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The sad truth is that opportunity doesn't knock twice.

"The sad truth is that opportunity doesn't knock twice. You can put things off until tomorrow but tomorrow may never come. Where will you be a few years down the line. Will it be everything you dreamed of. We seal our fate with the choices we make, but don't give a second thought to the chances we take."~ Gloria Estefan

Study Today's Quote. Hand write it on a 3x5 card and put it where you will see it often. It offers profound advice.

Opportunity abounds. Always has... always will.

Especially in tough times. Especially now.

But it NEVER knocks twice. In fact, opportunity doesn't knock at all. It NEVER makes a sound. Opportunity is something you SEE... something you FEEL... something you SENSE.

I have built my entire life around seizing ever-growing opportunities. I have yet to hear even ONE knock on my door -- or whack me upside my head. Opportunities behave quite differently from what we have been trained to expect. You must have POWERFUL LENSES with which to see and sense them.

Take this as gospel from a man who has MISSED a phenomenal number of HUGE opportunities over the last 30 years. The good news is that I have also seen (and seized) a fair number of at least moderately world-changing opportunities... which has given me the power to see even more! (As you will see this week, this is exactly HOW it works.)

This week, we are going to discuss how to turn ever-present opportunities into tangible results. If you seem to be back-sliding about this time of year, this week will be especially important to you.

You see, it is IMPOSSIBLE to even SEE the ever-present opportunities surrounding you unless you have sufficient VISION. It is IMPOSSIBLE to SEIZE these opportunities unless you have sufficient POWER.

The bottom line is that seeing and seizing opportunities -- every day you are alive -- requires real POWER... what we call The Power of TQ.

A truth for which there are no exceptions...

The key to true and lasting success is High TQ Performance: High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution. Learn to SEE the opportunities in YOUR life—and transform them into crystal-clear goals and plans—and you will earn the RIGHT to EXPECT that they will happen. However, to MAKE THEM HAPPEN, you must EXECUTE beyond Expectations.

In the end, it is the ratio between what you have given yourself the right to EXPECT over your power to EXECUTE that will determine how many of the opportunities you SEE are turned into tangible RESULTS.

Ten Self-Confronting Questions...

I have found from years of experience that VISION, OPPORTUNITY and SUCCESS are inextricably linked. For most people, each is just outside their line of sight.

So, get more powerful glasses!

If you LACK vision, opportunity and success, it means that you need a more POWERFUL LENS with which to SEE the future.

Get your TQ into the high 80's and you will be amazed at how different life looks... how many opportunities present themselves each day... how much more successful you will become... simply BECAUSE you have the POWER TO SEE!

To get everyone on the "same page", let's quickly run through your 10 Colors to see if you have the POWER to recognize and pursue life's endless opportunities. Say "No" to any of these questions, and true success will remain out of sight and out of reach.

Click on the links to test your TQ for that particular Color.

  • Do you have the physical ENERGY to chase down and capture the opportunities given to you each day?

    _____ Yes _____ No

    Could it be that this area of your performance is standing between you and opportunity? _____ Yes _____ No

    What will you do to improve it? __________________________________________

  • Do you have the sense of purpose and MISSION to actually SEE the opportunities you are presented each day?

    _____ Yes _____ No

    Could it be that this area of your performance is standing between you and opportunity?

    What will you do to improve it? __________________________________________

  • Do you have the positive ATTITUDE required to persistently and enthusiastically pursue those opportunities?

    _____ Yes _____ No

    Could it be that this area of your performance is standing between you and opportunity? _____ Yes _____ No

    What will you do to improve it? __________________________________________

  • Do you have the ability to turn the opportunities you SEE into crystal-clear GOALS for their attainment?

    _____ Yes _____ No

    Could it be that this area of your performance is standing between you and opportunity? _____ Yes _____ No

    What will you do to improve it? __________________________________________

  • Do you have the PLANNING skills required to convert opportunities into realistic milestones, objectives and deadlines?

    _____ Yes _____ No

    Could it be that this area of your performance is standing between you and opportunity? _____ Yes _____ No

    What will you do to improve it? __________________________________________

  • Do you have the unrelenting FOCUS to make those opportunities Priority Number One each day?

    _____ Yes _____ No

    Could it be that this area of your performance is standing between you and opportunity? _____ Yes _____ No

    What will you do to improve it? __________________________________________

  • Do you have the team-building SYNERGY to get other people to help you with those opportunities?

    _____ Yes _____ No

    Could it be that this area of your performance is standing between you and opportunity? _____ Yes _____ No

    What will you do to improve it? __________________________________________

  • Do you have the ORGANIZATIONAL skills necessary to systematically pursue those opportunities... or is your lack of organization holding you back from even getting started?

    _____ Yes _____ No

    Could it be that this area of your performance is standing between you and opportunity? _____ Yes _____ No

    What will you do to improve it? __________________________________________

  • Do you have the TIME MANAGEMENT skills required to seize those opportunities before someone else does?

    _____ Yes _____ No

    Could it be that this area of your performance is standing between you and opportunity? _____ Yes _____ No

    What will you do to improve it? __________________________________________

  • Do you have the ACTION-ORIENTED mindset necessary to move those opportunities beyond theory and into your life?

    _____ Yes _____ No

    Could it be that this area of your performance is standing between you and opportunity? _____ Yes _____ No

    What will you do to improve it? __________________________________________

The Bottom Line...

As Gloria says so eloquently, "We seal our fate with the choices we make..." Yes, personal power is a choice.

Choose to improve these 10 areas of your performance and you will be in a posture to move beyond opportunity to realizing your dreams.

