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What does it take to win? Attitude!

"Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force." ~ Tom Blandi

For the last month we have been talking about very broad topics: Hope... Freedom... Purpose... Values... Success (and what it takes to ACHIEVE it... and be HAPPY along the way.) No doubt, we have asked -- and answered -- the questions that lead to a life of passion, purpose and significance.

This week, we will narrow our focus to you personally, and what it takes to WIN at what you do. No "top of the funnel" thinking here... just real CLEAR advice on what it takes to unleash the winner within you.

Some Basic Advice...

How you approach life determines if you will ultimately succeed... or fail to produce the results you want.

Think a moment about what it takes to honestly win the Tour de France.

What puts winners ahead of the pack? From my perspective, it is outstanding TQ performance!

Let's look at Winners through
the 10 Colors of The Time Prism:

Is it their physical and mental ENERGY level? No doubt.

Is it their sense of purpose and MISSION? Yes.

Is it the GOAL and the team's PLAN to achieve it? Absolutely.

Is it the unrelenting focus and ability to PRIORITIZE the right moves? Sure.

Is it the ability to create powerful team-building SYNERGY? Yes, the team won... not just any given rider.

Is it the systematic ORGANIZATIONAL skills and ability to OPTIMIZE time? No question. You don't win anything without solid time management skills.

Is it the ability to consistently take bold ACTION to break out from the pack? Naturally.


Yes, these 9 Colors were all burning white hot. But that's not enough! If a rider permitted his ATTITUDE to go negative, at any point in the race, a perfect 10 on the other 9 Colors wouldn't matterbecause 9 x 0 is zero.

What gives winners the winning edge is ATTITUDE. The positive attitude to endure pain, frustration and setbacks.

Believe you will win.

Pay the price to win.

You will win.

Try Learn & Burn: Success Essentials for just $1 + S&H...

A Fact of Life...

Your motivation to take action increases automatically when you imagine how great it will be when you succeed. The bigger, brighter, more immediate and more personal you can imagine the payoff, the greater your desire to pursue your goals. When you picture failure, you lose motivation to proceed. You focus on avoiding mistakes, rather than striving to do your best. This leads to a reduction in effort -- and an increase in desire -- to avoid a negative outcome.

Factor 3C's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment suggests you spend your time fulfilling your prophecy of success. Each day's progress -- large or small -- gets you closer to the goals you desire. Inspired by a beautiful dream, you maintain interest and internal drive -- even when things don't go well. With your eye on the prize, you keep hope alive for yourself and those around you -- and conquer the inevitable detours on the way to your desired destination.

Factor 3C's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment suggests you are someone who tends to predict failure and then live in fear that your prediction comes true. You only achieve a fraction of what you could, because all you tend to see are the things that could go wrong -- before you even begin. It's difficult for you to stay motivated toward big goals when all you see are the problems and pitfalls. You find it hard to take future steps, because you are relatively certain they're bound for failure. This means you give up too often when things get too rough.

The BENEFIT of choosing to do Factor 3C a bit more frequently: You have more power...

You leap at every opportunity to achieve your goals. You accumulate performance positives like "Enthusiastic, Eager and Inspired" -- immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

What happens when you FAIL to consistently do Factor 3C? You have less power...

Failure is always in the back of your mind, scaring you away from taking actions. Negatives like "Discouraged, Fearful and Doubtful" start to take their toll on your performance -- quickly moving you away from the success you want.

"There is great treasure there behind our skull and this is true about all of us. This little treasure has great, great powers, and I would say we only have learnt a very, very small part of what it can do." ~ Isaac Bashevis Singer

This week, do a REALITY check and an ATTITUDE check. Do you get the connection between your reality and your attitude?

For better or worse, they are inseparably linked.

