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Achievement Takes Commitment.

"My mother drew a distinction between achievement and success. She said that achievement is the knowledge that you have studied and worked hard and done the best that is in you. Success is being praised by others. That is nice but not as important or satisfying. Always aim for achievement and forget about success." ~ Helen Hayes
Last week we discussed how to turn ever-present opportunities into tangible results.

This week we are going to discuss achieving greater results—in every area of your life. From now until the end of the year we will be focusing on increasing your POWER to SET and ACHIEVE tremendously BRILLIANT goals for yourself—both personally and professionally.

Between now and New Years Eve 2017, we will be talking about some really BIG words, with HUGE implications to your success: Commitment... Promises... Achievement... Excellence... Vision... Intentionality... Clarity... Power... and a whole slew of other "ten gallon" words!

TQ Achievement takes Power...

The simple fact of the matter is that it takes real POWER to achieve your dreams and goals. Goals do not achieve themselves. They require the sustained power over time to make them real.

Remember, even small goals take a small amount of POWER to realize. World-changing goals take wold-changing POWER.

If you wonder why many of your dreams, goals and aspirations fall through the cracks, the answer is simple: You lack the raw, results-producing personal POWER to achieve them.

Sadly, there is no "other", other explanation!

Again, to get everyone on the "same page," let's quickly run through your 10 Colors to see what power level your will need to actually ACHIEVE the results you desire.

This quick exercise will help you focus on where you are NOW, and what you will need to DO differently to get where you want to GO. Remember, each color-coded area of your performance is a link to the Quick TQ Test for that Color.

It is always a good idea to take a few minutes on Monday to spot check your strengths and weaknesses. (It's better to START the week off RIGHT rather than wondering where the time went Friday afternoon!)

TQ How do you define ACHIEVEMENT?

So that we are all on the same page, here's how American Heritage defines ACHIEVEMENT (n):

  1. The act of accomplishing or finishing; A great or heroic deed: feat, exploit, stunt, masterstroke.

  2. Something accomplished successfully, especially by means of exertion, skill, practice, or perseverance.

  3. See ACCOMPLISH (verb): Achieve or complete successfully: the planes accomplished their mission.

If you don't agree with American Heritage, how would YOU define Achievement:


TQ Exertion, Skill, Practice or Perseverance...

This is precisely what it takes to achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations... to COMPLETE what you have started successfully! Now, let's see how your EXPECTATIONS match up to your personal POWER.

My 2016 Expectations:

#1 Personal Goal ____________________ Achieved by 12/31/2017
#1 Career Goal _____________________ Achieved by 12/31/2017
#1 Family Goal _____________________ Achieved by 12/31/2017

My Power of TQ...

  • Do you have the physical and mental ENERGY level to achieve these top 3 goals in the next 90 days? Absolutely Yes ___ Not at this time ___

  • Do you have the sense of purpose and MISSION to achieve these top 3 goals? Are they directly aligned with what you value most? Absolutely Yes ___ Not at this time ___

  • Do you have the positive and proactive ATTITUDE necessary to achieve these top 3 goals given everything else going on in your life? Absolutely Yes ___ Not at this time ___

  • Do you have the ability to turn these GOALS into clear milestones and objectives? Absolutely Yes ___ Not at this time ___

  • Do you have the PLANNING skills required to achieve these top 3 goals? Absolutely Yes ___ Not at this time ___

  • Do you have the unrelenting FOCUS needed to achieve these top 3 goals, or do you frequently get sucked into the urgencies of life? Absolutely Yes ___ Not at this time ___

  • Do you have the team-building SYNERGY to achieve these top 3 goals between now and the end of the year? Absolutely Yes ___ Not at this time ___

  • Do you have the ORGANIZATIONAL skills necessary to to achieve these top 3 goals? Absolutely Yes ___ Not at this time ___

  • Do you have the TIME MANAGEMENT skills required to achieve these top 3 goals? Absolutely Yes ___ Not at this time ___

  • Do you have the ACTION-ORIENTED mindset necessary to achieve these top 3 goals? Absolutely Yes ___ Not at this time ___

Tally your YES responses: ____ Now DIVIDE by 10 and MULTIPLY by 100 (i.e. 4/10 * 100 = 40%.) This is the probability that your top 3 goals will be achieved in the next 90 days: ____%

TQ The Clock Is Ticking...

There are just 4 short months remaining for you to actually ACHIEVE your top 3 goals this year. Subtract about 2 weeks of holidays, and there are, maybe, 90 solid days left.

In truth, you have several options...

You can just TALK about your top 3 aspirations... you can move them from this year to SOMEDAY... you can REDUCE the size of your goals... you can ELIMINATE them... or you can simply POWER UP your performance and COMMIT to their achievement.

TQ Achievement Takes Commitment... Commitment takes Power.

My advice is to look at each of your top 3 goals... determine if you have the POWER to make them real... and if not make the commitment to improving your Power of TQ.

When you stop to think about it, there is no other "other" way!
-- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

Yes, I do believe that achievement takes commitment. You have to say that you are going to succeed at a certain thing, and do everything in your power to make sure that it happens.