Otherwise you will simply remain stuck where you are, never realizing that with some well-excuted course corrections, you could be living at the VERY TOP of hopes and aspirations. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


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The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

I'm with you. I could manage my success better if I had some say in the opportunities dealt me. I have no control in what is handed to me, thus not allowing me the opportunity to excel in my career. Do as I am told and to the best of my ability and then some! Got to get a grip on steering my goals to fruition!
I absolutely love this commentary! This is definitely what I needed to read this morning. I am stuck - I have let so many awesome opportunities pass me by. I know that all my colors need work, and so I choose TODAY to improve these areas. To live on the positive side of these colors, and not the negative. To make everyday the best day because I am living my dreams!

Thanks so much, TQ, for this commentary! I have printed it and will place it at home and at work! :)
Yes it is true that reading the TQ helps tremendously in gettng my rear in gear, and grabbing the magnficant opportunity that is in front of me right now. If you would like some support, using SYNERGY to keep us going, email me at elutchansky@yahoo.com, thanks
Fanatstic as always,

I just met with 8 friends form High School (all ladies, my wife was with me), had not seen them for over 47 years.

We were sharing history and they wondered why I still had my same demeanor.

It was because the Principles of Think & Grow Rich have not left my daily praxis since I first read the book in 1960.

Been Flat Broke twice...
Suffered deaths of children....
Massive Coronary...

All of these have led to Opportunities beyond Belief.
Thank you
Chuck Bartok
Hi Chuck, Yes I too am a THINK AND GROW RICH student. What is the hardest thing to do in terms of THINK and GROW RICH, and the most vital, I feel, is the SIX STEPS TO TURN IDEAS INTO GOLD....that every morning and before you go to bed, to read a statement of your desires, emotionalizing your desires, working yourself into a white of desire for what you want..stating what you intend to give in return, and to be definite of what you are asking the universe for, to declare the time frame of when you will have it. In TQ we talk of SYNERGY, in THINK AND GROW RICH the author calls it THE MASTERMIND GROUP...it took me 20 years to get the concept of the mastermind group but now I understand the importance of surrounding my life with like minded people. My email is elutchansky@yahoo.com I would love to hear from you and start masterminding together...somehow...thanks, Ed Lutchansky
Hi Chuck _ Me too - hell I meet with my ole girl friends form high school all the time - lots of fun - me too on the losses - life is about dealing with the losses - deal with them adequately and promptly - hell - now what ? I wonder about that all the time - Good luck Chuck and good luck to all of us - thanks for the commentary thanks a olot John R
Your comment really inspires me. I am at 54 just discovering all this. I read Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Success, but just now after gettig involved in TQ am realizing that I was too fearful and doubtful to actually do any of the things Hill suggested, sure they wouldn't work for me. I was raised by two of the most negative people in the world. What is weird is they have been very successful financially but absolutely miserable in every other aspect of their lives. I literally grew up hearing "you'll never be able to feed yourself", and after I was grown "I don't know why you never amounted to anything" and worse. Anyway it is very difficult at this time of life to rewire my brain and the self talk that is so negative. I have always been surprised when people pursued a relationship with me. I do believe though with just the little I've learned so far from TQ that it is possible. I am willing to work. When I read your comment about health issues and having lost children I am filled with admiration for you. The way I have always been either of those things would have flattened me.
Sometimes it's hard to stay focused even when you know you are on the right track
sooooooooooooooooo much more - You are right - you have to sense opportunity when it is around - you have to sense it - something like a sixth sense about those things - ME ? hell I missed so many cause I ddn't know this - so there11!!!!!!!!!!11111 that is that _ so there asgaij - damn ! BUT hell - what
can you do ? just make your chances = NOW _
Thanks for the chance to vent a little - John R
Not sure, it's difficult to look back & count. I would have enjoyed being certified to sale homes & flipp'in some properties. I got caught up in some negative patterns, & leaned on some folks who said they were totally wealthy & loved me & said I could have anything I every dreamed of. Now I am dealing with all the anger & the head talk, all those lies, how could anyone do that.
so many more I would have seized if I had the power
I just doidn''t know I just didn't know =
I wish I had read more history and politics when I was a a young man= opppssssss I didn't - damn
Nancy ! remember the movie "Jaws " !! ??
when the guy was being chased by the shark when the pier got dragged into the ocean ?
Frank !!!!!!!!!! "don't look back !"
nancy ! never never never look back
don't doit ever ever ===Love John
Hey John! You are right on; & I was having a moment. I am glad to have moved on, & my education reassured me of the illegal dealings.

Thanks for the visual, "Jaws!"

When my mind wants to play those old tapes, I'll try to visualize "Jaws!"

