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The Gold Standard...

"We distinguish the excellent man/woman from the common man by saying that the former is the one who makes great demands on himself, and the latter who makes no demands on himself." ~ Jose Ortega y Gasset

About Personal and Professional Excellence...

What's the "Gold Standard" for creating a "Results Revolution" within your organization... or yourself, for that matter?

Good question!

TQ stands for Time Quotient — a measurement of the actions you take to produce the Results you get over Time.

If TQ is the formula for success in a results-driven economy — and it is — the question becomes, are you capable of achieving results beyond expectation... or are you spinning your wheels, confusing EFFORT with RESULTS?

How would you know?

To answer this question, we created a simple, yet highly effective methodology for systematically evaluating your power to produce tangible results. It's called a TQ Test... a unique new test based on your responses to 100 basic questions about your performance.

What causes success?

Where did these 100 fundamental actions of Gold Standard personal performance come from, you ask? Five years and $3 Million worth of solid research into what actually causes success!

In doing the research for a new software training package, our CEO asked a simple question, "Why do some people achieve success without limits, and others constantly struggle with failed expectations?"

What are the common characteristics?

Can these positive characteristics be trained and ingrained? And if so, what does it take?

To find the answer, our development team assigned 20 editors the task of reading the top 150 books — authored by the world's leading authorities on personal productivity, professional success and business strategy. See How TQ is Different...

The common thread...

What we found was nothing short of amazing! From some 200,000 pages — written by experts such as Covey, Peters, Drucker, Tracy, Robbins, Blanchard, Senge, and the like — our editors extracted, condensed and distilled a total of 4,715 different ideas these authors identified as essential to achieving the pinnacle of personal excellence.

If these people don't have the answers, who does?!

Ultimately, all 4,715 of these individual ideas were grouped into 10 different core categories and color-coded for instant database access. They were then combined, cross-correlated and rewritten into 1,288 of the "best of the best" ideas, mandates and recommendations for achieving exceptional results.

"The ideas I stand for are not mine. I borrowed them from Socrates. I swiped them from Chesterfield. I stole them from Jesus. And I put them in a book. If you don't like their rules, whose would you use?" ~ Dale Carnegie

Finally, this compendium of key ideas was further refined down to 100 specific ACTIONS that lead directly to personal, professional and corporate success.

Put simply, taking these actions cause a steady stream of positives to flood your performance, moving you towards success.

Failure to take these actions causes a stream of negatives to erode your performance, moving you away from success.

The Gold Standard...

Collectively, these 100 time-proven ACTIONS form the Gold Standard of personal productivity — and the basis for our unique new TQ Tests.

What's interesting is that ALL people do most of these 100 some of the time — but not consistently enough for real success to set in. What separates the winners from the whiners is the frequency and consistency of positive action!

Smarter Actions = Greater Results...

Want to produce greater RESULTS? Simply take smarter ACTIONS, more frequently! It is no more complicated than that.

To determine how SMART someone is working — how well they take the actions that lead to greater results — all we have to do is see how CONSISTENTLY that person performs this Gold Standard list of actions.

Put simply, you either DO what the experts recommend — consistently — or you DON'T.

The frequency with which you actually perform the recommended actions determines the current level of your performance, and ultimately, the probability of your success.

For example, we had 14 different authors weigh-in on the importance of writing your goals down, rather than just keeping them in your head. After the duplicates were eliminated, these authorities (many from the field of sports) had over 50 different ideas on the importance of taking this single action.

Just DO it...

So, if writing your goals down is important — and it is — the question becomes, how well and how often do you DO it? If, on a scale of 1-10, you take this action frequently (80% of the time or more) it has become a solid part of your performance... a characteristic that moves you towards success.

On the other hand, if you rarely write your goals down, this lack of action impacts your performance negatively... ultimately moving you away from the results you desire.

By first breaking your performance down into ten broad categories, then rating how well and how often you actually take the 10 designated actions for each category, we are able to help you SEE your performance strengths and weaknesses in a whole new light.

What's your TQ?

How well do you match up against the Gold Standard of personal and professional excellence?

There's only one way to find out. Test your TQ...

It doesn't cost you a dime. It's fun, and will cast a much-needed light on the forces currently controlling your performance.

Improve your TQ 20 points, and you will develop the skills to work smarter... compete smarter... and live smarter.

Simply see how well you match up to the TQ Gold Standard, and start taking a few more positive actions. It is no more complicated than that.

Our objective is to make you smarter TODAY than you were YESTERDAY... but not as smart as you'll be TOMORROW... with our systematic process of Teaching Through Testing.

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"Yesterdays don't matter..."

You are 100% correct. What was good enough to get me by last year doesn't have a snow-balls chance this year. I have to do things differently -- just to keep pace. The Power of TQ truly opened my eyes to my current limitations and my ultimate potential. I am ever so grateful.

Sherry H.
Santa Barbra, CA


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"Yesterdays don't matter..."

You are 100% correct. What was good enough to get me by last year doesn't have a snow-balls chance this year. I have to do things differently -- just to keep pace. The Power of TQ truly opened my eyes to my current limitations and my ultimate potential. I am ever so grateful.

Sherry H.
Santa Barbra, CA


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