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Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing.

"Without AMBITION one starts nothing. Without WORK one finishes nothing. The prize will NOT be sent to you. You have to WIN it. The man who knows HOW will always have a job. The man who also knows WHY will always be his boss. As to METHODS there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps PRINCIPLES can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have TROUBLE."~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Study—really study—Today's Quote. I used this quote 15 weeks ago when we were discussing the PRINCIPLES of success. It offers fabulous advice, wisdom and direction. This is one of those Emersonian quotes that you should print and keep in front of you at all times. (I have it stuck to my computer monitor!)

Last week, we focused on the power of BELIEF—your belief in your POWER to make your dreams and goals real. This week, we are going to discuss AMBITION—your inner-desire to achieve your goals.

Before we get started, let's all get on the same page.

Let's see what AMBITION actually means. According to the American Heritage dictionary it is...

    Am - bi - tion (noun) :a) An eager or strong DESIRE to achieve something such as fame or power: Aspiration, ambitiousness. b) The object, objective or GOAL desired: Her ambition is the presidency. c) The wish, power, and ability to begin and follow through with a PLAN or task: Drive, enterprise, initiative.

Look at this definition carefully. What do you see?

Are you AMBITIOUS? Do you have "an eager or strong DESIRE to achieve something?" What?

Write it down, right here, right now:


Do you have your eyes steadily focused on "The object, objective or GOAL desired?"

What is it? Write it down, right here, right now:


Do you have the "POWER, and ABILITY to begin and follow through with a plan or task?" [   ] Yes? [   ] No?

Reread Emerson's quote, in context with the above. Sounds like the perfect definition of AMBITION—and some strong guidance for achieving success, doesn't it?!

All last week, I advanced the idea that there is a "Golden Ratio" that governs the achievability of your goals... indeed, your ultimate success. It is the ratio of Desirability over Believability.

This is an idea worth repeating:

  • Your goals can be highly DESIRABLE, but if you have little inherent BELIEF in your ability to achieve them, the probability of your attaining them drops like a rock. Equally, if you have highly desirable goals, and an unwavering belief, your chances of achieving them rises like a star!

  • Highly desirable goals make life worthwhile. They create the inner fire that emblazons your future... giving you the unrestrained belief to take bold action. Mundane goals make life a treadmill. They lack the power to ignite your passion... virtually guaranteeing insipid, lackluster performance.
So, the correspondence needs to be a 1 to 1 ratio: High Desirability (10) coupled with High Believability (10). Where these two variables are out of balance, you will find a low correlation between your goals and your success.

TQ It Takes Ambition...

Personally, I believe that if you learn to set highly desirable GOALS for yourself, and approach them with a high ENERGY level, together with a positive/optimistic ATTITUDE, you are well on your way to the success you desire.

So, the question becomes, just how AMBITIOUS are you?

Do you have the POWER to chase after life-changing dreams and goals... or has your "get up and go, got up and went?!"

We are now closing in on the end of summer.

Fall is right around the corner.

Time is running out for achieving your dreams and goals THIS year. But, if you have the AMBITION, you can still fast-track your success... simply by turning up your performance a notch or two.

Remember, there is a key to success: High TQ Performance... High Expectations... coupled with Brilliant Execution.

My personal advice for the 70 or so "working days" between now and December 31st is this:

Expect More...
Execute Better!

These 4 words are not just great TQ buzz, they are the shortest instruction-set we can give you to live the life of your dreams... your BEST life, at every point in your life.

No question, a life of passion, purpose and significance stems from continuously setting VERY high Expectations. Why? Because you will only GET what you EXPECT. So, learn to Expect More!

But you can't stop there. You must turn your time and energy into powerful actions. It is BRILLIANT Execution that makes your Expectations a REALITY.

The bottom line is this, only by INCREASING your TQ will you get the RESULTS you want in the TIME you have. Our simple formula says it all:

This is the formula for true and lasting success. It is the pure essence of High TQ Performance.

This week, take some time to think about how ambitious you really are. Take some time to revisit your TQ Test and see, truly SEE what you need to do differently THIS week... and the weeks to come... to move your performance onto the fast-track to the success you truly desire.

I have yet to see a person who is truly ambitious fail. The rise to the top is the same as your climb in TQ scores. Day-by-day, inch your TQ UP, and you will develop the POWER to achieve ANYTHING your heart desires. Guaranteed! -- E.R. Haas, CEO

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."
~ Kenny Rogers


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Running Member Comments...