I did the quick test and I need to do more to push my probability factor up - because I will achieve my top 3 goals THIS YEAR!
GET IT ? thansk for being patient with me - love this site just love it - it is the way to start the day ___
catch up on your friends and doing the things that need to be done - why not - just enjoy each second minute and moment this new day presents to all of us - that is all we have - the seconds minutes and moments of each new day. good luck everbody - good luck - best John R
hi and next ?
I do, BUT...
What's this big but? You have given your maximum effort. You have even over-stepped your target, but for completion, action of a second or third party is required. This party is the senior partner, infact your supervisor. It's difficult to say indolence is his nature. He sleeps on the action on which your next step rests. You have done everything motivation theory informs. He cannot change his nature - indolence. you are stuck. What would you do?
A resounding yes! There is no real achievment without proper action. As a football coach I find that when my team wins after a lackluster performance, (due to non action on the practice field), the feeling is a bit hollow. The accolades of others for success are not as meaningful. It does not seem justified to win.
Coach !!!!!!!!! a win is a win is a win _ take it and build on it - I was speaking with Bo jackson - I said Bo - Just when you were on the brink of greatness and excellence - YOU QUIT !! why ???
HE SAID - jOHN - i NEVER WAS IN IT FOR THE ACCOLADES OR THE TROPHIES ! I just loved to play = love that man - Take the win coach and build - good luck and congrats _ Best--- John R ( a former coach of football _ what a great game Huh ?? where you play ball ?
me!!! I was in maine at the university with Head Coach Walter Abbott after I came back from Vietnam - had a lot of fun -- best again
I know from experience this to be true. I received an associate degress at the age of 63. It took real commitement for me not to quit.
Hi Mary - congrats - I was thinking of another degeree at 62 - you are so right - it takes a lot BUt when you consider the experience it is priceless - just do it to do it - for the doing of it is enuf. - that is the key to it all- just do it for the doing - great ---and good luck - John R
Napoleon Hill, the great student of success & human potential, said, "Any idea that is held in the mind that is emphasized, feared, or revered will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient & appropriate physical form that is available." ~The Science of Success, by James Arthur Ray

Great read!

Late start in the morning,,I spent a few minutes praying & casting out demons in the name of Jesus. By the end of December I plan to be clear headed & master my anger towards those who have played the devils advocate in my children's life & mine. It's a mysterious world.

of course I do - thanks for reminding me -
best to all - John R
Committment is a complicated concept - very complicated - very personal - very difficult to master - all in all it TAKES A LOT OF LABOR - you gotta love what you are committing to. you got to love it body mind and spirit - I was never very good at committment - never - I did committ to the people I love in my life BUt maybe I was afraid of losing them - I stillhave them all after 35 years - thanks a lot - wowow - I still have the people I love in my life AND that is all that matters to me - $$ means nothing at all if you lose the people you love - time passes so fast - grab the moment or as they say " seize the moment " committ to the things and people you love in this life and you will be Ok - kemosabee ??^%$#!!!! understand ? I hope so = thanks for listening and get back to me - I hate being alone and not being heard ---- Love John R
John YOU are not alone! I always read your commits, & Tammies yesterday & the days before, I read everything. This is a pretty mature group & I enjoy the feed back.

The Marine saying I remember went something like, "Espirt... ah..somethign, refresh my memory , because the words have escape me! :)

Personally I am a real Army bratt & young Army veteran, & I was out before dessert storm by 2 days; a big blessing. A lot of my Ft Campbell buddies came back missed-up.
Good Morning Nancy - thanks for your response - Yeah this is a good group- I too enjoy read ing the comments. actually this is a great way to start each day = This morn my watchword is FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS on today - on each second minute and moment of this day - freddy called me this morn and I am happy he called and you responded to the TQ commentary = the beginning of the day is a whole new start to life nancy. cuz we are here and awake and ready to go- I can't wait to start the day engaged - marine Corps sayings are plentiful - semper Fi " always faithful " to goals and ideals esprit de Corps = spirit of the Corps ( something like that ) hell _ I just make it up as I move along - sometimes just too spontaneous - But I do make it up an awful lot - need to get some specific goals that can be attained - I dunno BUT I am trying - thanks for being there for me nancy - if you need anything let me know
This is a good site and we can help each oter make it thru the day.. I need this help sometimes ( a lot ) so thanks evrybody. Love John R
Dave - Just focus focus focus - dave - On right here right now !!!!!!! be the best you can be today = TODAY = this second minute and moment - that is all you need to do - focus on right now and be the person you want and need to be. RIGHT NOW !!!!!!! Hi Coach Pic ( my Boss in college ) Pic was a football coach and a great guy. My Coach at maine University - Hi Coach !!! where are you ? I need you now Coach _ rememeber !!!!!!! doit now Boys ! doit now and be there RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!! THIS SECOND MINUTE AND MOMENT - THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS be there for all of us and YOU right now. Boy oh boy this is sooooooooooooo good for all of us _ stay motivated and focused on right now right here with what you have and be satisfied with all that you have = 1. life 2. time 3. place 4. people 5 things to do 6. goals 7. comittments 8. promises to keep 9. family to take care of 10. wow 11. we are all so lucky thanks for listening and good luck to dave and nancy and all the others who are signed on today - I Gotta go to see Fred and start day with him over a coffee - see you all later love and semper fi to sergeant major tony Beyers + " Fortitudine Vincimus " Sergeant Major !!!! By endurance we will conquer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get back to me _ -- Love John R
yes ye s yes ======== y e s = the real cornerstone is
self confidence = you gotta believe in yourself -
y o u r s e l f = believe in yourself and all things are possible= do not take yourself down - redemption and re-conciliation are very possible - very very very possible
politics is so complicatde and you do not want it John
it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo complictade
Someday? Well, at lunch today I'm sending out another short story to yet another vic--er, another nice magazine who might like it.

