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Do you set goals that come directly from your heart?

"Of course we all have our limits, but how can you possibly find your boundaries unless you explore as far and as wide as you possibly can? I would rather fail in an attempt at something new and uncharted than safely succeed in a repeat of something I have done." ~ A.E. Hotchner

Last week we discussed the incredible power your MISSION Color has over your life. If you want to live a life of passion and purpose, improve your Mission.

It will provide tremendous clarity and direction... helping you move quickly from here and now, to living your dreams.

This week, we will discuss the importance of setting clear and tangible GOALS that are in direct alignment with your Mission—so you can actually LIVE what you VALUE most... each and every day.

The best question to ask at this time of the year is...

How Clear are Your Goals?

Do You Know WHAT You Want?
Do you know HOW to get it?

TQ The year is almost over...

Are you on track for achieving your most important goals—or have you spent most of the year spinning your wheels—simply confusing effort with results?

Yes, this is a tough question.

It's supposed to be.

Your time is running out.

Set Goals Factor 4C asks if you "set your goals so they are directly aligned with your life's mission?"

Do you?

TQ Want Inspiration?

Get it here!

Your most powerful and inspiring goals are those that are directly aligned with what you VALUE most.

Goals that are aligned with your life's mission are those that bring an ideal personal vision closer to reality.

Mission based goals will deliver the greatest sense of pride and satisfaction once accomplished.

You can only do so much in the time you have. Therefore, as you establish your goals, put them to the test: How connected are they to what you value MOST?

If they're not—change them or choose more "value-able" goals.

"Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality." ~ Ralph Marston

TQ Factor 4C's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment to this area of your performance suggests you consistently set goals that come directly from your heart. You know that each mission based goal achieved, brings you one step closer to what you truly want. The goals you achieve are extremely satisfying because they align perfectly with your highest and most desired values. You are proud of what you do—and are committed to be the best.

Focused on specific targets and highly "value-able" destinations, you are capable of maintaining a strong commitment to each goal—even when things become more difficult than expected.

TQ Factor 4C's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment suggests you are someone who may choose any goal just to have one.

Perhaps you've never determined what your most important values are. As a result, you have no compelling personal mission guiding your on-going efforts.

Many times, you lose sight of what's important, and chase after things of less value, but more immediate gratification. If and when those goals are achieved, they rarely build upon one another—and tend to be far less fulfilling than you had originally hoped.

TQ The Bottom Line?

When you set your goals in direct alignment with your MISSION, your goals are forged of fire and passion resulting in a white-hot commitment. If you don't, they will lack the purpose and power necessary to shift your innerdrive into overdrive.

Advice: Take 15 minutes today to review your goals, and confirm that they indeed will deliver what you value most. Your life is a terrible thing to waste on trivial pursuits.

This 15 minutes will help you avoid wasting 15 years.
-- E.R. Haas, CEO


TQ How to incorporate these ideas into your daily actions.

Understanding how TQ Factor 4C drives your performance is key to improving it. Sometimes a small shift in perspective gives you a huge shift in power.

Print this page, take out your pen and invest a few moments to answer the following questions.

Do it now.

Each one is designed to shift your perspective, change your point of view, and to invite specific action.

"Point of view is worth 80 IQ points" ~ Alan Kay

TQ Power Up Questions:

  1. What are the accomplishments for which you want to be most remembered?
  2. What vision brings out the best in you?
  3. What qualities do you admire most in others?
  4. What will you be most proud of, after today's efforts are complete?
  5. What's your #1 Goal right now? What will achieving it help you further achieve once you've attained it?
  6. What goals have you set recently to carry out your mission?

TQ Insight Questions:

  1. What will be your legacy, after you have gone?
  2. When can you find 10 minutes to sit quietly and ask yourself, "What would I be most proud to accomplish?"
  3. Are the goals you're working on also beneficial to others in your life?
  4. Are you pushing as hard as you can, but have no idea why?
  5. Are your current goals generated from within or without?
  6. Toward which of your visions are you directing your goals right now?
  7. Which of your visions of how life could be needs a specific goal right now?