On Sunday September 15, 2007 I walked one mile on the treadmill. As I've concentrated on only one commitment daily, I am doing so much better in other areas of life. One mile, Saturday 14 and one mile Sunday 15 September. I do feel so much better.
Shirley ! that is great - one committment at a time and keep the agenda un- cluttered - just one good goal ata time. That is me now - one goal ata time and keep moving - stay on point for the goal and - "one small step for a man - one giant leap for mankind" - yup !!! if you take it one small step at a time - you can do wonderful things - focus on now - right now in time - one moment at a time - FOCUS and concentrate on this moment - and stay on the moment ONLY - if you spend one minute reflecting on the past - that is a moment that you cannot focus on the present -. stay here right here right now - Boy I hope this works - I wanna stay in the present moment for as long as I can - be here be in the now - out for now - best John
To #2043 Mrs. Shirley E: It's wonderful you are using your treadmill!Keep up the good work. A strong physical body makes a big difference. I love the comment from John to stay in the moment: that is life-saving advice. It is so true if you blame the past and give it credit and power over you by even thinking about it, you've lost valuable time. How insightful. I needed that. Thanks. Lila C.
My ambition level right now is a 7. I know I can achieve my goals; I need to increase my ACT NOW and PRIORITIZE colors (my lowest two). That is my task for the week. I like the two quotes in the commentary - they really make me refocus on what is really important!!

Thanks so much for this site!!
Garden Slug !!!!!!!!!!! wow = that is me now in life- all I have on m,y agenda is the hours I get when I wake up in morn = I make up my agenda as I move thru the day - damn ! &^%$#@&**
I do not know if this is good for me - But that Is what I am doing every day lately - I do not have an agenda of activity at all - what is up with that ? _ i am now 62 and on SS and I do not have BIG abitions anymore - damn out - John
I have had a career as a registered nurse for forty-five years. I started in financial services 2000 while I was still working as a nurse. My goal is to get 100 people of the street and send 20 people to college. When I get two more promotions I will be able to get the first one off the street. I plan on paying tuition for the first young adult Sept. 2011. I have a way.
Ambition! I am beyond a garden slug, by far, being on TQ proves intentional growth I have yet to master Bill Gates, & if so I would not be on TQ, right! So somewhere inbetween, let's say I am a success in the making. I like that better & ambitious as ever, tenacious as ever! It's a great day I have generated incoming calls all morning & I certainly grant that to TQ training & self motivation. I have been able to apply ambitious strategic manuevers, I have sharpened my approach. I am aware & intentional. I am mastering my reactive nature. I feel awesome! Perhaps, it's not my day to be Bill Gates, & that's a good thing!being
I rate my level of ambition at a 4.
I create goals, have set plans, but I'm not maxing out my performance. There are a lot of small minutes I spend in the day just wasting time, surfing the net, watching television shows I really have no interest in, and negative talks with friends.
I must make every moment I am awake purposeful and powerful. No matter how small my actions are, they must be geared toward the achievements of my Dreams and Goals.
The quote by Kenny Rogers hit me: "Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."
I truly believe that when I utilize all my time and energy to get to where I want to go, I will see results right away. The catch is that I must honestly make that decision to be my best and achieve my highest good. Once that decision is made, it becomes obvious everywhere of my intentions. That means no more resistance, hesitancy, or frustrations.
I must go all out, all the time.
I am definitely desiring to achieve more in 2008!! It's all about stepping out in faith and taking action on things that you have put on paper. In 2008, I must make the decision to push through the words of negative & critical people, the need to please other people, and all the other fears inside. My ambition will continue to grow and change me into the best ME I can be!
Today my ambitious endency were at work. I made it to every appt & best I felt I was meant to be at that appointted position. I moved through many fears, & have had even more warm leads offered; free. In the last ew months I have rededicated myself to read & study business models, sales, selling techniques, affirmations, Laws of Attraction. Over & over, looking for means o an end & freedom. It's been as my frind said, "I have been studing the tree roots for so long, & all I need to do is look up & grab the fruit."
~Great Friend Cedric!
So yes, ambitious... BOLD... It's a 4 Star day! Learning to create streams of income, residual income... I love having money work for me!

WOW!! Powerful question for today!