I've finished the last chapter of a novel and will be posting it online as soon as my first readers get back with their critiques.

I've completed the last rewrite of a scene from my interactive Regency text game, and will be beating it over the head into HTML at my regular Monday We're All Going To Be Rich meeting. (note: need to talk to Paypal about the donation page).

And I'm doing a little bit of waffling around before starting the _next_ novel.
I do believe that thought is a potent form of energy.

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding." ~Proverbs 4:7

I want to understand who I am, what it is I dream of achieving. Last week I thought my mission was & is my daughters & my Mother. Yet 3 days of unresolved anger, stress with not financially supporting my oldest daughter's needs nor agreeing on this or that was disruptive & depressing, 3 days of rain. Three days of walking backwards & lacking purpose.

My dreams are real true relationships, speical events, celebrations, festivities, birthdays, weddings, graduations & anniverssaries to attend; holidays spent with a table of warms faces, real bbq picnics by the river, & a nice soouthern family reunion. I dream of sharing a warm summer night with my daughters in a southern bed & breakfast & showing them a field of fire flies. I dream of being part of a mission that supports an orphanage somewhere in Africa or Hatti. & I dream of owning a home that's always open to my daughters, family & friends. I want to be free, free of the thoughts & personalities that cage me in. I have lived under the roof of alcoholic men all my life, & I want to be empowered & free.
Nancy - I just re-read your last and am responding - nancy ! After these years of searching- searching -searching - I believe I have come close to the answers. close is good enuf for me - so here it is : THE KEY TO BEING CONTENT IS - BE IN THE MOMENT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN -- FORCE YOUR SELF EVERY TIME YOU END UP IN PAST OR TOO FAR IN FUTURE ! focus on now = right now !!!!!!!! Good luck cuz it can be hard BUt soooooo rewarding and tranquil when it happens Boy do I wish all of you - especially Nancy - GOOD LUCK AND GOD SPEED = this is a fun journey - (this life ) and just enjoy every second minute and moment you have right now _ Boy do I hope this works for all of you as it seems to do for me - semper fi - esprit de Corps= Good nite gracie - and I have to go to bed - Love John
Top to the day to you JOHN!

You are always right on target. I supose I have been feeling so under the radar. I haven't felt all alive. Certainly, everything implies I have life all around, but really it has been a very controled environment. I re- dedicate my day to God. He was within David when he took on his giants; & Daniel's entire being was a mighty force in the lion's den. I have come a long ways to get to today! & I am so blessed! I am looking forwarded to having all of me... It's a process at work.

Blessings John!
yeah - it sure does
Basically this is the way I want to go _ BASICALLy
Hi John - now what ? = well I got to get to Kate house and work on her garage = opps - driveway resurfacing - that is enuf for the day - used to be BIG dreams and goals - NOW - it is just little ones - modest and easy to do - just doit- thats all = just doit
ole Mairne corps thoughts - "run to the sound of the guns !!" up on the mountain top early in the morning - " STINGER " !!!!!!!
I am right now heading in the direction I predetermined. It had been extremely challenging connecting to my present location and direction. That it happened is a clear testimony of the truth in all I have studied from Sydney Bremer, Napoleon Hill, Robert Schuller etc down the line to Howard Gardner and the great TQ Motivators. At the end of my present pursuit, I will have made great incursion into the plane from where the ultimate goal becomes a matter of timing. And the world will know ...
Yes, committment does require power. Only when you commit do you look at "how" can I make this real and "what" do I need to do to make happen. Then forms a plan in your mind which you draw on paper and then start implementing in small and certain steps... and then you encounter show stopers and agian ask why? How? What?,,,,,and continue to answer those and resolve them to finally arrive at realising your dream!
It's a rockey road, but with TQ help, I'm headed in the right direction!
I am moving in the direction of my dreams, even though sometimes it seems like I am spinning my wheels, or going off course to help others achieve their dreams, leaving mine to die slowly.