nancy !!!!!!!!!!! do not forget the moment !!
This is the only life - THE ONLY LIFE you will ever have - this very moment !! - just stay focused on now now - Jaws !!! now - If you can do this focus - you can do anything - think about that ! just be the best you can be - RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.. this rest will fall into place - Thanks Nancy for your comments returned to me - stay with the momet - and be THE BEST YOU CAN BE RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!! hell, the next moment could be a disaster - you culd get in an accident - be diagnosed with a horrible disease - lose a lover to illness. lose a job - hell the list of calamities (sic) goes on and on and on - stay in the moment focus and just never never never look back - remmeber - Jaws.. stay with me nancy - focus on NOW - RIGHT NOW;
thanks again for the return message. To all the Marines who are here with us now - Semper Fi - and rememeber Sergeant Major Beyers _ when he was asked how many miles he had in him - he responded " I GOT ONE MORE MILE ------ THAN YOU !!!!!!!!! " A real man and a real liver of life _ damn I loved that man - even thou he almost got me killed _ LOL nancy and all of you - " keep the faith- persevere - adapt = adjust - and overcome - remember " Jaws " never look back - and read some good history from time to time - well I am off to do something I don't want to do _ BUT will do my duty - thanks everybody for being there for me every morning - bear down
Love John
well am really amazed, why? as someone may ask.Am just amazed because todays TQ was 100% created for me,it talks about exactly what am thinking,doing and wondering about.In all it has just given me a new way of thinking. thanks alot
Hi Dave, chuck, john and all the wonderful people writing the commentries, it is amazing to find out that so many of us have read the same books, have alike mind but luck the motivation to find the positives. I am at my initial stage to find out who I am, confused about goals, plans and mission of my life. could you all wonderful people hold me by me hand and help me walk with you? I would love to be part of your spinning wheel. echuma@msn.com
Ester ! I am with you all the way - all way and do not forget me or let me walk alone - hell I hate being alone - sometimes the noises at night will scare me, even thou I am an X - Marine !!!!! LOL at myself - that is another thing - maintane a sense of humor and perspective - yeah !!!!!!! thanks -- I am off to do a duty --- Love John
Opportunity is a bus that comes by on a regular basis, if only you're watching for it. For instance, I receive week-old copies of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL for free. As the next to last person on the food chain, I pass these on to a friend of mine who has teenaged children. I suggested to her that she have these kids read the Journal, and every time they do, write down five possible ways they could make money from what they read in that particular issue, even if their ideas sound stupid.

Long shot? You bet. The impact of training these kids to _look_ for opportunity? Priceless.
That I enjoy each day while preparing for the next.

That I live my life without any constraints.
What's important now is maintaining a positive mindset & focusing my visions. What's important next is to create my dreams by developing myself as necessary, one step at a time and one degree at a time.
I think so - I think so - I hopehopehopehopehopehoprhope
wow _ I think I can see the opps now - finally I get it - I get it
I will take adavantage of each day minute second hour that I have ====
every smm - I will BMS161718 this day - just this day and that
will be good enuf - WOW this is so important
smm bms161718 -- fill up the day only - this is greta
Just focus focus focus on theis smm right here right now=
thanks everybody _ i do love america and ll the folks here right now
right here - wow thanks again
I've been reading TQ for a few weeks. I have had the opportunity to take a few days off after a long youth conference that my husband and I headed this past week. During this time off I have had the opportunity to feed my spirit man who has been hungry for self assurance and desire for destiny. Everywhere I look and everywhere I read it says to me go for it. Yet I don't really know what it is or which way to go. There is one thing that I do know and that is God.
Hi everybody - I'm back !!!!!!!! looking to reading some of the great commentary - here we go ! John R
I have been compiling a file of "my favorite quotes" from each of the daily emails, and today I found a true favorite, right from you Mr. Haas. "Look around today. Take some time to put your life into slow motion so you can actually see, hear, feel and touch the hands of destiny. It's your life. Seize the day! Become the opportunity." I am ready for every opportunity starting NOW! It is time to wake up and take real action. I am grateful for the swift kick in the rear. Great quote. Great motivation!
I'm getting ready right now
Yes I believe in Destiny and my Destiny is what I carve out for myself from what's available to me every moment. I choose to be in ACTION rather than IDEAS

SPS Chauhan
sps - THANKS FOR THE THOUGHT TODAY - i JUST BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE TO WANT TO BE IN THE GAME - JUST TO CONVINCE SOMEONE THAT YOU BELONG IN THE GAME - CENTER FIELD CENTER ACTION AND PLAY BALL !!!!! - DAMN IT. As we used to say in the Corps - Run to the sound of the guns !!! semper fi all of you - Good luck to day - and play ball !!!! Look at it as life is a game to be played - use your competitive spirit and " Play ball "" best to all -- John R
Hell - destiny - nah - I don't believe in destiny = you make your own breaks - YOU MAKE YOUR OWN -
Hi evrybody = good morning again - well - it is another day and we all got another bite at this apple of life - good luck today and wish me luck - I do not need it today ( maybe I do ) - But at least I feel good - got up wo pain and plan to do somethinmg for my family- that is a start - do something for someone else cuz a lot of people need a hand in life =
Destiny may be difficult to define when people think of it as some kind of LUCK. I think there is something in us that goes beyond what we can strictly claim responsibility for. This thing, may be qualities of the mind and physical strength or other manifestations of uniqueness, has always been with us. It propels all that we do and it eventually drives us to what we get or achieve, for good or bad. All the talk about goal-setting, focus etc are correct, but it is also true that the bulk of humanity remain incapable of living that way even if they know that invariably you get what you pursue. They are simply incapable of benefitting from achievement-orientation education. Also achievement-oriented people (I think almost all of them) have always found themselves with that tendency, even with hardly any traceable influence sources. Close study of biography of great men and women shows that they have always been driven by passion to be what they eventually become, even as little children. I therefore feel inclined to believing that something beyond our existence shapes what we eventually become or achieve, would that fit into the conventional definition of destiny?
Todays message is just awesome, & my destiny is to overcome.
nancy - the ole Marine Corps motto or saying
ADJUST ADAPT OVERCOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good luck Nancy - this is John R and I have read you many times - good luck with all of this cuz - I want you to have some good luck--
wish me luck - I need it thanks a lot -- John R
A strong leader that will develop a team to success...
Where do I start? I'm 43 and have sunk into the worst depression in my life. I've just now reached the point where I'm actually starting to care again. Three years is a damn long time to be depressed. My dad died and I got laid off from work 3 weeks later. I got a new job in the same company (different location) and got laid off from that one. Tried it again - another family company - got laid off from that one too! Nepotism is a huge problem in this area!

