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What Is Your Time Quotient? Why Should You Care?

"Be of good cheer. Do not think of today's failures, but of the success that may come tomorrow. You have set yourselves a difficult task, but you will succeed if you persevere; and you will find a joy in overcoming obstacles. Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost."~ Helen Keller

Last week we discussed the difference between hopes and wishes vs. crystal-clear EXPECTATIONS. As I pointed out all week, what you have the RIGHT to expect is based on four Colors within your personal Time Prism: Your sense of purpose and MISSION... your ATTITUDE... your ability to set Smart GOALS... and your ability to establish realistic PLANS to achieve your goals.

Once you have established clear EXPECTATIONS, your success then depends upon your ability to EXECUTE, such that you meet or exceed your expectations.

In "TQ Speak," there are 6 Colors that drive your ability to Execute: Your physical (and mental) ENERGY level... your ability to PRIORITIZE your actions... your ability to build teams and create powerful interpersonal SYNERGY... your ability to remain ORGANIZED and OPTIMIZE your time... and finally, your propensity to take bold ACTION.

Together, it is these 10 Colors that are continuously driving your Expectations, and your power to Execute.

Thus, it is this "Golden Ratio" between your Expectations and your power to Execute, that moves you forward towards success—or holds you back from it.

it is also your Golden Key to Success!

No question, this key will unlock the future of your dreams.

This week, we are going to discuss one of the most important numbers in your life... a number far more important than your IQ or your EQ... even more important to your career, and future, than your golf handicap!

Your Time Quotient (TQ) is a Gold Standard measurement of the ACTIONS you take to produce the RESULTS you get over TIME.

TQ measures how SMART you ACT, not how smart you ARE.

TQ More Results In Less Time: The Key To Lasting Success.

So, what's your current Time Quotient? How well do you actually produce the RESULTS you Expect, in the TIME you have?

Do you consistently bang out world-changing Results, or are you frequently failing to live up to your expectations?

Over the next few days, we will be discussing your career TQ... your business TQ... your relationships TQ... your financial TQ... your marriage TQ... and your family TQ. If you want these areas of your life to work better, then work smarter. Improve your TQ. Start now to produce substantially better RESULTS... TODAY!

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TQ Want greater Success this year?

Produce better Results right now. Improve your TQ.

Put simply, your success is completely dependent on the Results you actually GET in the TIME you have.

One level deeper, your RESULTS are an integral function of your Expectations for each Goal (goal n=1 to 100), over your power to Execute, such that you meet or exceed your Expectations in the Time you have allotted: This week, month, year or decade.

For example, if you have 3 big Goals for the next 2 years (Time)—Number 1, retire with total financial freedom... Number 2, travel North America via rail... and Number 3, reconnect on a deep spiritual level with your Maker—the Expectations have been set... and the Time allocated.

To consider yourself Successful then, your Actual Results over Time must meet or exceed your Expected Results over Time. Consistently achieve the Results you Expect and you are a success.

The ONLY issue then is if you have the raw, Results-producing personal POWER to Execute up to Expectations.

This POWER, of course, is an integral function of how brightly each of your 10 Colors are burning. If your Colors are all strong and vibrant, you produce Results way beyond Expectations. If they are weak and faded, you have a problem just making it through the day, let alone producing fabulous Results.

Which is WHY your TQ is an integral function of your 10 Colors and is the key to your success:

TQ How much POWER do you have?

Because this topic is so important to your future, I want you to take 20 minutes, in the next day or so, to answer the 10 simple questions for each area of your performance. (These 100 questions will give you pin-point precision into what's currently driving your future. Your responses are 100% confidential, and the test costs you nothing but time.)

Even if you have done this before, it is good to get a quick review of your overall Power level. If you haven't yet taken the full TQ Test, consider this your wake up call!

If your TQ Score is less than 70, and you don't already own a copy of The Power of TQ, I am making it available to you this week at one half price ($19.95). You must order from this page to receive this discount.

This may well be the most important single investment in YOU, you will ever make. In fact, I personally guarantee it!
-- E.R. Haas, CEO


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The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

Spring of O8?
Looking at the past 9 months, I have been working HARD, not SMART. There have been very few results attached to my work. I am changing every day, so I believe that the end of this year will be successful as long as I keep applying myself to my work and work SMARTER!! It will happen - I EXPECT GREATNESS!!
Currently, my goal right now is to study for Life Health & Disability exam, so I can sell Medicare, new year enrollments. For now, cash flow is more imaginary. Being able to upgrade my clients into the new modernized medicare with support from AARP builds my other goal, to create another system of generous revenue.