I am 127 and heading out to a seminar on high achievement for aging seniors. Looking back to today, my two greatest ambitions that would be achieved are I would be financially free before 35 (2010), and I would be providing help to others who desire to do the same thing, but don't know how or have no support.

I want my life to make a difference in as many lives as I can while I am here! Yes!
I hava way....
To begin with reaching 127 years of age in and of itself is a GREAT achievment! I would celebrate that first at the seminar. I would be telling the other seniors about my 52' catamaran moored in Honolulu at the Waikiki Yacht Club. I would be completely financially free. As would my children and ther children. I would be sharing with them how I am on my way to sailing the South Pacific with my loving Partner for life Laura.
My GREATEST Ambition Achieved was always found in Running.
2006 I ran a half- marathon. In 2007 I ran the same event, 2 hours faster.
The second time I ran, I had a new mindset, and stronger habits to live by. When there was pain in my body, it slowly disappeared as I kept on telling myself "I can make it!"
I noticed 2 hours into the race I began to pass people up; and last year everyone else seem to pass me up.
I was very proud of my performance, and my new insights to running with others.
What I realize most is that I practiced constantly, and when it came time to perform I believed in myself 110% all the way.
My inner child is NOT healthy and happy! In fact, I have killed my inner child so many times, I think she may want to disappear forever. :( If I am to grow, I need to release my inner child to be herself, no matter what other people may say or think. I desperately want my inner child to be free again - she's got HUGE DREAMS, and I want to see them all come true!!

Let's all take time out to nurture our inner selves today!
no, she is sad, confussed, insecure and lonely
No not right now. We suffered a loss that has left us torn and devastated. As a Christian, I believe all things are for Gods glory, HIS Plan, HIS will. But our hearts still mourn and look to make sense of it. I have faith that in time this season will pass, we will mourn no more but right now It's painful and hard. My inner child cries, so I cry.
Life is so painful and hard and we are crying with you and praying for you. Nobody told us that life would make sense but it is all in His purpose. Your faith is very inspiring! You know the old saying - time heals all wounds, Well, these losses cannot be healed by time. They remain like a scar. The only way to form that scab is through HIM. Then the skin becomes strong. Perhaps that scar is for someone else to see so you can share your story and help them in the future. Just remember that God is with you and He is crying as well.
I am sorry for your lost. My prayers are with you. I hope you have a warm spport system & understand the grieving process. It's a long journey & has a cycle, there are some great books & tapes on the subject, it may give you some insight. I understand that it is at least a 2 year process, like divorce & breaking up with someone, personally I think death is harder. God promises he'll never give us more than we can handle, I have yet to agree... but somehow we move forward, it's just never the same. I do know this, I have felt the surprisng presents of my friend that passed over & the dreams connecting us are absolutely surreal.

Keep the faith!

To think as a child... hum... that just goes against everything. I know I have my moments & can act out like a child. So lets dream it up. Let's see... Of course, owning a nice island with great room service & celebrating often with friends & family. & being able to accommodate travel throught my private jet lines. That would be just super dee...duper!

And certainly, funds would just drop like mad from the sky, & right into my lap often & daily, millions!

Seriously it would be grand to be able to afford to celebrate life & give to others, & have money working for me, a lucrative income can float a lot of dreams. I am glad that dreaming is absolutely free. So turning dreams into income like Walt Disney did now thats a great!

I believe that my inner child grew up during a rough childhood. I am struggling to find the things and actions that truly make me happy. A serious attitude toward almost everything has plagued me for as long as I can remember. I am having trouble being relaxed, jovial, and ambitious at the same time. I am focusing so much on turning up energy and performance that I forget my inner child just wants fun, and to be loved.
No, my inner-child is crying out for me to work on the goals I set to reach for the stars.

I started out with hugh ambition and allowed daily life to sidetrack me
"Inner child? Inner child? Where are you? Are you in there? Hello? Anyone home?"

Hidden in the dark, back corner of the room, a faded light half shines on a small, calm, smiling face.

"I've been here along. You just haven't been looking in right place."
As Robert L Stevenson said, "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." So if I think about today (just keep it simple); I planted, that took ambition & I achieved my daly goal.

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motvation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." -Lou Holtz

And as always, "Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer!"
-Ernest Holmes

I have complete faith in my abilities. I do not have complete faith in my actions yet, but I'm working on that!
Multitasking is the answer to doing so many things in so little time. If you grew up doing multitasking no matter what you do, you will accomplish so many things. Even if you're the busiest person there is always time to do a little bit more.