Think about it. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


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The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

I believe that our positive results are limited when nagative thoughts appear. Nagative thoughts cause us to live a life less than what we deserve and capable of achieving
It absolutely is. The journey is just so difficult that most do not make it.
Should we call it ludicrous to assume that a POSITIVE result could happen - at least in the realm of the present situation - about which there is a NEGATIVE attitude. We should not deny that even to the poor thinker there come roses. However, in the LANDSCAPE view of their portrait, the NEGATIVE will dull even the brightest sunrise, rob the pockets of opportunity and eventually opaque the lense through which LIFE is viewed. A NEGATIVE times a NEGATIVE is only POSITIVE in mathematical calculations. Yet in those same laws of science resides the truth that applies to this life - the NEGATIVE times the POSITIVE will still be NEGATIVE. - Selah -
WOW!! What a statement. This is very deep and very good, and very tru. I was truly amazed at the depth of these few sentences.
Ultimately, "positive" or "negative" is just a label that we attach to our experiences based on the filter we use to judge them. The old story about the kid who viewed a pile of manure as proof of a pony instead of a disgusting mess is the best illustration I can think of to reinforce this truth. The challenge for me is to keep the outside influences at bay (especially the news)so my efforts at being positive can grow!
I beleive I will own a 52' catamaran June 2010 because my ATTITUDE no longer allows worry, doubt or fear, into my thinking.
Convert ATTITUDE to mathematical formula and you will be surprised that this thing is the root cause for the failure and success of a person. With regards to doubts, I don't subscribe in eliminating doubts at all, because honest doubts can lead to a new discovery. It raises questions that would clarify vague notions. It cautions people, and force them to think critically and reason out the best possible solution. This is not simply scratching one's cerebral itch, but an honest, collective, and conscious evaluation of truth. This is not fitting positive versus negative attitude. While positive attitude can bring positive result but without the passion to do that which one desires to do, positive attitude would just be another form of illusion. I would suggest that passion is the driving force that enables the person to achieve and succeed.

this is sooooooooooooooo important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never never never never allow a negative thought word or deed enter
your world n e v e r !!!is that understood ?
it had better be cuz this is the only life you will ever ever ever have and if you can not fill it up with positive good works deeds actions and lots of loving and giving than you should give up RIGHT NOW !!!!!
my very best to all of you. If anyone knows Ro Kramer - tell her I still love her John "Rock" Ro will know who I am Thanks
I always keep my attitude positive. When life is not going great, I remind myself that this phase will pass out and see the brighter side of life. I just imagine those days when I was BEING POSITIVE and NEGATIVITY just dry's down.

SPS Chauhan
I red somewhere that the goal of live is to Love all beings and to know who you are. Therefore it is not useful to get attached to any other thing that since it won't be permanent.
Positive - As man thinks about himself so is he. What I think about my life and the circumstance I face determines what I will be and where I will go.
Dave ! - great commentary Dave - thanks a lot for taking the time to post your thoughts - slow down - focus - concentrate on important stuff and FOCUS ON NOW N O W
thats the only reality that we have _ NOW NOWNOW here and now - doitnow AND THINGS WILL work out be positive and in the now- hell it could end all so soon John
P.S. if anyone knows Ro Kramer in Hampden Mass. tell her "Rock " is looking for her.
ya no this attitude thing is a good theme - a very good theme- thanks for caring about me and letting me know what is happening out there - I have been so isolated for so long. It feels good to be back on the radar screen
of life - thanks again everybody - thanks John R
wow ! ya know life can be soooooooooo much fun - it's a shame that lots of people do not see that - Lets all help each other get through this rough patch - all we need is a little team work and some communication - love -attention to detail - and the big picture will come into focus. Pete Madru !!!
wake up and smell the roses Pete. stay away from your political agenda. thats your agenda - NOT MINE- wake up
Hi everybody again _ I forgot - does anyone know Ralph " Rusty " Cornwall from Sonoita Arizona ? if you do -let me know where he is? I haven't seen him since Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and Vietnam - Thanks again - AND STAY POSITIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP YOUR CHIN UP AND STRUT. for the complainers - TELL IT TO THE MARINES
If anyone out there reading this will please contact me I would appreciat it thanks--
I been sooooooooooooooo isolated for so long it gets lonely AND SCARY I hate it - alos - some noises at nite can be scary especially if you are alone like I am.
I don't know who you are or where you are, but you are not alone. There is a power inside you that is your best friend. That power is called "God". Talk to and be with that constant presence that loves you so sweetly and will protect and guide you in whatever you are going through. There are others who are with you in that spirit. I am thinking of you every day and night offering prayers for your protection and peace. Know you are loved.
positivepositivepositivepositivepositiveppositivepositivepositivepositve get it???????????????
Just picture yourself right now!!!!!!!! and stay there - Right now - it is all the life you need and will ever need - right now. Thanks Coach Bob Pickett for that. time is only relevant to the end of your life - enuf for now thanks again for everything that I have right Now John
Positive. I listened to Gregg Braden last night talk about "The Gift of the Blessing". How powerful and timely this process of giving a blessing to those who are hurting, to those who cause the hurt, and to those who witness the hurting. The steps in the process he gives us will make ourselves and our world well.