Another goal is to embrace a newer company I was persuaded into, prepaidlegal. My mind is still toying with a lot of the challenges. It's a very reputable business & I think the benefit is a must have. So I need to set my goals to include a sale today. A 2nd means to cash growth & residual income. Plus, I enjoy the people I meet & the team I brainstorm with.


Anyone reading this is welcome to check out my site. You can leave me an email & if you are from TQ let me know so I can pay it forward.

Today's goals, professional meeting, try to be a good listener, sale & study.

"You can take the reins of your mind, and in mastering your mind you can master your life."

Blessings to all!
Hi Nancy - this is me _ John R. I have read your comments before and you are on point !
Is that Centerpoint.com OR centerpointe.com ?
( notice the spelling )
do you subscribe to the Holo sync solution ?
you would be good with it and it may be good for you - if you need more info let me know at rhodes350@comcast.net - my very best - John R
Hello John,

That site is centerpointe.com & it is exactly what you said. I received the demo & played it, I really enjoyed it & my girls thought it was a hit. I have ordered the program & I can hardly wait. I'll get with you in the morning thur your email. I am finding so many thins coming together lately. I am really seeing results, & the results are compounded with way more than I had planned for, which is super good news.

Also, I responded to you the day before about your daughters move to AR. I had visited there during my childhood & lived there during highschool & college. Is her husband going to be stationed at Jacksonville Airfrce base?
Hi Nancy - yeah !!!!!!! you will like that demo and the program itself ! it seems to have a subtle effect right away - I will be interested in what you experience - although you will recieve many testimonials from the company that produces the CDs - I enjoy them very much. They are a meditative experience and the sound tracks are pleasant - Good luck to you - My daughters husband will be at Fort Smith Arkansas - Thanks for your comments
my very best - John R
I've not been applying anything I've learned so far. All it has done is frustrate me because I kept blaming everything else for my lack of ability to prioritize and organize. It's my schedule, my life, my priorities and if I don't give them the full attention they require, I only have me to blame. Why would anyone ELSE honor my priorities if I don't??
I completely understand what you are saying! I think about my TQ but haven't seemed to be able to apply what I have learned, and sadly I do not know the answer on how to turn the "ship" around!
I haven't been very pleased with my results in the last 9 months. I've gotten things done, but in my opinion it took way too long.
It seemed to be difficult for me to keep up the high pace necessary to accomplish my goals in Great time.
What I noticed is that I never put much time and energy into pre-planning my future and scheduling my days in advance.
Doing this is tough to keep up, but it's so worth it compared to the life I have to live when I don't do this; rushing, frustration, scattered, disorganized.
So I guess the smart thing to do is to always have a plan, and always work on that plan, even if I'm not ready.
well - not that smart BUt I am improving - it seems that I am improving - I sure hope so - damn! I hope all of you are improving too - let me know will you ???- I just attack the day the best i can and I do the best I can even thou there does not appear to be a grand plan to any of it - damn !
I just try to help my family and friends and be the best I can be right here - right now - I use every second minute and moment of each day to the best of my ability - I firmly believe that we are just given this moment to really be alive - I try to be alive and happy and content with what I have right NOW !!!!!!!! that is all we have is right now !! Boy I hope I am right about this _ -- I live one small goal at a time - I want to help my family and friends. Next will be habitate for humanity and the soup kitchen _ I hope I can do it - wish me luck !! Thanks for listening - best to all John R.
"The longer you wait to decide what you want to do, the more time you're wasting. It's up to you to want something so badly that your passion shows through in your actions. Your actions, not your words, will do the shouting for you." Derek Jeter
My relationship TQ is 26. That's really, really bad!! I can make my relationships stronger by spending time developing them. I can communicate with my friends more, I can try to understand my boyfriend better, I can get more out of my relationships with my coworkers. It can be done!
Good morning everybody- and especially you Nancy - this is great to get feedback RE: centerpointe.com - I believe it is all that the author says it is - Let me know what you think Nancy - - John R
Hi again everybody - I hope you folks can make sense of my " musings " on this site ! I don't mean to confuse the issues BUt I can be very spontaneous - to the point of reckless sometimes - BUT - that is ME !! I hope you get something from my musings and writings - It is just me and the way I am - Good luck to all and if you need me I am at rhodes350@comcast.net
To stop and pay attention to your friend or partner even when you are under a lot of pressure at work or other areas of your life.
I remember a shift of change in my life, it was during the millennium. There we were my three daughter 9, 4, & 2 yrs old. Unfortunately, my husband of 10 yrs reverted to the familiar behavior pattern; I had experienced over & over again, domestic violence, drinking & seeing other women. I had tolerated this in the beggining years. His only change of 3 yrs, was more due to his legal expenses not out of love or respect to the children or the marriage. & I wittness it all, & took on the hardships, & I allowed him to treat me like a subservient house girl.

