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The next step: Coming out of the fog.

"What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man/woman is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he or she finds it." ~ Alexander Graham Bell

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Last week we focused on taking the first steps towards making THIS year your best year ever.

This week we will continue the theme, but from a decidedly different point of view: Your Success Potential.

If you took some time to map out your future this week—to write out your goals with clarity and detail—you have set up the rest of the year for success beyond expectation.

If you haven't, right now is the perfect time to complete your 15 Year Time Horizon from the Set Goals Personal Workshop.

Simply print it off, take out your pen, and start visualizing your life over the immediate and long-term future.

The following is not fluff, platitudes or warm-fuzzes.

It is the kick in the butt most of us need to come out of the fog and see the reality we face each day.

I highly recommend that you print this article, and take the entire week to digest it.

TQ Warning: Thick Skin Required Beyond This Point!

If you want to actually ACHIEVE your goals this year and beyond, these are the tough questions you need to address.

Otherwise, you are just idly talking the talk and jiving the jive.

But you are not walking the walk.


Do not write me emails telling me that I hurt your feelings... insulted you... poked holes in your dreams... or that "life is hard enough anyway, I don't need you bursting my bubbles."

I do get a few of these from people who want to believe that they are spectators in the game of life... not active participants. These are the same people who walk around with a big red sign on their backs that reads: KICK ME, I'M A VICTIM.

If I am getting to you, that's my expectation—to fire you up—to light that inner-fire that sparks an idea or two about what you are already doing right, and what you need to do differently to achieve your goals this year and beyond.

Your Top Five Goals This Year...

1. Personal__________________________________
2. Family__________________________________
3. Financial__________________________________
4. Career__________________________________
5. Community__________________________________

Your Power to Achieve Them...

As I said all last week, these goals will remain on this page all year long... next year... and years thereafter—unless you commit the power to achieving them.

TQ What's It Going To Take?

Look at your goals closely. Now, look at your life.

Rather than my usually well balanced, positive and negative treatment, I am going to ask you the 10 Color questions from a very negative point of view.

This will help you contrast what's going on in your life, with the dark forces that conspire each day to hold you back from your dreams.

Perhaps you will see the utter futility in declaring a string of goals without the power to support them.

The good news is, that you can immediately improve your power... if you so choose.

  • ENERGY How are you going to achieve your personal goals when you are dog-tired all the time, constantly burned out, stressed out and running on empty? What's the chance that this year's career goal will be achieved on time... when you don't have the energy and physical stamina required to see it through to completion?

    What changes do I need to make? _____________________________________

  • MISSION Look at your five year goals closely. How do you intend to achieve them if your heart, body, mind and spirit are not 100% engaged—all time? It is simply impossible to keep striving for something if your heart isn't in the game. Where's your heart right now?

    What changes do I need to make? _____________________________________

  • ATTITUDE How often do you permit your attitude to turn sour... to move you from a positive and optimistic assessment of your current situation... to a gloomy and discouraged view of your potential? Just how likely is it that you will actually attain your five year financial goal if you permit your attitude to poison the well from which opportunity springs?

    What changes do I need to make? _____________________________________

  • SET GOALS Look at your list of 1 and 5 year goals. Are these really GOALS... or merely wishes that you simply wrote down? How committed are you to this list? How determined are you to achieve this list... no matter what? Have you taken out your Time Horizon yet and written these goals as a series of milestones and objectives?

    Just doing THAT increases the probability of success, simply because you have increased your commitment to these goals!

    What changes do I need to make? _____________________________________

  • MAKE PLANS How do you expect to attain these goals when you don't have a map for reaching them? If you don't have at least a simple, 1 page plan for each goal—in a 3 ring binder where you can quickly update them—your goals don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of surviving. It's one of our best "catch-phrases," but it is a truth for which there is no exception: A goal without a plan is merely a wish without a hope!

    What changes do I need to make? _____________________________________

  • PRIORITIZE How do you expect to reach your goals when you don't know which steps in your plans are MOST important? If you don't mind running in circles, having your every waking moment made up of urgencies after catastrophes, then taking the 5 minutes each day to prioritize your activities isn't for you. But what a waste of time, opportunity and money. If you haven't learned how to focus on priority number one—or worse—don't have a clue as to what your priority number one should be... then you are simply confusing effort with results. This will wear you down, and wear you out... well before you get halfway close to your goals. Yes this is harsh. Unfortunately, it is also true.

    What changes do I need to make? _____________________________________

  • SYNERGIZE There is no possible way you are going to achieve anything of importance by yourself. Look at your five year financial goals. Closely. Who do you need to find to help you? Who do you need to find that will encourage you? Who do you need to find to offer greater expertise and insight into how you can make what you want happen? Stop trying to be an "Army of One." It takes an entire army of people to make your dreams and goals real. Believe it.

    What changes do I need to make? _____________________________________

  • ORGANIZE Look at your Career Goal. Can you achieve it if your organizational systems don't support you? How can you hope to excel in a mess? How can you even think that you can move your goals off the page and into your life when your systems are fighting you? If you don't have the systems, procedures and checklists for success, you will simply trip over yourself one too many times. Look around. Are you organized to conquer... or has the mess already won?

    What changes do I need to make? _____________________________________

  • OPTIMIZE Look at your five year family goal. When are you going to get around to achieving it? Four years from now, or starting today? To have the time of your life, you have to watch the time in your life. Sharpen your time management skills and you sharpen your edge. You get more done in less time by design. Don't and you won't.

    What changes do I need to make? _____________________________________

  • ACT NOW You have three natural enemies: Fear, intimidation and doubt. Each day they set out to rob you of your future. Each day they cause you to hesitate. Each day they trick you into wishing and waiting—instead of taking bold action. The big question is, will you live a life of results or a life of regrets? Will your dreams be made manifest, or will you—one, five or ten years from now—still be explaining to anyone who is willing to listen how you were robbed of your future?

    What changes do I need to make? _____________________________________

TQ Yes, The Time Is NOW...

I hope I have made you think about how these ten areas of your performance affect your dreams and goals. I hope I have made you uncomfortable. Moving your comfort zone—by any means possible—is my principle job.

Don't worry if you don't feel you have the power right now.

Over the course of the next 12 months, you will learn to grow and reinvent yourself... to make YOU the best YOU possible in this fabulous new year.

This, is precisely WHY we created The Power of TQ! -- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

What is my number one HOPE for the next 10 years?

I hope to improve the working intelligence of 20 million people, helping them work smarter, live smarter and compete smarter.

The vision is millions of people living a life of passion and purpose... people living their most charished DREAMS... rather than living in a slow-moving NIGHTMARE.

This is bigger than any dream I have ever had... and I've had some doozies!
To be a writer and publisher, and to live a life of contribution. To honour God, and to have meaningful relationships with those around me.
I totally enjoyed and appreciated reading these brief comments because I would relate.

May the Lord enable you to realize these things.

Lee Wise
To have a successful bisiness up and running.
To be able to experience some small success in order to find the faith in myself to work towards a goal.
What a wake-up question, I will be 69 years old
so I don't have a lot of time. I intend to be physically fit, and financially secure while
offering other women the opportunity to do the same. Elite Executive Senior Sales Director sounds good to me.
My dear Susan..our AGE.. don't matter unless we are cheese.

We might all live up to 120, as most of the US Presidents.. just started their real careers by age 60 !
with love,
In the next 10 years my number one HOPE is that my daughter finishes high school in the top 5% of her class and gets a scholarship to the University of Arkansas where she can persue her dreams of being and Architect.

Bill Johnston
What about hopes for you personally. It is great to have hopes for our children, but they are more inspired by our hopes and belief in ourselves.
That I was strength to my children and showed them hope for the future. I hope my children will always have happiness.
My wish is to become successful at what I truly want to be doing with my life, which is helping others achieve their dreams and goals and helping others improve their self esteem.
To Empower, Motivate, and Position other people to exceed their dreams and goals.
My number one hope is to have balance and abundance in my life. Balance between the worldly and the spiritual. Abundance of Good Health, Love, Friends, Wealth, Time to do good and help the less fortunate, Time to discover and enjoy all the beautiful things that God has created and finally abundance of Faith that my hopes and wishes can come true...
My number one hope for 2007 is being able to be on top again with the knowledge of my beauty,healty body within BMI, success, intelligence, confidence, wisdom, financial success, and most importantly love having all those gifts and knowing that all those things mean nothing if I don't have God as my foundation Jesus as my rock!!!
So true, Kathleen.. daily life if without God, without Jesus, without encounter Holy Spirit, .. all things mean nothing.

Take care!
Maintained my contacts better. Ones that can really help me.
I have been succesful for someone who thinks small. I have to start thinking BIG to match my BIG GOALS. I know it can be done because I met her last night at our success meeting and her sales are an average of $5000 weekly because she thinks BIG.
To be financially free
I think as far as my job is concerned, last year, I got caught up worring about and kinda being upset at times because I didn't feel I was where I needed to be, status wise. Looking back I now realize That where I "was at" should of been backseat to what I needed to do to get there.
Jump out the bed as soon as the alarm clock rings at 6:00 pm. Also, sit down in front of the desk to read the Bible a hour per day. By doing this, I could get ready and better handle daily challenges.
This is my answer to the question...
Where's your heart right now?
Sounds like what God asked Adam in the Garden of Eden after he sinned. Where are you, Adam? God knew where Adam was in every way, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but Adam needed to know. Adam was hiding from God. His heart was no longer right with God. What does that have to do with where my heart is now? I can identify with Adam, hidden and ashamed of where I am, in a place I would rather not be physically, emotionally, etc. My heart represents my desires, what I really want. Jesus asked a sick man Do you REALLY want to be healed? You asked earlier, Is your heart REALLY in these goals? Well, do I REALLY want to be happy and whole and at my best? If I do then Ill be willing to do what it takes. YES, I REALLY want what God wants, what He said in the Bible that He wants for everyone..."I desire above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers!! Then&
What changes do I need to make?
I need to make detailed plans and do the plans consistently like you said, one day at a time, until I reach my goals and I need to stay focused, to keep my eyes on the prize! I need to stop procrastinating! So, starting today, I will do my best to seize each day fully and not let one day be wasted. I will live a life of intentional excellence starting now by choosing to do God's will...what He really wants for all people...on earth, even as its done in Heaven. By doing so, I'll be making my life as heavenly on earth as possible and bringing glory to God. I want to be a good and godly example for my sons and grandchildren and others to follow. Maya Angelo said, A rainbow is a person whose life is a bright, shining example for others to follow. Therefore, like you said, its time to tune in to my performance, turn on my time prism and turn up every one of my colors because I REALLY want to be a rainbow...not hidden away and afraid to show my true colors, not a victim, but a victor, not beaten down, defeated and overcome, but an overcomer. This is Gods will for everyone and in 2007 may it be done on earth even as its done in Heaven!
continue education
My no. 1 hope for the next 10 years is to be
able to score 90% on Think TQ, to get out of debt and live debt free, then be full time in a network marketing business. I then want to be a full time Christian musician.
Bob Ward
old and cynical
I am striving to grow older and wiser. More patient, kind, loving, forgiving with a true sense of how precious every moment is. However, my 55 year old husband is choosing to be old and cynical. Grumpy old man...why? I don't know why but it breaks my heart and may ultimately drive us apart. I refuse to spend my golden years in misery!!!!!!! Peace and love to all!!!!
As in the cliche if you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.
I could not honestly say that I am growing old and successful so I must be growing old and cynical.
I have been growing old and successful lately, for the last couple of years. But I am still not growing successful at the rate that I would like to grow. In 2007, I vow to grow at a faster rate of success then in 2006!
Could we possibly have a TQ community where all the members could support one another and share the stories of our victories or defeats? That would be awesome. I quit smoking a couple of years ago through a similar community. A TQ community could help us all reach our goals and become accountable to others for our progress...
Yes, Amyn.. I love your idea. I totally agree with you to have a TQ community where all the members could support one another and share the real life/ real story. Accountable