With much prayer and sites like TQ to help me along, I WILL SUCCEED in achieving my biggest dreams!! Keep pressing on - never giving up - and it will happen!
All the time - all the time = thank you all for the encouragement
and support - thanks a lot === I do love this life -
wow - it is amazing that I am alive and well - with a family and a house and a tractor to move dirt - the kids are around here all the time= I got my books and a fireplace to burn wood for winter.
Carol is a great worker- my mother still cooks a home cooked meal for me . wow this is sooooooooooo good
thank you all again america thank you all
Love John R
Inch by inch. It cn be so lonely and so vulnerable but I will pursue it anyway because I have little to lose and so much to gain. My major concern is my children. They are 6,4 and 3 and they have needs that come first before mostly everything including myself and that is my struggle.
I'm moving in the direction of my dreams... but anyone looking at my TQ score can tell I'm not moving nearly as fast as I should.
As long as you are moving forward, the goal is getting closer. Remove should from your vocabulary, it only makes you feel like you're wrong. Keep moving forward and you can't fail. Linda
yes - BUT - it is always a yes But situation - damn !!
sure I have the power BUT the question is : do I really want
to use what Power I have left to do bull*&^% sthings (sic) -
damn - at 62 the salient question is : do I really want
I just don't know - I just don't know - John R
Absolutely! I strongly believe in the ABSOLUTE Power - made up of the DIVINE Power, the POWER Within, and the POWER of Others.

When we finally realize that there is a larger part of life that we do not control, then we start tasting the ABSOLUTE Power. To make things HAPPEN, we must acknowledge God's Power to influence things and the Power others have to steer it, for no man is an island.

Alex Nosa Ihama
Seeing the vision is like truth, touching it and feeling it. Just close your eye is their just waiting!
Seeing the vision is like truth; touching it and feeling it. Just close your eyes it is their just waiting!
Seeing the vision is like truth; touching it and feeling it. Just close your eye it is their just waiting!
I am not sure about my true power. I am sure however that I've never realized it. I am more on track of fulfilling my purpose now. Thank in great part to Think TQ. Thank you Mr. Haas!
Ah... I am so... preparing for an awesome day. I have all day to live & to bring on the good vibes; 12 hours to build on tomorrow!

Thank you God for this awesome sunny day! Thank you for 2 fabulous sunny days! Let your light shine!

These last 2 weeks I have been reding a lot on yhe Power of TQ, I am listening in; and I beleive I ahve feeling a stir withinmmy being. More often, I am searching my truer, my mind is happens to be working a bit more, I feel as if I am being an advocate to myself. Release the anger, so the good thoughts can flow & develop.
Hi Nancy -Top of the day to you too Nancy - thanks for the note and my prayers are with YOU !!!!!!!!! I wish you well in your journey and you are not alone - Just be in the moment always, and stay with the good thoughts - each second minute and moment that you have - just remain in the moment - right here right now.... I am with you - I am off to bed and must sign out for now - see you all in the morning _ I Look forward to hearing from all of you.. Love John R
In 5 years I will have achieved reaching the 5th Anniversary Celebration Edition of "Diversity Monterey County Magazine". [8.24.07]
Oh BOY !!! the next five years ?? (*&^%$ - ooppppsssssss
hell - I just want to get to the next 5 days ( and that is a reach )
wow = 5 years ?! *&^ well - that will require some thought and contemplation - for sure - I would just like to achieve a ceratin level of tranquility - yeah - that is good enuf for me - I plan to just enjoy the next few seconds minutes and moments as they come my way = I plan on just being in the moment and seizing each one as it comes my way - no big plans or ambitions = been there done that= I just want to slow down and enjoy right here right now ! Yeah - I love it here and now - got my health - can play raquetball when I want - can walk and run ( slow ) but can doit right here right now - thanks a lot everybody - I appreciate you all being there for me _ thanks a lot=== I love you all - John R
Not Yet!!!! One of my greatest dreams is to become a multi-billion dollar entrepreneur whose companies will help direct and give young Afro-Americans men a future. My second dream is to leave a legacy behind for my family consisinting of faith, family, wealth, and natural abilities that will enable them to make their mark in the world.