Finally, I took a stand, (the agry hit me, the fear of aids, the lies & all those beatings!) It's been difficult. At times it is a living nightmare, & evil. At times I couldn't tell one truth from the other, the fear. And the people I knew during those dark times, gees, I just don't understand why they want to be with my exhusband, still to this very day.

Relationships seemed to have evaporated. I know part of it is caused by the narcissist alcoholic men I have been involved with, the control, the jealousy & the malicious behavior.

I suppose sometime in our life our spirit desires change & my soul is calling me.

Because of past, even recent painful relationship experienes, I've become somewhat selective. And by choice, I am alone.

Last year, I provided a clean festive enviroment to include dinner for 16 women. They drank more than I had anticipated & carried on like yelling teenagers, over talking one another. I felt disrespected & used; & I worried about legal issues if something might happen during their drive home (no one would alow me to drive them home). I tried to reorganize future events with them. I wanted to exclude drinking & to influence health; & turn our gatherings into a mission supporting a cause, but no reponse. Funny how things workout. I was hurt, but now I am somewhat better. I see them at the school & in town now & then. They rarely remember me, barely acknowledge me, hum... My 1st year in this sleepy little town called Fall City!

Over the summer I found a nearby church full of women & programs that I am growing into. & they already have dinner parties & bunco nights; & guess what, the winnings support a cause.

Everyday allows new opportunity to connect, & I connect often.

In order to make relationships stronger, one must engage in the relationship respectfully. Also, you get out of it - what you put into it. & what you water will grow.

I'm so glad you've found good people and become friends. When all you've known are untrustworthy people its hard to find people you can trust, but as you have found - they do exist!

Thanks! It is a struggle, being new in town & wanting to make new friends. It took a couple of visits to figure it out. I think I am headed in the right direction now. Thanks for your support.

"enlightened wealth"

A person lives a life of enlightened wealth when they always strive to be the best they can be, they know no boundaries, and know there can be abundance for all. They know creativity is unlimited. They understand that the application of creativity to everyday needs is the basis of providing value, which in turn creates wealth. They live in balance. Their life is devoted to living and sharing abundance through service which allows them to give their unique gifts--for the benefit of themselves, their families, their communities and the world.
Hi Nancy, you may have written these words some time ago, but they are still so very timely and relevant; ever enduring. Thank you for the "shot in the arm". Your words will become a part of the wisdoms I take to heart whenever I feel I'm stuck with no where to turn. I hope you continue on you (TQ) journey.

All my best to you!

hell NO - I am not anywhere near where I thought I would be - who would have known where they would be 10 years IN ADVANCE !!!!! never never never - wow ! how did that happen _ / ? I would never have imagined that I would be here - where I am ------- 10 years ago !!!! wow _ I am happi HERE BUT I would never have guessed that I would be here - never look back ! remember JAWS - " don't look back Frank" when the guy was dragged out on the pier - by the Shark - His friend yells to him - " don't look back Frank " the shark was chasing him !!!! LOL - that is a great object lesson - never look back _ LOL again _ best John ---- P.S. hi Nancy
Well - Here I am again _ wow - still here and kicking - and just looking forward to the day - it feels good out there - I want to do something good today - for my family and then myself - maybe doing good is a reward in itelf - it is !! tabla Rosa - ' a CLEAN SLATE " starting the day with a clean slate - and a clean plate - the agenda is set by me ! LOL - put on your plate what you want to put on it - at least try to do that - give back more than you get - be honest and compassionate - just try hard to do soemthing good each day - be open and BE BOLD --- LOL
heck - Just be the best you can be - right here right now at this moment in time - thanks to all for being there each morning - send a message of hope and success to me - thanks - John R
Message of hope. Today, I felt awful and was called from the home care staffing service to work. I was dreading it but went anyway. This lady was so special and I would have missed it. I have also been helping a lady with lung cancer and i've done some extra things for her, but she gave me a cool scratching post for me cat. Helping her is very difficult but look at the reward. What an inspiration she is. (Could you pray for her?) Then I got a call for an interview tomorrow. I've been without a job for 9 months - its funny because everybody wants/needs me now. Now i'm not so sure my old body can deal with all of this. I just want to sleep.
Hi again _ the previous message was intended for all = BUT especially for nancy - good morning Nancy - have you done your holosync this morn - discipline your self to do it each day - good luck - and you are on track -
love John
Good morning John,

