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New Beginnings.

"Much as we may wish to make a new beginning, some part of us resists doing so as though we were making the first step toward disaster." ~ William Bridges

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Last week we discussed the impact of a positive, optimistic and enthusiastic ATTITUDE on your success potential.

This week, we are going to tackle an area of performance equally important: Your ability to get and stay ORGANIZED.

But before we move on to this week's lesson, permit me to digress a bit.

I want to cover one more point on POSITIVITY -- to capstone our discussion last week.

TQ Your Life Depends On Being Positive...

Why is a positive and proactive attitude so important? Because it actually changes our physiology... causing our bodies to heal themselves!


Here is a snippet from a man I respect greatly, the son of the World's Greatest Possibilitarian, Dr. Robert A. Schuller.

On Sunday he said, "I recently read an article entitled "Mind Over Matter." It appeared in a publication called "Health Features." It reads as follows:

"Positive thoughts can be as effective as drugs in beating diseases. Studies show preventive medicine may soon be more than just monitoring your vegetable intake and exercise levels, and include how many negative thoughts go through your head in a day.

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that a patient's beliefs and hopes affect their prognosis.

One of the major contributors to maintaining health and removing disease is the attitude of the patient, says Professor Oakley Ray, a psychologist from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

He reviewed one hundred years of research on psychology and disease for a paper published in American Psychiatrist and concluded that WORDS can have the same effect as DRUGS; thinking optimistically can change your whole biology.

Ray quotes a wide range of evidence including various studies linking mind set to heart disease. One such study from the Harvard School of Public Health established that optimism lowers the risk of heart disease in older men while pessimism and hopelessness increase it. There is strong evidence that patients with heart disease who feel hopeless about their condition do worse.

Positive thoughts and words are the means in which God starts to have an impact in our lives in a positive way" concludes Reverend Schuller.

Personally, I have always believed that people with a positive attitude (and equally positive self-talk) were significantly more successful, well-balanced and effective than people who go through life with a negative, self-defeating attitude.

The bottom line is, while positive WORDS may not be a miracle drug... what if they are and you refuse to accept the miracle?!!!

If for no other reason, find a way to inject POSITIVE words into your life each day, and maybe MIRACLES will find there way into your life as well!

Now, onto this week's lesson!

TQ Stop Confusing Effort with Results...

As we say in The Power of TQ, It's not how hard you work—it's how much you get done—that determines your success.

Even though you may be busier than ever before, you may be simply doing things the hard way, or worse, just spinning your wheels—confusing EFFORT with RESULTS.

Simply do TQ Factor 8A more frequently:

"Create systems to help automate your most productive activities."

TQ NEW! Listen to the Organize Workshop audio track...

Stop and listen to the audio track for TQ Factor 8A.

Then play it again while you're reading the rest of this page, and while you're completing the exercises.

Engage your brain on as many levels as possible. You'll learn faster, and remember what you've read longer.

TQ Another Fact of Life...

Every activity contains a series of steps that must be completed correctly to be successful. Systemize your success.

Identify the critical steps required to complete your most productive and rewarding activities. Then, create a "well-oiled machine" to automatically crank out results for you.

Systemize those steps through technology, checklists, delegation or by enrolling additional team members -- and you will achieve the results you expect -- far more often.

Automate this Factor and you'll double, triple or even quadruple your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity." ~ George S. Patton

TQ Factor 8A's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests your systems have made you a highly productive "results generator."

You are more productive than most, simply because you have invested the time and resources necessary to build systems to optimize your high-payoff activities.

Your secret is to create systems that utilize the best tools and technology -- systems that bring out the best in you -- and everyone on your team.

TQ Factor 8A's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment to this area of your performance suggests you've never quite figured out how to systemize success and put it on autopilot.

If questioned, you could probably list the activities that produce your greatest rewards.

But lacking the systems to properly support you, you don't get to do them as often -- or as well -- as you'd like.

Consequently, you work hard to overcome your inherent lack of "system smarts," and erroneously confuse personal effort with optimum results.

TQ Factor Benefit...

The BENEFIT of choosing to do Factor 8A a bit more frequently: You have more power...

You hit more home runs, because you get to bat more often. You accumulate performance positives like "Systematic, Streamlined and Automated" -- immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

What happens when you FAIL to consistently do Factor 8A? You have less power...

You hardly ever score, because you rarely get up to the plate. Negatives like "Chaotic, Struggling and Hindered" start to take their toll on your performance -- quickly moving you away from the success you want.

TQ The Bottom Line...

If you have a great attitude, crystal-clear goals, rock-solid plans, and an army of people to help you... you are well on your way to the success you desire.

However, if you do not have the organizational systems necessary to support your efforts... they will torpedo your success. (Take this as gospel from a man who wasn't born with the "organization gene" found in my beautiful wife!)
-- E.R. Haas, CEO


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The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

heck - all I wanna do is live NOW !!!!!!! in this moment - right here where I am, and just enjoy the time I have left.
uh oh - " the time I have left" that says something. I don't know what it says BUT - JUST ENJOY THE TIME I HAVE RIGHT NOW. THAT IS ALL WE ALL HAVE : JUST THIS SECOND THIS MINUTE THIS MOMENT. Now that is profound and great enuf for me at this moment ! Thanks for listening everybody - I appreciate it . Best John
Well John - Here you are responding to yourself - I hope somebody else chimes in and gives me their opinion of what I have written - Because I think it is pretty good. I been thru a rough patch of about 2 years and hope to resurface in better shape than I was in. I hopehopehopehope. heck I am 62 and counting and don't want to go thru anymore rough patchs. let me know huh ? thanks /John
I can't seem to stop _ i Like to write my thoughts down because it just feels good - thanks for reading it and how bout a response ? thanks again - John
P.S. it is a nice day out there and I need to see some people I owe a thanks too. I am going to do it after lunch
I'm laughing WITH you not AT you!