There are several things I will need in order to realize these dreams. First, Faith is the most important value because it will be needed when the pace is slow and it seems like my dreams are a long ways off. Second, discipline is required to master specifc skills and abilities in preparation for potential opportunities (i.e; financial mngmt, Crtcl Thkng, Plnng, and cmmtn). Finally, when you sum up all of the parts to the equation, action is the distinguishing factor which separates dreams from reality. Honestly speaking,the ability/inability to realize my dreams is much to do with the actions I take from this day forward.
Hi Brandon _ FAITH !!!!!! - you are onto to something BIG Brandon ! congrats on the faith thing - ( value ) - Remember the Star wars movies ? when the father ( sean connery ) was to walk on the invisible Bridge ?
He said he heard the word of god _ " HAVE FAITH " and he walked on the invisible bridge. Gosh I love Speilberg Movies - thanks for being there this morning TQ _ I appreciate it _ love john - get back to me cuz love to hear form all of you - Brandon _ nancy - tammie _ Clarissa _ I read all of your anecdotes - Love em = and you guys
see you all in a few minutes - if someone is on line - drop me a note and let me know I am not alone in the world - - John R
To increase my power of life today - I will : 1. stay within myself
2. stay within myself 3. meaning - I refuse to let others define me - 4. that is soooooooooo personal and powerful 5. just be the best I can be today - TODAY - that is enuf to increase my personal power - behave as thou I am confident and composed - pretend that you are unafraid and - as ted Roosevelt said _ you will gradually become unafraid - that is a revelation - it is good to feel as thou you are unafraid - wow
that feels so good - be unafraid of what you do not know about - I am constantly amazed at the simplicity of life - I am constantly
amazed at the new revelations that I can embrace to make my life better = also : Other people cannot read your mind - SO make up your mind to feel good about yourself _ OK ? that is enuf for the day - so - Good morning everybody and you too nancy _ _ John R
This weeks lesson on achievement helped me see that when I get overwhelmed, I rationalize, make excuses and then I get stuck in fear. I finally realize that NO FEAR will now be bigger than MY PASSION. I MUST LEAN IN TO MY OBSTICLE and push out my comfort zone by learning , growing and taking action to get to the new level I am aspiring to achieve. Our values plus personal power equals accomplishment/success. New day-New way
Hi Diane - thanks for signing on this morn - how are you ???and get on with being in the moment - remember what Ted Roosevelt said about "fear" - " At fist I was afraid of a lot of things _ wild horses - rough cowboys - men with guns - Bears ( wild ) I acted as thou I were unafraid _ gradually I became unafraid - LOL WOW - that is a revelation _ be unafraid - wade in - get up to your neck with what you are doing. confront your fear head on - meet the death of that fear - wow. thanks again evrybody _ thanks and best to you Diane and Nancy = Love John R
Hi to you John, I read about facing fear from Eleanor Roosevelt. This weeks lesson has made a huge impact on my life. It is the breakthrough I needed. I have to move from knowing to understanding and when I get there things shift. Now my focus is to move on and accomplish my dreams.
Hi again Diane ! THANKS for getting back to me - it feels good to hear from folks like you = people on a journey - thanks, and if you need anything let me know=
if I have the power to help _ I WILL!!!!!!!!!! good luck and god speed---
see you in the morning - Bye + John R
also - today practice the SMM (s) trilogy - LOl
just be in the moment this second -this minute ---this moment !!!!!!!!!! that is all you have to do _ be in the moment - right here right now - thanks evrybody for listening and letting me pontificate and proseltize my personal philosophy of life - listen up !! it is my life and my philosophy and the way I see it I have to be my own navigator - wow !! thanks a lot for this life I have and I plan to take adnantage of every moment that i have available to me - TODAY
also everybody _ For you red Sox fans rememebr what the manager of Sox said before the biggest upSET in History ! sox came back from 3 down to win 4-3 - " Boys !! all you have to do is win today !!! not yesterday - not tomorrow _ JUST WIN TODAY ! _ be the best you can be today - this second minute and moment - focus on the ball right now - right here !!!!!!! and you will be a winner - make your own breaks. Take advantage of opportunities NOW - focus on what is in front of you _ NOW - right now _ if Coach Pickett of the University of MaIne is on line _ THANKS COACH - THANKS FOR THE " RIGHT nOW "
BE THERE RIGHT NOW bOYS _ RIGHT NOW " GOSH I MISS THOSE DAYS AND THOSE GUYS _ DAMN _ I WISH I HAD TOLD THEM DURING THE LIVING YEARS. well anyway _ it is great to start right now right here anyway - thanks to all and good morning - be the best you can be today - right here right now - not yesterday - not tomorow BUT right now - Signing out till the next time we meet = Love John - and do not forget - " semper Fi " to all you Marines
1. Acquire this Associate of Business Degree.
2. Pay-off my debt.
3. Increase my 401K.
4. Take up a new career.
5. Retire from my current employer.
I will keep my body and mind in shape - I will get motivated
to keep my BODY and MY MIND IN SHAPE - that is it
for today - spirit mind and body in shape and moving hard
thank you all - thank you all for this site _ I love it
thanks again -- wow I cannot stop saying thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!
and I mean it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get back to me ??%$#@!!!!! thanks
John? I am on the same page. If we have the fit mind and body and thoughts we can soar. It sure makes me happy just knowing they all fit together and we do get happy. You said it so well. Diane
Hi Diane ! thanks for the note Diane - I appreciate that - spirit mind and Body - fit and ready to engage the world ( or just your friends and job ) is enuf for now _ just this moment in time is enuf for me - I hope you feel the same Diane - just enuf for me - this moment in time - Give it all that you have and the rest will fall into place.. it is amazing how great that is : just giving this moment in time all that you have. If you are fit and trim and lean and ready to go - then it is soooooo much easier to tackle the world. AND so much more fun to tackle it with the requisite energy that comes with fitness - walk /run/ swim / what ever - just do something physical each day for an hour and all the world is yours to play in - Good luck everybody and especially you Diane and Tammie and Nancy and all the others who have sent me a note= stay fit and "semper fi" to all of us - My very best - John R
Orginally, I just hadn''t a clue what I had been dreaming of. Perhaps learning to mediatate will help me look within. Now my eyes a seeing the connection I had always dreamed of.

