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Why procrastinate? You are throwing away your future.

"Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don't count." ~ Dr. Robert Anthony

Last week, we discussed how to become more Efficient and Effective by doing your 4 R's more frequently:

Doing the Right Things... the Right Way... for the Right Reasons... all at the Right Time.

So, what's holding you back from actually winning the game of success... realizing your greatest aspirations?

Are you just dabbling at it... or giving it everything you've got?

This week, we are going to tackle PROCRASTINATION—a word that causes most of us a tremendous amount of grief—and keeps us from consistently doing things at the Right Time... if at all.

First off, read Dr. Anthony's quote out loud to yourself... SLOWLY.

Parse it.

Waiting is a trap.

There will always be reasons to wait.

The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results.

Reasons simply don't count.

Now, read this out loud...

According to American Heritage, PROCRASTINATION is:

"To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness; To postpone or delay needlessly."

TQ Harsh, isn't it?!

Procrastination is one of those BIG performance negatives that incessantly robs us of our future.

While it has many CAUSES...

The upshot is always the same..

Fewer Results ~ More Time!

Before the day is over, please give some thought to what causes you to procrastinate.

TQ Write It Down... RIGHT NOW!

Think about what it would mean to your future if you eliminated this single negative from your performance. Write it down, right here... right now.

What are you waiting for?!

Identify your top 3 reasons for procrastination—either at the Color level, or at the "Excuse" level.

Why I Procrastinate:

1) ____________________________
2) ____________________________
3) ____________________________

Time Horizon: Labor Day.

Now, commit to eliminating the Reasons and Excuses by the end of the summer. Yes, THIS summer!

TQ How to Take Bold Action...

Just DO it!

Yes, right NOW... not Someday when you get "round to it"!

Personal power is measured by your ability to take action.

Power is a function of how fast you can take an idea and make it a reality.

The more proactive you are, the more productive you will be.

Until an action is taken, nothing happens, and nothing is created.

Think in terms of consequences.

If you choose to delay an action, what will you gain?

What will it cost you? When you act without delay, you immediately increase productivity and accelerate success.

"Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions." ~ John Randolph

TQ Factor 10A's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you are someone who would rather take action and make things happen, than sit around and worry about what could happen.

Your motto is "Carpe diem -- seize the day."

As soon as you realize something needs to get done, you act without hesitation.

Once you have created a prioritized to-do list, you start at the top and don't stop until every item is checked off.

By combining this skill, with the ability to target valuable objectives and create detailed plans, you have become so productive it's a little bit scary.

But, isn't it fun.

TQ Factor 10A's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment to this aspect of your performance suggests you are someone who spends as much time and effort avoiding work as others who get everything done.

With a motto of "but what if?" you pause before taking action.

Too often a brief pause becomes a pregnant pause that gives birth to an internal argument that keeps you from taking any action at all.

Whenever you "over-analyze" and spend too much time preparing to get ready, you waste valuable time and energy that could be used to move your plans ahead instead.

TQ Factor BENEFIT...

What happens when you consistently do Factor 10A?

You have more power.

Perpetual action produces an amazing number of highly rewarding results. You accumulate performance positives like "Action-oriented, Dynamic and Industrious" -- immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

What happens when you FAIL to consistently do Factor 10A? You have less power.

Every time you procrastinate, you waste valuable time and miss a chance to move ahead. Negatives like "Procrastinating, Hesitant and Unmotivated" start to take their toll on your performance -- quickly moving you away from the success you want.

TQ The Bottom Line...

It is one thing to TALK about realizing your aspirations.

It is quite another to actually ACHIEVE your goals.

The best advice I can give you right now is this: Stop dabbling at success. Give it all you've got.

Stop getting ready to get ready. Get on with it!

If you haven't already, right now is the perfect time to take a baseline assessment of your POWER to achieve tangible RESULTS.

Stop procrastinating. I urge you to take the full 100 question TQ Test to baseline where you are now... and what you will need to do differently to achieve your goals this year.

Then get your personal copy of The Power of TQ... to help you make THIS year your best ever. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

Procrastination is such an interesting thing. On one hand, if you like to so something, procrastination is not an issue. However, when it's something you dread or dislike, procrastination is all too familiar. This was an eye-opening article that is causing me to re-think my own procrastination. I made a list of what I procrastinate on, and by no coincidence, they are tasks that don't include my IMMEDIATE values. So I guess what will help is contineously connecting the "icky" tasks to the ultimate end-result so it makes sense to knock it out instead of dance around it.
Tamara, yes I think sometimes it works to link icky tasks to your values and your mission and your vision. But it also helps to ask, am I doing the right thing? Am I the right person to do this? Does it have to be done? Is this ickiness a sign of being off course? As I walk through my day I watch myself drift towards projects and just naturally spend a few minutes working on them, and feel refreshed. Others I feel sick just going near. Sure, they have to get done, but...wait, do they? I've been reviewing mine and redoing my rote procedures and many are completely unnecessary. For example, I have decided not to spend any more time thinking about what to do with a piece of paper. I either know, and I do it, or I throw it in a box. At the end of the month I date the box and put it in the closet. Next year I will go through the boxes and undoubtedly throw it all away. However, should I put something in the box which I need later, I can still find it. It's not that hard to take a box out of the closet and sift through it. Easier than having piles of papers I can't figure out what to do with sitting on my desk, and sifting through them, afraid there is something important in there. I now spend zero time on thinking about paper. That's just an example of what worked for me. I assumed I had to "process' everything. Why? Most things don't even deserve my time--but my mind is such that I don't always know what I want to keep. I'm one of those "just in case" people. Yuck. I'm over it. Just in case, it's in the closet. I'm sure I have many assumptions about how things are done which I could clean up. Like "processing" email. Why? delete, delete, delete, ????: archive, move to tasks,move to calendar, move to records, that's it. No thought. No sorting, filing, nothing. I use the search function all the time.
Just a thought. Your mileage may differ.
I am the greatest procrastinator on earth....Reasons?
Lack of self confidence; Fear of taking on too much and Perfectionism. These three things have come strongly in the way of my career...
Of course I am doing very well compared to my peers - but I know that I can do so-ooo much more and .....
But there is hope things are changing... I am nowadays more productive less perfectionist... i dare to talk to people and worry about egos less; I am more active and am more confident of taking on new things.....
Not sure how many opportunities I've missed. But procrastination has DEFINITELY kept me from being as productive as I could have been. One of the many great bytes of wisdom from TQ that has stuck with me in THAT regard is to take immediate action on what needs to be done regardless of inward resistence. If it's the right thing to do and it's the right time to do it, for the right reason....it must be done....regardless of inward resistence to do it.
Opportunity that's passed by is difficult to assess. When I have "tangible" opportunities, I think I have always been good at going for it. However, in my area of interest (writing and speaking) opportunities are not always so easy to define. Since networking (attending events, getting in front of audiences) would clearly open more doors for me, I would say I have let amazing opportunities pass me by. It's my intention to work with TQ to create a plan so that will help break down the bigger vision so that I go out and find opportunities instead of waiting for them to knock on my door.
Tamara, Here is how opportunity works.

