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Full Spectrum Solutions...

"The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time." ~ Joe Girard

Systematic Success: Greater Results... Less Time!

You could read every BOOK... attend every SEMINAR... listen to every TAPE... and watch every VIDEO on success ever produced — and STILL have no idea what's actually driving YOUR performance.

Until now.

Through extensive research, we found that there is indeed a "formula" for success.


Produce greater Results in less Time and your success potential soars.

Produce fewer Results in more Time and it drops like a rock.

At every point in Time you have the power to become the success you desire. Simply produce better Results in THAT moment.

We call this The Power of TQ.

The Power of TQ represents the first completely NEW approach to personal and professional excellence — a NEW way to produce significantly better RESULTS over TIME. Our system is simple, powerful and immediately effective.

The Power of TQ COMPLETES what books like Stephen Covey's 7 Habits... Anthony Robbins' Unlimited Power.... Tom Peters' In Search of Excellence... and Ken Blanchard's One Minute Manager STARTED.

The Power of TQ adds an entirely new dimension to this body of work — a whole new perspective on how to quickly produce superior results. If you have read any of these books, The Power of TQ is an essential addition to your library.

We invested 25 years (and millions of dollars) in serious R&D to understand why some people succeed brilliantly-- where others fail dismally. The end result is a "Full Spectrum" set of tools — each designed to immediately improve the effectiveness of your performance.

You may order modules separately, or for a limited time, you can save over $3,000 when you order the complete TQ Gold System...

What We Did For You...

Here's what we did on your behalf. First, we extracted, condensed and distilled over 150,000 pages of the best ideas from the world's authorities on personal and professional development. Learn more about the TQ Gold Standard.

Next, we color-coded and entered this vast library of performance-enhancing tips, techniques and procedures into a huge database — with over 10,000 specific ideas for action — each available for instant access.

Finally, we reviewed, analyzed and completely rewrote this material — from the ground up — so it could be learned, remembered and mastered — all at the click of a button.

We can now do something for you no one else has even attempted.

Within ONE HOUR of reading The Power of TQ — you will have ANSWERS to two of your greatest questions:

  1. "What EXACTLY is holding me back from living up to my full potential?"
  2. "What SPECIFICALLY must I do DIFFERENT to transform my performance WEAKNESSES into powerful STRENGTHS?"
Answer these two questions and you will change your entire life.

Take action now to identify, isolate and eliminate your key performance drains — and you will put your life on the fast track to true and lasting success. Guaranteed.

Once you have the ANSWERS you will dramatically improve the effectiveness of your performance.

With your DEDICATION — and our unique TOOLS — you will have the POWER to produce significantly better RESULTS. Starting today.

"Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere. Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary." ~ Warren Bennis


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"The competition is brutal -- this is our edge..."

We are in a brutally competitive industry and if we don't learn to sell and compete smarter, it is the difference between us getting the business or getting out of business. This gave us the edge we were looking for.

Wayne M.
District of Columbia


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