Friday,January 8,2010 at 8:15am
I'm growing more successful! As I get older, I'm utilizing the gift of time to get the results I want. I'm making better choices.
I am growing old and hopeful, looking forward to achieving my dreams and goals. I am at a point in life where if I don't work on my goals full speed ahead, I will never achieve what I want to.
bob Ward
What treasure?

As an engineer, I look for problems I can fix... not just let get worse. However, I truly DO TQ Attitude Factor 3f "I focus more of my time on seeking solutions rather than being absorbed in the problem."

There is not a single dime in a problem. There are huge fortunes to be made in finding solutions!

As a business man, husband and father, I focus a lot of time each day on thinking about my treasures... past, present and future.

My ratio of Treasure to Trouble: 9/2, so I really am focused more on the treasures of life rather than the inevitible troubles.
I tend to focus on the trouble. Probably it has something to do with my childhood bearing. My parents were very strict with me; so they focused on the problems I've got.. I hear people tell me very often that I don't give enough credit for my work. This is indeed a challenge.
I tend to focus on the treasure!!! The Power of Positive THinking by Norman Vincent Peale!!!!! It isn't always easy but it always right!!! Teri
Yes, until I either solve them or understand them to the point that I recognize that I cannot change the outcome.
to move forward
Giving up is just not an option for me. I know that if there's a will, there has definitely got to be a way to get things done. Sometimes I just need to walk away for a few moments to regroup, but I know that there's always a way to achieve your goals. I don't stop until the job is done and I am very patient and persistent with whatever I set my mind to do. I believe that I am unstoppable.
christmas was a sad time. noone in my life. new years was different. god brought a wonderful lady into my life,kate.
I have a problem of giving up for the short term, but continue to move forward with some detours that often last a lot longer than anticipated, resulting in very slow movement toward my goal. I do not intend to do this anymore. My belief in my goal has been corrupted by giving up, only after time is it reawakened. I will keep a constant attitude of forward movement allowing me to remain goal oriented from now on.
As usual TQ is on point. It is good to know there are others who are committed to making 2007 their best year yet. I know that I am determined to change my life from the way Ive lefed it in the past; focusing on the problem instead of seekin a solution. Thank you YQ; I have found you at just the right time;before I gave up hope of ever changing.
When your success or failure depends entirely on you finding a way to get the job done no matter what, then you become really creative at solving your own problems. Failure is nothing more than the inablity to solve one's problems in a timely fashion.
find a way to move forward..no questions asked.
in love on a ski slope with a man that i will marry on new year's eve
I think I shall like to be on a 6 day cruise. Western Carribean--Key West, Cozumel. With my family, including my father and step mother.
Experiencing a true balance between professional and personal feeling fufilled in both. Exuding positive energy negating the negative energy zappers. Surrounded by only those that make a positive and enlightening difference and truly matter. Doing for myself as well as others.
Next Christmas we will have dinner for 25 here and will have the entire clan together. We will set the stage all year long for everyone to get along, and start behaving like a real family.

This is my hope and prayer!
being happy with i acomplish during a year and being with loving poeple around me
i would like to meet one nice american girl who will love me. i would like to continue my studies in sweden or u.s.a or finlande.
I spent it with family and good friends.
I am truly blessed!
Not truly, no. I felt certain family members were too connected to gift receiving as the primary reason for the season . We instituted gift exchange instead, buying only 1 present for the name drawn. It turns out I was the one who was too attached to giving the perfect gift and I felt miserable not doing it. I really did learn a good lesson about the reason for Christmas. I also learned why I'm dedicated to financial management and improvement in 2007.
no they are too overwhelming anymore . they come fast and am not ready.
Le doy gracias a Dios por todo lo que he logrado,sinembargo las metas del ano pasado no las pude hacer realidad,mucho de esto es porque no me organizo, no le di la imoirtancia nesesaria y tal vez me siento que es un sueno muy grande y siento temor ha empezar, y fracazar.
Este ano 2007 le pido a Dios saviduria para haser halgo dia tras dia aunque empiese yo sola. Pero tener mucha fe en mi y en mi proyecto para no dejar de sonar hasta lograr mi sueno ya que hayudaria a muchas personas,que en estos momentos estan orando para que Dios les mande alguien como yo.
yo siento que he tenido exito, pero se que algunas metas importantes para mi no las he logrado porque no le he dado la importancia y tiempo sufisiente para hacerlo y espero que este ano se haga realidad.
Darle prioridad a mi club del exito.
Life with my soulmate in my centercity roof top huge studio appartment with huge patio as a successful photographer and enlightened being
To be the leader of the number one CSR firm in the country.
I am focused on getting out of debt and accumulating wealth. Purchasing a home close to my current project to allow more time freedom in me and my wife's life. Working in my spare time on renovating our new home and increasing my income while utilizing investment opportunities offered by the company I work for.
Jonah to be very happy and well balanced, listen, and do to his full potential.

Jonah and Christina to attend private school.

Toby to be kinder and gentler to Jonah

Me--have a part time job, pays really well and can work my own hours

reduce and eliminate all debts

give money to my parents

house is free and clear

cash to spend

good health

slimmer and weigh about 130 lbs

take the children to wonderful far off places, care free

spend quality time with the children

laugh a lot
To become a Leader of Excellence and grow my unit size to 100 and my Proudution each month with come with the greatest of ease and achieve my Goal of production of $18,000 per month. It will happen I Dream Big.
1.I am most likely to neglect my meditation & passive stretching.
2. My Scheduled workouts at Saint Mary's
3. I will schedule some flexibility work time, AND some time going over mm Testing!

My number one HOPE, as in the thing that ENCOURAGES me the most, (vs what I "hope for")is my certainty that I am a THETAN and I CAN create my dreams!
My best hope for 2008 is to do everything I say I am going to do and do it with joy and excellence. Get rid of excuses and stay on course, keep connected to my core goals and don't let go until achieved and then celebrate!
Is it really so simple? Maybe yes maybe no. I am a new man three weeks into this and it is unbelievable to the outsider but believable to ME and my wife can testifies to that too.! I am 53 and for twenty years I have been looking in all the wrong places. Until I looked within and stopped making B.S. excuses for acting like a looser. I never believed in ME. I am the answer to my own problem. and you are the answer to your own set of problems. One of my favorite quotes was "God don't make no junk" It was good for others but I never believed it about me.When Mr. Haas said their goal was to discover the gifts within, that changed it all .And now everything is going my way. P.S. I am like you created in Gods image. Its true "GOD DON'T MAKE NO JUNK" B Allan Odem...see you at the finish line........
BRUCE !!!!!!!!!! great comments - good for you - that is soooooooooo good - look within and you will find answers to the complex questions of life - it is all there within you - thanks for the commentary - very good indeed - best to you and all of us - John R
better schedule, clearer goals, more defined tasks, more direction, more enthusiasm.
What could I have done differently to be even more successful?

Two words...


Even I -- a real master at this -- took on about 20% more than I should have... and had I just a little better follow-through, would have converted 2 or 3 more major opportunities into probabilities last quarter.

I have even more resolve to better balance my Expectations to my power to Execute!

nothing, I tried my best each day as I will today.
I joined TQ at the end of November 2007. At first, the amount of information was overwhelming. Slowly, it is coming together; especially after the TQ Basics teleseminar. Now it is hard work. This week, instead of taking off highly motivated into a brand new year (2008) I'm feeling somewhat burned out. That happens from time to time and I've learned to accept it. You see, years ago, if I felt tired, unmotivated, or had a lack of focus, I just thought it was my lot in life. (Or rather, I didn't give it any thought.) That is what I would have done differently. I would have been more focused and concentrated more on identifing and achieving goals. However, I didn't know how to do that. Do you want to hear my excuses? No, I think not. I don't want to hear them anymore.

Today, I'm feeling burned out, and yes, I'm accepting it because I need a day of rest. But I'm not giving in to it--just allowing some rest. TQ is helping me to take control of my life in a way I've always wanted. I've always wanted to be a steady, reliable, organized person that is highly efficient. Now I know the reasons I wasn't. Success is already at hand, just knowing this.
My number 1 hope for the next 10 years is to have the home of my dreams with a beautiful landscaped yard, a career that makes me want to jump out of bed every morning, and enough money in the bank to do whatever I want.
Now that I think about it, I've remodeled half of my house in the past six months with my mother's help. We've torn out carpeting, installed windows, laid tile flooring and then I painted 1/2 the house - I've just been looking at what still remains to be done, so I haven't even appreciated what we DID accomplish! I also enrolled in college, so that's a good thing. I suppose the only thing I needed to do differently was to look for a job.
Career will be focused soley on a successful music career. I will live somewhere tropical with my family and my studio in the back yard where i'm free to record my own records and those of artists i choose to work with
If i had been more organized i probably would have traveled down a different road, but i don't believe i would have made it further. I did exactly what i needed to do to arrive exactly where i am, and now that i am more organized i know i am on the best track possible for success
I am growing old and successfull as we add more life experience. Bbeing cynical will not take you anywhere


old and successful of course
Young and successful - ofcourse!
These little journals are helping me to focus on a daily basis. I had felt like I was growing old and cynical until two things happened in my life; my new career in financial services and TQ. Both are making me revaluate myself internally. For the first time in my life I can taste what success feels like. Before, I unconsciously believed in fate. Today, I recognize the importance of using the free will God has given me to prayerfully exercise it with care and planning.