The focusing is not only in doing one thing but doing so many things in so little time. How you do it makes the difference. At my age, I'm a husband of one wife, a father of two, a pastor of two churches, a counselor, a consultant, a healer, a teacher, a Ph.D.
student, and a friend.

Playing so many roles in this life can be done only at a certain age. Time will come that I can't keep up with the demands of doing multitasking. If one wants to do multitasking, one need to harness the power of team work, build the unity and harmony. To do these things, one need to pay the prize of depriving oneself of many hours of sleep. Thomas Edison said, " I bearly sleep, if I do, I do it with a cat nap."

Persons who want to do so many things in so little time need to pay for it, by spending their own money and resources. And sometimes delaying their longing to have rest and recreation. In our world where retiring early becomes the goal, we need to reevaluate our priorities if we want to be successful. A person maybe financially succesful buy spiritually bankrupt.

They don't care who gets hurt whether friends or loved ones, just to be on top. This is partly the cause of the war that is going on.

Success is not measured up in terms of what one have accumulated in this life but how much you have given in this life.
Focus, willingness to educate myself on what it takes to get the job done, and then taking the necessary action consistently until results are obtained.
Well - this is a good one - wow ! I hope I can develop the faith in myself - I hope hope hope
having faith in oneself is soooooooooo importnat = Good luck evrybody - I have been away and am now happy to be back - I had a great time in Washington state and am developing my plan for a new me as soon as possible. I need to acccomplish some things and thanks for all of your help - this site helps for sure - see you all in the morning - John R
today !!!! did something for my daughter and my wife - thanks - now do something for them again tomorrow - Just be the best you can be TODAY!!!! that is all you have to do - be the best you can be today !! tomorrow starts my new attitude -- " i CAN DOIT " " I can doit "" yesyeysyeyeyeyes - just be h ebest you can be this moment in life - thanks and see you all in morn - Best john R
Sori for seeming to be incoherent BUT - I have been on a X country road trip and am experiencing jet lag - gotta stay up one more hour to re-set my body clock - I can doit - I hopehopehope - yes I have faith that I can do it - just one little goal at a time will doit - one mile a day Shirley and one minute one hour one moment at a time - Jusy enjoy this opportunity to doit all over gain.that is all I want - JUST THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET IT RIGHT - RIGHT NOW - THIS SECOND-MINUTE-AND-MOMENT= RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW - FORGET THE PAST AND FOCUS ON RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW - THAT IS IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE IN THE MOMENT - SEIZE THE DAY - " Carpe Diem " as they say. I know we all can doit - sooooooooooo Good luck to all of you - Good luck _ best _ John R
I am certain we all have treasures buried within our heart, the depth I am uncertain of, & how often I think about it, surprises me, cause I forget. Like today, I was setting in a learning seminar; As I was setting there it dawned on me that I am working so hard, self improvement & professionally with group & public speaking, & learning new lines of insurance products. I was mentally wondering why (?) Then I said oh yeah! It's not all about me, I want to help a 3rd world country, like soon, I really want to see results. I want to be able to influence supporting starving vitims in Africa, & locally. There was that Ah..ha... moment, voice from my heart, & that's a true treasure from Heaven. I am learning more & more about purpose. It saddens me to know last week people in Africa went 3 days without any rations, IT WAS On NatIONAL NEWS! It really is an eye opener, & I feel we are all in this together. With God's help I am working towards something here, bigger than myself.

I think I will get some more photos of the refugees to set around & remind me to be mindful, & to remind me to set $ aside to send to foundations that can support this mission.

Great documentary,
I am certain we all have treasures buried within our heart, the depth I am uncertain of, & how often I think about it, surprises me, cause I forget. Like today, I was setting in a day 2 learning seminar; As I was setting there it dawned on me that I am working so hard, self improvement & professionally with group & public speaking, & learning new lines of insurance products. I was mentally wondering why (?) Then I said oh yeah! It's not all about me, I want to help a 3rd world country, like soon, I really want to see results. I want to be able to influence supporting starving vitims in Africa, & locally. There was that Ah..ha... moment, voice from my heart, & that's a true treasure from Heaven. I am learning more & more about purpose. It saddens me to know last week people in Africa went 3 days without any rations, IT WAS On NatIONAL NEWS! It really is an eye opener, & I feel we are all in this together. With God's help I am working towards something here, bigger than myself.