1. It finds you.
2. You find it.
3. You create it.

Get your radar detector out so you recognize opportunity when it comes along and your hammer and chisel to create opportunity in the meantime.

Your radar is really how opportunity matches up with your Values. The timing of the opportunity matches or does not match up with the Visions of your life now. Your willingness to participate in the opportunity is defined by the Role(s) you are willing to take on at the present.

Of course, if you are creating the opportunity you are first creating it through the triangulation of your Mission in the Creative-Destruction of your future. Once created it is your job to get to work on your Goals, Plans and Priorities so that you can effectively Synergize with others. Once you have built the team for support and encouragement you are ready to Organize, Optimize and KICK IT GEAR to make it happen and get it done!

The key is continual Smart TQ Action until you achieved your goals and fulfilled the opportunity. That is what high TQ is all about!
Thank Maikel,

Good advice indeed, and 100% in alignment with my immediate intentions and current activities.
thanks for your feedback---always appreciated!
O my god. It's that getting ready to get ready. It's a jack-ass to kill. Uhhhh, how to stay motivated in the midst of some long-odds, I need help on this this one Fighting a long hard lonely battle. I do my Mission workshop every night and am still going thru purpose driven success, which for me, verses through heavy and lite material unexpectedly. But my committment is to get my Mission up 100 %. I've got the vision, values and roles now, but a Mission statement for me is so tricky to come by.... one that is truly inspiring and encompasses everything in my great future. Who else is doing a mission workshop or purpose driven success of has completed it. Holler back.
Yes I do procratinate many times fully knowing the results. Its a habit and I am continuosly trying to eliminate it totally

My fear is not having control. I keep everything because for some reason I believe it gives me the control. As Im typing this I already see the lie I tell myself and the limiting belief I create.

Now how do I let go.
Boy was your statement eye-opening. If anyone knows me they think I am an un-controling person. But that is not true. The thing is that by letting go of the control you will gain control of your life. I know this doesn't make sense and sometimes we do things that don't make sense, it is unreasonable to believe that procrastination will give control, perhaps its the control that it is something I still have to do so I am important. Whatever the reason, it is a lie and its not a good thing to lie to yourself. I am doing the same thing (as I have said before, I need to take my own advise). One way to help is just to get started. For example, if you need to wash the dishes. Say to yourself, well, i'll just do this fork. Starting is 80% of finishing. You must start before you can finish. My problem is getting my old body to move.
fear of the unknown is not my problem. My problem with is either fear of a good job or brinkmanship. I seem to wait until the last and produce substandardd work. Over commitment is another problem and not so much proscrastination.
Yes to a degree I guess. If I don't feel confident in my abilities I tend to put off doing things that could psooible lead to more procrastination if that makes sense. Also if I don't feel I have all the information necessary I procrastinate. For example this is the first I've journaled my thoughts because I wanted also everyhting ti be just right before I do something and that often stems from the fact that I don't always feel confident in my abilities
Procrastination for me is the fear not of success but of criticism. If I don't do it then I can't do it wrong. Reading these daily thoughts have helped me break large tasks down into smaller onesso that I can do the next thing instead of focusing on the final product and worrying about how it will turn out.
I think I have more of a fear of failure of rejection when it comes to cold calling, and more of a fear of "overwhelm" on other things I procrastinate. For instance, in paying bills, I procrastinate because I so often find a financing charge super high on a credit card, or an extra amount I didn't plan for added in---or the worst yet, not having enough money to comfortably pay all the debt that is due. With sales, I think it's more about not being sure what action I want the person to take, so being more clear on my goals (via TQ involvement) will be most helpful. I've also ordered the bundle package of hypnosis CDs and am enjoying them more than the ones I created myself!
I do now !!!

I started the TQ program at the same time as starting a new financial services sales position. GLAD I DID!!!

I've had several financial services sales positions and my production has always been lack-luster. Always working in the shadows of the "stars."