Well, I had enough money to hold me over for a year - figured I'd be back at work within that time frame, so wasn't worried about it.

My mother has been supporting me - hell, that even SOUNDS terrible! I am debt free, but still, it's not a good thing to have to live with "Mommy Dearest" because I haven't really cared about anything. I finally figured out my payback was wanting to hear her say she loves me but I'll never hear it because she gladly pays for it. She's also great at giving the guilt "I don't know what I'll do if you leave me" trip. It's time for me to leave.

I've started making jewelry & selling it at the local gift shop - it's a start. I applied for a grant to go back to school for an Associates Degree in Business. I'm aiming for a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and then plan on working towards a Master's in jewelry design.

I found TQ late one night and just started reading. I'll be working on my mission statement. I like the "JAWS" concept. I'm tired of looking back over my shoulder and I NEED to look forward. I also need some hand holding - encouragement is rare here.

Hang in there! You are not alone. I & a few others I know are in similar situations. Although, we haven't a mother living near us or alive. We have children & have a huge debt over our heads paying all those legal bills to keep our little ones at our sides, & have lost all our financial stability. Serious & severe domestic violence & emotional abuse. I have been trying to look on the bright side, & realize it may just be part of the experience. I have tried temporary work. I have had offers, lowpay & B2B using my vehicle. I have certified for this or that, & the opportunities are pyramid style, no warm leads. It's not easy. & I too have someone supporting me, he came right out of the blue. Friendships have been terrible hard to maintain & make, it's mostly been $ that has influenced my connection to the world, & a lot of volunteer work, it's a very changed world. I think of the unfortunate like the lost children in Hatti, their born without even so much as a name, & they live only 400 miles off of Florida, there it is a cruel world. You & I are so blessed with opportunitis & experiences, this too shall pass. Stay close to God & be safe.

Denise - I was stuck in a severe depression for 10 years - 10 YEARS DENISE!!!! - you can work your way out BUT - YOU SHOULD SEEK HELP From A PRO. If that is available take the chance - also - exercise was my savior - so get to a tread mill or pool or a walking track or run - BUt do something physical every day - sustained for at least 30 minutes - good luck to you denise -
Hope all is well for you today! Excersise is a good to do & I absolutely agree you must get at least 30 minutes a day, & more if you can do it. Brisks walks & breathing techniques, you release so much tension & endorphins flow. Sun light & or sitting under a uv light for an hour in the morning can make a big difference (light bulbs are at Walmart), & vitamins, good fresh food & milk. There are so many things you can do to improve, & there are things not do like too much caffine, nicotin & alcohol; they are negeative & defeating, like toxic people. I agree you may consider going in for a yearly exam & talk it over with the physian, you may be feeling a mild beginning of menopausem set off by stress.
It is difficult living under someone elses roof & being under such terms. Try to have places to go as often as possible, the library, the park, church groups, volunteer work. It's difficult to do this because you always feel you need to be looking for work or going to work & you may not feel worthy. The duldrums are no fun. You can escape into the mind there's an incredible world inside there, it's like going to the movies; so take your self on an adventure like you are writing a novel. The arts are a real escape! Maybe go through some old photo albums with your Mother & sort through some old things, you'd be surprised by the joy & pleaeures you'll share.

