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Nothing to fear except fear itself...

S    U    C    C    E    S    S
Is A Matter Of Will Power.

"Free will and determinism are like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you is determinism. The way you play your hand is free will." ~ Norman Cousins

TQ Nothing to fear except fear itself...

How well do you play the hand that is dealt you? Do you have the pure determination necessary to triumph over fear, uncertainty and doubt as you move towards your most cherished dreams and goals? Remember, you have nothing to fear except fear itself.

My Top 3 Goals & The Rewards Contained In Them:

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Time Horizon: 12/31/2007

TQ Do your goals INSPIRE, EMPOWER and EXCITE you? Or do they SCARE the livin' stuffing out of you?!

The simple truth of the matter is, we are all afraid of something. Sometimes, it's the fear of being successful itself that torpedoes many of us. Usually though, it is just our fear of FEAR that stops us cold. (This is exactly like our catch-phrase "Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready!)

TQ Fear has many names. Usually, it's called PROCRASTINATION!

The key to long-term success is identifying and overcoming our fears—by taking positive action to constantly move in the directions of our goals.

If you stop short of your goal, you permit fear to win. If you plow on through, fear not only loses... you win!

In "TQ Speak," this means turning up the intensity of your Act Now Color... by overcoming your FEAR and taking ACTION anyway.

One of the most important Factors governing the brightness of your Act Now Color is TQ Factor 10a. It asks if you "take immediate action on whatever's next without procrastinating?"

Do you?

Pure and simple, personal power is measured by your ability to take action. Power is a function of how fast you can take an idea and make it a reality. The more proactive you are, the more productive you will be.

Until an action is taken, nothing happens, and nothing is created. Think in terms of consequences. If you choose to delay an action, what will you gain? What will it cost you?

When you act without delay, you immediately increase your productivity and accelerate your success.

"Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions." ~ John Randolph

TQ Factor 10a's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment suggests you are someone who would rather take action and make things happen, than sit around and worry about what could happen. Your motto is "Carpe diem -- seize the day."

As soon as you realize something needs to get done, you act without hesitation. Once you have created a prioritized to-do list, you start at the top and don't stop until every item is checked off.

By combining this skill, with the ability to target valuable objectives and create detailed plans, you have become so productive it's a little bit scary. But, isn't it fun.

TQ Factor 10a's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you are someone who spends as much time and effort avoiding work as others who get everything done.

With a motto of "but what if?" you pause before taking action. Too often a brief pause becomes a pregnant pause that gives birth to an internal argument that keeps you from taking any action at all.

Whenever you "over-analyze" and spend too much time preparing to get ready, you waste valuable time and energy that could be used to move your plans ahead instead.

TQ The bottom line?

Perpetual action produces an amazing number of highly rewarding results. However, every time you procrastinate, you waste valuable time and miss a chance to move ahead.

Again, you gain immediate power over your fears by taking a positive forward action. Otherwise, you are robbed of all personal power until the cause of the fear goes away.

Look at your goals again. What is your FEAR to REWARD ratio? You have two choices: Increase the REWARDS within your goals; or, Reduce your FEAR.

Remember, a loss of WILL Power occurs when you permit FEAR to take over your life. Fear reduces your Energy level... destroys your Attitude... clouds your Goals... ensnares your Plans... causes a loss of Focus... and stops others dead in their tracks from helping you.

Yes, FEAR is a prime reason people NEVER achieve their goals. It's sad, because all you need to do is ACT through the fear... and do it anyway.

Won't you achieve your most heart-felt goals a great deal sooner, if you have greater WILL POWER? What's holding you back?
-- E.R. Haas, CEO


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Running Member Comments...

Free will is a great thing
All I need now is for you to come ask me this in person. :) Sometimes its easy to ignore an email. Keep sending them though.
Think of it this way: procrastination is the food that fear feeds on. The more we feed our fears (procrastinate) the bigger they become until they finally overcome...our desires, our dreams, our free will, our lives. That is why we fear fear. The final solution is determined courage, that, like a laser beam, cuts through all the excuses, reasons and justifications nailing the moment in specific action that moves the dream forward, now with the desire to win and the belief that success is possible and moreover inevitable.
Indeed, it is focused action that not only overcomes our fears, it is what gives us the reason to hope.

Many of us who become stuck in the procrastination/fear cycle never realize how easy it is to break out and move our hopes and dreams onto the field of action.

Yes, it takes courage to act.

It takes courage to even hope.

If fear wins, hope loses.

If hope wins, fear loses.

As I grow older, I finally "get" what my old friend and mentor in grad school, Dr. Ray Barker, gave me as my "final" word of advice.

A CEO has one, and only one, prime duty/obligation. If you ever become a CEO, remember, you have just one job:

Keep Hope Alive.

Isn't this our job -- regardless of occupation or circumstance?

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