattered, Frustrated, Imbalanced, Impulsive, Unfocused, Diverted and Reluctant.

  7. Poor ability to lead and create SYNERGY.
    TQ Negatives: Judgmental, Antagonistic, Uninspiring, Unsupportive, Thoughtless and Confusing.

  8. Total lack of ORGANIZATION.
    TQ Negatives: Careless, Overloaded, Inconsistent, Inefficient, Disorderly, Frazzled and Outdated.

  9. Poor TIME Management Skills.
    TQ Negatives: Over-committed, Distracted, Preoccupied and Usually Late.

  10. Inability to take ACTION.
    TQ Negatives: Hesitant, Procrastinating, Intimidated, Overwhelmed, Fearful, Evasive, Over-Analytical and Tentative.

The Bottom Line...

Low TQ, efforts-based performance is what causes people to spin their wheels, and ultimately suffer the heartbreak of failed hopes, dreams, and expectations.

After all, how successful can you be if you are constantly...

  • Drained...
  • Directionless...
  • Pessimistic...
  • Vague...
  • Rash...
  • Scattered...
  • Critical...
  • Haphazard...
  • Distracted...
  • Hesitant...
With these negatives driving your performance, the best you can possibly hope for is to simply make it through the day.

TQ A Question Before Concluding...

Where do you currently live on the TQ Competence Grid?


"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation." ~ Jack Kinder ~

To get your juices flowing, think about these issues for a moment...

  • Are you at the pinnacle of success, but wonder if there is even more you can accomplish?

  • Are you struggling just to make it from payday to payday, and wonder WHY you can't seem to get ahead?

  • Are you truly LIVING your dreams... a life of passion and purpose... clearly on a MISSION?

  • Have you LOST your belief in your dreams... and stopped dreaming altogether?

  • Have your dreams and goals slowly DIED on the vine... and you have lost all HOPE for achieving your most heart-felt aspirations?

  • Has your self-confidence and self-esteem been limiting your TRUE potential?

  • Do you feel you can do great things, but have no clue HOW?

  • Do you want to live a life that truly MATTERS... a life of real SIGNIFICANCE... but are currently spending the ONLY life you have on things that simply aren't fulfilling?

Excellent questions, aren't they?

These questions represent just a tiny fraction of the letters we get every day asking for guidance, direction and most importantly, an ANSWER to the complex problems people face.

The ANSWER is clear. When looking at the TQ Success Grid, less than 2% are consistently at Stage-4 Performance: Unconscious Competence (instinctively and intuitively producing significant results.) 75% plus start at Stage-1: Unconscious Incompetence... struggling with the heartbreak of repeating the same old failed strategies and tactics that lead to barely-subsistence-level living.

TQ Clients quickly move up to Stage-4: High TQ Performance where life is sweet!

Our 5 year goal is to move 20 million people up to Stage-3: Conscious Competence... giving them the power to not only change their success potential, but to change the world itself.

Recognizing that this is a lifetime commitment, we have created a fun, educational, transformational and highly involving process that will stay with you over the long haul.

This snapshot was intended to give you the "Quick Big Picture" of TQ and the fabulous resources available to you here at ThinkTQ.com.

Why not take a few minutes, right now, and find out exactly where you stand... where your performance is strong and vibrant... and where it is weak and faded?

This may well be one of the biggest eye-opening experiences of your life!


Enough Detail? Time to Get Serious and Engage...


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"The First truly NEW way to Measure Performance..."

WOW! I clicked a few boxes and YOU suddenly know ME better than I do! Before taking your TQ Test, I only knew something was wrong. I now know exactly what it is! I am motivated and enthused. I also know I can do what it takes to succeed -- on a level I never thought possible.

Carolyn S.
Monterey, CA


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