Two days ago I visited a client in dire financial straits. I sat and listened to all the excuses they had after I showed them what could be done. I felt compassion for them because that was me not too long ago; I had multiple excuses for why I wasn't acquiring my dreams in life. I still have them, but they are diminishing and by the end of 2008 the word "excuse" won't be in my lexicon.

I am growing old and successful.
Right now I feel that my goals are not detailed enough to get me where I want to be. I am in a position where I feel that new goals need to be established. Prior goals have been accomplished and now it is time to move forward toward new ones.
I could have boosted my TQ colors more to get even greater results. The information and exercises offered through the TQ system are wonderful. If you focus on them and follow them, you could accomplish so much.
Right now I'm in between. I need to set my course of action an comitt to it.
to achieve greater result for my business or in my personal life , I could have made better plans by documenting on paper my goals and returning to the plans to review them .Its my habit to commit to writing them but not going back to review and make chances as necessary or even implementing my plans in my life
In my opinion this is a superb article/commentarty.

I have printed this out and will definitely be revisiting these valuable points.

Thanks for sharing them!

Now that I think about it, I have been growing old and cynical, and I am going to STOP going down that road! I look at my 70-year-old mother, and I hear all her complaints about "what might have been" every single day, and it has really gotten to me since that is all she does!

I have finally come to realize that what I need to do so that I can reach my dreams and goals is to create the life of my dreams - minus the negative influence of my mother - which is difficult since I'm currently having to use her computer!

Goal One - find a job within the next week.
Step One - finish revising my resume this evening.
Step Two - go to bed early tonight so I can get up early tomorrow.
Step Three - Contact three temporary placement agencies.
Step Four - print out 5 resumes, go to four doctor's offices, and one health club.
Step Five - Repeat daily until I find a job.

Goal Two - purchase a DELL PC and inkjet printer, and have DSL installed at my house by March 15th.
I tend to focus on the Treasure and the feeling of Treasure keeps me going on.

preferably the treasure over the trouble, but sometimes the trouble comes to mind.
Denise I repeat some of your steps every day, so keep it up. we wont get a job if we don't.

good luck

keep moving forward
Yes. I have tendancy
I trust nobody else. Think TQ is the greatest gift to humanity in this day and age. I am going thru an unexpected personal crisis. CRITICAL and UNGRATEFUL RUINED MY RELATIONSHIP. THis revelation made me realize who THE REAL ENEMIES are. THE NEGATIVES in my PERFORMANCE. If it were not for the TQ DOCTRINE I WOULD SITTING IN THE SHALLOWS OF DESPAIR FEELING ETERNALLY DOOMED TO INEVITABLE & NAVOIDABLE PERSONAL FAILURE. THANK-YOU E.R. HAAS AND KENT MADSON for GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK. (tears) CRITICAL & UNGRATEFUL. The negatives in my performance. You asked what a TQ at the time 37.5 (now 45.5) means to me- i related it to all aspects of my life. (Career, Parenting, Financial, Relationships)That amount of skills factors is directly relevant to all areas (THE ROLES) in my life. That amount of skill factors is not enuff to be satisfactory in an roles in life. At 24, Single Mom with two children not financially independent as yet.... I FEEL VICTORY in the face of ALL ODDS. I wrote this because I don't know who else is in the same situation or who is going thru what. The thing is to be Grateful and like Napolean Hill said "For Every heart ache or failure there is an equivalent or greater benefit" FOCUS ON THE TREASURE. Isn't that what you said? IN EVERY UNHAPPY STATE OF PERSONAL FAILURE IN LIFE (IN ANY ROLE) - THE NEGATIVES ARE THE REAL ENEMIES. LEARN, GROW - BUCK UP. this is my first journal. What a breather. FOCUS ON ALL THE TREASURE I EXCAVATED FROM PERSONAL CALAMITY AND WALK AWAY FROM THE CHAOS WITH OPULENCE. GOD BLESS E.R. HAAS & KENT MADSON (& TQ CORPORATION).... AMBASSADORS OF HOPE.
I focus on the treasure! There is no value in doubt other than to doubt the doubt.

While I cannot take credit for the doubt statement as my unique creation I will take credit to accepting its wisdom and sharing it often. Your daily comments are some of the most valuable and practical I have ever encounted.

My goal to go on to motivational speaking will be aided in large part as a result of my work in TQism.


January 10,2008
I will not give up, However at times I wonder why I can't seem to get started. When I do get started there is no stopping. Then finances seem to stay on the down side and I know that I have the ability to make money, however the fear of failing comes about and I get into a slump.
Yes, I vowed in November 2007 to start journaling again. I went another step forward and decided to journal my want to be "writing career" the one I have wanted for so long and still don't have and and sure enough, what I realized is what your commentary speaks of today. I saw that I would take the easier road when things got tough or give up and move in another direction totally away from the writing. So through years I have delayed my goal of having a writing career. I didn't have a clear defined goal of how I was going to make this happen, so I plan to change all that in 2008 by making a plan to achieve that goal and God willing, see it through.
I never give up, I always move forward.
I tend to give up when self doubt gets fired up. I am a master at creative excuses BUT I also KNOW that when I really desire something I make it happen. I am going to apply this desire to my 2008 goals. Already in action!
I fight to find a way to move forward. I ask, "how can this be done?" always, even when faced with strong opposition from the "how can this NOT be done?" crowd around me. I also challenge the naysayer when it happens.
I will keep moving forward, my plan to grow my buisness is to keep doing the simple thing as I have been, it will take time the things we wish for most in life always do take time. And by keeping my faith of the path am going.
I Never Give Up. When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, I press on, look for another way that works but I DO NOT QUIT.
I used to react - "Oh, no! Why does everything bad have to happen to me!" "Nothing ever goes right!" That sort of nonsense is spoken from a Victim's point of view - and from poor planning.

Nothing just "happens" - It's the stage you set for yourself, and I've learned that. :) Thank God! (And thank TQ!)
"Do you tend to give up or find a way to move forward?" Great question!

Suffering from arthritis really gets to me most days - and I LET it - or, I used to - I've suffered for the past 25 years and it has gotten worse over the past year. For the past month, I have been determined to not only fight through the pain (where I just sit down and say, "I quit") to moving - walking a bit more, taking hot baths three times a day if I have to, applying moist heat, taking extra pain pills if I have to, even though I'm concerned with the damage that could happen to my stomach. I am just not going to quit.

Yes, it makes me physically tired. Yes, some days are better than others, and there is no "jumping out of bed" in the mornings, and sometimes, I have to sit down because the pain is excruciating because I really push my limits. But by taking small, frequent breaks BEFORE I get too sore, I am finding that I can move more - and therefore, achieve more.

NEVER give up!
it is wonderful to acheive a nice stable relationship where ideas and care can be shared...i do not like dead ends..or short term relationships..trust , confidence and privecy is very important to me..open discussion and better communications are very important
I never give up. If I need to do something and I make my mind, I will do it . No matter What

Yes. I was. Enjoyed all the Holidays. Had a Great Time

not at all,i spent the time with a confused and lonliness feelings for the first time in my life
I am sorry you are feeling confused and lonely. We have all felt that way before. If you have been a TQ member, as awful as these feelings are, they are a waste of time. I'm not sure what you are confused about, but as for feeling lonely, the cure is to be with others. One good way is to volunteer. You will feel so good and meet many interesting people. Just remember, you are not alone, you have the support of the people in TQ land.
I tend to give up, but I don't know why. It is just easier to not try. Yet, I've had moments when I truly am excited about life--all because I planned a course of action for the day and felt great accomplishment at sundown. I can "feel" what that feels like, but why don't I want to continue to have that "feeling" of success?

For example, I would love to plan a R & R vacation. But since I'm married and have to consider my husband's tendency to not even think of spending the money, never mind planning for it, I just give up. My husband and I both don't like confrontation, so we just smile and allow ourselves to think we're happy just the way we are. And we are to a great extent. For example, there are things in our history that have been extremely difficult, yet my husband has stood by me and supported me through it all--illness, difficult relationships and finances. How can I buck his system? But I wish things were different...

Well, let's get this derailed car back on track. Maybe I can find a way.
We all would love a vacation. It sounds like you have a good relationship with your husband, but could be improved greatly with some communication. You need to have some fun together and it doesn't necessarily cost money. Plan a romantic date at home. Make dinner by candlelight, make a "camp" in the living room, pretend you are laying on the beach even wear shorts and get on your swimsuit. Pretend the bathtub is a spa and give each other the spa treatment. Hopefully this will lead to some good conversation or even something else (wink, wink). Good luck!
The word is content. I didn't have to do any planning or cooking. My married son and his wife took on the bulk for having the family over. I can't say that has always been a goal of mine, but I realize looking back over my life that was certainly a dream; a dream I assumed would happen and realize I am just darn lucky it did happen. There is something very satisfying about having mature, responsible adult children who care for the whole family.
No, absolutely not. And Christmas '07 takes weeks (weekends) to make it all go away, out of the house, into the boxes, and up to the attic space . . . BTW: my husband finished the outside disassemble quickly. I'm overwhelmed just thinking about what is left to do, and today is 1/13 already. Trust me, he knows, and I've asked for help.

BUT, I did begin the process of disassembling the front room today, and for the most part, the front room, the kitchen, and the dining room were the only rooms that got decorated anyway. I have been attempting, even successfully in part, to downsize, rethink and simplify Christmas each year for nearly 10 years.

I had a really BAD experience three Christmas holidays ago and cried this year before Christmas. I have had the tree up only . . . until February/March some years, and one year didn't get it decorated before a Christmas party. My family helps, but not enough. And rest assured, while I may do nice things, Martha doesn't live here. :)

Plus, my husband does all the baking and most of the cooking, to boot. I recognize that a wonderful, traditional Christmas is in the beginning about the children, but I still want to enjoy the magic I create. As this log started out, I am not enjoying the holidays anymore and have not for several years. In '08 it's going to be different, and the good thing is, that it's not going to be a surprise either!
Yes indeed, I was happy. I come alive when the family comes home to the ranch for Christmas and it was magical as usual. We are very blessed and I am so grateful for what
we have.
In India

NEXT CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh = that is soooo far away --I refuse to think about it - I absolutely refuse - I am just thinking about today - right now - right here - this minute - that is all !!!! just this very minute - I am at the point wher it makes no sense to think that far ahead - now __ convince me that it would be in my best interest to think that far ahead = PLEASE - Help !!!!!!!! - John R
Hi John,

The whole point to the exercise is NOT to stay in the place where you are, but to MOVE, TAKE ACTION, and TRUST that you will get to where you need to be.