Well, I'm done with that. So, yeah...WHY NOT ME?....WHY NOT NOW!!!
As I listen to the still small voice of prosperity my champion becomes more and more effective. I desire earnestly to act without hesitation, to be faithful and abounding in the blessing.
Procrastination. Its seems that I cant get it in gear. My spouse is very negative,I allow her thoughts and words to discourage me. There is never anything encouraging. I Must be strong in this area of letting people discourage me.
Hellow every body, my name is Victor Hernandez and I'm ready to start my journey to my financial independence. I'm sure that I'going to do very well.
dabbling is the right word. I don't know how many others experience the career coast mode? We all start off with good intentions and then poof, coast begins before we even know it. I'm there now. What I really want to do is far different than what I'm doing now, so that is what is preventing me from going all out at my career where I'll make someone else rich!
I,ve probably been dabling all my life !
I have been dabbling or neglecting winning.
Now I am different I am on purpose and on time wiht the right skills and a positive results oriented atttitude. I am following my mission and I will prevail.
I have just been dabbling with good intention, but now I am giving it all I got with good action.
Believe I have a lot of lose ends to complete before I can give it everything. Necessities of life that take time and focus away from those things that allow me to do more income generating activities which is one of our greatest needs right now.
I'm giving it my all to become organized and prepared for a lifetime of success.
Passion runs through my veins more often.
I normally ask why.
That is hard to tell. I would like to think that passion is,but when I get tired I tend to procrastinate more
I am giving it all I have....
I work from my home, have two kids and a husband, an in-house office and find it very challenging to juggle my home, my career and my family affairs....
But I have focussed on just one thing i.e. organisation and do whatever it takes to get things organised around the house and the office. I didnot realise just clearing the clutter and junk and working very hard to make it stay that way doubles up your energies and brightens up your day..... :)
My reason for procrastination is perfection and a fear of taking on too much.
For eg. I want to start a reading/writing/speaking/language club for kids for the summer. I have it all - the place, the books, the worksheets...etc. But I haven't entered the names of the books(about 300 or so) in the most perfect manner into excel in my computer :( The worksheets haven't been arranged class wise and skill wise - My head says I should balance the skills twice weekly etc. So I feel I am not prepared YET. What will the parent's think if they know I am not prepared? The FEAR. A friend of mine did not even have the books when she advertised and her classes are full - ACTION JUST ACTION. I need to tackle my PERFECTIONISM... REALLY!!
Winning suggests competition, and I think most peoples' perception of me would be that I'm not a winner. Not that I'm a loser, but that I am rightfully non-competitive in what most people are obsessed with competing for (bigger house, luxury vehicles, being accepted to prestigious colleges.)
But I am constantly winning against myself. What i did in the past is continually being refined. What I do now, and who I am now is better than before. I would say I am a winner in the nontraditional sense.
I believe I am a winner,I believe I am working way, way below my ability, but question my ability to recognize opportunity and know how to properly implement procedures to extract success from the opportunity.
My life has been a process of moderate success and a great deal of average. I feel I have never truly tapped into my gifts, and if I did, I am not sure I would have the courage to use them. I know they are there, I feel them, just not clear as to what they truly are. I have been told I am real inspiring, that I am a great conveyor of information, hence a good teacher. I love to learn anything about self improvement, and I love helping people become the best they can be. I am on a journey to become my best self, Even though I am struggling in the current economic environment, I know I can be excellent at teaching success because I know a lot about what not to do. Now I need to find a way to be successful, and then teach what to do.
I have learned that success is a learned process just like failure is a learned process. I am feeling TQ is the answer to developing the unconscious competence that the great athletes(Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan) and the great business minds( Bill Gates) understand.
TQ is like the air that I breathe. It is essential for my everyday living.
Yes. I believe I am a winner because I am authentic in my lifestyle and my life is improving more every day in every way.
Yes I know I am a winner .. I just need to place into action my plan of action develop it and write it down to review daily... today i will set aside time to write down my plan of action and commit to it...
Procrastination, used correctly, can be beneficial. Before I get banned from this site, allow me to explain.

1) There are Important Things To Do, and Not-So-Important Things. Selective procrastination on the latter can improve overall achievement.

2) Some actions require some extra thought. "Sleeping on it" can look like procrastination, but it isn't, necessarily.

3) If a thing is not worth doing at all, then it's certainly not worth spending time on Right Now. How does one know the difference without giving it some thought?

Finally, procrastination can have the benefit of providing "downtime" -- in other words, sleep. Many of us have trouble meeting our goals due to overwork, too many commitments, lack of focus when we are awake -- because we're not getting enough rest.
Great points but, by definition, that's not procrastination, but planning and prioritizing!


"To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness; To postpone or delay needlessly."

Big difference between being a procrastinator and planner!
I used to feel like I was very high on the scale of winners. But now, after 17 years of chronic pain, I've developed many poor habits and thought patterns. I no longer feel like a winner. I don't even feel like I am in control of my life anymore. Hope dwindles, and with my husband losing his job, I am very scared.
Inspiring people. Helping them see that there's still hope. And we can really change the world.
Give others the chance to see they have God Potential. I just want to help people. Let's help you succeed. Let's help you because sometimes we all could use a little.
My single greatest talent is empowerment. I use it pretty well and every day.
Being a people person with compassion and mercy.
Also my skills with Haircutting/Color and Teaching others the techniques to succeed.
my single greatest talent is probably my ability to communicate in writing and speaking. I also think I have a gift for making people see how special they are, but anyone can do that if they try.
In the game of life, a ton, in the game of career, very little. Mixed emotions right now.
I put everything into my life & family, but my career sucks and i'm in a rut.
My heart is in the game of building my foundation. I have little heart in the present moment. I am working on getting organized towards turning my dreams into attainable goals.
ALot- I love this life and I can not wait until I begin seeing the fruits of my most recent plantings.
After printing out and starring at the positive/negative line of TQ success, I've had a profound insight. As I move toward a large goal--my own publishing company--an unworkable behavior pattern comes up for healing and change. I notice that within many relationships, business, and personal, I play small--I'm quiet, hidden, unknown, unexpressed in an effort to "please" and not rock the boat. With a few close relationships I feel known, gotten, validated, understood and empowered. I want more of the positive empowering relationships and less of the negative, unempowering types, yet it is me who automatically withdraws on a psychological level, so as not to hurt, anger or upset others. I see this as a behavior learned in childhood, in my seven sibling family. I'm going to keep this awareness present in my consciousness by placing a snail shell on my desk and by taking positive steps toward self-expression by joining Toastmasters and Public Access TV [along with some psychotherapeutic techniques.]
Thanks for listening and offering me a place to express myself,
Hazel Heron
WOW, Hazel, I can totally relate to the desire to "PLEASE" and "NOT ROCK THE BOAT"