I am just getting around, I try to get up at 5:30 am to study. Yesterday & today it rained cats & dogs, makes it hard to get out of bed.
I am waiting for my programs to arrive, I placed my order the day before. So no I have not plugged in yet. I used the demo last night, however the girls keep interupting,(2 daughters); they are notoriously known to be loud & full of energy.

Have a great day!
= y e s !!!!!!!!!! But I would never have thought I would be here at any stage of my life - hell - you just never know what is next - you can try to predict BUT - that will not work - it is has been an interesting trip - this life - very interesting indeed - ben a rocky road soemtimes BUt heck - you goota feel the fire before you can try the cool and calm - I guess - I really do not know but it isstill a lot of fun - let me know what you think >>>??? thanks - John R
I have to agree with Al Lee, "People see the world not as it is, but as they are."
When I am in a great mood & things are going my way I feel rather content. Like wise with the weather conditions. Not much of a summer here, Pacific NW. & now we are into fall.

On my list to do: Purchase those mood affecting light bulbs, I think they are inexpense & available at any hardware store or Walmart. Certain UV rays help inspire & lift the mood. And vitamins, I am on a reputable regiment of minerals.

Now let's see how I can contribute to good cheer!

It is important to take time to warm up your own spirit & soul, so I found a daily devotion that helps. "90 Minutes in Heaven" Don Piper

"Love your neighbors as yourself."
~Galations 5:13-14

A simple principal of Christian love, it's an attitude, it's care put into action. Use your freedom to serve others.

With God's help!

Love & Peace!
Hi nancy - soooooooooo you are in Pacific NW - oppps - get those lights - they will help.. for sure - good luck and thanks for the blessings - I appreciate that - I am sure all the other folks do too - my best to you and your girls - John R
yes I am
Heck - I think - yes think - that I am still on the way up
Thsi is all speculation and guess _ BUT - I do think I am on the way up - thanks for the help - Best John R
damn ! where is evrybody this morning ? I am all alone here now BUT there is hope !!!!
Oh Boy - Hope - the mother of all virtues - I don't even know if it is a virtue by definition _ BUT - there appears to be hope
thanks evrybody - thansk a lot - count your blessings this morn - write them down and revel in what you have - right here - right now - this second minute and moment in time - thansk for the help and being there for me all these months - Best to all - John R
Hi John - Again ! still here and musing and writing ( type ) and count your blessings - evryday - it is all gravy - thansk agin - wow _ I cannot keep from saying Thansk - now - just get to your goals for the day - one at a time - one at a time - it is good enuf for me - just seize the day - grab the moment - right here right now be the best you can be - best - john R
What a powerful & thought provoking TQ lesson; emulate admirable traits in others.

Naturally, since early childhood this process began. & In school I was influenced through a dignified class of elementary teachers, officer's wives, & many other military officer's & generals. By Jr Highschool I favored Barbara Walters from 20/20, & later 1987 or 1988 Ophra Winfrey; & I have continued to watch the Ophra shows & the guest from her platform.

Growing up in a military setting, rather it be in WA, KY or Germany, there were always competitive sports & achievement awards to strive for. Later in the school year there was a large ceremony & many of the post generals & officers would attend & hand out our awards. It was such an awesome feeling. I still have those certificates, ribbons & president patches in safe keeping.

All those leaders, volunteers & gym teachers that strived to help me set-goals & empowered me, I emulate them. I think it is a natural human trait to want to reflect the best that we can be. Fortunately, I was couchable & God had placed the best around me early on, diluting a lot of the negative.