Blessings eternal!
Boy can I relate to you Denise. I've been going through almost the same thing. Lost my job through no fault of my own, feel like I am worthless because I can't support my family. I have ten years of experience in retail and have had several interviews without any luck, car was in an accident (was the other persons fault, but I am not upset with them, i've caused accidents myself) I live in Michigan and the job market here is very depressed due to the automobile industry. I am now close to losing my unemployment. Well, here is the good news possibly. I got a job, only about 10 hours a week and I am not sure if the driving is worth it, but I also have the opportunity to attend school to get a certificate which will give me an edge. I just pray this all works out. Keep pushing --- perhaps your mother doesn't tell you she loves you but she is helping and that is probably her way of expressing that. If you are able to move out on your own, you are not leaving her forever you (I assume) will still see her. My mother I think would like to not have to deal with me right now but I imagine one day i'll have to help her and I will do my very best to be there for her. I have been learning so much through this experience. I have done some learning online. For example, I have a problem remembering things so I typed in free memory tests and this is helpful. I also take free typing tests. And when you are feeling like you don't measure up (which I always do) Remember, you shouldn't compete with everyone else, just continue to raise the bar for yourself just a bit every day and soon you won't believe how far you've come. Even if you move one inch every day, you will have moved 365 inches in a year. Best wishes, Tammie
Tammie Denise Nancy - Just keep your head UP and never never never look back - The best you can do is : be the best you can be right here right now - just look forwrad and be the best you can be NOW !!!!!!!!!!- that will carry the day - You guys are tough and I love tough women - Good luck to all of you.. John R
Hi Tammie - I have not finshed my writing yet-- so I hope you welcome this note - Just thought i would say that you are kind to respond to Denise - it is nice of you to take time to respond with good advice = thanks a lot - my very best and remember - just be the best you can be +++ N O W right now - thsi second minute and moment that you have available - AND === BE PATIENT - play this game of life with patience
My destiny is to ": JUST MAKE IT TO TOMORROW !!!!!!
thank god John R
Hell - I made it - it is 6:30 the next day and I find I am still here - upright and outta bed - not up at em like I was 29 or 39 or even 49 - BUT still here and going - it is a tough slide BUt I will attempt to get in the game today. wish me luck evrybody - and thnaks so much for being there for me each morning - thanks so much - John R
yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesy = y e s --- that is that--
you just hafta want to seize the moment - that is the rub=====
???? is do you have the strength and endurance to do sO %%%%
hell - I don't know if I have the motivation and strnght to do so.--
I would love to , - BUT hell I am too old and tired and beat up mentally. Now waht ? now what ? Just grab each moment of each day and make the most of it all - Each second minute and moment of this new day - to grab each moment that is all that I have left in me - wow
just be at peak performance right now - this minute moment and second that you have available - that is just great - I love this comenratry (sic) and will look forwrd to your comments tomorrow - just get back to me. Today I helped someone I love do something I don't lik to do _ I just said to self - give this all you got and let her know you care about her and what she is doing- What SHE is doing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - thats all you got to do - be the best you can be TODAY RIGHT NOW THIS SECOND MINUTE AND MOMENT - thanks evrybody for listening to me -I look forward to meeting you all tomorrow morning - drop me a line == love John R ( from mass. )
I'll need to work on that!
yes again - I sure can
well I am herte again - that is good enuf for now- thanks agin= what is next ? _ it is all good anyway - I think so - i hope so - keep hope alive - ??*&^%$$#@ I am trying -
Life is good - yeah - it sure is - Keep moving and keep trying - that is all for now
In the last 3 weeks I have found the new me. With the help of TQ along with learning the art of allowing and my connection with the universe and my willingness to change and become the person I want to be. For years I was struggling with Alcohlol addiction and I have wasted alot of time and money by not reaching out for help or truly helping myself. I finally stopped being so stubborn and saw a professional about my addiction. It was the best thing I ever did. He prescriped a drug to help with cravings (Antibuse). I had the prescription filled immediately and I felt a change right away. I don't know if it was the drug that relieved me or the fact that inside I finally surrendered in my heart. I feel a weight has been lifted from me and I have not had one craving for alcohol. I tried AA for years and it did not work for me. Nothing but good positive things have been happening for me. I got a great job making good money, I have been able to pay off some debt and my outlook on life is very positive. My boyfriend of 9 years and I are starting to rekindle our relationship. I feel a peace within and calmness I haven't felt in many years. The way I think has changed. I only focus on a solution and not the problem. It works. If you want to change your life, change your thoughts. I should mention that my spirtuality and belief in God or high power has grown. If anyone reads this I hope it will help. JAM
Hi Julie - Good luck with this addiction thing with Booze - a real monster - good luck to you - I hop ehtis helps - John R
Hi Julie;
Congratulations..One day at a time! Sounds like some of the AA principles really did work for you . I stopped drinking 18 years ago..So far have been successful with the help of professionals, In treatment & AA - a lot at first , very little now. I don't use it as a crutch but it has been a resource and extended supportive family. Thought my life was over because it would be no more fun. It is richer today than ever.. Still has its ups & downs but that is the journey;I am weaving my own quilt of memories. "Salute the past , live in the present and look straight ahead to the future" My career has continued to evolve, change & grow in one way or another; my boys are 30 & 31 and I have been able to fully enjoy and support their ambitions & goals (SOBER);also currently living in another city, new job and with my 84 year old mother on the other side of the country after a brutal 2nd divorce and starting over once again.. I know I am meant to be here with her at this time...It is a gift for both of us.
I just wanted to say hello ............All the very best to you . Judith
Yes. I am making this happen right now.
Always something around the corner.
If I transform (and I am able to do so, as I am progressively doing so right now) the opportunity before me now into powerful results, that takes me right at the doorstep of the goal, which is penultimate to my ultimate life goal.
I am right now at the middle of a new line which will, at the end of the process, definitely see me at a new height from where I can conveniently step into the rung right next to my ultimate life goal.
A lot of thiongs would happen - BUT - they are not - cuz - It appears that I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just do not give a damn - wow - I gots to find some enthusiam for this life other than my own arse _ !! I do find time for others BUT it is an infequent feeling - My wife just motors on doing crap all day long - ME ! I just don't appear to give a damn - damn - HELP ! *&^%
Ok John.
Perhaps you don't care but we do! I'll bet that your wife and family does as well. Truthfully, I remember a lady on the Dr. Phil show admit that the only thing that kept her going was the fact that she was living for her family. When things get like that sometimes it takes a bit of time to feel as if there is sunshine behind the rain. As has been said, this too, shall pass, and in a little time the women finally started to feel better and enjoying life for both herself and her family. I was answering a "time waster" questionare and the question was What is your favorite sound? I answered; the sound of "I Love You" from my family. Try to enjoy the simple pleasures because they are very precious. If you still feel depressed, don't feel bad if you need to get medication as Julie did to help with her addiction. If it is helpful there is no need for shame. It is much better than suffering unnecessarily. I hope things get better very soon and remember we are here thinking about you. Tammie
Hi Tammie - thanks so much for the response _ i reiread my last message you responded to _ thnaks for waking me up - I am so lucky to have you, and all the other folks here and now - I am so lucky - thanks again - I just wanna dance while th emusic is playing - I alos plan to work on my daughter drive way I plan to do it see you all alater John r
The opportunity I have RIGHT NOW ! is : that I am so free that I do not know what to do with the time I have ! I have soi much time place people things to do - In my life _ I am just happy happy happy - that I am in the position I am in now - right now - Thnak god I made it - HOW you say ? I do not know but I am so happy that I am here - wow !! I am 62 qnd so lucky to be here ! wow - Thnaks a lot evrybody - Thanks a lot - It could have been so much worse ! ^%$# so much worse - But I am just so happy with what I have and it could have been so much worse - it is not and I am so thankful to all of you - my country my home my place my people and all that goes with being alive - wowow I can't stop saying thansk you all for everything you have done for me - wow again _ got my first social security check and deposited it my little account and I am so pleased . It could have been so much worse so much worse and it is NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am healthy, alive ,with my bodyweight at 170 + or minus a few pounds ( below my discharge weight of 187 at end of Marine Corps tour)_ I can rum / walk and I can speak without tubes outta my nose - been there done that ! I can buy an ice cream if I want - Not a hell of a lot of Money BUT enuf to get to 90 years like my Mom - yeah !!! thanks again - I got a family and they are always here for me - I wanna be there for them when they need it - I plan to- I go to my mothers house for food evryday - It tastes the same as when I was a kid ) !!!!! thanks Ma . I got friends to play with if I want = what the hey ? I am just sooooooo happy - They say that all good things end ! damn nonnononononononononononon
NOT - do not let it happen donot period = thnaks again and I will be back tomorrow love you all John R
The opportunity I have RIGHT NOW ! is : that I am so free that I do not know what to do with the time I have ! I have soi much time place people things to do - In my life _ I am just happy happy happy - that I am in the position I am in now - right now - Thnak god I made it - HOW you say ? I do not know but I am so happy that I am here - wow !! I am 62 qnd so lucky to be here ! wow - Thnaks a lot evrybody - Thanks a lot - It could have been so much worse ! ^%$# so much worse - But I am just so happy with what I have and it could have been so much worse - it is not and I am so thankful to all of you - my country my home my place my people and all that goes with being alive - wowow I can't stop saying thansk you all for everything you have done for me - wow again _ got my first social security check and deposited it my little account and I am so pleased . It could have been so much worse so much worse and it is NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am healthy, alive ,with my bodyweight at 170 + or minus a few pounds ( below my discharge weight of 187 at end of Marine Corps tour)_ I can rum / walk and I can speak without tubes outta my nose - been there done that ! I can buy an ice cream if I want - Not a hell of a lot of Money BUT enuf to get to 90 years like my Mom - yeah !!! thanks again - I got a family and they are always here for me - I wanna be there for them when they need it - I plan to- I go to my mothers house for food evryday - It tastes the same as when I was a kid ) !!!!! thanks Ma . I got friends to play with if I want = what the hey ? I am just sooooooo happy - They say that all good things end ! damn nonnononononononononononon
NOT - do not let it happen donot period = thnaks again and I will be back tomorrow - love you all - John R
I would be the owner of a very lucrative cleaning company, with operations in several cities and states. I would be completely debt free, traveling often with friends and able to hire accountants and personal assistants to help me stay organized and housekeepers to keep my homes clean. I would have a new home with a beautiful view, a beach house, and a condo in Maui. My homes would be filled with beautiful things that I love from all my travels.
I would beable to work harder at educated myself and working with my kids and the community if I could have my home paid in full.
When you decide to focus more of your time seeking solutions rather than staying absorbed in the problem, you will become a true opportunity generator!
I am so trying to absorb all this & apply it. Gees... Along the way I just rain on my own parade. I got some serious issues with a new co I was looking forward to working for; I think it's better to move on, I don't want to ask 25 people I know to buy insurance from this co & ask them to refer me to their friends & family, I thought the marketing kit the co was planning to discuss with me was a real lead generating system proven to be professional. I am upset at my ex, I am upset at my hair dresser who slept with my ex & played me along. I am upset at the neighbors who lied to the courts. I am upset at my daughter who decided to live with my ex, the loss of the relationship. What heart ache. And all those loans to pay the attorney & the court fees, the threats, & the financial manipulation.
& To think I have a good life compared to millions.
I have this anger! It purges from the depth of my being. This soul of the dark night.
It is raining today, & I woke up out-raged! I tried not to feed the misery, I tried to give it no thought. & to feel the life around me, I enjoyed yesterday & was able to move from the grief, then here it was just waiting for me to react.
I missed the opportuntiy to build, to create. I experienced feelings I haven't any idea how to build on.
Nancy !!!!!!!!!! oh boy - you are dealing with a lot of aggreavation and grief - BUT-
The best way I have found to deal with the complicated and emotional issues you currently have is : TO LIVE EACH SECOND MINUTE AND MOMENT OF EACH DAY - just the moments = focus on the moment you are in NOW
focus- focus - focus - on the minute //moment you are in now !!!!! - it will build and grow
for you, and will start to be the moment you want - ALSO - just be the BEST YOU CAN BE RIGHT NOW - RIGHT NOW !!!! - RIGHT HERE !!! - WITH WHAT YOU HAVE . be grateful you have this chance - AND ME !! PRAYING FOR YOUR VICTORY - I want you to succeed and you will
1. be in the moment
2. focus on the moment
3. stay in the moment
4. Be the best you can be = right now in the moment - that issooooooooo important.
I wish you a lot of luck nancy = love John R.----
Please let me know if this helps !!! OK ?????
thanks nancy