Thanks also to the TQ Program, which gives the steps to balance our personalities and lives. Indeed, this world is waking up to the greatness in knowng that we are The One. We, with our thoughts, feelings and emotions are changing this world.
Hi Dee - thanks for your note in reply to mine,
I felt better the minute I read your reply- thanks so much. This balancing your perosnalitiy and your life is sooooooo very important - thanks for reminding me. I have been thru a very dark period and you have helped by just caring like you did by respponding to my note - thanks so much// John
Wow. I'd like to know more about Gregg Braden and "The Gift of the Blessing", especially the process you mentioned.

Can you help with that info?
Today I am Positive! I will overcome the obstacles in front of me. I will think of the tremendous effort that Lance Armstrong gave to overcome his trials.
Yes stay positive. Your life is wasted away if attitude stays negative. And you know what? By entertaining negative thoughts one block out positive ones.
Always Positive: the way I look at it is got to be Positive if you want to get anywhere! I get up every day with the attitude of winning, and to surround my my self by promoting energy and happeness.
Jack Croach
the attitude has been just great - been thru a real dark and gloomy period BUT I made it . thanks you all for being there for me - I appreciate it. This has been a great tiem to talk to all of you and if you get back to me I'd appreciate that. sometimes it gets scary at nite when it is dark and I am alone in the house- I hate being alone. thanks evrybody- and be sure to stay in touch John
to Dee ! thanks for your note Dee - I appreciate that a lot - a real lot - thanks a again - I hope I replied to your note in this message - if I did not I wi;l check thanks a lot Dee --- John R
A positive grateful attitude brought me the woman of my dreams and the house of my dreams all within three years!
Hi evrybody - I'm back !!!!!!!! it's me John R = thanks for all your attention to MY problems - thanks a lot - I am running outta gas on this NOW - BUT will be back for sure- thanks again Dee - I appreciated your note to me and thanks to the other person ( I forgot name ) for your personal email to me - I must have sent my address
WOW - life is looking better and better evrytime I enter this site thanks a lot John R
Hi again everybody - yes attitude rules - it will
control your life and possibilities - it is very simple - your attitude will carry over into yuor charisma thanks for listening John R
I most certainly would have achieved more of my goals and dreams much sooner.
I would not have been as disillusioned as i find myself to be today when i lost my job in March would have started our firm by now.
I could motivate others to more positive results through encourgement rather than disparagement. If I believe in them, they will believe in themselves. I am going to start today!
We're 30 % more positive, in 12 hours the rest will know.
this " self Talk " is sooooooooooooo very important
1. it is you you you you y o u
2. keep it in your mind
3. hypnosis and mediattion help a lot
5. convince YOURSELF
6 positivepositivepositive al the time
for DEE yes you Dee - thanks for your note and please let me know you are still with us.
thanks again - and remember ---- POSITIVE-- ATTITUDE
will rule the day. mediation and hypnosis helps a lot. LETS GET OFF THE BENCH AND GET IN THE GAME - CUZ IT IS ALL A BIG GAME.

Keeping oneself postive is what I have leared and this really makes a big difference in me. I am more confident, people like me and come forward to discuss their issues. That's what I also call Leadership.

- SPS Chauhan
I would have had my Ebook finished. I probably would have won the lottery.... I might be back in Las Vegas.