I think I will get some more photos of the refugees to set around & remind me to be mindful, & to remind me to set $ aside to send to foundations that can support this mission.

Great documentary, "God Grew Tired," narrated by Nicole Kidman, at Blockbusters. It's about the Lost Boys who survived genicide in Sudan. The spiritual Christian based beliefs of these surving children would blow you away.

So I will continue to go the extra mile; & I may find a band to wear on my wriste to remind me.
There are many times that I do not , I now in my heart I can do but, I often second guest myself.
Travel the world with my two children and live in remote places while continuing to build my business.
To live in Bend Oregon with my family 6 months of the year while having a thriving Restaurant Consulting/Coaching Business
Hey! I know of a great restaurant in Bend, OR actually two. Greg's Grill & Johnny Carino's

Greg Hubert owns them, perhaps you'd like to hook up with him. I know someone who might link you 2 up.

I agree, Bend OR is a fantastic place!


A fully robust ambitious personality would be an awesome tool of influence, I'd master public speaking & my topics would be on public awareness & foundations supporting world wide crisis.

Today is a great time to create the person I always wanted to be!

Identify what are my dreams and goals! I just don't seem to be able to do so. I truly wish I could identify them. It's a burning desire within me. I just don't seem to have any.
I would live in a home built into the mountain cliffs overlooking the rough sea below. There I would create sculpture and make art.
Believe in yourself and everything will fall in place.
To be free
I am a 6 as far as a garden slug goes, I am a 1 as far as a Bill Gates goes, my dream ambition is a 15, my mental ambition is a 5. I will stick to the dream and I will reach it !!!!!!!!
I would rate myself at a 7.5. This program is helping me eliminate the unnecessary to accomplish the important. I embrace your resources. They reframe my thoughts and reposition my energies.
I would rate myself between 8-9

Mind would be Bill Gates turbo charged
For the most part but I could be happier with more career sucess
No my inner child has been consumed with fear and regret.
I finally figured out at 54 yrs old that the first 54 years were to take car of others and the next 80 years ARE FOR ME!
I am alive and very happy, all I would need to make me complete is a return to good health, because that is wealth!
I am alive and very happy, all I would need to make me complete is a return to good health, because that is wealth!
I feel overwhelmed sometimes by all that I try to take on.
sometime things sound very crazy specially when i think about starting a new project while i am focusing in another project that antagonist completely with the new one...the energy is there i know it..
how could the two ideas although they are different can be done at one time without compromising
sincerity,trust...trust...trust...honesty...no deceiving...no games
with the clarity of communication along with simplicity...and easiness...all the goods come out
If I had the ambition to do anything I would change this whole world into one whole loving and peaceful existence.
Two things actually. 1) Set myself down each day and write for at least 4 hours nonstop; take a break and write for another 4 hrs. to hone my skills.

2) Actually begin my day with a yoga practice, followd by cardio/stretching. Fit in 1 & 1/2 hrs of daily gym practice (cardio and strength training) to meet my goal of loosing 25 lbs.
Because I have developed the habit of proscratinating. This weakness has developed since I retired. I no longer have the will power I once possessed. A television show can deter me from my goal for the moment. A phone call, a glass a wine. I cannot trust myself any longer.
The Group Managing Director of a global full fledged financial services organization
a ride
Too much self fear, it's crap!
To erase poverty and to educate the uneducated to the highest level. Then have them continue in this work. Until
everyone made a positive contribution to the world.
No, my I.C. has not been out to play in quite awhile, however she has run amuck with being irresponsible and holding out to do nothing until she gets to play. I find it is hard for me to make a real move toward play as I (adult) feel guilty for some reason and end up doing nothing playful. I would like to work on this, when I do I find my grown children think I have run amuck! I feel I am expected to just be grown now,up since I spent most of my life growing up.However, I do feel the strain and wonder if I have forgotten how to play. I also wonder what exactly it is I would do...
1 or 2 at best...recovering from 3 health related problems that have taken toll on my mobility and senility...just cannot get out of first gear due to a handful of pain meds each day and eve...it seems like perpetual motion or a dog chasing his own tail...ambition has been self abolished from my dictionary...mc
garden slug :-) I am working on my purpose at this time. It isn't that I am not trying and working at many things - it is just that I am not sure I am aiming for anything. I am just keeping busy with 'high standards' in everything I do. So I guess I am working on the success with purpose so that I am grow beyond being a slug.
I think I am at a 9... because it seems like such a big mountain to climb to make it happen... this is more than just making something happen, I need to develop some processes and when it comes to getting my license for Hawaii I need to take the time to study and ingest what I'm studying; which I haven't seemed to have enough time to do. I am always so exhausted when I go home, I need to leave enough energy for me too.
Interesting.... I am not sure I am ambitious. I work hard and am accomplished by some standards...but there is no real purpose or focus..except for my tasks at hand...so I am not clear if I am ambitious or not.
I am working on success on purpose right now... so I will see where that takes me.
Yes, my ambitions seem to be in line with my life goals -