I certainly understand your intense anger. I don't know how people can do what they do. They are capable of so much harm and also capable of so much good. It's a shame they wasted their opportunity to do the right thing. However, concentrating on the heartache will only make it worse, unfortunately. I read a story of a jew whose family was killed by the Nazi's. He was asked how he dealt with his anger. He said "They took everything from me including the lives of my family. I wasn't going to give them another moment." Meaning he wouldn't hurt himself by dwelling on it. It isn't easy, but use your anger positively. If I get angry, I do physical work, like dishes (banging the dishes helps) Then I have used my anger in accomplishing something instead. I hope this helps. Tammie
Tammie - Great commentary Tammie - thanks for reminder of the value of the " moment "
the story of the Jew who lost all, was just wonderful - Thansk for that
see you soon ( maybe ) best John R
Nancy, you are wasting to much engery on being angry. Turn that around and make it work for you. Everyone needs to remember that you cannot think two thoughts at the same time. You have the advantage to think positive over negative. Get up and dance, sing, run in place, and you can and will chase those neg's out. Also, no one could do anything to you that you do not allow them to do. Being taken advange of - who's allowing that. Being angry because someone lied to you - who's allowing that anger. I wish you the best. TQ will help you get on track.
Hi again evrybody = it is me John R
I do enjoy this site = thanks for it -- things have been looking up
lately = just try to get away from the routine==
maybe the routine is what is doing you in - I dunno--
love John
My thoughts are these :
1. be in the moment
2. love the moment
3. focus on NOW !!!!!!! right now - right here
4. be the best you can be right NOW !!
5. concentrate on NOW - Right now
5. living is loving, and being sensitive to the needs of others.
these are my thoughts and my story - AND I AM STICKING TO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. be in the moment = right now
alive in the moment and on the earth.. THIS IS THE WAY OF John R
i would live the way i want to
Great partner (woman) that i can share my life with
Great career that i can derive immense joy doing and making tonnes of money at the same time and earning the respect of my peers
Being able to teach others what i have already acheieved on my own.
Good morning everybody - up and at 'em early after a great nites sleep - looking forward to the day - see you all soon - got to see my friend Fred - out for now John R
The one thing I can't complain about is opportunities that have come and gone. I have never let one go - every single great opportunity I have offerd I have seized for the value it added to my carreer and my desire to make a difference. I have never had a job I have not loved until recently. Prior to the last 2 companies I have worked for amazing companies and amazing leaders. People who beleived in values to make a difference: the values were: integrity, fairness, fun, and social responsibility. When I changed careers from energy to the food industry I took a beating. I did not do my homework well and did not figure out that I would not do good in a small company start-up. After two opportunities I gave up because I was not making a difference. So yes seeing my past work experiences in slow motion helped me see clearer.
Hi - I'm still here !!!! great ! consdering where I have been this is a miracle - I am still here and kicking - thanks evrybody - thanks a lot
John R
I'm currently in the process of creating a new me. TQ so far has been a great tool for what I was looking for...
I would be successful in my career. Have all the time I require to do all the things that are important to me. I would be energized and excited at each new hour.
This seems a bit of a rheorotical question. Meant to make you say, HMMM, instead of saying, "Oh..probably 6." Still, yes, if I felt I had more power, I would probably accomplish a lot more.
What's important now is consistent action in the way of promotion and marketing---what's important next sales.
Avoiding this boring meeting I'm going to.