I'm in SALES and approaching prospects flies in the face of the "NOT WANTING TO ROCK THE BOAT"

But there are a lot of people out there (even published professionals) who say that if that's yer personality you should not be in sales....THAT'S HINKY !!! I'm gonna conquer this and become a good salesperson, Dangit. I love the reward of closing a nice deal and the buzz it creates around the office...not to mention the $$$$.

I also happen to be an introvert, but I classify myself as a GREGARIOUS introvert.

There's a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation about the introvert extrovert thing. People think, "extrovert = GOOD, introvert = BAD" or "Extrovert = GOOD, Introvert = WEIRD" or "Extrovert = SALES, SPEAKER, on the road, Introvert = Scientist, Computer geek, cubicle-bound."

Introvert/Extrovert simply boils down to how an individual gains or drains their energy. An Extrovert actually GAINS energy, gets their "BATTERIES" charged by social interaction. An introvert gains their energy by "powering up" privately, and then slowly gets drained with social interaction....but that doesn't necessarily mean that we're shy and withdrawn. Introverts might be prone to a mid-day cat nap...whereas extroverts get charged up all day long and have there best interactions later in the afternoon and evening.

I've rambled but my point is that our personalities and makeup don't have to predetermine our career path or career success, whether yer a "PLEASER" or introvert.

Can anyone relate?
Hi Rob, I can totally relate. I'm the same way as you I think. I'm both introvert and extrovert, depending on the situation. If I'm teaching or training, I'm EXTRO, but when it comes to sales, I'm INTRO---I don't want to bother people, but I'm working on it! Keep up the sales!
At this point in time all of my heart is in the game of life. I have renewed strength, Thanks to Jehovah God Almighty. I will succeed in my spiritual goals as well as my business goals to make a living and my personal goals. My heart feels mighty, I feel Alive, I can and will succeed
There are aleast 5 things that are holding me back: being 100 pounds overweight, addiction to tobacco, no local church that I attend, not working right now other than free labor,and addiction to sexual activity before marriage. These things are hurting my progress in being more successful.
I am surprised that you would so freely admit your distractions. You may have to turn these negatives into positives. Weight can be a good thing (they do have plus size models because that is reality) but that doesn't mean you can try to become more active for your health. That is another reason to stay away from the tobacco. It doesn't take a church to make you a believer. I watch it on TV but it is good to attend church for the social interaction and when I do go I love to learn about other peoples ideas and how they incorporate their faith into their lives. Sexual activity - use the time for better things or if it is that big of an issue, just get married (You can get married without a license) Now free labor - this is my struggle. I do home care and everyone always wants more than what I am supposed to do. I do what I can and I have a couple of people who don't appreciate what I do and get angry at me when I can't do more. The answer should be easy, I deserve fair pay, my creditors deserve to be paid as well. But it becomes difficult when the person actually needs these things (like a prescription, food, etc.)or if they are dying. As I am writing this I just realized that they need things but so do I.(pay my bills, feed my kids) I have finally started cutting down on what I do, but I still haven't stopped. I know you can do it. First of all concentrate on one baby step at a time. For example, go one night without sex. If you do a little at a time - You WILL be successful. You have my best wishes. I would like you to keep me informed of your progress, if you want. My e-mail is huffmantammie@hotmail.com.
Little doubts if I listen to them. Question is to filter them out.

Imagining what people (eg family, friends, others) might think, how when they have not been very supportive of someone, I imagine if that someone was me or if the comments are directed at me, and that recording or memory plays back later on when I am deciding something pretty important.

It is selfish and self-centred and not centred on how God sees me, and has to be faith-filled to overcome these thoughts which are not true and not from God.