This is a strength
I was very ambition to try new way of designing a poster for my sister, I couldn't help myself saying NO but I admit although so I felt she's not responsible for doing this project they asked her and I fear that how it make her feel failure because She should design and able to do but it was hard for her as a mother so I help on her goal to get this done for her job and I hopeful they realize she did not do that she will inform that She asked her sister to design this so hopefully they like it . as long it seems good
I want to achieve my degree in Psychology.... as a drug and Alcohol Counselor...........
I became a tax assessor, went to school got the education, passed the tests, worked as an assitant for a summer and then interviewed and landed the job!
I become a realtor! I have gone to London, Paris and Tokyo! I am moving to Hawaii - I am moving away from where I was raised.
We have good presenters in Hawaii, you can see our new video conferencing tools at http://MeetLiveVideo.com be a GUEST today ! Let me know what you like BEST
No - my inner child is not alive and happy - I must admit. I am not even sure - completely - what brings joy to my inner child. I sit and think and ask what is it that would please my inner child. And I don't have an answer even....
No! I don't have faith in myself - have not had faith in myself since I was a child. I am not sure why... I do think it is perhaps that I betray myself often - whether it is deciding to commit and not sticking with something - or even not ackowledging something I don't like, or tolerating more than I should. But I do not have faith in myself - although I do think I am a capable, kind person.
My inner child is alive and well... sometimes it can be a little injured which is the ego stepping in to give it a bang on the head. Healthy and happy... it often wants to be free of the constraints of society
Doesn't everyone have a burried desire within??

to unlock them - would be to, asked the question; What are you affraid of?

jump don't skip, run don't walk, smile don't cry, be happy when alone.
to be the rancher that is able to produce a profit every year, to develop a successful eco system process that improves the land, and to own all of my own land thru profits made ranching.
To someday own my own Personal Trainig Studio. My Husband made this comment; you really don't want to own your own studio. It would be too much of a hassel. I am thinking to myself; how does he know what I really want? This has been a dream of mine for quite a while now, and I truly beleive that someday it will happen.
Restart my career & move away to a better life.
I am getting better.
My ambition has always been on the same level as Bill Gates, just with a different focus.

Where Bill focused on mass absorption of the PC, I went towards putting the "personal" in the PC.

The ratio between Ambition and Work is something that I am very cognizant of on a daily basis. At 65, there are no illusions that my goals will be achieved without substantial effort and the constant need to Work Smarter each and every day.

I know WHY... I know WHO... I know WHAT and I know HOW to do what must be done.

WOW -- it's good to just reflect on what I just wrote!

I would rate my ambition at a 2. I need more energy, more motivation.
Strive to continue to have high aspirations and follow up on the things I have started or are in the process of accomplishing.
I am ambitious enough to achieve more in 2011 according to the mighty power of God that works through me everyday. I will die empted of all that belongs to the earth in the generation I live
The mantra around here is more is more... less is less!

Yes, 2011 will be a great deal better than 2010 because of our ratio of Ambition to Performance is very high.

Performing smarter every day you are alive is the key to real success.

This means performing on purpose. the hallmark of being a success on purpose!

one of my best achievements was earning my LLM degree at Golden Gate University School of law.
Yes, my inner-child is full of wonder, imagination and creativity!

I work hard to keep him in the 8-9 year old range.

Lots of surprise built into my day from being as curious as I am!

Do you have complete and total FAITH in yourself? If not, why not?

WOW -- what a question.