I am starting with my planning - in the middle of the week - because I've been so busy with my classes. But STARTING is the whole key.

hell = This whole life is about ages and stages - My stage is 62 years old and just beginning to find my place - hell_ I have been everywhere - done everything - and plan to do more in the future - BUT - I am living life just one minute //moment at a time NOW - that is good enuf for me at this moment - I hope this makes sense to all of you - It makes sense to me - I count my blessings each day ( TQ helps ) thanks a lot everybody - Thanks a lot - - best to all - love you all - WOW - that is a big deal for me to say - I love you - do it everyday with my friends and family - everyday = all day long - I love you - Best to all again - John R
I maybe spending next Christmas with the
kids on the family farm if I can get a
sitter for my ranch. In fact I could make
that a goal to rent the ranch for Christmas,
log house and all to make a special time for
a family to enjoy the country life. Will add
that to my action plan. Thanks
I really did not have a good time this Xmas I said so, but, being honest it sucks to high heaven, because I felt out of my element and I felt as thou I wasn't active in life, going around to family luncheons and associating but yet although they thought I was there in flesh and body yes but not my soul
Next Christmas and New Year's will be spent on a tropical island with my husband. We will enjoy the entire holiday including my birthday (12/21) preferably on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. There we will enjoy a relaxing and much needed vacation alone for 2 glorious weeks.
I usually find a way to move forward, it the goal is important enough
do I know where I am going not yet. I have an idea, this is difficult to be honest it all forgien to me to sit and plan in detail my days activity let alone my year goal . I trying hard to keep up with this new concept of scheduling my day I enjoy it but deep inside I want to achieve all I desire but the weakness with in is to stop this process at any given time although I enjoy doing this program . My dreams are not implicit now as the picture seem to be gigatic. My home business avon I working on it to improve myself in many ways this year my finanical situation is another area forgien to me to keep up and track my money to pay off credit cards I guess thats it that my vision for this year small as it may be,it huge to me . my schedule to get there faster is to plan review and reassess daily weekly to keep on top and stay focused and committed . although my weight loss and fitness program as well self improvement in all areas of my life .so ther so docummenting is help full I see clearly now where Iam going and I guess I do have a clear set plan of my goals as you can see my comments sr for the question above quote of the day
1. Personal: Build tremendous lasting strength and energy through continued nutritious and appropriate eating habits, daily exercise, healthy meditation, continuous high powered learning and development, and continually exercising good deeds. The latter always keeps me cheered up and inspired.

2. Family: Be mother extraordinaire, always!Introduce each family member to TQ. Of course, continue my positive interactions and relationship building strategies via the creation of shared events and beautiful WOW memories.

3. Financial: Yes, I know, money is not everything but it's up there with oxygen :-) so I intend to breathe easier now that I am near recovery and soon to be off disability.

4. Career: To become an extaordinary TQ coach, facilitator, mentor and master and contribute these skills where needed MOST to achieve tremendous, transformational results for the betterment of mankind.

5. Community: To raise 1 million $ for the Photographers for Peace Project founded by a great Canadian Lorraine Monk by spring. (You may check it out at www.photographersforpeace.com . Open up my own foundation for the development of healing centres (as apposed to disease centres such as hospitals etc.) To continue to provide healing and stress relieving music via playing piano, guitar and/or song, to patients, doctors, nurses, volunteers, other working contributors and family members visiting at hospitals and old age homes. To continue to provide choir direction to the "street folk" at a number of missions. To amalgamate the choirs and open up a foundation for "Voices of the Streets" and develop the willing members/musicians/singers into a heart warming musical vehicle as ambassadors for peace. We'll start in our own community and then grow to contribute to the world.

P.S. It's time to go to sleep now :-) Must continue healing and regenerating. Wonderful sharing with you. Hope to see you at the March conference. May God bless you one and all.
Was I happy during the holidays? Things were too weird this year. The family didn't spend the holidays together this past year as a collective group, as has been our tradition for as long as I can remember. But now that I think about it, I was happy - and I haven't enjoyed the holidays since my dad passed away - I guess I must be coming to terms with his death.
I would love to take my mother up North to Boston to see her family. We are supposed to be going in June to a family reunion up there, so maybe we can make plans and visit during Christmas. She's always so blue during the holidays that I'd like to do something for her.
Asking this question today, January 16th 2008, I'd say at my ex-wife's house with family. I might say the same thing in three, six or nine months, since we work together to keep conflict typical between divorced parents out of the children's lives, and neither of us wants to be the odd person out on Christmas day.

Ask me this question after I close a few hundred thousand dollars in business deals and you MIGHT get a different response....
yes my focus is always family and I add no stress to that .
I don't get caught up in the gift thing for me it time everyone has off including friends thats whats important .
This year our family has gone through some health issues so when the turbulent waters subsided everyone has the focus in the right place. Iam very blessed I was raised in a family of love there are 6 siblings besides myself so when one of is sick the others feel it .Our youngest sibling found out he need a liver Donation. He and all of us have been through some rough times recently he is up on his feet again but bottom line he will die without it
So you see life is not about one or two days of the year its all year and as long as we are still alive and have a reasonable amount of health, because illness is not selective it touches everyone rich poor young old , with out your health one has nothing . our holidays were wonderful and very day since .
The next ten years will be my best ten years. It finally feels that I am at a place in my life where I can confidently take action on what I believe to be true. I believe that my thoughts create my reality and that by taking action every morning to purposely create the day I want to live, each and ever day, I will create whatever life I desire. I am very excited to be starting 2009.
I hope that I can find the courage to turn my life in the right direction for me so I can be an example to my kids
Spend more time with family discovering beautiful places around the world.
By creating more piece in my world I also create peace in the worlds around me.
MY HOPE FOR 09 IS THAT, I JUMP INTO SOBERITY HEAD FIRST. And from that single leap of faith my lifes dreams, goals, and asperation come to pass 100 fold.
Good health; active, creative mind enables me to see and act on opportunity.
Being just as Happy then as I am now.
To be independent and very successful in all area of my life.
My number one hope for the day? It's that Israel loses it's right to exist.
my number one aim is to get more invoved with A.A. and people that request help with drug and alcohol addiction. To be an advocate and to help those I can reach. I also would like to work with people who have mental disorders.Love Yvette D. Verdugo
To make enough income, whereby I can live my goal idea of choice
To make enough income, whereby I can live my goal idea of choice whenever I see fit.
where does this get saved?
to get my career back on track
and to find and get the love and assistant i need
My hope is that we can educate people from around the globe. I would like to see saving the rain forest a high hope of everyone.
Loving my Life - which includes my son, Ellen (future wife), and financial prosperity!!!
I could have paid more attention to my thoughts and recognize earlier when they are not serving me. Often I get locked into a stream of negative thinking which takes me way from taking positive action. If I just take a little more positive action each day I am sure my results will be many fold greater.
I could've kept my focus on where I am going and not been influenced by exterior happenings. I could have felt and had much more faith and trust in my goals.
stood in school and get away from selfish people
I could have a greater results of success if I prepare and set goals for myself more often. :-0
I could have put out all the signage for the tents my self. I could have bought more sinage.
I could have hewed much closer to a plan. I could have not given up when there were difficulties. I could have had a dream and mission beating stronger in my blood, with crystal clear pictures of why I wanted this dream and mission. I could have worked to be able to state my dream and mission and values in a few words. And I could have made a step by step plan for living out those values.
made more calls for prospecting. work done today yields results tomorrow, especially in sales.
that i can live a good life with house car have money to do things that are enjoyable for me and my family go places we've nver been doing things we've never done and doing things we'vedone and liked together alot more.
I'm growing. I don't believe I am growing old. As I continue to educate myself I am learning that putting thoughts into action are the true benefits of all learning.
Because I seek wisdom, I feel so much successful, and by applying what I learn I take action and achieve much more results.
Why, yes I'm growing younger and wiser,and diffenitly very successful!!I went to a community college to sign up for computer classes, and to enroll in classes to expaned my knowledge and understanding of the bussiness that I want to open,successfully and long lasting in the bussiness world.To keep it afloat, and secuer long financlian freedomfor not only my family but for friends, and the community.
I feel that I am grower older and more successful.And it takes lots of thinking that process through and developing new ways of thinking and acting.

I found that after much trial and error that I had to put people to rest who treated me as I do not wish to be treated and who gripe constantly. The space provided by that alone left my head and heart open to new thoughts and experiences. I had an old friend from another state who called me every monning on her long ride to work. She said I was her travel companion while she drove and complained about everything. I began to realize that I felt like a trash can where she could dump her unhappy thoughts. For a while I did not answer her calls and then I just told her what I thought in a nice way. I have not heard from her and my mornings are filled with goal setting and moving forward in my life.

Many situations have happened like that and I have addressed them and now live in the present moment almost always.

I have decided that I have am no longer for sale and work with pleasure to create the life I want to live. And it was a struggle for the last 10 years after my 19 year old daughter died of cancer. The holding on to her and others was terribly unhealthy and it took many Masters to urge me through to healing. Like going back to undergraduate school to study Medical Ethics, becoming an associate Chaplain and teaching for Deepak Chopra. From todays viewpoint I know my terrible loss led me to great heights of learning and sharing.

My business is doing well and I am at peace. This program is wonderful and I'm attending one of the free Seminars in a couple of weeks.
I feel that I am grower older and more successful.And it takes lots of thinking that process through and developing new ways of thinking and acting.

I found that after much trial and error that I had to put people to rest who treated me as I do not wish to be treated and who gripe constantly. The space provided by that alone left my head and heart open to new thoughts and experiences. I had an old friend from another state who called me every monning on her long ride to work. She said I was her travel companion while she drove and complained about everything. I began to realize that I felt like a trash can where she could dump her unhappy thoughts. For a while I did not answer her calls and then I just told her what I thought in a nice way. I have not heard from her and my mornings are filled with goal setting and moving forward in my life.

Many situations have happened like that and I have addressed them and now live in the present moment almost always.

I have decided that I have am no longer for sale and work with pleasure to create the life I want to live. And it was a struggle for the last 10 years after my 19 year old daughter died of cancer. The holding on to her and others was terribly unhealthy and it took many Masters to urge me through to healing. Like going back to undergraduate school to study Medical Ethics, becoming an associate Chaplain and teaching for Deepak Chopra. From todays viewpoint I know my terrible loss led me to great heights of learning and sharing.