A steady focus surely will bring about something!
Life Power, hum...
1. Take care of myself
2. Turn up the volume, joy... joy... joy!
3. Welcome the LOVE!
better career by better knowlege schooling and volutenteering
my dream is to have a family based on purly love and respect and working with Bill Gates to touch and make millions of life better so that i can see Sai Ram with pride and a feeling of life lived fully and having utilized all his given power to its fullest
and i am even not a 10% of what i wish to be
I will give more and more and more to my family - then my friends - then my community - then I will think of ways to give more back - I want to do this and it requires a committment to excellence - that is what I want to do ! thanks for listening - I appreciate it =
My very best - John R
Discover my vison and create a vivid picture in my mind.
I don't have the power alone do realize my dreams, but with Christ...all things are possible...and with the help and guidance I'm getting daily from TQ...yes...I can do it.
helping Jon get settled into a permanent place
to live.
help get this business going.
The bible says "according to the power that worketh in you", YES ! I can do ALL things through Jesus Christ wo strengthens me. I have a problem with taking on too many endeavors and work a FT and PT jobs. Striving to become gainfully self employed. Studying for my Grp. ! Insurance License now, for AA Reservationist Night time work, plus pursuing a Wholesale R/E endeavor, MaryKay has been on the back burner. I'm exploring the potential profitablity of all of them.
keep focused. Work towards the goal. Keep organized. Don't let negatives get me down.
Yes. Commitment is critical to achieving the results you desire. If your not committed; then the believe in the achievement is weak and needs to be refined to determine if this is really what you want. It takes focus, dedication, time, understanding, and love for yourself to remain committed.
Awesome exercise and thanks for the wake up. I came in at 60% which, as I look back, is typical for me. Thanks to Success on Purpose, my mission is clear as will my goals soon be. I am focused to getting the energy I need but still need to increase attitude, synergy, focus, action!!!!
Yes, in order to effectively do something and be proud of what you have done, it is important to be committed thoroughly.
it does need power and this power come naturally when you really like to acheive a goal you want and for a good reason,(is it worth it)
what is in it for me?
I'm not sure who said this, it just helps me-
"Commitment is doing what I said I would; even long after the mood I was in when I said it has passed."
Yes I believe I can accomplish my goals that I have before me. I need to work on my organizational and time management skills and stop procrastinating. Then I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I will start today! I'm excited to get going again.
This is a complex question. As I am learning optomism (as one practices riding a bike), I would have to say 'I love the way my life is heading', in that I believe (and want to believe) I am heading to the acheivement of my dreams and goals. As a planner, I know I have a ways to go to get there.
Today, August 20, 2008, I am closing a chapter in my life and moving on under God's guidance, knowing I have given my all, as I am depleted and stripped of ego, hope for this situation and lack of energy or desire to pursue it further. I am at the lowest low in my life, and yet I am at a seminar this week to open my life to transformation. I fully expect to leave here, San Francisco, Monday morning on a plane home, with a new vision of hope, prosperity, joy, and fulfillment in all areas of my life, with a new adventure before me, regaining my passion for all that my life has to offer with world, and with a renewed hope and conviction that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Faith in the unknown, my future, but faith in the known, Jesus Christ). It is with many mixed emotions that I close this chapter in my life, knowing that no matter what I do, I will not do the same things again in the same way. I feel in many ways that I have not honored my commitments to my Lord, but I also know that he is providing me with a life changing experience that will serve him more clearly, and that his forgiveness of my failues is already done. This week is the gateway to my future and I stand upon the promises. Thank You Jesus!!!
Yes I believe in general my life is starting to turn for the better. I am becoming more focused on follow through and commitment.
Today was a fascinating thought on trusting yourself and the importance of doing so.
Why is it people who don't trust themselves can trust their self doubt?
I will purchase at least 1 customer per month for Trivita business. I would like to be able to support my family with my own business.
To get out of debt! It is going to take a detailed plan and follow through..
yes I Believe
it does demand commitment because you are not.. what's the point? I feel that is what is lacking these days.. solid commitment and "desire" for what you really want
This is it- My new beginning! New dedication, new commitment to living my purpose and doing my best with the power of Christ in Me! I am
committed to living a life of abundance and power! I have what it takes... I will just live one moment at a time and do my best by staying focused on the moment. Thanks to TQ for breaking down the steps to success!
Do 5 items a day
absolutely it couldn't be anymore truer.
Yes. I believe it. I also believe that power requires commitment. Power is not always limitless so channeling one's power to the important tasks and goals is very important.
I have been given an opportunity to partner with a man I am interested in. We will market a JesusRing. I have concerns that my emotions will get in the way of my business accumen. I do want to be successful monetarily and have taken some concrete action steps. I have registered to take a small business seminar and receive counseling thereafter. I have also contacted a SCORE Counselor. She helped me in the past. I do not want to bite off more than I can chew. I want to make money for the first time in my life and I want to not worry about spending. It is my turn to shine! I will persist,and keep my eyes on the objective not the obstacles! Today my question to myself is...
I want to become a senior economist and diplomat. Everyday passes, I move nearer to my goal. I read, discover current issues happening around us today. I aspire to make my dream become a reality!
I have started th TQ process and I eel better and more enthused already
Yes I am moving in the direction of my dreams. It's difficult, true but I believe that persistence will pay off. I just have to keep going, thinking, and refining my plans and efforts.
Commitment does require Power!
Power is the result of confidence, and without confidence, there is no commitment. -Sab
I have the power to realize my dreams
A residual income to support my family, that I can give ten percent of back to the Lord.
Faith, small Goals, a strong purpose, vision, and plan, detailed, rehearsed, and followed through.
Hitting my online and offline business goal targets.
more and more i realise that i need to acknowledge that part of me that desires to be what i was meant to be and not just exist in a job that was only supposed to be temporary. in my seventh year at this job i realise that its not a frivolous thought to want what's really for me and i don't have to just stay here. i know that just starting to find this path has already increased the power of my life and the legacy i will leave my children.
I will l learn to be a better money manager. I will live in the present. I will focus on my own happiness.
I am very very impressed with this website and glad that i came across it.
yes. Achievement Demands Commitment. Without carrying out a task, result is unattainable.
Yes i do, however I keep on falling asleep and then I wake up, as I wake up I forget all the power I have within me. I take for granted all that I have achieved; I focus on things that are of no use to me, it is an on going process I must stay wake dare myself to dream and believe in life, others and myself. Planning is one of the top priorities I must take on. since I know it is the key ingridient to produces all the results I want to achieveI
hi .. im novice with this site but it helps us a lot by committing with the words we have and to put in actions so that we can achieve our dream my simple dream personally is to finish my personal loans so that i can start helping my family in payin our house and lot..... with my career goal i need not to get absent and late so that i can be promoted and will be given credits with my performance. i will boosts my career energy to fulfill my plan.for my family i stil stick in getting my mother visit visa coz i want her to fulfill her dream to go abroad and try some other things that challenges her. we people got our own dreams but believing in ourselves is the achievement that we believe in God we are growing with Him thru Jesus name.Because we are made by Him and so we believe in our potentials that He has created within us.... life is beautiful ...lets enjoy it with God's blessings thru Jesus name........
Yes, achievement demands commitment.