Sometimes, we get buggled down, depressed & life has ripped us apart. During those early years, I was going through terrible times in my home, my parents were abusive to themselves & to their children. God's gracious mercies allowed me an escape through the education process & through my mind, & He placed a will in my heart to desire for more.

Awareness of my thoughts & goals are important. I am gaining speed because of TQ. TQ has help raise my level of discernment, it's just awesome. It's all so positive.

I am applying TQ & the freedoms I have now to create an even much brighter future. A truer form of me is developing. My value system is improving. I know God has big plans to utilize my gifts & talents. With God's help I will reach true freedom! It is obtainable!

For whatever reason, whatever weakness & lack of character I once was, I am surpassing choices made during those dark times. There is new growth & constructive self development.

With support, journaling & much food for thought, my desires & my dreams are back. My daughter's desires & dreams are heard. We feel more joy & are experiencing new festive events; & friendships are starting to develope. We continue to desire the ability to create & make decision on our own. We attract unconditional love, we express God's love! Our attention is directed on positive subjects & real world wide issues. We are living our truths & dreams more & more!

Goals are very important!

Blessings to you always!
TQ is as important as IQ and EQ in that TQ adds a new and necessary dimension ro promote our life and career prospects in an efficieent and effective fashion. Without TQ, it seems to me IQ and EQ can't achieve their desired effectiveness and we can't let the world see our very best. I like the TQ idea very much.
Morris , Taipei
Over the next 3 months, I will commit to my schedule. I will utilize every precious moment to accomplish things in that moment and now put it off until later. I will write my things to list, then create a game plan for each item that I needs to be done by creating little maps for each item, and clustering like activities to reach my goals in the shortest amount of time.
Will make phone calls today to improve my relations TQ
Oct 7,2007
Continue to employ tactics to help my sons Joe (12) and Andrew (10) buy into The TQ experience. Targeting specific goals with action steps continually over the next Three months is a very important goal of mine. They both have been sporatic in documenting achievements in thier ledgers. I will continue to encourage both boys to use this tool, as I am confident that they will begin to reap great benefits and boom with confidence.

Promotional Exam: On target for preparing and undestanding material for Fire department Lt. exam. My confidence is incredible at this point. Just by focusing on replacing negative thoughts with positives has increased my enthusiasm and consistency toward achieving this goal.

Hardwood floor business has been much more successful since I have been organizing important aspects of the business with automation, and filing.

Set Goals Disk is todays lesson, but the daily TQ message via E-mail has been my favorite companion.

I still feel I am only scratching the surface
when it come to fully utilizing this most excellent program. Can I purchase the TQ program on the Ipod or is it legal to down load my disks onto my Ipod so I can listen to them more often?

Joe Lembke

I wish you much success with the boys!

Focusing on my daily TQ power, has played a big part in my upraising of my children too; they are 9 & 10.

I also called the school for information on achievement awards that can be attained during the year. The school was limited, however, one is old enough to sign up of Student Safety Patrol, it's a start.

Besides TQ, another gem has been centerpointe.com, the meditaion cd's are my children's favorite. Holosync! The package is very generous.


Joe --

Yes, you may order the full system and make a copy of the CDs on your iPod!

Your kids will benefit greatly as you teach them the principles you learn, especially in understanding the relationship between Vision, Values and Roles. Many parents have told us this helps set their kids up for far greater achievement down the line!

Best of luck on the Exam!!!

Complete papers
Get Funds
Start the Extra-Writing B+others
Apply for my Job
Prepare My lessons
Establish My collaborations
Lay-out of My 2 Books
Lay-out Foundation Programs
I try to be as postive as possible, I am having a hard time focusing on each of my roles and need to improve on that this week!
There are some negatives, but I lean more towards a positive mindset. I intentionally let my mind dwell on a place or ideas that make me feel balanced and peaceful.
Focus on my future goals and set real goals to achieve every day to get closer, when I fail review what went wrong and how I could have done it successfully. Be honest with myself about what I want out of life.
I got married because it is always good to have someone besides you in your life. You have a family and there more than just you to serve and love. Alma
MArriage is on my mind since last 1Year.
But I cannot dare to engage due to two basic factors 1) How will I manage a family in the current Salary I earn ?
Will I be able to impress my would be partner ?
Thank you! I read this everyday, I have all the CDs. I'm a TQ!
pretty often, when i laugh ,and some body just make me laugh
when I am happy...and comfortable
i will be aware of what i am eating and only eat to live . i will commit to walking and limit watching tv
get a new apartment that is decent that I can afford
get a new job
get a new boyfriend
Hey I'm with you on that one. I say that almost everyday. Get a better apartment that I can afford. Definately a new boyfriend, this one has worn out his welcome. As for jobs, unfortunately this town doesn't have much to offer. Time for a geograhic change. Actually its time for alot of things, basically to get out of that rut and just plain do it! Forget putting things on MY list and just do it!!
Become more organized.
I can do anything, I can be anything, but because I'm such a free spirit I really have to brighten up the mission color. I really have to focus on just doing four things at once instead of ten. And quite frankly just crush them, smoke them, and blow the competition right out of the water. Sometimes I think these colors can make you a monster because you can come down pretty hard on yourseslf. Oh well, have a nice day tq people.
After only 9 months of being a TQ member, I have made great strides towards completion of many of my business and personal goals.