My business is doing well and I am at peace. This program is wonderful and I'm attending one of the free Seminars in a couple of weeks.
growing old and successful! Thanks to my new boyfriend.
Definitely Old and Successful! But why do I have to say 'old'? How about 'retaining my youthfulness and successful?' I am on the new path I started in September of last year and it does not include cynical or skeptical thoughts and/or ideas - success is for me in 2009 and thereafter!
Well right now I would consider my self to be young and no where near being old. I feel that if I continue to believe in myself , have faith, and trust myself the sky is the limit. Right now in my life i feel like I am heading in the right direction to success, but could be working much harder to get there. I know what i need to do to get there. first i need to change my mind set completely and figure out what is it I really want from my self and how I can make it happen. I know I want to help people, but really not sure how. Tanisha, remember that you can do all things through christ who strength me.
My number one hope is to have a house on the lake and respect in the work place.
Old and Successful. I am learning, not to settle for complacency. Learn French, study for a new career. Dance all the time to the music of the universe. There is too much fear in the world these days, to try, to change to grasp onto whatever you want. Old. Never!
I want tobe old and successful, but sucess to me is having my associates degree in Drug and Alcohol Rehab Counseling and also having a best selling book on the New York Times Best Selling List Maybe #1
For the most part on the treaure, most of the time.
sometime, I tend to focus on the trouble instead of the treasure, but I need to begin to focus on the treasure even though it's much easy to face the trouble. For now on I going to change my mind set into thinking that, focusing on the treasure is very easy a well. The only thing I need to focus on is the treasure bc that is the right thing to do and that the only thing to do, focusing on that will make me happy in the long run. :-)
I do look at treasures, but I do focus on one bad thing that happens to me in my day. Its like a broken record that hit a skip in the record, I go back time and time again.Looking not on accompishments of the day, week, month, but on the way I might have done it better, or the person that got to me in some way. need to accentuate my positive, eliminate the negative now, today , emediaetly!!
Black belt Success Cycles:

Know What you want
Have a plan
Have a successful coach
Take consistant Action
Review your progress and renew your goals.
* Be sure enjoy the progress and celebrates every victory! Be HAPPY!
Today I lost s special friend to cancer. It came rather suddenly and has now just hit me that I shall never see her smiling face and hear her laughter again. I for the first time in my life realize just how special and delicate our lives our. I pray for her soul and look forward to the day that I can see her again.
I sounds like you have had a treasure. I am sorry for your loss. Yes, we only think about the problems, not about how important the people we love really are. It was a good reminder for me today not to take my family for granted. I will be praying that God gives you stregnth through the difficult days ahead. With sympathy, Tammie
I could have learned more. I have gone at this alone and I am finding that to be truly successful one needs the help of others. I am creating the possibility of sharing my thoughts and ideas with those who can help me achieve my goals. I also know that I must give more than I take to be truly successful. So I am also going to help as many people as I can help get what they want out of life.
I focus on the treasure. I am very positive as a person in general. There are time when doubt creeps in however. It's those times that I need to focus and give gratitude for what I have even more. I know that what I am experiencing in my life right now is a result of my thoughts some time past. So, as I know, change my thoughts; change my world in the now and the future.
I try to focus on the treasure; but sometimes it feels like the trouble is always one step ahead. Overcoming obstacles is oneof the hardest parts of life; but I try to always keep in mind that there's a silver lining behind every cloud. I gotta keep on moving forward. No matter what life throws at me, I gotta keep moving forward.
I,m tend to find a way to move forward.
I keep plodding on 99% of the time, when I give in to my whatevers? I don't feel so good. It always makes me feel better at the end of the day when I have moved and done all on my list
I find many ways to move up; yet. my forward targets are much smaller when I arrive. I am not shooting for the better or
more appropriate goals- I sustain and advance
I never give up. I always find ways to move ahead

SPS Chauhan
I tend to give up. I procrastinate to the point that it gets to late to get it done and I give up. I want to not procrastinate.

Hopefully I will learn to be more disciplined.
I started a weightloss challenge....and my schooling is to be done in Sept .

I will get healthy and I will finish school with awesome grades.
yes, I tend to give up some time because I don't trust in my self , so I give up when i should not. it so easy just to give up and stop moving forward .
I do both I tend do give up for time being and find a way to move forward after I have thought about the wrong.
i focus on trouble first then i look at the treasure
I tend to find a way to move forward, only after a process of letting go and accepting any circumstance or situation, whether it be painful or not, it makes it easier for me to move forward, once I have analyzed and have thought about it, that it is not worth challenging. There are circumstances and actions that occur and committed against you and beyond one's control or responsibility. And in those instances of circumstances and actions that causes a negative impact and ramifications against you which hurt your life and your family, then you have to do whatever is necessary to take action to care and protect one's rights and you and your family's life.
There is always another way...Notes from the Universe.

I may pause for a moment to see what is going on around me, what I need to pay attention to, which road to travel. We do reach Y's in the road. We can never stop moving forward, even if it is slowly. I will always move forward, and sometimes its a quick jump, and sometimes its slow.
When I am blocked or in the midst of a creative storm, I naturally, through intuition, discover some methodology to move me forward
toward whatever it is I am attempting to achieve.
I always find a way to move forward. I always says it's easier to come in second because you don't have to work very hard. I am a true believer in "you are what you think about most of the time". And because of that I tend to think positive thoughts most of the time. There have been times where I have had negative thoughts about certain situations and those negative thoughts manifested themselves just like I "didn't" want them to. I am realizing that my subconscious does not know the difference between positive and negative or the difference between right of wrong. It just gives you what you think about most of the time.
i tend to step back an look at the situation, and see what happen to make things turn out the way it did and look at ways i could have made it better.
I will definitely move forward! If I give up, that means I am giving into mediocrity, and Corporate America will succeed and take over my life. And I will not have that at all.
I have a passion for the truth. I want to know how to improve. I want to be a success. I have a passion to learn about successful ways, teachers, thoughts and systems. I have a passion to create better ways to share these positve ideas with others.
by figuring out how to help myself, I figure out how to help others as well.
To provide for my family a time of no worries, and uncertenty. Take a great Family vacation.
The comfort of not living day to day...
my true passion in life is knowing things. I always want to know what is going on around and also I like helping people as well. To some people I may seem like I really don't care about anything, but the truth is I care too much and i don't allow other people to see it bc I don't want be hurt or disappointed in the long run. I know I put up a brick wall keeping people out; the reason I do it is bc I'm afraid that I will get hurt and it's not a pretty feeling being hurt.
my true passion would beinvestigating and figuring out the facts
turn my life around for the good now while I still have the chance to do so.
to live my life to the fullest extent everyday.
Empowering Human Beings so they may live conciously aware of all the magic and miracles that have ALWAYS been here, waiting to be used. I want to help people unlock and unleash Life's potential - experience true freedom
Tough question. My first gut answer is my family. On a broader scope, it is helping others. I truly enjoy giving and do not expect anything in return.
My true passion in life is helping and encouraging others to unlock their human potential by helping them understand themselves
and cocreating with my life partner to manifest our god given highest destiny and to evolve spiritually by studying the Royal Art of Alchemy and giving back my soul white as you have achieved nothing in this magestry if you fail to do so. To do this with my life partner and help upgrade others to the best of our abilities and to constantly strive to upgrade the possibilities of a new order that serves the one and true will in the dawning of Our New Age.
To live a life of success and give my children even more than i had. To show them that success can be achieved by making up your mind to achieve it. To help others live the life of their dreams.
To believe in myself so I can help myself and others. To believe in myself so I can leave a positive legacy on earth.
Being a slow learner, slow to action. But somehow, someway it's working out ok. It took longer than I'd hoped.
I regret that I went to YAI instead of taking one one the other jobs I was offered at that time
My number one regret is that I did not have written values, goals and priorities - and so have used a lot of time on urgencies that presented themselves. Rather than "driving my own car/life" I allowed "life" to drive me.
not standing up for myself,and no direction in my life at a young age.and the heavy usage of drugs/alchol in my life , as the answer to my promblems.
not standing up for myself,and no direction in my life at a young age.and the heavy usage of drugs/alchol in my life , as the answer to my promblems.
Not spending enough time with my children, husband and family
My number one regret is selfishness... pushing away people who really matter in my life and not enjoying them due to my selfishness and immaturity.

Not knowing how to give or receive love and hurting those closests to me because of it.

Holding on to unforgiveness for years and as a result hindering my growth. Believing I was unworthy of love.

Hiding from friends and family...Not expressing my affection and how much they mean to me.
my number one regret is that I'm a truly smart individual who has fell to take full advantage of my situation in life bc I have been so ... lazy or scary.
putting things off
Living with regrets from my past and worrying about the future robbing me of todays joy. Not taking charge of my life by writing out clear, defining goals, purpose and vision for my life so that I make better choices and less time is wasted and I see more fruit for my time.
Not putting my whole heart into what I believe I'm to do but vacilating and becoming ineffective.
2009 is going to be different for me. I have a much clearer vision and a new confidence in what I can do and the results that will come from a committed effort in all areas of my life. Praise be to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who has given us all that we need to live for life and godliness. There is no lack only what I have created in my own mind and when I continually focus on the problem or lack my mind is not being used for creating solutions.
That my husband passed away suddenly as he was my rock. I feel like a row boat with one oar. Making great time, but going no where.
I am so sorry that your husband passed away. I am certain you feel just like you have said - like a boat with one oar. My question would be - where would you be going if your husband were still here? Why not head in that direction?
Best wishes, Tammie
My wonderful husband died in 2007, so you know you have my utmost sympathy.

For months I felt like I was no good without him. Hang in there! Read grief guides ("Life After Loss" by Bob Deits is a good one, and "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle helped a lot too), cry, cry some more, talk with other widows and widowers, it's OK to be sad, read "Success On Purpose" (free pdf at ThinkTQ.com) by E.R.Haas & Kent C. Madson, if you haven't already, to FIND YOUR OWN MISSION, drive the speed limit (I didn't and got 4 tickets in 8 months), and most importantly, don't forget to EXERCISE!

I got stuck for awhile, didn't want to do much of anything. But at Christmas I started walking a few Kilometers a day and it has jump-started my ATTITUDE, my ENERGY, and my desire to finally discover MY OWN MISSION so I can actually DO the rest of the 100 things!

You're going to be OK, and don't worry if it takes awhile. Start with your MISSION.