The bottom line is up to me. No matter what opposition comes my way. Or thoughts. Even those closest to me. I must do that thing which I am called to do. And trust that they will see in the end.
What is holding me back? All the bad habits within that are constantly fighting to return me to levels of comfort and mediocrity. Mediocrity is definitely NOT comfortable. By "comfort" I mean avoiding unpleasant "stuff." It's like an exorcism, man. Those demons don't want to freakin leave. The good news is that 1) I want it BAD...that is, to rise above mediocrity to recognized EXCELLENCE. And 2) I'm a little better than I was in February....slowly improving and changing my mediocre ways...but DAYAM...it's a daily battle.
The fact that I don't know "how" to be a winner...
The fact that I don't know "how" to be a winner...
what do I feel is holding me back...hmmm,,,,what a good question, I know the answer is "myself," but I'm trying to be more specific. I think it has been an underlying fear, but I also think I'm done with that. I'm feeling fairly fearless these days and ready to move some mountains. I just have to first map out my mountains and then calculate the best way to climb them (and put it all in my daytimer!).
-To have my Life and Variable Annuity license June 1st 2008.
-To have my Mortgage license Sept. 1st 2008 and
-To have my Securities license Dec. 1st 2008
-To be a District leader with Primerica July 1st 2008 and
-To be a Division leader with Primerica Sept. 1st 2008
"He who shoots at nothing hits it everytime."
Without goals, you have no direction and my perception is that most of us go through life trying to put together a puzzle that we have no idea what it looks like. When it comes together is the Ah ha, but we didn't even have a clue as to what it was becoming. Having an end result in mind - goal- is the only way to really have a direction. My Goals are in concrete, but my plans are in sand. Where I am going is for sure. How I get there is the process and the question mark!!
My immediate goal is to get 6 new accounts on the books & $2000 additional commission earned by 5.31.2008 I need to Really Kick It into high gear,stay focused on the High Priority tasks and be totally focused on sales by asking for referrals and following upon every lead quickly
I feel my fervor ebbs and flows. When I am on task and working toward definitive goals, I feel the most fulfilled. When I procrastinate, I feel stuck and as if I am spinning my wheels.
"To change reality it is necassary to do something." Thomas R. Fennell
yes,but wisely
Yes, but I do agree that reason don't count , because when it comes right down to it , an excuse that you made , really doesn't count for nothing.
Yes, but I do agree that reason don't count , because when it comes right down to it , an excuse that you made , really doesn't count for nothing.
The lack of happiness is telling us to get back to our CORE VALUE. Its like a gas gauge showing that our Core Value is on empty and that we need to fill it up!

How you feel from moment to moment is determined by the current state of your Core Value. To feel good, you must improve, appreciate, protect, or connect. If you do one, you feel better. If you do two, you feel much better, and if you do all, you feel joy. If you do none, you feel numb. If you violate one, you feel bad. If you violate two, you feel worse, and if you violate all, you feel resentful, depressed, angry, or anxious.
CORE VALUE sometimes experienced as a sense of humanity, intimacy, community, or spirituality, people experience Core Value most frequently as motivation to improve, appreciate, protect, or connect.
Dr. Stosny at "www.Compassionpower.com" has more thoughts on CORE VALUE that will help.
This comment about lack of happiness is a thought based on Today's TQ for 4-28-2009 "Are You Happy?"
It Stated "Make certain that what you value really brings you what you want. If happiness and satisfaction don't grow out of your list of values, it's time for you to make a new list." I make a new list of personal values that puts me in line with CORE VALUE - Happiness or lack thereof tells me how close or how far I am from CORE VALUE with my list of personal values that I'm pursuing at the time.
Too many. Though I believe in perfect life I'm living and if something didn't happen yet, it means it is coming, just not the right time this very moment.
I think a lot about what I want to do and even plan it out in my mind however I need to take the steps to accomplish what I think I want to do. Perhaps I need to really meditate on this and decide what I really want to do and then make a plan and take action.
I let so many opportunities pass me by because of procrastination, and then not being able to deal with circumstances of other situations, that I was still dealing with the ramifications of.
I let so many opportunities pass me by because of procrastination, and then not being able to deal with circumstances of other situations, that I was still dealing with the ramifications of.
I let so many opportunities pass me by because of procrastination, and then not being able to deal with circumstances of other situations, that I was still dealing with the ramifications of.
I let so many opportunities pass me by because of procrastination, and then not being able to deal with circumstances of other situations, that I was still dealing with the ramifications of.
Too many to count, I'm sure. For those I can think of, the list is long. I feel like I can never get it all done. Sometimes I don't think it's so much that I'm procrastinating as I'm doing other things which are pulling on me (those which seem to take precidence) and then I'm out of time and often feel guilty that I 'worked so hard' but perhaps didn't work on the right things. It's all about choice...how I spend the 24 hours I have. I know I need a better focus on what matters most and balance between business & productivity. Gathering leads, leads and more leads if I rarely follow up on what I've gathered is really useless. I have everything I need to succeed right in front of me, though w/ what I've gone through (based on choices I've made, however 'bad' or at the very least, 'haphazard') it is challenging at best to gather, organize & move forward toward SUCCESS when I keep beating myself up and thinking about (therefore creating more of) how poorly I've performed to this point.
I totally agree because I am a result based person. Results are the only thing that counts.
I can not say a certain number of opportunities have passed me by. I continue to monitor my options and grind out the day on a positive note.
Probably zillions. My procastination has been driven by fear of change and failure. Not any more however.
several and i haved made a plan to attack this problem of mine
My procastination stems from "lack of". I have solid ideas, my passion to tack action on my ideas are strong, but then I worry about how soon it will be before it all comes to a stop due to lack. So I start then I slow down, then I scrabble to beat bill due dates. I know if I could just realize and focus my positive energy in the direction I desire my hard work would pay off. Regrouping becomes discouraging. But I'm positive and stubborn, I won't give up or in. TQ is really helping me to see my shortcomings and how to get over them, althrough I can't drive into all the lesson the way I would like, I'm using the resources available and I'm embracing all that I can.
I have acted on the opportunities that have come across my path from jan to today. 1.getting an apt. in jan 2.being a team player at work 3. spending time with my 20 year old son who will be moving down south for hopefully a better start in his own life. 4. knowing where my priorities are at in my life.And yes I do realize how quickly the days go by I do strive to make the most of my time in positive productive ways for myself, for those I work with and my children, on top of reaching out to help those in my life that need my help with out overloading myself or stressing myself out.
I'm sure a lot did. I wish I had had the confidence in myself to walk away from the business arrangement I was in at the time. I do now and I am moving much quicker than I did.
I do realize that another month has come and gone, and I haven't taken advantage of the opportunities that have come my way, I just decided to procrastinate , and not do what I know that I should . I hope that May, will bring me more opportunities that I will do the right thing.
No I am not happy. However, I am able to discern between depression and just being ill today thanks to the IOP Program. I am exhausted from taking care of Ellie's babies because she is not capable. Extreme stress seems to trigger mono effects--aching muscles. I am literally unable to move. I missed my Toastmasters meeting today because of the symptoms returning. I have not done the work I need to do on my business. David is stuck with the TV set watching serial killers, rapists, murderers, kidnappers etc on more than a dozen "who dunnit shows". More often than not, the victim is female. I proscrastinate because the job seems overwhelming or I simply don't really want to know if the answer is a negative one. I feel rejection quite easily and feel jilted if the answer isn't "yes".
Yes that has been a problem in my performance and success.
I procrastinate on some of the important issues in my daily life. It's gotten to be a bad habit, as I seem to procrastinate frequently. I have to become more dedicated in completing what tasks are at hand and stop putting things off.
No, I do not have a fear of the unknown, but rather I have a fear of what other's will perceive as my motivation for going to the unknown areas.
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I have an inate fear of being blindsided by events that I did not predict. So many ventures have ended in failure it's gotten difficult to trust that anything I do will be a success.