My TQ Score has improved by 40 points and the value I have gained from daily study of my TQ pages have pushed me to complete some projects
very early.

This is truly going to erase 10 years of trial and error. Which has been my methodology to this point in my life. This should be taught in our early developmental years of school. Thanks to Eric and his staff for the countless hours you invest to make this daily portion of my journey possible.
From today on, I am starting to talk VERY POSITIVE about MYSELF.. Always GOOD AND POSITIVE things about me.

I'm trying to think positive. I will show homes today and focus on selling. My clients ant to buy!
I am willing within the next 3 months make a plan and stick with it. I am ready to get my business off the ground and let it begin to provide opportunity for other people. I am willing to trust myself in making the decision to be an employer instead of an employee. I am willing to give my self a chance to live life instead of exist in life. I am willing to accept the fact that I am capable of being a millionaire. I am willing to accept help from others and know that I can not do anything on my own. I am willing to accept that to be successful in business I must have customers. I am part of this universe and I am omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient in all things. I am ready to receive all that is mine and those that are not willing to accept their portion I will take that too.
I will focus on my personal and professional goals. However, I will need to first define what they are and follow up on them weekly, monthly, and yearly.
Not exactly. Sometimes, I envy my colleagues and feel frustrated and depressed. I know this is not right, but I can not make the decision to accept this fact.
I would like to have a house built the way that I want it and where I want it.
Most of the people around me have come to know me as irresponsible, and unaccountable. They know that i usually don't show up when i say i will if i do at all. They also know that i'm in financial trouble and i'm having trouble getting out. I cannot be counted on. They do know that i have the potential to get out of trouble, and that i do mean well most of the time.
My relationships can be strengthened by practicing time management, and being where i say i'll be on time. At the very least make a call if im not going to show up. Also If i can start showing responsibility with my finances i'll start to be taken serious again instead of being a joke. Finally i need to practice being consistant in making good decisions and reliability
not very smart at all
We recently formed our nonprofit company "Life Motivates" this is our way of paying it forward. We have met so many people that do not have very many positives in their life. You can check out our blog at http://lifemotivatesusa.blogspot.com/

We hope to be able to promote TQ and other positive books and resources as we travel and give talks and seminars at various groups throughout the USA and Canada.

I have learned so much and came so far because of TQ and other sources that I feel like now is my time to pay it forward.
No, not by a long shot. I feel its taking to long to get to my spot in the world. Is it me or is it just that this isn't the right time for me yet?
by having a cow-calf operation, i have stalled my plans for a faster turn over of of assets, and cash flow. i need to follow the cow-calf market, and sell them as soon as possible, and replace with stocker calves, which allows me to increase my income
be postive
be active take action
I will exercise at least 3 times a week for a continual year. I began on Mon. Sept 28th, 2009.
I will
take better care of myself. exercise, diet, and rest. i cant be all that i want to be if i dont fix myself first
I will have to eat right, continue exercise routine, and focus on my goals. In order to focus on my goals, I will have to visualize it vividly.
Getting real legal help today,thats all I know, its about time.
Relationships can always be made stronger -- first by listening -- then finding a way to make everyone part of your life's mission.

People want to help.

If you give them a chance, they will amaze you.

Simply detail your expectations and elicit clear participation and you instantly strengthen even the most discouraged to lend a hand.

So, yes, my best and most important relationships could be even stronger.

No, I am not where I should be by now, BUT...

Had my team building skills been better...

Had my risk tolerance been higher...