Tiffany Rd would have been completely renovated and rent coming in.
that I have to explain my illness to everybody - damn !! I should not do that - and promise not to do it. thanks for reminding me TQ thanks a lot - self talk ? what is that ?
hell I know and just don't want to face the reality that my selftalk is not of the optimunm quality - lets get with the program John - get with the program and promote better self tak - Thanks again TQ you remind me everyday
Do I want to be taken seriously ? = YES
Now what ? of to the coffee shop and banter about the next campaign - the one for Mayor
help Mike win thanks TQ
A lot of good stuff - finally thanks a lot TQ
I appreciate this site very much - it is alo tof fun
and I intend to keep using
just get back to me at rhodes350@comcast.net
I havebeen telling myself that I am the Luckiest person in the whole wide world - the absolute luckiest person in the whole universe - in spite of the fact that I can screw up a heck of a lot - and I have - BUT I am sooooooooooooooo lucky - wowowowowowowowow how did that happen ? I dunno BUT I am still lucky and thank you all - thanks sooooooooooo much for all you have given me - wow am I lucky - thanks a lot - John R
Not so good, I have major depressing head talk!
nancy - I had the same problem with the head talk being soooooo negative - answer for me was and is: stay in the moment here and now - in the moment use that as a mantra and focus ficus focus on NOW
right now - give it a try abnish all negative head talk and concentrate on NOW this second minute and moment good luck -- John
you know what TQ ? I owe back a Lot to the world and all of you - I am so lucky and I owe back something - AND I INTEND TO PAY IT BACK. I am going to begin as soon as possible - habitate and the Soup Kitchen are a place to start= I want to start giving back asap and I will doit -- yes I will and thanks for the help you all have given me=
I truly appreciate it, and I will start giving back - thanks again for all of my blesssings - I have so many and I intend to begin the process of giving back to all of you - thanks so much. if nayone needs to tlak to an old guy who has learned the hard way drop me a line at rhodes350@comcast.net - also has anyone ever met Ro Kramer from Hmapden Mass. tell Ro I still love her but we had different personalities and it would have been a disaster ? not to worri about it cuz she got a great guy in the bargain
well - surely have been telling myself a lot of bull
gotta give that up - plan to do it soon - thanks again
on second thought I plan to do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My stamina is waning, but my commitment is not.
i will find ways to rejuvenate and restore my energy so I will successfully achieve my goals. Aligned with divine, I trust.
not even close! I must be more positive to accomplish the goals I have for myself...
That I can do better when I start to plan & set my goals better.
I am going to concentrate on having, being, and doing. I am going to concentrate on what I need to do NOW to reach my goals. I am going to write down and date all my goals and break them into manageable steps to reach them. I am going to turn my life around from where it is to where I want to go.
Negativity stops one from growing mature. Positiveness help one to grow spiritually, mentally, and socially. Being positive broadens your horizon. Positive, positive positive, it is a miracle in itself.
I believe I am going further than if I wasn't. It gives me a chance to see what is going on with my life, where I normally would only be thinking the ideas. Sometimes it is hard to be dedicated and diligent about this, but I still make myself. One of my goals is to wake up earlier in the day. Another is to become regular with my exercise routine. I would like to spend at least 1 hour in the library for doing, writing and thinking about my goals.
Having a postive attitude is essentail to any kind of success, so no, you cannot reap postive rewards from actions or thoughts that result from negative thinking. Can't be done---at least not in the long run. Not only do we need positive attitude, but positive expectation is important. Life is but a self-fulfilling prophecy as far as I can see, so we must very judicious with our thoughts, words and deeds as they all are steering us somewhere.
to achieve what my Why is I must stay positive
If a negative thought creeps in I try to replace it with a positive as quickly as I can
Some times it takes extra work
My Attitude is very positive and I start the day thinking "Carpe Diem" i.e. Sieze the day

a call from ac woke me up at 0800hrs and we had a very good conversation. got coffee and started my work for today. contacted va about college and buying a home in future. anticipationing call from darcey mateo at aiu university. time now is 1149 am.
predominately negative; which is very unlike me...
Yes, it is.
But more often, i slow down my pace, I dnt look forward to attain my duties, I lost vigor becuase of procrastinate nature.
My Never Say Die Attitude if the Forerunner of success. I renew and reenergize my attitude every day. Its like retooling and keeping it conditioned.


SPS Chauhan
Today started off ok, went down list as prescribed. Incorporated a nap, finished AIU application. Write letter to VA Admin. Winston Salem Board Decisions as many as possible, then put in mail asap.Lunch.Clean kitchen and living room. Read SEC. BK after have some play time. Dinner. Bib
Hard to say. I think I would be a much better person. In the last 2 months, I have taken control of me. I can't control or what cards I am dealt, but I can control what I do with it. Which I am finding allows me to control more of life. As each day passes, I am finding that the more I control myself, my actions, my words, my feelings and my thoughts; the more I can control what environment there is around me.
I would be pass out from IIM, if this is so
I like what I have read so far. I need the additional motivation
Further ahead toward a more rewarding,passionate existence!
I maintain an amazing positive attitude. I love life, I love TQ and all it's wonderful team members. I always visualize a highly successful, positive, constructive, significant, meaningful, and "beneficial for all" outcomes, meeting and exceeding all expectations. It is unbelievable how often I am challenged throughout the day. I use this negativity as an exercise and challenge to build mental strength, stamina and positive toughness while rechanneling it constructively to the benefit of myself and the challenger. Thus it becomes mutually beneficial. It is my personal mission to make a positive, constructive, significant and meaningful difference in the lives of others. It is my greatest joy to see another empowered to be their best selves possible contributing thus synergistic outcomes beyond all expectations. Life is good! :-)
Hi Gabriele,