I think lack of confidence has led to procrastination on my part because of all that has gone sideways in my life the past few years.

I'm ready for a new chapter to begin. I think I'm getting there. I'm working on it.
I have a fear which causes me to procrastinate, but today I went after one of my ideas and I will know in 2 weeks if it is viable, if it doesn't work I have 5 more ideas (and I'm not scared anymore).
The main thing is that I tried and I will keep trying, so I am incredibly proud of myself
I sometimes don't tust my judgement because I feel I'm too much of a perfectionist, so I want to do everything right then I put it off, until items back-up.
Oddly enough I believe my procrastination involves fear of failure and success. I have brillant ideas and I can develope systematic plans needed to execute them. But I begin to procrastinate when my plans all come together. The time and effort needed to fullfill my goals aren't the problem. It's the expenses of the projects that slows me down. My fear of success stems from my fear of failure. What if I succeed and then begin to loose all that I've worked for, only to end up back were I started? It's a continuous inward battle that I'm working hard to control. And a waste of my energy. If I stop focusing on what if's, and don't have's, at least half of my goals could be completed by now.

How silly I have been! I just realized, so what if I did fail, at least I know how to survive with less. Okay enough is enough!
Yes, that is the bottom line. I'm having to make a decision ahead of time to come out of that fear, they both have a fear of their own, fear of failure is condemning and stops me cold and Success means more responsibility and I could possible fail in the added responsibiity but then again I could actually succeed and learn something about myself I'd never known! I've chosen to move out of this place, so I know that when something comes up that will be my test I will move forward on it past the fear, looking forward to finding out more about myself and my abilitys especially to come out of this place and to do more than I have ever thought I could do!
I don't have a inate fear of success or failure
I strive to seek or look at the opportunities to learn from both and keep trying and will succeed with a positive outlook one way or the other, as far as procrastination I am not one to procrastinate, I have a low tolarance for it when I see it in others, when I see that there is something that need to be done I do it I don't sit around and wait: example I allowed my son and girlfriend to stay at my home until I felt they where using me and invading my space and I finally kicked them out
I feel better and I have my space and room to breath
I've spent my whole life hungry for success. The problem has always been I seem to get blindsided by things I was not able to predict and have lost a lot of confidence. Now I'm telling myself to be courageous - and it's working.
Not really. I most of the time compete with the best at whatever it is.
At this time I value finishing my 2 classes with the best possible averages. One class is difficult, but both have been very demanding. I want to focus on wrapping up these classes and moving on to the next.
It really depends on what I am asking why , for. If I am asking why , to find out information that I need to do my job effectively and efficiently then I am going to ask why, and what do I need to complete the task effectively. There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers!
It really depends on what I am asking why , for. If I am asking why , to find out information that I need to do my job effectively and efficiently then I am going to ask why, and what do I need to complete the task effectively. There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers!
If I second guess someones advice that would be like asking why or why not. But if im answering to myself about something to make a decision ill say why not. To me that is more like going with something thats not planned
Passion flows through my very being. My thoughts, dreams and desires are with me every waking hour. I've always said, "if my dreams and finances could meet a happy medium nothing could hold me back". Then procrastination kicks in. So to answer the question, "Are my goals indelible"? My answer without question, is YES! My dreams, desires and goals cannot be erased, they must be achieved.