Had I communicated the dream clearer...

Had I really lost the weight and increased my energy level...

There is no question I would be much further ahead than now.


It's time to give up the BUTs...

And improve the collective TQ of our company by 60,000 points.


2,000 people working a great deal smarter (30 TQ points) and we will achieve our greatest aspirations.

I am definitely not where I plan to be this year. I am still working to raise my energy level to create the momentum I need to do the work and get the results.

Certainly without the required input the results will not come.
Not at all..I had a light bulb moment and finally realized that when I have a brilliant idea I develop plan with the action but expect results right away.

So then I change too quickly to next idea without giving current idea time to work.
How OFTEN does the world SEE my very BEST?

I think about 60% of the time I have my best foot forward. This is also supported by my current TQ score.

WOW! I still have 40% of the time I can improve and be a good example for my family. I surely do not want my family picking up my bad habits!

Time to step it up to 90 or better, for my loved ones! Lets get er done.
Work- I will identify the milestones needed to achieve my sales goals, make the plans and execute them relentlessly until I make it-by Oct 31st. I will close 1 loan a day, complete 1 annual review a day, open 1 new account a day, remove 1 unneccesary folder from my drawer and key 10 contacts daily.

Personal: Weight loss-I will complete the weight loss clinic in the next 5 wks- goal 15lbs weight loss. I will plan all my meals weekly, pack my lunch bags every night so that there is no issue with food. I will also fill my bottles nightly and set phone alarms to remind me to refill twice. I will exercise at 4:45am every morning for 45mins.

Personal-Rest- Go to bed by 9pm, wake at 4am- 30mins personal time

Home- I do my home blessing hour on sundays, 15mins general everyday at 6:45pm, 15mins zone everyday at 5:30am
My business journal is what I am committed to work on the next 12 months I have journal for years but it is mostly relationships, kids ,personal frustrations-- but I am now in the next phase of my life and I want to be more competent and professional and organized I want to keep my priorities and still be able to care for others without feeling so stressed
The past nine months have been totally wasted. I can't blame anyone but myself for the time wasted, or the daily interruptions. Finally cleared my head, the time wasters, and the interlopers interfering with what I want most, and I expect the next 90 days are going to bring about a complete, positive change to my life.
I am not very please with my result. I have being work a regular job. Four day a week, I am only doing it to take care of the family basic needs.
I am a trustworthly person. My role is a truck driver. My volunteer role is associate pastor. on the job, we usually do see much people. Point is I get energize when i speak to another person. I long to be in the midst of people, lets face it I am a social person.
Truth be known ... need help.
I am headed in the right direction. I am not where I want to be, but by achiving my goals I will be at the place I want to be at.
Bob Ward
No. Procastination, putting off what can be done today to tomorrow; which never comes. Excuses, no focus and lost of interest.
my goal now is to let nothing come between me and my desires, .. yesterday I was reflecting on my desires and realized I was not living them!, why would you not be achieving what you really want, staying in what you have already known but from lack of vision, thru not constantly recconnecting to what it is you want to achieve, reconnecting to your desire!!!
I will balance my roles in order to achieve success in all areas of my life. I will release habits and behavior that no longer serves me with persistent and consistent practice. I am grateful for whatever progress I make and build on the previous days learnings.
The only thing holding me back is my Energy Color -- and I am losing weight and gaining strength -- sleeping better. My SHI is now down to 2.7!!!

lack of results..what else?!
What makes me happy?

Growing my SKILLS to overcome ever bigger CHALLENGES.

Lo que me hace mas feliz es saber que a mis 61 aƱos soy capaz de iniciar mi propio negocio, dominar muchas materias, ser inteligente, tener buena salud, ser muy sabia y ayudar a otras mujeres que hagan lo mismo.
I have believable, achievable goals comprised of High Expectations.

My first expectation is that I am expected to perform up to these Expectations with brilliant Execution.

So yes, this old man has a TQ well above 90 and exhibits High Expectations / Brilliant Execution...

So I full EXPECT my dreams to be realized.

Job with flexibility, freedom and fullness of satisfaction, interactive with people, stock options, respectful organiziation, community involvement, allows for creativity, opportunity to write my own paycheque.
I have been doing all of the Success In Purpose exercises and have redefined my ONE Thing and my Purpose, Principles, and Passion for a front sight focus on where and what I want.

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Barry H.
Dallas, TX


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