I love your attitude! I agree that if we can catch ourselves in those certain moments and use the negative experience as a lesson and opportunity to grow, we are much better off than any alternative.

Keep up that great attitude and outlook...it's wonderful to read!
Getting a little closer to my goal
I Can
I Can
I Can

That's all I tel myself and properl myself to double my productivity every day

SPS Chauhan
Say I can over and over until you believe you can.
SAy I will until you know, without doubt, you will'
Say I am (complete) and move into the present by Doing.
Gil (The Total Wellness Academy)
it is sad to see a friendship relationship trying to commit suiside before it starts,and the truth is false and the false is true.the loss is big when we do not recognize how big we are in the eyes of others.. and behave accordingly....
friendship is when people know all about you but like you anyway
i learned that under each hard shell there is something soft
people talk and gossip destroy the best things in life if we give them our ear to blow the poison in them.
I have been talking productively and when I say something negative to myself, I immediately correct myself and start saying some nicer things about my life. I have been starting to daydream in the morning about my life and its positive things in it.
To focus on what I want to change from my current standings, to concentrate on what I want to achieve.
I am happy in my todays as I build towards more success in each day

Choice and Age

I need to be a person, who makes the right choices. I have been a person who thinks, I am making the correct choice, but after the venture, I am back at the starting line. Now I don't know what choice to make. It takes time to start over and now age is a factor. I use to never think this way. As we all mature in live (Age) it is more important to make better choices. At the same time the choice is more difficult to make.

re: Choice and Age

Making choices regardless of outcome is part of life. Again, what you do with and how you respond (attitude) to those outcomes defines the quality of your life.

As for AGE; it's simply:
Age is the by-product and summation of all you have done thus far.
I AM A GOOD PERSON. I love myself just the way I am. I open my heart to God's healing love. I love others as I love myself. I love feeling good. I take good care of myself. I work at improving myself. I realize that the head talk is not who I really am. It's my ego that gets in the way. It's amazing all of different thoughts one has and they sometimes just don't make any sense at all. But I realize it's okay, they are just passing thoughts that get mixed up with some of the things we see and hear and feelings. That's all they are and the thoughts are not me. I am perfect just the way I am because God made me this way. I can always learn more and improve myself and this is what I want to do. Always be open to new things to learn and experience.
Today I proactively chose gratitude and did goal setting for the rest of this year. I enjoyed re-creating and resting, going to church and hanging out with my family. I chose to live my values today....feels positively great to live that way.
Probably not.
"Will you be able to accomplish your GOALS with the same ATTITUDE you had for the last few months?"

My answer to that question: possibly, if I continue to build a positive attitude and "support" it with regular, disciplined action.

Because of a lack of focused action, the goal to see my ebook completed by September 1 is a real heavy stretch.

Great question as usual.