P.S. - I accidentally clicked on the Report Comment link instead of the Reply To Comment link. I'm really sorry and will be much more careful in the future. Hope this doesn't cause you any trouble. Sincerely, Celia (Aviendah2003@yahoo.com) OK for widows/widowers to email me, but please No Spam. Thanx!
Not getting remarried within the first 3yrs after my divorce because now I am alone and all my children have grown-up and gone their ways.
Never doing something; yet, I don't remember what
My true passion is to have integrity, to live up to my full potential physically, mentally and spiritually.
Not being able to tell people my feelings
Most times I am very committed, but there are times when I'm not and those times seem to undo a lot of the good I do
Yes, it's like one step forward - three steps back. and it's so very frustrating!
Well considering I have not set it yet, I'd say I am not committed. I plan to have it set by the end of the week and to this I am 100% committed.
I'm very commited to going to go to school. I'm up and getting ready for the first day of school.
I am definetly committed to all progress towards any predetermined results I have fashioned. Perhaps this gives the answer to the puzzle about the form ones' goal need to take
I am definetly committed to all progress towards any predetermined results I have fashioned. Perhaps this gives the answer to the puzzle of the form ones' goal need to take
learning languages, learning about Turkish and Central Asian cultures as well as the history of that area.
My "TRUE PASSION" is to own my life. And to me owning my life is having 3 streams of income. 1. That is a result of my profession, which is building a Prototype business 2. Network Marketing, which I love because it's basically a paid social gathering with your friends. and 3. Through my investments which is real estate; investing in apartment complexes and refurbishing homes for the low income as well as flipping large homes. I love all 3 of my passions and work everyday to live them.
My number one regret is that I was not a good money manager. I have made a lot of money over the years; either through large salaries, bonuses or stock options. Having looked back and tracking that money I found that I made some poor descisions that were more short sighted and not long term growth oriented. I have committed myself to being an excellent money manager and and excellent receiver of riches.
I am 1,000% committed to my goals. I know that I can have what ever I want. Knowing what I want is the hardest part. I have beening working hard to decide what I want. Going through a tough part in my life where I am questioning all parts of it has opened my eyes to the fact that I have brought on all this myself by my thoughts which has translated into actions or lack thereof. I am focused on positive thoughts which bring success in all aspects of my life. Each day I find examples of the things that I had positive thoughts about. I will spend this week developing my goals for 2009 and putting an action plan together to work towards those goals.
Alllowing my family growing up to convince me that I was worthless and would not amount to anything. They were the happiest when I was unhappy, not confident in anything I did. If I found a moment of peace,they would tear it down
To make a difference.
Not being successful in reaching my dream of financial abundance while spinning around in circles chasing wishes year after year.
The greatest dangers to your continued survival and freedom are a desire for comfort and a passive outlook ... see http://tinyurl.com/8re2ev
I'm committed to make change for the better in my life. I feel like right now more than ever my life was not going any where. I want the change so that I would grow and be a better ind. who about making things happen.
Make others succeed! Be an encourager in their lifes. Help them find their utmost potential.
Life never quits on us, why to do it to life!
Me moving away to Maryland is so... unreal to me . I would have never though in a million years that I move so far away from home for anything. God has made a way me to become powerful and has allow me to change my life and rid from all negative type people. Now more than every I can believe that I put here on this earth to be something, so powerful and make a different in my life and other. When I began to believe that I could something or made mind up about something lately it has happen, but only happen truly believe and asked God to find away and guide me in the right direction. God I want u to always remember me and place me on your favor list and when I move away God send down angel to look over though out my life path . Thank you God for make me a strong ind.
My number one career goal is to be the called pastor of a pastoral/program sized church. This is believable, but requires focus, attention, political wisdom, and timing.
It is 100% believable. Being commited to school is what my number one goal is this year.
My career goal for 2009 is to earn $50K. I am currently unemployed.

I believe this goal in the context that I'll need to have more than one job at a time and will have to really scratch and claw to make it happen. This is based on my history of taking low-paying, menial jobs while in a panic to provide for my daily financial needs. Oh, yeah... and let me not forget the low self-esteem and abysmal self-confidence of adult ADHD.

I want to change that self-sabotaging mentality into a realistic expectation that I have something to offer an employer that is easily worth more than $50K annually. First I have to find out what I can offer besides manual labor.

To do that, I'm currently reading "Success On Purpose" to determine my MISSION in life. This is something I have often wondered about since my teens, and much more so in the 16 months since my wonderful husband died. What am I here for? Does my life matter? I'm beginning to think that it soon will!

Thank you ALL at ThinkTQ.com for offering me hope in your systematic, realistic, non-poetic program! (Poetry usually is something that goes over my head, I don't understand it and basically don't like it.) And Thanks for offering the free pdf's to read on computer screen (at present, I'm too broke to buy the books, but I'll buy them for all my family and friends when I get back up and running). Keep up the good work! You guys rock!!!
I will own and operate a Monolithic Dome Construction company and I know that it will happen. It is only a matter of getting all my planning and goals in order to make sure that I am ready to proceed as laid out.
To find my out what I want to do most in life
I will Reconnect with my family in 2009
At this point, to make my fiber art/wearable art career fully support me financially in 2009 and thereafter. This is MY SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT GOAL!!!!
I would like to own my own condo that I could decorate the way I like
Be a called rector of a thriving parish or region in California.
Organize My Office
Organize my Office
Organize My Office
Organize my Office
Organize My Office
Organize my Office
Organize My Office
Remembering all of my study materials for my insurance test, this is my single most goal for right now, so I can get those passed.
single most important goal to me is to be happy . feeling happy is so.. important because its help me forget about all the bad things that happen in the past. When I'm happy believe I can do or be every I want to . When I'm happy my health is so much better....
To achieve a high enough income-earn enough money, to become free-mentally, physically, and emotionally and/or spiritually, within a 15 year timetable which would have this completed by 1 February 2024, at age 72.
keeping god first in my life,
my health
my children
my job
dear friends in my life
the apartment I work hard to keep
seeking positive healty activities in my life
These are priorities and goals in my life I need to keep and maintain a happy, healthy, productive, successful life style.
To learn all i can about herbal,homeopathic holistic and spiritual way
of living and teaching it two others.
Finishing school
Yes, Right now I am up to the challenge
I am 100% committed to meeting all the goals that I set out for myself this year. I am working on setting out my goals by Jan. 31th
Yes I am. I am dedicated to focussing, finding my mission and setting my goals.
problem to challenge makes me realize don't run at the 1st sign of trouble! we learn and grow from our problems to challenges. Our creative side has to seek and find answers, solutions, and alternatives.
I am involved in the challenge now......I created a goal for the first half of this first month of the year and I met it! I feel like a different person. It feels like my old adage.......Lead, Follow or Get out of my way!!!!

Today is the beginning of the rest of the month.....I'm going to do a stretch goal for this time period.
Yes, absolutely. My focus is on my goal only, I can accomplish want I want to accomplish THIS YEAR. I already have a great start to 2009!
right now more than ever I'm up for the challenge for change in my life I want things to happen ,so I making them happen one step at time. this is really my 1st time ever in stepping out on faith and doing something different in my life. I know God created me to be a great leader and to guide other in the right direction as well. I have butterfly in my stomach bc I still can't believe that I'm doing this. I tell my self every day that I can do and that all things are possible through christ who strength me.
Dropping 30 lbs or more for my health to get off meds
Yes, so long as I build in time and place to rest and to recoup from failures and disappointments - so they don't do long lasting damage. What do I need to rest and recoup? Mostly, I think I need for my identity to not be dependent upon outcomes and either successes or failures. I need to be based in God's perspective of unconditional love. That's my resting and re-couping place. From that place of safety, I am up to the challenge.
I would like to change my mode of being and produce better results; yet, i am in an unopportune environment(Santa Fe, NM)
and there seems to be much fewer productive scenarios available to take on.
Yeah I'm up for a good challenge. I know I got this one down.
I Want to read atleast 5 Books this Month.
I need to work atlest 30mins everyday on my Communication improvement.
turn fear to fuel

Joshua 1:9
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Lucy it helps me knowing that if I face my fears head on with courage the Lord will be me wherever I go and He will bless me and guide me.
paint better ptgs, try harder...love more, fear less, be kinder...less self-absorbed, be more generous, exercise more
Radically change my expectations. To make THIS month my BEST ever, means I need to make THIS day my BEST ever. It means I need to make this morning my BEST ever. WOW! How do I do that??? Coming out of the fog...the title of this week's commentary, is a good start.
what will make this the best month ever for me will have to be me being more proactive about things in life and making those moves that will benefit me in the long run. this month will be the start of all great things that are yet to happen in my life this will be the month of action that follow behind more action. this will also be the year where i will push my self to great and greater things. I will believe in myself and faith that God will not lead me wrong bc he has not let me don't yet and never will. And that why I love you God u give me hope and desire to do more with my life and to find a purpose for life.
I will secure a steady and substantial income flow doing what I love to do with Abby - consulting and getting our TV series Destination: MURDER and our feature film GREEN started and funded.
I first must become very clear what my best day ever needs to look like. At that point I then need to create it and duplicate it by 7 to have a great week, and then repeat 3 more times to have my best month ever. It won't be easy, but all things worth pursuing in life come with a price to pay, but isn't that what living is all about. It's like climbing a mountain, tough, but what a great view once you get there. As TQ has taught me, I must get clear in my dreams, turn my dreams into goals, my goals into plans, my plans into a master list and my master list into daily activities. I'm clear in my objectives, convinced that I'm in the right role at the right time, and I have confidence in my abilities to create my best month ever. All that is needed is courage for the journey. Have I not commanded you? Be Strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9
Staying Happy with the one I'm in love with
Buy a laptop computer and stop having to depend on outside computer resources
To have a victorious life, mentally, physically, and emotionally
invoice 100,000
I will increase my commitment to my goals by writing them down and reading them daily or more (critical for me) until they are ingrained in my mind. I also commit to carrying out my plans daily and getting rid of something that is draining me, so far for January I am on target and it feels great.
By giving it my best shot, I live a life of no regrets!and try to learn from any mistakes or errors.
I will base my goals squarely on my values and what makes me happy. I will become aware of what makes me happy, what makes me smile, what makes me feel in tune - and translate that into my goals. Already, I've discovered that my primary goal is not to become a pastor of a church just to become a pastor of a church, but my primary goal is to be a part of a community that feeds me spiritually and emotionally because that is when I am most happy and content. That's my #1 goal. To be a pastor of a church has moved down a notch - not gone away by any means, but it's no longer in the #1 spot. That's how I will increase my commitment to my goals - by clarifying the details of how each goal actually makes me feel and what potential it has to bring me contentment and peace.
100% that way I learn from the process, report, review, and revize.Learn from any mistakes or errors so's not to fail from the same.
I will stop being the lone ranger. I will reach out to my wife, family, friends and mentors or coaches to share my goals and mission. I want to set up our family mission as well. I will live this year based on good nutrition, excercise and God. I also joined the TQ Gold program this month to help me achieve my goals for this year and the years to come.
I will stop being the lone ranger. I will reach out to my wife, family, friends and mentors or coaches to share my goals and mission. I want to set up our family mission as well. I will live this year based on good nutrition, excercise and God. I also joined the TQ Gold program this month to help me achieve my goals for this year and the years to come.
the way I will increase my commitment to my goal now, is just like any other goal that I have set for myself lately. In sum, what that means is that I'm going happy to be more proactive about things. I happy to go out and search for things be more of an explore and seek until I find exactly what I'm looking for.I need to learn to focus on what is right an what I need more than anything.I need to make sure that my mind is ready 1st., my emotion and my passion for it come next, then my body as whole is ready to take the next step into making my goals and dreams come true. Take your time bc it allows you to examine the small details, but don't take to much time bc might miss what your actually looking for in life. you can only start with one foot at time. What ever you do just keep it moving and never look back unless it's of importance.
Increase my visualization of the result of accomplishing my goal!!
By becoming more self directed, goal oriented, and successful in all I do. That is reward in itself.
Staying focused
yes, i'm ready to do what it take too achieve the necessary goal. I'm willing to go the extra mile to achieve it, if i don't how will i get there? know one is going make it happen for you and if someone does it's still not going be what you want it to be. It is time to get on the ready bus and make a different in your life and in other lives as well. Remember it all begins with a dream and then that dream turn into a goal and that goal turn into a plan and finally that plan turns into ACTION.
I want to be best father, employee and husband.
yes I am willing and ready to the necessary workbut I am not surewhether I have the ability or not
I've been working on it for two years I will be done working on my personal goal in another year or two.
I will become more active and pursue my daily comittments to my definite chief of aim.
What ever it takes to succeed. From the books i read, to the cd's i listen to, and the people i surround myself with.
I will plan and read and apply the lessons found in Success on purpose, and identify and call for a team that is willing to play my song. I will communicate my dream, my vision, my direction and give my appreciation to them.
I will do yoga, meditation, breathing or a relaxing pranamassage at my lowest energylevel point round 3-5pm