But before you can reach commitment, you must have conviction.

And before you can have conviction, you must achieve clarity.

Achievement requires all 4 C's of the winners mindset: Clarity... Conviction... Commitment and the Courage to take bold action.

I know this because it's the reason I wrote Success On Purpose!

I absolutely believe that achievement demands committment. I'll take it a step further and say that I believe my own level of achievement is in direct correlation with my level of committment. Those things to which I have a high level of committment automatically receive a greater priority in my daily life and when they are a priority, the get the attention required to achieve success!

The converse is also true. If I desire success in some area of my life, but I'm not deeply committed to it, that thing falls by the wayside, starving to death for lack of attention.

This being said, I see I need to take a good, hard look at the things that are receiving the majority of my energy and attention versus the things that are not. How do they line up with what I say is my priority? Where do those things fall in relations to my own personal values? A good assessment will help me to realign my priorities appropriately.

That is my goal this week...taking a good, hard look at my priorities and seeing if the level of committment I've given each of them is commensurate with the value I place on them. Is my committment level where it needs to be for me to achieve success?
Direction, for most people, is a very big problem.

They think they know where they are going, but yet, never seem to get there, constantly running in circles.

Authentic direction can easily be triangulated by a clear review of your Values, Visions and Roles... the process found in Success On Purpose.

Yes, I truly know the direction my life is heading and it is a powerful feeling!

My direction has not yet come into clear, concise focus. I'm working on that. But I already feel the positive momentum building. My thought processes are changing in a positive direction. My energy is coming up. I'm challenging myself and achieving goals. I'm breaking seemingly overwhelming tasks into "bite-size" pieces and I'm able to accomplish so much more. I definitely have a long way to go. As it's been said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

So I've taken several steps in the right direction and I already like the results I'm beginning to see. I know if I continue on in this veign, I'll be able to achieve a great deal more as I get better, sharper, more focused, more goal-oriented and value-driven. It's a really good feeling.

I've begun to focus on doing the things that make me feel good. Procrastination always leads me to feeling bad and I hear a lot of negative self-talk. But when I tackle things, I feel the pleasure that comes with accomplishment - no matter how small. And I want to build on that.

Now I encourage myself to make myself feel better by doing the things that are good for me...the things I know are right to do for me, my family, my friends, colleagues, my fellow human beings. My positive progress is kind-of like a snowball rolling down hill...it's picking up speed and getting bigger and better as it goes.
I am going through doors I never dreamed possible. The future is very bright with a firm foundation of direction, and the resources to achieve all my goals and dreams are at hand.
I simply must stay the course and do not give up
Yes, each day I feel my dreams calling... stay connected to them... and see them moving in, closer and closer.

Actually, that's not quite right.

I am using tremendous power and force to pull them in... reign them in... to keep them constantly in view.

At 65 I can tell you this. Dreams are no easier to corral now than when I was 25, 35, 45 or even 10 years ago at 55.

The size of my dreams have increased exponentially and so has my power.

So yes, I am moving in the direction of my dreams... ever faster... and even hope to achieve the biggest of them in the next year or so!