Talking to the client about August 30
Stay focused every day. Improve on limited skills. Expand my knowledge. Set short term to long term goals and achieve the former first. Build relationships. Think success with every step.
Yes, I am . I will prepared and ready for the next opportunity to come by me looking for it NNOT waiting for it to knock on my door.

Opportunities Always Knock!!!! Not just once, not just twice, not just three times, but always and continuously.
My destiny is that I will be find the love of my life. Money comes easily and frequently to me. I will live life to the fullest.
I am quite torn about this. I think destiny is yours, but much of 'destiny' is self-fulfilling prophecy --- but then...is that not a 'destiny' in itself? I believe, mostly, that you do have an assignment to complete in life...and if you don't, you have to come back again to complete it. Sometimes, though, I think that means that God is playing a big shell game and if you guess the wrong shell, you have to repeat. BUT...let's say I DO have a destiny...it is to have an arts center!
My Destiny is to help thousands of people improve thier lives, and as a by product, I earn wealth and fame. Pretty cool destiny, eh?
Yesterday was so great! When a friend invited me to visit her at work, I saw an opportunity to network with people who I could potentially pick up some business from, but I didn't really have high expectations. But yesterday morning I started to get excited, and I told myself I was going to rock it! And apparently I did because they want to meet with me to discuss working together, an opportunity that could double my business next year! In this struggling economy, I am absolutely focused on building my business, not just riding it out til things improve.
I believe we all create our own destiny. I still just do not know where I am going. I am working with great energy and enthuusaim with all I am doing but the drive lacks alittle. I am in the fog as to the future. No specific goal.
I can see that there is some potential in me al though I am up there in years, definitely now chicken, however Abraham made a new start in his seventies (I said to self so why cant I).
I am healthy apart from Arthritis still have an agile brain, can't see myself walking across desserts though, but I can see me starting a new M L M venture.

Denton TX
If I could transform the opportunity before me into results I could pay for my trip to Washington and then some from the proceeds of articles I have already sold about it. I wouldn't have to worry about money during my trip, or about spending someone else's money. In the long term, I would be know that all the bills are covered and I wouldn't have to look for a "real job".
My Life would be less stressful and I would feel really relaxed and confident. Not worry so much about things and money!
who knows
I have realized that with the power of God and with the power of TQ all things are possible and within my reach if I apply myself. It all comes from me changing the way that I have been for so many years. I have found that if I read my bible and the Today's TQ,I find myself being positive about everything I do.Thank You Lord and thank you TQ.
Opportunity has knock for me so many times without me doing anything to follow up on it! I've been working with TQ for almost a year now and the principles I'm learning are becoming second nature. I am finally beginning to seize the opportunies presented to me and am beginning to live the life I have been dreaming about. Positive thinking and actively participating in your own life WILL create the real results we all crave!
My life would be so very much more complicated, but that's a consequence I would gladly accept. My life right now gives me access to many people and other opportunities, but not the capital to take advantage of any of them.