TQ Perspective Questions:

  1. There are no shortcuts to success. When you're not driven by universal values, what is driving you?
  2. Would it help your day to target a task, that targets a project, that targets a goal, that targets what's most important to you?
  3. Do you know why you're working on today's plan?
  4. Can you directly relate tomorrow's schedule to the "why" of your goals?


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

I think you're doing great, all my limits
are almost off. I'll be sharing at a Denny's
on Camp Bowie in Ft. Worth today between 1pm and
One of my major goals is total fitness... so that I can harvest maximum value from the next 25 years of my life.

An observation from my morning workout today: There are a LOT more old women at the Rec Center than old men!

Since I VALUE life... I really need to put a much higher value on getting and staying FIT.

It's not enough to just SET a health goal... I have to make that goal real every single day, thus my daily goal is the same as my long term goal: Total Fitness!
It would be great to have past Daily TQ's quotes organized with a search feature for quick reference in the particuler areas where one cold easily look under the catagories for a quick inspiration. The site is excellent.
Setting goals is one of the most fun parts of personal development. I need to work toward achieving them every day, and to be more organized.
Bob Ward
The Time Horizon and Time Line are wonderful tools. My suggestion for improvement: I would like to be able to type directly on them and print it out for my records.
I fetch my water and coffee halfway across the building--and upstairs, three times a day. Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but they admire me for it (in fact, I see a lot more of the brass who live upstairs that way, and I don't think that hurts me either). Good exercise _and_ sucking up--what more could anybody ask for?
Except that performance should be more important than "sucking up." How does S*U make u feel about yourself?
Fifty thousand dollars to Kimble
Write "Fractions -- Parts of the Whole"
Do one truly creative, outstanding role as an actor.
Find a fric to my frac or a frac to my fric
A mighty mountain stood haughtily, on breast of earth;
Saw with surprise a small stream, gushing into it;
Stared and smiled with impudence, the tiny stream begged for way;
Full of pride and obstinacy, did not budge an inch;
Little cared and bothered, the rivulet passed and passed through, entered fields and made them green, the seed resting deep into earth, heard this hustle and bustle;
Mustered courage and piercced through, cutting across belly earth;
Sprouted and blossomed into a tree, Invited a sparrow to perch, on its branch;
Happily did it come, collected bits to make nest;
The wind was cruel, made the bird repeat;
Over and over again, Undaughted succeeded ultimately, O, man why fear failures and obstacles; learn a lesson or two, Rise up and face; the challenges of life; Thou will too succeed; Sooner than later.
This is the Way!
Make Life in Your Day
Move mountains and Sway
To the glorious feeling of Progression.
Most of my goals are from my heart. It seems that while there may be moments when I find outward motivation to attain specific work, the majority of them come from the heart. I could not build on a foundation that was not solid and reinforced by values that were instilled in me as well as values I attained through the passage of the years and with the experiences I've had to go through.
Dave !!!!!!!!!! be sure to get in touch with me CUZ - YOU - appear to be on the brink of some big big breakthroughs - Good luck and I may be able to help you - Best - John R
There really are NO LIMITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! none nada no !!! do you understand ? NO LIMITS
Exercise your mind in the morning - use a ritual and then incorporate it into your daily routine = there are no limits to what you can do IF - IF - you exercise your mind like you would exercise your body - I suggest a morning ritual of mindercise !!! LOL( this IS a serious matter) - this is my routine and you will have to adopt your own - Let me know how you are doing with this - This is a serious routine and daily life practice - so let me know what you think - I am at rhodes350@comcast.net - I have some hints for you all--- sooooooooooooooo be sure to get in touch - My best to all - John R === at ++++ rhodes350@comcast.net
I think it is both. There are wants and values, but my wants are in some respects - many - aligned with my values. I believe it is difficult to not have wants, and I think they constitute the bricks of the wall that's built on the value foundation. Making steps towards one's goals has to do with values, but also with the desire to accomplish and see the dream turned into reality.
Hi - I am back - been gone for 3 days ( does anyone care ? LOL ) - I have missed this forum and plan to see all of you tomorrow morning - best John R
Hi - I am back - been gone for 3 days ( does anyone care ? LOL ) - I have missed this forum and plan to see all of you tomorrow morning - best John R OH - !
I missed that heart thing for goals - I went after the money and prestige - that really is stupid - go for what is in your heart - that is all you need do - best to all - John R
I need to start my running program -
it will be hard this cold weather season
coming up = BUT - I can do it
I have not given myself permission to believe that my goals are not attainable but neither have I given myself the opportunities to achieve them. I procrastinate or I will start and then stop. I seem to always let other,insignificant things get in the way.