So, at this moment I'm walking strong with faith in my "Almighty Creator, The Most Highest Power of All Things", and belief in the talents and gifts I have been blessed with. Accepting the fact that, the journey toward my goals won't be a easy one, but knowing without a doubt, they are durable.
I think that Procrastination courses through my veins, than Passion, at times I think that Passion runs through my veins. It is good to be Passionate , than procrastionate.
i feel bad that often procrastination is the one. but whenever i do some of the things which i feel to do there comes no place for procrastination. whenever im having lots of time i m not doing anything useful instead i waste the time and when i realise that i have lost a large time then i act very fastly and end the things successfully but with lots of stress and leaving one or two things uncompleted . the reason for my procrastination upto me is that more times i feel overconfident about some of the activities which will get delayed and finally i will be in mesh.
Exactly, it is the fear of the unknown. I am afraid that what I am seeking or wanting to acomplish won't be do-able. I don't understand "WHY" it is so ingrained in me to procrastinate this way, when I know that no matter what- I will find a way around any obsticle! And usually do!
Past experience has showed that to me time & again. It just happened this past week. I have been wanting to sell my property, but it needs so much to be done & in a state of disrepair. I have been held back by thoughts of "who would want it, not making e-nuff of a profit, etc." Yet on the upside, in our present economy to sell as a "starter, or "as is",or a handiman... Also that I have a few acres, 2 good rentals....and the schools are sought after where I live.... I have held back for 8 months, examined myself for fear of change, even tho it will be better for me to move forward... so ergo, "fear of the unknown". I recently bumped in to an old aquaintence who is in Real Estate, I drew back & thought "NO! Approach her!" I did, it was wonderful, and she assured me my fears were unfounded! 8 months! One phone call would have handeled this problem! Crazy! I read TQ and for some reason, I find that when I do I am fortified and have productive days!
Yes, I agree with Dr. Anthony....Very often when I am working the TQ, those days R my most productive days. I live in an extremely stressful enviornment & have done so for 30 years. My kids R grown now.
I have accomplished a lot in my life only to have a spouse sabatage my every effort, thus, always lived on the razors edge.People on welfare lived better than me, clothed their kids better etc.
I rode on "automatic" as far as work, and pure anger. After years of this I mentally, spititually & physically dropped....for 4 years. I also lost the anger. I had realistic & reasonable goals that were very attainable even within the stress enviornment...yet I lost myself somewhere. Got sick...no energy, "slowley" I did what I could to find out why I was in such pain, fatigue....& I mean NO energy. Recently I was found to be extremely defficiant in Iron...ok.
All that said.... and a huge amount "not said"... I got ANGRY AGAIN recently due to the cont.-ing sabatage of my significant-"other."
I myself have always said.."There R always reasons....but its not an "excuse!"
I decided to ride that anger It gives me energy, motivates me....only this time I am not going to let it ""eat at me""
I am going to use that energy to assist me. In TWO days I accomplished what I had been dragging my feet on for a year now!
When I really think of how much I could accomplish daily, my God, I would be in my desired position already by now!
Yes there R reasons, but laziness, careless decisions, and BAD HABITS are on equal grounds. I don't like being "angry", it tears one down. This feels like a different kind of anger, maybe anger is not the word?
Im not saying "Hey! Im all that again", however, what I accomplished in 2 days SHOWED me....Hey Lady, you are still here & have it in you"
I feel more positive than I have in years and with the help of TQ prodding me onward, educating me, enlightening me...I hope to move on to where I want to be far more quickly than what might have been other wise. I am also a believer in the power of suggestion & hypnosis. I am getting back into a better financial place & hope in the near future to purchace one of your many programs for just that. Thank you TQ. Karen
I do not have a inate fear of SUCCESS I am building my personal development right now. My failures will not stand in my way.
I normal ask "why not" why not me I am as successful or greater than anyone I know.
Passion for wealth building/personal development is running through my veins right now and often.
Is it an innate fear of the unknown or a fear of not measuring up to what I expect of myself that causes me to procrastinate. I find convienient ways to lose focus and am easily distracted. Is it because my goals are selfish? I have never considered myself a selfish person but have been told I come across that way, especially to those that were closest to me, my (ex)wife, and kids. I did many things for others and was always to busy to do things for my family, maybe that's why. Have I tried to do to much which watered down what I did do so that I did not get great results and that is what keeps me from achieving. I think that most of it comes down to having worked for so many years with out aligning my goals and dreams with my work and family life, I moved into almost every area of my life without first having a plan and exploring my passion and desiire for what I value... I enjoyed things to soon and jumped in, kind of as I find myself in many areas of my life, read part of the instructions and start, correct mistakes that can be avoided by proper planning and channeling of effort.
I know that I procrastinate because I have taken on someone else view and focus, which caused me to lose myself. I don't want anything like I did 15 to 20 years ago. Dealing with other peoples wants and needs( wife, kids, other family issues) has made me not want/desire to do anything for myself or for my family. The list of things that I should have done or should be doing has so overwhelmed that I think I'm drowning or drunk. I'm tried and I don't know what to do about it. That is the reason for me taking TQ, to get me out of this rut!
I plod along, but it is true there are many things more I could have done January-April that I didn't! Four months of 2010 are gone!
Sometimes I procrastinate because:
* I need a break/recreation time, but I think continuing to do the motions of work looks more NOBLE
* I don't REALLY know what I should do NOW.
* I'm not sure what I'll do next AFTER THIS item
* I'm afraid someone will DISAPPROVE of what I've done
I have a problem getting started but once I start then I can't pull myself away from the cause. I am changing daily and know what happens if I keep up the good fight. I know it takes time for change to occur. What I don't like is wasting time on deals that don't go through. That happens a lot in real estate.
I need to focus and do the program
My mind is so obsessed with unimportant things that keep me from planning and staying with my plan. It's obscene
As I look around my desk I see more and more items that I have started, but never finished. To-Do list written but never started nor completed. I see bills and statements unpaid and overdue. I had a plan once. In January, I put this plan together to handle every aspect of my day.I let it all go because I allowed life to run me, instead of me running my life. A friend of mine told me today to stop playing, just do it! Do the Doable as Stephen is always saying. I allowed myself to get out of focus and off my square. I will regain my direction and my focus starting right know!No Excuses. No B.S.
Since my job in public service as a school psychologist is actually the job of two people, I am usually overwhelmed because I know the things that need to be done can't possibly be done in the time allotted; therefore, I work through the night sacrificing sleep to get the job done. When I take an hour for leisure, I usually regret it. I am trying to work smarter not harder, but that is easier said than done when people come to my door with urgencies. Because I work in an education system, it's more difficult to say that the student or family will just have to wait. The job is cumbersome with all kinds of legal requirements and "duties as assigned." If I were in a business, I could have my receptionist screen calls and schedule appointments and just tell people I'm not available. I am a 100% accessible employee in a school district, with no one except me to protect my sanity. I read TQ almost every day and am working on getting some of my repetitive tasks organized and reduced. Procrastination? ...maybe if taking 30 minutes for a meal or a few hours for sleep can be called putting off work. I pretty much work around the clock. My laptop is ever by my side for report writing. Something is wrong with my picture, but I don't think it is procrastination.
Walking in the right direction and getting a lot of quality work done. The internal war is getting started on #1.
Usually #1 has some negative emotional attachment that requires some force on my part to begin and get done.
How interesting! It was this article, or one very much like it, that woke me up to the pitfalls of procrastination when I first started TQ some 4 or 5 years ago. From that point on, I've been on guard against procrastination and it is paying dividends in so many areas of my life. All of my roles are being more successful and fulfilling. I don't usually contribute to this forum, but I couldn't put this one off ;)
At 66 I do not have time to Prcrastinate or my Passion for success will never be achieved. I will not procrastinate, I will not allow procrastination to destroy my dream passions of success.
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I know that a pen is mightier than Gun .But sometimes Power Play is required .We were powerful too during 2001 also but didn't show that .We wanted to resolve the issue amicably during 2001 .But it didn't resolve .So America came out with all their power to get the control .I am happy that US got the control .