I'm having a really hard time being patient while I do the legwork necessary to build the capital to grow the business. I want some of my hard work to take off.

I have my successes and my legacy has begun, but they come very slowly.
I will focus on my own clarity, beauty and able to verbalize knowledge well.
I will focus on my own clarity, beauty and the ablility to verbalize knowledge well.
I would have seized many more opportunities if I had more power in my life. It seems power & money are intertwined in my life - at least that's what I've conditioned myself to believe. i feel that my conditioned mind has gotten quite the make over lately...so opportunities are mine for the taking.
Gettin' into gear with CCPro. it's time to take action!
I believe that we create our own destiny. Action by action, step by step, fear by fear. All we have to do it to gain the courage to perform - courage to execute our own well imagined tasks.
Yes I believe in destiny. Unfortunately mine is going the wrong way. I don't believe this is mine as of now.
There is always opportunity, even if it, is only your next breath....
Never give-up ..... sometimes you may have to set down and re-think your plan..... then make a new start....... just never quit---
When you are being useful to others; you are helping yourself.
Must I leave here? That is the center of my thinking right now. With Mom being sick and Debra being in Huntsville, is it time for me to move?
I need special support to break through my blocks. I am flunking grad school because I keep getting stuck on the assignments. I keep trying to figure out how to get unstuck but meanwhile my time is running out.
I need a big breakthrough, and I need it now! Could it be that a large part of me is resisting this opportunity?
If I could transform the opportunity with my quilting business into results--- I could support us in the mannor we want to live back to 50000 a year and up next year. Comfortable not wildly. I could have time to enjoy time with Gene and the rest of my family. Travel a little with Mom and Dorothy. I would like to start paying off bills. I could help where blankets and bears are needed. I need to get down to business. I know what needs done why can't I get through this funky/depression and get things done like i used to. I just need to discipline myself and get it done. Easier said than done.
as today it was scary to think about the dream I dream and nothing will even happen today . To me I hope overcome my fear ..
I have the opportunity to go into business. If I transformed this opportunity before me right now I my life would have a grand tool to achieve all of the goals that my values stand for. I would be able to sponsor 10 foster youth through college. I would be able to provide legal services for at risk young people. I would be able to pay for a home with cash.
This is an interesting question... How many more opportunities... There is no doubt that I would have embraced more opportunities if I had more power under my "mental hood"... As I am becoming more attuned to my goals, based on my values, I will make better decisions to engage certain opportunites that fit within my vision... This is a good reminder, and the adjustments needed are being implemented...
I would have seized more if I had stayed more focused on what was important in my life. I have lost a lot due to poor personal choices. It is time to start over and not miss out on any more opportunites. I plan to take the TQ seriously now and live my life everyday to the fullest.
Now: stabalize cash flow through 3 sales pending TB-GSK-B
solidify WTNEEHUB planning with BACC

Next: Spend time with wife and kids TOGETHER
to know that I can take control of my life and start making better choices. to create balance in my life and live my values each day. I just updated my vaules.
next, to live each day making the most of my time with each new day, not taking anything for granted.
I am not only ready for the NEXT opportunity, I am chasing it down hard!

There are 3 kinds of opportunity:

1. Opportunity that finds you... the sweetest kind!

2. Opportunity that you find... the surprise.

3. Opportunity that you create... the most fun.

Am heavily involved in stage 3 opportunity right now and it is adding life to my days!

how does onecontinue to build a business when surrounded with turmoil?
Learn to thrive on chaos!

Yes, I believe in destiny.

My destiny is to solve a problem vexing humanity for thousands of years: a pathetic lack of mission, direction and purpose.

Why is this such a problem?

Because it is the breeding ground for hopelessness, helplessness, despair, depression, and procrastination.

See http://bit.ly/9IqCTe

My Destiny is to be an around successful man - in ministry, as a father, as a husband, as a grand-father and as a great-grand-father and later, much later to make heaven and live eternally with my Savior.
Our first city top10 buildings done by May 2011
Can I see the opportunity to create a NEW me?


In a way, each day I grow I naturally become a new person.

The old me of August 12th is gone forever.

The new me as of August 13th has but one day to achieve up to my full potential.

Tomorrow, I will raise the bar higher!

WOW! This is what personal growth is all about.

I need to start over from the beginning. Even though I am 55, I need to stop looking at my life as over. Instead I need to find away to live my life as though I was going to live to be 120. In may ways this stage of my life has many more opportunities and fewer burdens then when I was 30. I have to find a way to realize that age is a state of mind. I can remain health and active via exercise which can give me the opportunity to do so much more than I ever thought was possible.
i need to write a mission and vision statement
Ours is multiplying, we have the # 1 opp on internet according to Alexa.
You can see how e-mail videos or video conferencing will increase
your income 7 ways. Review at MeetLiveVideo.com
When page opens, put your name as GUEST. Have a nice week.
I would be able to help people, and would be able to use talants that God has given me. Would be unlimited, as to what would be done. Move out of this state of being parlized. Use ideas I have no matter what is said be honest with myself.
I see definite changes I need to make to be a new me - thinking more positively, letting bygones be bygones, and changing the way I've been thinking so that I can stop being a "NO" it all. Being around chronic complainers turns you into one, and do I have my work cut out for me! But, I am determined to be a better person and create a life for me that I love.
weighing 175 lbs.
Did I actually GET the results I expected so far for the year? Great question.

No, my expectations are currently well beyond my power base to execute up to them.

So, I am increasing my power!

establish my production company. save money for the company. set up website, get credit worthy

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