************Cal, ATL**************
1. Get Healthier, lose all the extra pounds!
2. Finish my college degrees!
3. Get a more fulfilling job!
4. Increase the number of my friends!
5. Spend more time with special friends...
too long - I need some new ones( goals ) - that is for sure - some new goals would be appropriate for this puppy - right here right now - just focus in on the moment - on this moment and find SOME NEW GOALS TO GO AFTER - that is a good idea - and I want to start right now - right here - in this place - with what I have - I have so many blessings that I cannot count them all - thanks everybody for helping me to get where I am - Best _ John R
Hi again - weell - now what ? - I gotta find some new goals to start working 0n - damn ! it will be hard cuz the ones I had in my youth were so bold and beautiful that I cannot find some that will be so challenging and bold - damn ! I gotta find find some new bold and beautiful goals like the ones I had as a youth - THAT IS gonna be very hard to do - wow - this is a challenge to find new goals that I can work towards - how bout the " Badwater "???? road race ? = not bad - Actually I work on that goal ( the badwater )
every time I go to the gym - It ( the workout ) is very challenging ) and a lot of fun to do --- wish me luck everyone - thanks for being there for me everyday _ I appreciate it - John R
WOW !!!! I am still here and GETTING BETTER EVERYDAY - I believe so _ I feel that I am getting better everyday - I know I am !!! wow - This feels so good to belive that I am getting better everyday - I am working towards my goals ( modest ) BUT -- still goals that I am working towards every day....... I need some Bold and Beautiful goals like the ones that I had as a youth - BOY was I young and dumn !!! I cannot believe that I was soooooooo young and dumn - ambitious and bold and unafraid !!! unafraid of all that could happen to me if I failed - BOY - did I fail !!!!!!!!!! BUT I did succeed brillaintly so many times - 1. in Marriage - in love - in money - in work - in house and home - in family - in a warm room to heat with wood - wow - I have failed so many times - But I did step up to the plate so many times - I just did not realize that I was so damn Bold - wow - thanks for listening everybody - thanks again _ best John R
I have not given myself those thoughts and I do not intend to. I have stuggled most of my life. I allowed myself not to think about my future. No more, I am somebody and I am going to be somebody fast.
1) To believe in myself enough, in having the ability to return to work.
2) To have more self confidance.
3) Not to be so negative.
I believe in you and we have never met. I do understand that your greatest fear is success. For success brings more responsibility. Failure means it's over. Understanding this changed my life completely.
Self confidence can be increased by using and understanding the power of communications. Becoming a great communicator will automatically develop your leadership skills. Where do you begin? Toastmasters.org.
When you get negative practice changing your mind. Think of positive things. All the Best
see how this journal works
I set goals AND i DO FEEL GOOD WHEN THEY ARE ACCOMPLISHED - THANKS == wow - usually wood production for the winter - and that is a good thing - wow

I do not have big goals anymore - they used to be bold and big - now they are small and manageable
small and attainable - baby steps is the answer to it all
I do believe in the beauty of my dreams. I know that I need to focus on my dreams more, so that they can become reality and set goals according to my dreams.
I believe that all of us are capable of such sweet and beautiful dreams... we still choose what to dream, as in active dreaming, but often we consider "waking up" to be a barrier between "dreams" and "reality"...