My number one goal for 2009 is to get as healthy as I can, specifically, to make and keep fertile ground for my stem cell implantations to FLOURISH by eating (zone diet, alkaline diet, avoid allergens for 3 months, then reevaluating), hydrating, cleansing (research what I need to do and set specific goals), taking my supplements and medicines, IV's, working EFT, immunics, and TQ daily (morning check-ins/daily cheat sheets in my routine, reevaluate in 1 month; wrap tefillin, 3 truths, pray for the dead for 1 month then reevaluate); adding gradual exercise (1 sun salutation in the am; stretch during TV for 3 months--reevaluate as stem cells work or don't); making it fun (find buddies? diet.com or local? dancing, yoga, trainer, music? make specific goals); doing what Neal and Dr. Morales tell me to do (add to routines and goals). A subgoal is the food/symptom/emotion/gratitude journal; keeping health in mind as the basis of all my other goals and dreams. Know daily that without health my death appoaches. How committed am I to this? I know I have a shadow side which undermines me--befriend and listen to her--she is there to protect me from myself and others--too much perfection, stress and pressure are not good for me. Setting realistic goals is one of the lessons I need to learn to regain my health. Become aware of distractions, perfectionism, use my timer to stay on task. For me, health before any other goals can come true: eyes on the prize: setting an example for my children: leaving a legacy of pride in doing what I say I will do.
For me, my #1 HOPE is to find my mate for life, someone who is mutally supportive, someone who wants to work as a team, someone who I have a great physical attraction for, also, OPTIMUM health, that is also such an important goal for me, and then finding people to help me with mmy goals
TO see everyone in my family come to Christ!
my number one hope is for personal love and success. i see myself in a body i love and appreciate,in great shape, running a large multi-disciplinary arts and design firm of my works combined with others, that meet a global need and make the fruits of my labor become a beautiful and integral part of other peoples lives.
I hope for healthy weight loss to my normal weight range and financial security.
The next ten years are years start from scratch to build my life for retirement get my credit back on track buy a home to spend the rest of my life in build my business so I will have residual income for life where I have $20,000 per month with no debt have a home in warm climate drive my dream car I will know that when I see it own a 40'searay boat and have 1million in investments and cash I want to be able to travel around the country without worry
Getting to Hawaii soon ! Establishing a base of operations and freely flying in and out as necessary. Nowami.org for MISSION STATEMENT
That I will remain healthy and travel, travel, travel with my granddaughter when possible.
In 2009, applying the principles of ThinkTQ, I had my best financial year ever. I hit all of my numbers and exceeded my own expectations.

I lost track of 2 goals, my weight goal and my savings goal because I did not apply the TQ principles. So in 2010 I will stick to the program because it works!
Stop waiting start acting




"What you do today, determines your tomorrow"
Successful and still wanting more!
Design and LIVE a LIFE of FREEDOM.
The treasures which surround us abundantly.
Sometimes I focus on trouble,but now I prefer been focus on Treasure for my life.
In the past, I have sometimes given up on myself. In fact I did not know what 'confident in myself' meant. Today, I am tired, I am sore, but, I can do my job and I can do it well. Recovering from a long illness is a challenge that I can meet. Asking for some help is the key and I have it in my hand. I can tell if I am doing too much or if I am doing chores as if they were CHORES. I am doing a little each day to remove that type of negative tension and replacing it by'You're on the right road' and 'Go girl'.

To remain in that state of mind, I need to eat well and rest well. I managed to cook two days in a row, with my daughter's help which resulted in 3 dinner servings and 2 lunch servings for both of us. Sounds pretty basic, but I feel like I have accomplished a lot.

I had a good sleep, and I am ready with my thoughts of a series of lessons for my class groups.

OT this afternoon and a well deserved rest this weekend.

Financial - underway
Exercise - can use some help scheduling and motivation
Food- good start, keep going.

Have a great day!
If every day is a gift and I believe it is. I have set my face like flint to believe that the best years of my life are yet to come. I am 55. I have taken care of myself and the principles of sowing and reaping are true, so with that being said; I will dream new dreams. I choose to focus on the treasures of life instead of the trouble. How about you?
I tend to give up. However, with help and encouragement from TQ I am hopeful that will change in 2010.
Learning and teaching nutrition and wellness
Writing, Researching and Publishing in a creative, innovative and socially meaningful way is my true passion in life.
My true passion in life is to make this earth more beautiful. That covers a great deal of territory, so I shall concentrate on my own parcel of land and involve myself in the Gloucester Master Gardeners.
Work and service overseas helping people to develop their own skills and provide better style of life.
That I have allowed myself to get into such financial difficulties. However, this is a new year and I can resolve this issue by following my goals.
Everyone has dreams and make resolutions to change things in their lives. But resolutions don't work and dreams don't come true unless they are plans put into action. I am planning to change only two things in my life, based on what I have learned from ThinkTQ: 1.Take no excuses from others, but especially form myself. 2. Conquer my fears with faith in my God given abilities,the love of my family and friends, and assistance from my Mentors.
Not focusing on goals, not taking goals seriously.
My number 1 regret is that I didn't stand my ground with an old boyfriend who was truly the love of my love. If I had I would have been happily married and had a family.

It's the risks that you don't take that you regret. It's the one moment in time that if I had the power to change I would. This moment of cowardice on my part forever changed my destiny. I cannot go back.
It is very rare that I totally give up on a goal. I may get side tracked or delayed, but I do accomplish something that gives my life value and joy. I am becoming more focused in that I limit my goals to those that are at op priority. Then I brake them down into steps that I know can be accomplished. This helps keep me focused and motivated.
Hope that each I and every member of my family will live balanced, healthy, joyful, fulfilling and very prosperious lives such that success is easily shared to our extended families, close friends, community brethren, co-workers, clients, co-parishoners, beneficiaries, countrymen, and neighbors in general.
to become the person necessary to pursue, to execute to completion, with sincere passion, the intermost dreams/desires/goals (values) of my heart & soul. Experience fulfilling peace in the journey of purpose. The last 60 years an apprenticeship for the next 25 plus 10 years.
Focus on one thing - one productive thing - not waste my time on the internet and email.
"What could you have done differently to achieve even greater results? "


Over the past six months, I have been dealing with Social Security, moving, renting out my house, and not even thinking about what I hoped to get out of life. Survival sometimes becomes the more important issue.

I am delighted to say that my business plans are coming together. My schedule is written out for the next week, and I am working on it daily so I can keep planning my future. I was able to help a few people who were less fortunate than I was over the Christmas holidays, and I am reconnecting with my grown children.

2011 is starting off on the right foot, and I am so pleased! I have been immersed in reading everything I can on the TQ site, ordered a few products, and am actively ENGAGING! This is what was missing!

All the reading in the world won't help unless you DO something, and it feels like I am waking up from an overly long sleep!

I feel like I am reconnecting to my SELF. WOW! I almost can't sleep at night because I'm so ready for the next day to start!


I just finished doing a quick read of my personal book - pathetic, and beyond an eye-opener, even with just the skimming I did. I will have to print it out for more in-depth reading. It is perfectly clear that I better get off my behind and start doing something to improve!

On that note, today has been a better one. I went from waking up, being in pain, feeling exhausted and unmotivated to working on my jewelry, which is one of my goals.

There is nothing difficult about designing jewelry and putting it together, but chronic pain is the quickest demotivating factor there is. Although I am still in pain, I just realized that while I was working on my jewelry, I wasn't thinking about how much my hips were hurting, so maybe......?

Anyhow, here was my thinking this morning upon getting out of bed, "I am so sore, and I really don't feel like doing anything." (This is my first thought EVERY day.) It isn't very motivating, it's depressing as hell, and I have fallen into a "pity poor me" victim status, which is NOT where I want to be!

Now that I've gotten a good start on getting several pieces of jewelry made, my energy has picked up, my attitude has improved, and I've gotten off to a great start the the TQ Time Prism. Go ME!

I have been listening to Success on Purpose all day. The first thing I did when I got up this morning was pop a CD into the computer. I figured if I was too sore and tired to physically do anything, at least I could listen. What I didn't count on was the KITA! It wasn't long before I was actually moving about, getting things set up for making my jewelry, and working.