Thank you God that I live in Europe where I can see the typical dream vacation sites every day. I remember that the grass you give me, in my valley, is nourishing even if it looks greener elsewhere. I'll gladly go to that other valley, but prefer that you send me there!
At age 67, I took a bold step and decided to become an insurance agent. It takes a lot of studying, passing a state mandated exam and being appointed by an insurance company.

On Tuesday, August 16, 2011, I passed the state exam, I am in training at an insurance company and by the end of 2011 I will open my office and start my new career.

I have used TQ when I was depressed, to pull me up out of that. And each time something new happens in my life. With this new venture I will be using TQ everyday. Thank you for giving TQ to us.
The biggest hurdle I must overcome this year is to turn growing opportunities into high cash flow!

As easy as this sounds, seems to be harder these days, what with growing older and the economy.

All I need is $40-50 million and everything's gonna b alright!

My biggest internal hurdle is my attitude about the economy. The economy is bad and growing worse. And so is my attitude.

Remaining positive in this field of negativity is very hard.

I know too much to be naive. We are facing economic times that will be worse than the Great Depression of the 30's -- as bad as the silver depression of 1892.

People are being wiped out and the life we have all been accustomed to is vanishing before our eyes.

I am never wrong about these trends. So, remaining positive for the next 10 years will be a very big hurdle for me to overcome.

Weight - It's only 25 pounds and I would feel so much better. I'm letting it hold me back from a lot of social activities.
Less clutter - My room looks like a teenage girl lives here, I'm 40 time to live like a grown up.
Yes, I know where I am GOING! And at 67, I am still picking up speed.

When I wrote Success On Purpose, it became clear that by triangulating my Values, Visions and Roles into Authentic Direction and Natural Mission, a powerful force from within was realized.

My advice is if you feel directionless, passionless, aimless -- do this important work sooner rather than later.

Yes, I know exactly where I am going, have the map and a plan to get there in style!

My goal is to be without debt and to have. 25,000 in saving this year. I get free of debt and I am able to manage my life in a new way
I realise my dream to start my coaching school and I can help people to achieve their own goals.
The road ahead is clean and green!

We are moving at rocket-speed to deliver to the world a whole new way to achieve greater success faster.

Hang on to your shorts!

No question, I have seized many great opportunities.


Without a doubt, I could have... would have.. should have taken advantage of many many more had I performed better.

I love my life, but sometimes wonder where I would be had I banked more of what was laid at my feet.

NO. And that is my biggest problem. I have known how to set and achieve goals for years. Now, after some major life changes, I cannot set a goal, I feel aimless. I've been hoping that just getting to know myself better will help me see what I ultimately want in life but I'm not having success with that. Does anyone have suggestions on this for me?
WIN WIN is my middle name.

Now? Finishing the Q/A for MyBelieversGuide.com

Next? Reconciling 2,000 years of theology to reflect Christ as either an ACTIVE presence in our life... or a PASSIVE presence where He is there, but not directly interfacing with our problems, opportunities and work here on Earth!

I would develop a multi million dollar organization focused specifically on eliminating the achievement gap. I would have 15 to 20 consultants and would be working with 80% of the high minority districts in Texas.
I would be healthier,happier and more fun to be around and I would be able to sit and enjoy life rather than being busy busy busy and missing it and streessed and a drag to be around. I would invest in my body and mind focus on getting them as healthy as I can be , I would be a beautiful woman even after all I had been thru I would be successful in my own heart.
Do you know where you are HEADED? What does the road ahead look like?

What a great question!

Yes, I am destined to change the world from inside out.

I have assembled a rag tag team of super-achievers who will get the job done.

Imagine a world where people are on the escalator to Continuous Personal Improvement -- better today than yesterday -- but still not quite as much as tomorrow.

Yes, the objective is to help people become all they are meant to be by releasing their full potential.

Starting right now with me!
Think about all the OPPORTUNITIES that have come and gone in your life.

How many MORE would you have SEIZED if you would have had more POWER?

There is no question that the number of opportunities I have lost far outweigh the number seized -- and yes -- had I more power, more would be in the win column vs the loss column.

I am very successful, but had I increased my ENERGY Color and kept my ATTITUDE just a bit more positive -- WOW!

No regrets, but still lots of room for improvement.
What's important now is moving TQ to the cloud.

Next? Hitting the road and living the dream!
This week's Commentary is Focused on Opportunity... Do you believe in destiny? What's Yours?

My destiny is to accelerate personal improvement, making it easy for people to release their full potential.

I want to get my home organized. Get a savings going. Get bills paid down. Get a van! Be able to work from home on my own time. Start Etsy store with my mother. Get credit where it needs to be for purchasing our first home. Get in a better place with my husband.
To become more financially sound.
To be focused and organized.
To be happy.
My plan is to Get organized, accomplish my mini goals, Get a good solid foundation for my major goals, stay alert and positive and energetic, automate a routine for comfort and ease of execution. Get into our first house. Have more quality time with my little ones. Better relationship with my husband. Have my own business with my mother so she too can be financially in a better place.
No I am not willing. The difficulty I have is in my own self, not putting down my goals and setting a plan of action in place. Then just doing it!

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