Shouldn't all of us be trying to live out our dreams for a better life, a better world?

Isn't this our duty to ourselves and our own aspirations?

Shouldn't we all try to be living out our own dreams for a better life, a better world?

I always try to live out my dreams, knowing sometimes, it may conflict with the dreams of a lot more people - who probably don't know any better, since they're just concerned woith their own comfort zones...unwilling to change!
Not really - BUT - there has been concrete evidence although anecdotal in nature, that YOU can actually dream your dreams and they may come true= I am proof of this fact - I actually did fantasize my dreams and they did come true for me - This is all I can say about this - It seemed as though I dreamed of my end results AND THEY DID COME TRUE !!!!!!! = amazing but true
best =John R
While my personal goal has become crystal clear only recently, it has existed for a very long time. On the other hand my career goals have been shaped by my development and ability to understand the extent to which I am able to make a difference in this world based on my values. And, last but not list my financial goals are the ones for which I've made a commitment to achieve by age 25.

I believe I will achieve most of my goals by 25, and this, because I have a vision, because deep inside these goals have always existed in a shape or form that has become more clear with the passage of the time. I find this newsletter very useful, and I have to say perfectly timed since it renders me an even clearer image of my direction and destination.
I guess that is what Ive been doing that, but I dont want to do that anymore. Especially if it has a negative effect upon me. Im not just here for the show and get a negative pay off. I want positiveness.I want a positive outcome for me and I hope my audience benefit too. If not their not for me and theyre not my audience. They can go somewhere else.
Donna Ann Smith
no..however I have felt exhausted thinking about them:)
I am a possibilitarian who is this day conecting with the possitive side and releasing all negative. Today I crawl out of the hole I have been in and expand. Cleaning out my head and house is my honest goal for today, really orginizing things inside my mind and inside my home.
WEll I am certainly a possibilitarian. The magical miracle has happen and I just got a fantastic bass player and a drummer to be the rythm section of the EDDE CHANCE BAND....and they have great attitudes....so I am now on my way...thank god...
i am possibilitarian.
I believe everything is possible.
My problem is my reaction to people at work that are not responsible yet they receive the respect of my boss.
I do not waste my time by just helping. I just help my team whenever they need it.
I have a mission right now to obtain a position at a job I believe I would be very happy with. Although I do my best to remain positive I am the oldest candidate applying. My age seems to bring my positive thoughts down to a reality level. How do I conquer this?
I try real hard to keep smiling but the pain from my back is keeping me down. I have tried everything and nothing seems to bring me out of this depression that I'm stuck in.
I know how you feel because I have felt the same way . I have been suffering with neck and back pain for 18 years. I was very depressed for the first 10 years now I am highly regarded as a positive person. Why? Because I found something I could be passionate about 8 years ago. My purpose, passion and goals have helped me deal with the pain or should I say it is an outlet to keep my mind off the pain. You have to think of it as pain management. I still have days where I have to sit back, relax and rest. However, I try not to focus on the pain but focus on my goals and use visualization. Relaxation CD's, breathing exercises, meditation and massage are really great tools too to deal with the pain. It took me ten years to realize I didn't have to let the pain control me but to live in spite of it. It was a huge wake up call for me. Hang in there, believe in yourself and find what works for you. I know you can do it!!!
No,but in somethings i am not a starter
Accept my first serious speaking and/or training engagement and be paid a minimum of $1200 by January 1, 2009. Today's date is October 31st, 2008, therefore, I have approximately 2 months to complete this task.
Life is so scary for me. I feel as if I am always under this huge stress load. The more I feel that I have to do, the less I want to do anything.
Yes. . i do
When my goals become real I will be on top of the world, relief, excitement, I will acheive these dreams and they are not far to reach. I believe that I am worthy and meant to be an example of success.
Today I make a commitment to myself, my family and all that depend on me to accomplished the goal I set to change my living situation. I am committed to accomplishing the 60 day goal I have set for myself with respect to my business.