And now, I'm getting offline to work on more jewelry, because my break has been long enough.

See ya!

Recognizing that i was on track to be growing old and cynical required that i take steps to pursue becomming a success which should award me more happiness.
I am growing *older*, and sometimes my body lets me know that. I don't often feel older mentally. Sometimes I feel like my mental state hasn't changed since I was a young adult, but I know that it must have since I do so many things differently, and I react to what others do so differently. Maybe I have lost a bit of idealism and maybe I am more cynical due to my experiences and influence from others.
I do have lots of outward signs of success, but internally I don't feel that I have done what I am here to do, and I don't feel that I am contributing to the world in a significant way. I need to change what I am doing to change what I am feeling, and since this is really the first thing that I've done on the TQ site, I suppose this is Step 1.
We'll see where it takes me...
In my early adulthood I was idealistic, semi-confident and energetic and that initial spring of vitality got me most of the way to where I am today at 51. Over the last 8 years I fell off my horse and succumbed to the temptation of becoming complacent, old and cynical and just plain unhealthy. in the past year I had a personal gift come back into my life and have accepted her as my wife. In the new year of 2011, I shall use my new environment, my spouse, family and close friends to shake off the rust from my armor and rise again to get back on my horse, set my ducks back up and use the guidance and wisdom of the Think TQ system to bring order, purpose and enthusiasm to my life in all it's aspects. I resolve to rid myself of negativity and the wasters of my time, to plan, evaluate and prioritize my goals to achieving my dreams and purpose for the next (more glorious and fruitful) stage of my life. Here's a toast to walking the walk and living well and finishing on top!
I focus on treasures.
I had fallen into a state of complacency due to many reasons, unrealized expectations, unrealistic goals and unapplied or misplaced energies are just a few. In trying to get back "in the saddle" and head towards my awesome destiny, I'm realizing that life happens.. it's how we react and respond to it that determines the end result.
I am blessed on so many levels and did not recognize it because I was too focused on what was wrong instead of the many right things. God is so great and it's when we yield ourselves to be molded by Him we truly realize how great and gifted we are.
I thank God for you guys at TQ for helping me to face the hard questions and truly challenge myself to dig deep and bring out the winner who had been trapped inside for TOO LONG!!
- Be blessed -
I am focusing on the treasure today and the days to come. In keeping my focus, I can over come any trouble that occurs. 1/6/2011
Trouble....i have been setting reminders in my calendar to think about the treasure.
my habit is to plod along, losing focus, finding back focus, somehow, it eventually ends. I am unhappy with my inability to control the flow. it gets so overwhelming sometimes and at other times i feel so full of hope and promise. i make plans but i don't get them done and that's my weakness right now.
I don't know if I move forward because it is never out of my head I get owverwhelmed at what lies ahead One day at a time make my list and just check off and be glad about what I did accomplish I started out well this week and found I wasn't following through on what my plans were on the market It take so much more time and energy when I don't this is the start of a new week in a new year My new year to be the new me.
Inspiring and Motivating people
To be able to set goals for my children and bring this into there life without fighting too much
and to get to be a patient, real patient person without getting angry so often
making the wrong choise & buying into a bussiness that went belly up, instead of putting a deposit on a house. got a huge bum steer.
My regret for the past ten years is that I have not put enough action behind my dreams and goals to help make them a reality. While prayer, positive thinking, having a great attitude, and hoping for change are steps in the right direction, they do not make it happen.

Not having written plans to give me direction towards achieving my goals has kept me spinning around in the same spot - - feeling busy, but not accomplishing much. My priorities have gotten mixed up. Feeling overwhelmed has led to procrastination and immobilization. Feeling guilty because I 'should' be able to do this has only caused me to be even harder on myself. It has been a vicious cycle and it is time to break it!

Here's to a new decade of planning, action, growth, and change! :-) I'm ready!!
Not having a clearer picture of where I was headed and written plan of my path to be taken. General, yes. Specific, no.
My number one regret is not finishing my Nursing degree.
Treasure, thanks, you have 125 opportunities to see how video conferencing and video e-mails can make you money this month.
MeetLiveVideo.com When page opens, pick convenient time, NEW
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Your commentary was right on---I actually recently purchased SUCCESS ON PURPOSE, and it has lived up to even more than I expected. I now believe my Mission is at 10, and my goals are also in the 9-10 range. It's been a very long time since I was so clear on my direction, and goals. Thank-you so much for the help from SUCCESS ON PURPOSE.
Serve God and serve others through the best use of my God's gifts wherever I am planted at any point in time. The legacy I will leave behind will be transformation of peoples and communities to contribute to a better Asia and world.
My life's passion is knowing God's presence and connecting to His ways so that I may develop and lead others, serve others from within my relationship with Him, in His power, in His love and in His wisdom
My greatest regret is making my accommodation payment to wrong agents. I think i trust people am not supose to trust
We can initiate it .We can control its magnitude .But once initiated we can't control the region it will effect .So we won't disclose the technology until unless we are sure we are going to control the region it will effect .Morever we are not getting enough test beds to do our testing .But we are ready for war time .
Do I currently have the power to guarantee the achievement of my biggest goals in 2013?

Yes and no.

Yes, virtually all of my personal goals are well within reach.

No, several of our business goals are so big and audacious, that it will require massive shifts and improvement in personal and corporate power -- physically, mentally, financially and spiritually.

This will be a VERY interesting year!

Yes. I have everything I need to get my goals accomplished. I have no excuse.
My number 1 financial goal is well outside my reach right now. However, we have a plan and we have the guts.

Probability of achievement 50%.

Probability of being on track 100%!

I stay on top of all my commitments and be effective and efficient
I was working on a very good concept during 2003-2004 .But the concept was stolen .My computer was taken away .With that the entire concept had gone .I didn't get any credit for my concept .
This time I am careful .I am working in such a way that nobody can steal my concept .I love Indian Army and America .I am working for Indian Army .I will help them when my Country gets involved in a war .
My number one HOPE for 2013 is that our government starts to do the work it is called to do.
To live a life in closer accordance to what God had purposed for me.
There is one hope that I have for this year is to not make the same mistakes that I did last year.
I am at peace now a days after we took revenge of 9/11 and 1962 war on a certain country during 2008 .Although I don't hate any country but I am angry when I find that some countries are playing dirty with Terrorists .I knew everything is possible .We took revenge on that country for 9/11 and 1962 war .But we also got 26/11 in return on India .But at this stage I don't want to do anything major that will trigger a war between my country India and that country .But if a war breaks out then I will crash that country .
Take a minute to think about your age. Be honest.

Do you tend to focus on the treasure or the trouble?

As an engineer/scientist, I tend to look for things that go wrong, and see life as a problem to be solved... so yes, I focus a lot of my time (63%) on trouble!

However, in my role as CEO I am very optimistic about the future, so I focus on opportunity the rest of my time.

Isn't it interesting that opportunity and optimism both start with OP :)

I believe that with my focus, determination and prayers forward is ever and backward is never. There is always an alternative way.
I love people .I love Indian army .Thats why I prefer to stay back in India .I love America too .I have always worked hard to protect America.
I have certain goals in my life .There was a time during 2001 when I was trying hard to protect the situation from Singapore .Nobody helped me during that time .Morever I was removed from Singapore by Aug 2001 .After that the entire situation went out of hand .So I gave punishment to some countries who were responsible for 9/11 .I am happy for that .
Usually I focus on the trouble
Do you tend to give up or find a way to move forward?

What a simple but profound question!

I do not give in, up or out -- as there is ALWAYS a way around, over, under, through or I will find a way to eliminate the obstacle.

I feel as I am growing old and successful. I'll talk to successes new job. I got that one from a positve mental picture of turning in my two weeks.
Find a way to move forward and find what I was to learn.
I tend to move towards finding a way to move forward. Through the grace of God, I may think about giving up but I don't do it, if what I'm working on is worth fighting for.
How often is there a disconnect between your intent and your actions?

Virtually never. Courageous action requires courage, and you can quote me!
A stronger faith in the fact that Impossible is nothing with God...
I need inspiration. I think I can achieve a bit of what is written, but it seems unachievable overall.
Energy and Attitude.

Attitude needs to be a 10, but it is averaging 8-8.5 with an emphasis on negative self talk. Will fix each day forever.

Energy is better, but my CPOD really keeps me from aggressive workouts. Will do better.

Energy still is my excuse.

I have fixed much of my breathing, but it is still the limiting factor of my life.

Weight is slowly coming off, and I am walking more.

Need that magic diet that I hear so much about. Will try Nutrasystems this month.
UP my level of organization and details awareness, follow-through on important good ideas that can increase cash flow and effectiveness, and take very good care of myself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
Be present in the moment. Participate 100% in the task at hand. Stay focused!
get off my butt and start doing the things I want to do. with gods help.
Well I've been muddling through life not accomplishing nearly as many things as I could or should have. I have been doing but not in a goal centric fashion. I have been building marvelous to do lists but have never laid out the big picture. Fortunately, the 30 Day Crash Goals Course has gotten this turned around. In the last week I've discovered how well these on-line tools work, gotten off my butt and doubled my goals value, established some of my roles and missions, and started to integrate them with a functional set of goals. Many thanks to E.R. and Maikel!!
I am a dreamer more than a doer, I read, acknowledge, absorb new information but take very little action:(
Simple. Get up, give it your best shot each day, review the day for learnings, give your blessings and thanks, sleep well, repeat until we don''t get up.
Being a farmer growing up in Ohio and Kentucky, we know it is simple. Prepare the equipment, till the ground, plant the seed, care for the crop, harvest and sell, repeat the process improving our actions.
I will do my travel goal
The only thing holding me back is me. I must get out of my own way. Stop procrastinating. In 2016 I commit to just starting... To Just Doing It! I plan to increase my finances in 2016 by $10,000 a month. I am On Top of My Game in 2016... To Just Do It! Don''t talk about it, Just Do It! Be a Forward-Thinker with a focused mind-set and intentional actions to achieve and succeed.
I am from Curacao.
I speak 4 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamentu.
Social Media University 2009.
TQ member since 2007.
My Dream : travel all america ,visit each horse race track & baseball park & Gym , having fun,while making my living ( horse racing handicapping)
Passion : Horse Racing , Baseball, exercise , Sports, Beach,Adventure, Learning, Happy, Freedom, Healthy, Financial Freedom & Wealthy.
Not making my business idea a reality is my deepest fear right now.
Why? I feel alone with no guidance. And I don''t feel courageous enough to do it. Focus. Hypnosis. Organize. Write the business strategy on paper.

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