I am extremely happy with my life now. I am exactly where I want to be and every step is an amazing experience. My life is very committed. I am always moving to keep myself occupied. Make a move to look at my planner each night to see what I have on my agenda. I have improved my self talk more by becoming conscious of what I am saying. I still fall into my old habits, but I am quicker to get out of that groove.
Way more than what im doing now.
I am at the pinnacle today, we have a 6 DVD series available by millionaire speakers, both men and women, 100 minutes each.
Much can be gleaned by watching. We'll send your set free in July.
Cost for DVD's only $ 99.95 Have a great month !
More info at freecashhere.com
Positive, I'm about to get another DVD duplicated.
its been predominately positive.
Today I feel lighter. Decided not to let worry grip me, it kept me at bay all day Monday. I need to keep moving forward, and worry is a pit that pulls you down deeper than you ever thought you would go. I choose to be greatful that I am still standing for yet another day. I know that God has all in his control, and my part is to trust in His guidence.
It,s been positive from the day i read TQ and becoming more and more stronger as the days go by.
Positive thoughts mostly, but slow action. Still struggling to turn my dreams into reality in order to be financially free and live the life I deserve....
Attitude is a key element to success but, it means nothing until there is an action that falls in line with it.
I got divorced yesterday after 22 1/2 years of marriage and our house is a sad place. Today starts the rest of my life and I would like to fulfill the dreams and goals I have carried for a long time and I would like to be a very good example to my children as they move forward in their own lives. I am working on my goals and have done my values and will probably be done on Monday and ready to go 7/27/2009. I look forward to what will happen.
I Would have started my new career on the internet and be making 50K or more.
I´ve thinking that I'm not going to make it on August 31 and accomplish my promise to my grandchild. That I do not do things right.This was so intense last night that it pervaded my TQ test and produced a lower TQ than it really is. It was so negative powerful also because it was influenced by adopted daughter, and I didn`t do anything to protect my attitude from her bitterness and bad attitude.
I've already had success in the past and I WILL HAVE IT AGAIN!
I'M GOING TO PUNTA CANA!!!!!!!!!!! TO Q12!!!!!!!! TO FOUNDERS!!!!!!
Winning is not just achieving your objectives , it is also maintaining it, that need a continous efforts and prioritization so you focus your energy on issues which will obtain those objectives on the long and short terms.
Journaling my thoughts
I am just starting off in the TQ process and concentrating on getting my colors up going through each area. I am cautiously optimistic in applying these factors and living my mission with my core valures at the core.
My divorce of 22 year marriage was final on thursday and now I will concentrate on my kids and moving forward with a great example in goal setting and achieving positive rewards.
You bet, I've accomplished a lot in the last two months. If the next two months are that productive, I will reach my goals. I still don't think that is quite up to my potential yet, but I am on track. Plus I think we should always be looking to expand or current potential.
In last few months ago my attitude need some work, as today I should be more careful what I said even that really hurts but I try to think positive of what I am going say or something like that today.
I have to redefine my commitments & goals inorder to reboot my attitude.
I've missed the last two sessions, but that doesn't mean I have stalled in the process.
I am stronger than ever.
I am almost finished with my written values and processing these to form my mission statement. I am reflecting on the roles in my life and seeing how to plan around what I REALLY VALUE!
CLARITY is wonderful.

Will it be possible to pick up the last two sessions the next time around?

This is the best program ever. I hope to be an affiliate as soon as I have completed this to an acceptable level of competency.
Thank you!
iva germany
That I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Above all things that you be in health and prosperous even as your soul prosper. With God's help I know I can suceed. I just need to keep on thinking on good thoughts, Thoughts that are pure honest and of good report.
Over the long haul, it is not only not possible to produce positive results with a negative attitude, the results you get won't be worth the effort.

If you do not maintain a positive expectation for every action you take in the short run, you will consistently turn your gloom into doom. Instead of living your dreams, you will find yourself trapped inside a slow moving nightmare.

The message is simple: Finely tune your Attitude color because the alternative is a life of poor results, achieved with lots of hassles!

My Attitude has predominately Positive all year long.

It is a huge driver of my overall success!

Earlier today I allowed my attitude to turn negative,this took a toll on my success for today.
By reviewing some of my dreams and goals this afternoon I managed to turn my attitude around.
Also I recently purchased the success on purpose program and for the first time in a number of years I feel like I am making true progress toward my dreams and goals.
My attitude in 9 at worst, usually 10.
My prayer-several times daily, "Give me, Oh Lord the faith of Jesus." After asll, "Christ lives in me!" Galatians 2.20
Philippians 2.5.
My attitude is positive as far as getting through the day in my working environment. But it is not very positive about me. I am very hard on myself. I am wondering now if I expect too much of myself. If I don't give myself enough credit for my daily accomplishments. I am far from where I want to be. I keep flailing, going from one thing to the next.
i would be seeing more patients and helping to make this a more healthy, drug free world
30% more positive and 30% less negative?

A WOW Attitude -- Walking On Water!

That would be a difference of at least 60%, which would propel me to the next level. I would be spending more time on achieving goals than on eradicating weaknesses. However I must begin where I am.
Most of my self talk has been positive, but not consistently so.
My self-talk has been mixed, but mostly positive.