Part of this goal is to follow the TQ system until I am able to train others in using this system to control their lives if they so desire.

I also want to change my personal habits such as stopping smoking entirely, exercising more consistently and consuming nutritious foods that energize my system.

I declare that this is not a WANT but a NEED.

My intentions today is to follow the TQ system to attain a much more satisfying life. As i see it, it's necessary in order to establish myself here.

Although my resources are limited I still have a lot more than a entry level person in business and the ability to succeed. Here is what I have at my disposal.

Selling skills
Marketing skills
Copy writing
Article writing
Business Planning
Appreciation of marketing strategy and tactics
Training skills
Seminar development skills
Internet connection
Small list of followers

I will use the resources listed above along with consistently following a TQ model to start take me through the process. This is a MUST.
I wish it were possible to pay the post man the shipping and handeling I dont have a credit card and i want the tq book. summertime250@yahoo.con
I try to please everyone but myself; this is my obstacle. There are so many things I try to accomplish, but cannot find the right path. Work has got in the way of Family. I always thought that Family is the backbone to ones health and success. Need help in identifying if immediately Family is helping me or hurting me. Having Will Power and Strong Work Ethic has always been my MOTIVATION to Succeed. I continuously tell my Team the same. Thanks to the many testimonies, I will take something from each one and develop a plan that will help me achieve the Goals and Dreams I want for myself.
No my Dreams are not clear. I cannot get a clear Vision of what's about to happen with Job, Family or Health, I'm getting Negatives thoughts of giving up which I know is not acceptable. All I see is a CIRCLE with no way to break out; bouncing back and forth.
I have three immediate goals, that will start the process of long term goals: 1. Division this year, 2. 170 lbs Decembert 31, 2009, 3. one person off the street Dec. 31. 2009
trying to believe,sometimes its inches away then the dreams and hopes fade and i have to start all over again
I believe, now Lord help me when I doubt you or second guess you. THanks for leading me and guiding me dear Lord.
My life is in your hands, I surrender to your will!
Hell, I'm not at all sure what I value. King King Baby usually has his Divine Rights down and this always seems to interfere with my serenity. Is he my ROADBLOCK? Why do I feel like I'm on parole? Cause his ego is way-y-y out there.

I asked once before about dating of these comments. Are the comments from past years or what? Is there anyway to search a given thought or thread? Thank you for an answer.
Ditto to this question. I find it difficult to follow a thread, and it appears that the replies are (may be) from previous years. Thanks
Regarding the (Power-up, Perspectve and Insight)questions. Is there a way to format them so that the responses can be typed in then either printed or copied/pasted into an electronic file? The questions are thought provoking, but unless written down the long-term benefits are quickly lost.
Before comprising just such a semi fixed list of goals, it seems imperative to me to be able to capture my dreams of what that life is to consist of, rather than a fixed and rigid document of cold, hard facts that I am shooting for. So, I guess setting goals from my heart is a similar interpretation.
Yes I do, I know these dreams can come true and come alive. Why not me what not now. I am becoming a world class preacher moving In the power of God.
Plan to start dong ECC's by-laws before annual conference.
Plan to introduce ThinkTQ as a training tool to the board of directors and district superintendents
The big why behind my life is family,being successful and a peace of mind.
I know it with crystal clarity!
GOALS and VALUES go together like a cake mix. They start off with baby steps to running with it. I'm hoping to achieve many things this year! It takes courage to face the obstacles on the way. But "all things will work out for our good," if we trust in Christ (Romans 8:28).

D. Lavigne
Yes - I have a lot of ideas and things I want to do. In many areas I see where I need to change and make better use of my time.

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Never did I expect a web site to make me smarter. Never did I expect to wake up one morning and find someone to help me see my life from an entirely new perspective. You did both.

Barry H.
Dallas, TX


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