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Teaching Through Testing...

"Only through constant iteration can alien truths be implanted on reluctant minds." ~ Herbert Spencer

What does Teaching Through Testing mean?

The only way you can effectively learn, remember and master the skills to achieve exceptional results, is to engage in daily renewal, retooling and retraining. We call this "Teaching Through Testing".

Every element of ThinkTQ.com has been designed to REMIND you to achieve your personal best each day — by helping you cure the "out-of-sight is out-of-mind" barrier to greater productivity.

As explained earlier in the How TQ Works section, the TQ System is designed to leverage three important concepts: self-measurement, self-evaluation, and self-improvement.

To help people see how well they measure up to our Gold Standard of personal and professional excellence, we created several unique on-line assessment and evaluation tools, so they can frequently measure their own performance.

By objectively and continuously evaluating your test results in light of your actual performance, you can see your current strengths and weaknesses. This makes it easy to zoom in on specific issues, and quickly address them.

The key to immediately improving your performance is to choose a dominant strength — and make it stronger — or a destructive weakness and eliminate it entirely!

Teaching Through Testing cures the 90% Memory Deficit.

Because out-of-sight is out-of-mind, "forgetting to remember" is a huge drain on your performance. Every TQ product is designed to help you effectively learn, remember and master the skills necessary to produce outstanding results.

Our emphasis is on helping you remember to take smarter actions, a great deal more frequently.

Cure the 90% Memory Deficit and your performance will soar. Through spaced repetition, instant testing and access to our full library of Ideas for Action — we never let you FORGET that your performance matters — or how to improve it.

Your Forgetting Curve is a big deal...

Psychologists have been interested in learning and forgetting since the early days of the discipline. The researcher who pioneered the field, Hermann Ebbinghaus (1850-1909), created a way to assess "pure" learning — that is, learning free of meaning — and the rate at which people forget.

He found the rate to be highly predictable, and completely dependent upon repetition and reinforcement. Psychologists now call this the "forgetting" curve, and developed "spaced repetition" learning techniques to combat it. To this day, Ebbinghaus' work has stood the test of time.

Ebbinghaus discovered that when we acquire a new idea, much of our forgetting occurs right away.

A SIGNIFICANT amount of information is forgotten within twenty minutes of learning it; OVER HALF OF THE MATERIAL LEARNED IS FORGOTTEN WITHIN AN HOUR. Although we forget almost two thirds of what we learn within a day, retention does not decline much beyond that point.

In other words, if information is retained for a day, the knowledge is there to stay. Ebbinghaus' Forgetting Curve is important for two reasons:

  • The blue curve (top) shows that after JUST ONE REVIEW, you can expect to recall about two thirds of new information for several weeks -- even more if it is "meaningful" and related to what you are doing. With multiple reviews, recall is permanent.

  • The red curve shows how much you can expect to FORGET without review. Numerous experiments and studies have shown that, typically, YOU WILL FORGET ABOUT 80% OF NEW MATERIAL IN 2 WEEKS -- if you do not review or incorporate those ideas into your daily activities.

The Message is Simple. Reinforce to Remember.

It doesn't matter if you have a Harvard MBA or a degree from the school of Hard Knocks — continuing education is not optional. It's a REQUIREMENT for success in this results-driven economy.

Engage in the systematic process of Teaching Through Testing and you will develop the skills to work smarter... compete smarter... and live smarter.

From our TQ Tests... to our Daily Lessons in Excellence... to our Personal Workshops and Audio CD's... to our dynamic personal lesson plans... we have the tools to help you conquer the Forgetting Curve, and transform your performance.

Our objective is to make you smarter TODAY than you were YESTERDAY... but not as smart as you'll be TOMORROW!

Because it is quite difficult for us to actually see what's impacting our TQ, we developed a Time Prism to help cut through the blur. Now, seeing how smart you're working is as simple as checking your personal Time Prism.


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"Powerful, Personal, Transforming..."

Never did I expect a web site to make me smarter. Never did I expect to wake up one morning and find someone to help me see my life from an entirely new perspective. You did both.

Barry H.
Dallas, TX


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