These are very tough times to keep things moving forward.

I keep telling myself...

The opportunity is now...

I am the man...

I expect success!

i have always been bothered and worried by my credit card debt

yet, these are expenses i need to spend for - Paul's expenses in LA, ticket to Manila...

in the end, I am not able to send donations to the mentoring ministry, to Grateful hearts or to St. Theresa

I need to learn to budget and pay off credit card
i have been telling myself that i should be making more money for what i do. If i continue to re-read my time prism and work on my organization and prioritizing i believe it will make a big difference
My Self Talk -- It's been mixed... but mostly tending toward the positive... My challenge is believing the positive in a consistent manner... such that I am walking it out in a consistent manner... It truly is displacing the subconscious beliefs with conscious, new beliefs and goals... I'm making progress!!
Organization is one of my greatest strengths, with systems that support me 24/7/365.

I am capable of massive action simply because my systems all work to provide me with leverage that would be impossible without this high degree of automation and organization.

This is a great question for most people because they equate unfocused with disorganized.

Focus is a strategic issue. Organization is a tactical issue.

Get organized and watch your results over time soar!

I've had a running conversation with myself ranging from, "What a blessed life I lead" to "There is just too much to do. I'll never accomplish anything worthwhile." My struggle is between busy-ness and productivity and finding time to maintain healthy relationships,not sacrificing relationship time for productivity.
It is no way possible to produce positive results with a negative attitude. I think that I could achieve my goal a lot factor if I consistently do TQ factor. It has made a great difference in my career just with the amount of time I have joined TQ. Now I am using it more.
i can't even agree 100 % but more!
The vision is the key to everything you
do, how you feel, how things will happen...
this alone gives you enough strength to reach
your goals...!!


P.S. I unawaringly screwed up big time on this
factor and suffered. It's still not too
to turn and i am sure the tide will be different this time! :-)
I remember a quote I heard from Brian Tracy. He said, In our formative years we hear the word "no" two hundred and fifty times more than we hear the work "yes"; "No, John, put that down" etc. Is it any wonder why we struggle to break away from that paradigm when it was a constant theme throughout our childhood?
Mainly positive,, but I am negative at what has happened to US economy. I am deeply rooted in it for my real estate investment and punishment.
I want a vibrant US back. I am not selfish. I always think well-being of a nation is same as your well0being. How long we all can be selfish? In the end, I will leave my altruistic thoughts and have to move on. Because, negative thoughts have a timeline and that has passed me.
My attitude acts as a doorway--it doesn't guarantee success, but it makes it a very real possibility!!!
Once I found my inner voice again, then everything that I want is possible, so I have to believe in myself fully and without any hesitation.
Dear Mr. Haas, It has been a while since I posted anything. My life was not mine for the past four years plus. The one thing I kept coming back to was my TQ book and materials. I commit to being a better student this time and implementing the teachings because I have a life to live! Thank you for your encouragement. L.Choulat
I am making every attempt to become much better organized. Live in a small space. Need to learn to be more organized.L.Choulat
Positive, you can see in 34 min.
Key of 2 http://1068134.videoconference.talkfusionlive.com/golive/m/RUhEwqW8DUwUv1Ui Hope you make it, just put your name as GUEST
Wow -- what a timely question! The only way to succeed in a down economy is with an up attitude.

I hope I can. I think I can. I KNOW I can.

After all, I am a powerful AmeriCAN...

Not a weak, AmeriCAN'T!
I've been telling myself, self you're gonna do good today !
and then I go do it. You can see at http://MeetLivevideo.com
be a GUEST, one more opportunity today ! I'm going to a gospel concert
and eating Barbque in between
Tell me in 3 sentences... Exactly WHAT do you stand for?

1. Integrity in thought and action.

2. Compassionate giving.

3. The curious pursuit of the future.

It is not possible to produce POSITIVE results with a NEGATIVE attitude, so the only strategy is to keep your attitude burning hot and golden!
Yes, I get the connection between my Attitude and Success.

Attitude is running about 8-10 daily, so I see the future as all potential with few real barriers.

I hope and pray I am right!
Set goals and have a plan to guide me to action.

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Never did I expect a web site to make me smarter. Never did I expect to wake up one morning and find someone to help me see my life from an entirely new perspective. You did both.

Barry H.
Dallas, TX


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