YES! My self-efficacy is a 10... my self-confidence is a 10 and my self-esteem is about 8.25.

Stretch goals are causing this old dog to hunt longer and smarter.

So yes, I have total faith that the Good Lord was right in giving me these impossible tests.

Total and complete faith in the power of self is as good as the source of self power and self ability. Total and complete faith in myself is a deceptive and arrogant trap destined ultimately to fail since the object is human rather than divine. As a disciple and imitator of Jesus Christ I can do nothing except for what my Father through Christ and the Holy Spirit empowers me to do.
Travel Round-the-World in Low Earth Orbit!
In terms of being focused on my ambition I would rate myself a 3, as I have slipped and found myself not making goals because I was afraid that I would not meet them--so I stopped making them. I've lost focus for the most part
set deadlines and goal dates. also speak the intention everyday and the benefits of having it actualized and realized--i.e. what would creating a budget help me with--make it happen because you can't spend what you don't have (a sense of self-control and awareness#, get your Master's-make it happen #challenge and edge and greater mentally stimulating tasks at my job#, excercise/do yoga/pilates daily am and pm #a sense of excercise, letting go, just being in the moment., a realease of pent on hyperactivity, assist in keeping me physically fit)
I am more ambitious or goal oriented now for 2012 than I have been before. One of my original goals was to achieve a Master's Degree by the age of 50, I will achieve this two years early!

Now as I look to the future with a MBA, I want to use the knowledge gained for a better tomorrow.
Together with my family, I have nurtured families of my scholars who were uprooted from poverty. I have made a difference in the lives of highly respected professionals across Asia to be more responsible global citizens while they contribute to society of their native countries/towns.
My inner child is very healthy, having found forgiveness and discovered it's true purpose. I am alive and experiencing spiritual transformation.
I have more faith in myself now than I've had for the past 48 years, and this was after some deep realizations not even a week ago. Complete and total faith, no - not yet, but I'm making positive steps - positive baby steps, and I now have a support group that I can depend on, no matter the time of day or night, so I'll get to that TOTAL faith in myself sooner rather than never. There is nowhere else for me to go but up.
Last night I spent 2 hours working on my schedule. Today, I am on course, despite dealing with chronic pain. I am having to take more breaks than I would like, and have shifted around my schedule to compensate, but am staying the course and working towards my goals. Break is over - time to get back to work.
What Was Your GREATEST Ambition -- Achieved?

I have created a strong bond with my children, and take them on a 6-week vacation to the Pacific Islands every year so that we can relax and plan our yearly goals.

I have built the largest art gallery of hand-made crafts on the East Coast.

I have built the largest free-range, organic, commercial livestock operation in the South, and sell goat meat on the international market.

I have been recognized as one of Forbes' top 5 richest women.
Do you have treasures buried deeply in your heart? What's the key to unlocking them?

I want to be, do, and have more than I have ever allowed myself the permission to. The key is APPLYING myself, and giving myself permission to reach out my hand and take hold of my life.
"Do you have complete and total FAITH in yourself? If not, why not?

I'm getting stronger every day. I do not need anyone's permission to be, do, or have what I want, because all that I need, I have within myself. It may take some time to get over the internal beating up I've been giving myself, and I've realized that I've been playing the victim all my life, but since keeping ThinkTQ front and center, I am going to be a knock out!
Apart from self-fulfillment, I get to see people`s lives transformed as they grasp their dreams and run with them.
My limitation has been with the financial battle with my ex and what he owes and how he does not take care of that responsibility.
My number one financial goal is to convert much of our wealth to cash in the next 24 months -- date: 12/31/15.

Yes, I do believe in this goal enough to make it real.

However, this will not happen without a massive amount of smart work and a TQ score in the high 90's.

I am blessed with a great brain, fabulous communication skills and a deep faith.

With God, all things are possible.

However, he did not say it would be easy.

Just getting started.

Everyday in every way I'm getting better and better.
The picture of my dreams is bold and beautiful... and forces me to consistently make smarter choices and take smarter actions.

Thank God we took TQ out of our imagination and gave it to the world!

I have no self-imposed limitations that I am aware of. I'm good enough, smart enough and have the skills to do anything I want to do.

The issue is energy/time and I simply must increase my real energy level each day. I am 68 and not growing younger.

I am, however, growing stronger!

Not being able to pay the bills is a big concern but conditioned myself not to worry!

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