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I am with America in that respect .

No, my life is unplanned; I've been struggling for the last 10-15 years lost in space. My true passion is Real Estate and Technology. I've started a new journey with Realty Direct. I will sell 100 homes in 12 month December 2014. Alfred Baptist Church has an extraordinary membership and I need get involved. Follow itinerary (Game Plan) Think Big. Master Realty Direct Marketing System.
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A good manager/Leader not only thinks about his assigned tasks but beyond that .He should realize that if he misses something then there can be severe implications .
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I love America very much .

I devote my entire time to safegaurd America.I am at a remote place but can do my job for America .
A good manager/Leader not only thinks about his assigned tasks but beyond that .He should realize that if he misses something then there can be severe implications .
In fact during 2001 I was working for America and the world .I realized there was something wrong .I didn't think about my own career but devoted time from Singapore to safegaurd the world .My bad luck is that my effort was not recognized .The most pathetic thing was that the managers who were supposed to take the resposibility after my removal from Singapore didn't do their job .They thought only assigned tasks were their responsibility .
Net result was an attack on America on 9/11 .
I never neglect my duty towards America .We have secured America .May be one day we will secure India .

I love America very much .

I devote my entire time to safegaurd America.I am at a remote place but can do my job for America .
A good manager/Leader not only thinks about his assigned tasks but beyond that .He should realize that if he misses something then there can be severe implications .
In fact during 2001 I was working for America and the world .I realized there was something wrong .I didn't think about my own career but devoted time from Singapore to safegaurd the world .My bad luck is that my effort was not recognized .The most pathetic thing was that the managers who were supposed to take the resposibility after my removal from Singapore didn't do their job .They thought only assigned tasks were their responsibility .
Net result was an attack on America on 9/11 .
I never neglect my duty towards America .We have secured America .May be one day we will secure India .

I love America very much .

I was very confident thruout .When I was dealing with the situation in 2001 all alone I was confident .But not over confident .I was successful till Aug 2001 till I was not removed from Singapore .
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I was always confident and still confident .

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I find my work completely absorbing and am 100% absorbed in it!
Reasons or results and reasons don't matter?

You bet! I do not give 1 second of my precious time to reasons. I look for causes and effects and emphasize the end-point results I want to see... and attempt to cause them to happen.

While many of my attempts fail, I always know the expected, intended RESULTS.

This gives me the edge in everything I do, and drives me constantly towards the success I desire.
Dr. Anthony's quote makes a ton of sense. Waiting is a trap. Even worse it is a self-induced trap. We made our own trap and we stayed in it.

Nothing can be worse than self inflicted wounds.
How many opportunities have passed you by -- simply because of your inability to take swift action (i.e. procrastination)?

NONE! I am one of the world's most action-oriented executives!
How many opportunities have passed you by from January 1 to TODAY April, 26, 2013 -- simply because of your inability to take swift action (i.e. procrastination)? You do realize that another month has come and gone... right?

Yes, I watch my days carefully, and spend at least 20% of each day actively seeking opportunity.

Were there opportunities that I did not SEE? Probably, but those would require a high-powered microscope to get my head around!
"Procrastination is opportunity's natural assassin." ~ Victor Kiam. Victor Kiam was a smart man who knew how to get things done. Is procrastination an assassin, or is it simply opportunity committing suicide? We are the opportunity are we not? We are the controller of procrastination, true? So we let opportunities commit suicide by standing there and watching it all happen like some bad television show. What is underneath all that? Is it belief? Our belief that we can't or that it doesn't really matter? Is it our belief that we are not worthy? Maybe it is the fact we don't believe we can do it. In that case, if we can't trust our self, how can we trust our self doubt?
No, I do not fear the unknown, I embrace it!

It is my job to make the unknown, known... and I work on it hard every single day.
I think in order to beat procrastination it is a simple matter of managing the next 5 minutes. The entire day or the list of things to do can seem to be overwhelming. But you don't have to do it all at once. Just do one thing at a time. Just cope with and focus on the next 5 minutes. Five minutes is pretty manageable. Five minutes is not so big and scary that it can't be handled. Just like the to do list. Mine still has 14 things do to accomplish before I go to bed. Some of them only take a few minutes. Some of them will take hours. But if I don't manage the next 5 minutes, my list will be there looking at me in the morning while I am looking at it. If I think about what those 14 things will mean to me, they are easier to complete.
BUT - Do NOT use your cell phone and drive!! In many sates it is ILLEGAL and in all states it is dangerous!
I write out hour by hour what I''m going to do each day.

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