Greatness means different things to different people. String a successive series of fabulous, intensely great "right now's" together, and you will have a life that is pure greatness.

Sometimes greatness comes in as a whisper... other times, roars of laughter.

Personally, I think you're great, and this moment is great, so we must be having a great time.


You may be destined for greatness of a different sort. The point is, living and achieving greatness is all in your head.

With that I will leave you with a chuckle!

Eric - Thanks for getting back to me - nice thoughts that you had - I appreciate it. This is a prety good site and you are pretty nice to comment back to me . thanks Eric - My very best John R
P.S. where you live in the country ? I am just inquisitive about geography - I know lots of people around the country and maybe we have mutual friends or acquainances
Beautiful Boulder Colorado! We have lived here since 1990. Spent 25 years in Indianapolis!
Hi Eric - I just re-read your comments... thanks again
it was fun re-reading them and they made me feel good about the " right Now " thoughts-- I got the comments " right Now " form my ole coach Bob Pickett at the University of Maine. Bob was a great one for wnating us to play " right Now " hard and disciplined - I enjoy thinking of him and the fun it was to be in the " NOW " right now - thanks again Eric and I hope to hear from you again - My very best John R.
Hi Boulder Colorado ) I got a former raquetball partner just moved to Colorado - Steve Sartori ( affectionately known as Sorri sar ) - a very sorri individual BUT a lot of fun to play with - just plain nutsnutsnuts BUT still fun to beat and play with - find him for him so I can harass him - thanks a lot John R
Organization is the single greates challenge I have faced in my life. I have searched for years for the help and answers I needed. I found two things that have helped me tremendously. I hope these may help others. 1. Make a list every night before retiring of the 6 most important tasks to be completed the next day
2. Use the wonderful invention a PPC (smart phone) a handheld personal computer that works in sync with a desktop. i.e; calendar, phone, tasks, contacts, spreadsheets, word program, still and video camera, voice recorder, transcriber, etc.
having all these tools at hand dramatically improves one's organization.
Hey Samuel and all people who say they are not organised... the best way to eat a life size cake is one bite at a time... I had cupboards and desks full or paper and scattered clothes and equipment at home and at my office in February... now I have everything in the right place at all times...(filed, folded or boxed). I did it one day at a time... whenever I had 5 minutes, I took something that was not in the right place and put it in the right place.

Bit, by little bit, everything got organized. Now I cannot imagine having that environment around me again, and I put everything back as soon as I feel I want to use something else. It does not matter if I feel or believe that I may come back to it later in the day... because I found, it is exactly that belief that made me leave everything all over the place in the first place.

And if you have planned your day well, you will know exactly what you will be doing and not have to worry about having to come back to something that was half done... in case you have time... Either you will have finished with it, or you know you will plan to finish it another day.

Hope this helps someone.

My organization skills need help - in a BIG way! I look at my home and it's a mess - I look at my work desk and it's a mess, too!! I know what I need to do (simplify first, then organize so I can find things easily), but I need to step up and do something about it. Actions speak louder than words....

I will definitely be working on my ORGANIZE color this week, because I need it!!
Noooooooooooooooooooo I am not organizized
I wish I were BUt that is the way it is ?*&^%%%%%%^&
let me know if you can help thanks
Organisation often comes with pressure, if you really need to do something NOW, such as move house organisation occurs. So the capability is there, just not enough motivation. A self image of ourselves as happily organised people and visions of our organised home and workplace will assist tremendously. Oh, and there is no competition as in a perfect result. Personal excellence is the competitive motivator as excellence includes human weakness.
I like to be organised, I can be organised but I seem to be having more trouble being organised lately... I make lists then forget to read them!
To me, efficient means being able to get a lot of things done in a reasonable amount of time. Effective means that I do things well (with quality), making a difference as I go.
now what? I do not know - organized ME ??? damn I will never make it - nevernevernever wow that hurts = not really - I will never be organized - neither was Bill Clinton - AND HE BECAME PRESIDENT OF ALL OF US !!!!!!!!!! HOWS THAT
FOR AN ANSWER ? lol HEHEHEHEHEHEHE he became President and he couldn't organize a " Posse "
of course he did have Hillary - and I have Carol so there ?? LOL hehehehehehe she has been there for 35 years whewwww boy did I get lucky --- I didn't marry Ro ! thanks god -- see you all later I have to go reda the paper and get a coffee out for now- get back to me at rhodes350@comcast.net thanks
listen up everybody ! get back to me cuz I wanna hear from you - I am soooooooooooo isolated and lonely _ I need all of you NOW ! hell I do not like being alone - Bill Clinton and Lyndon Johnson did not like being alone either - so I am in good company get back to me _ HELP John R
P,S. it osmetimes gets scary at nite when you are alone - Noises in the dark are damn scary see you all soon
dear john,
i read your comment, im a novice in this site but i like it , i tried to peek in this site and so my eyes caught your vulnerable feeling...what can i say was each one of us got a purpose of life,got their own miserables.you are not alone..there are more people out there getting fed up of their lives like those people who lost hopes because of wars,nature disasters and human problems but still hopes clinging lingers each to one of us. its true boredome comes in in our lives but the very best and the perfect weapon i have is prayer with small faith and so it grows naturally.personal commitment to God and you will be only the one can understand yourself.self acceptance it will just come in naturalyy just hold on...believe it's true in this world if we people can understand everything everything will gonna be alright but its only God who can do it though He will give you the power to understand if you know him by heart through Jesus name. i pray for your life that God lifts you up from your burden and to strike your heart soul mind and body to renew you to refresh you...God bless your fam
Efficient means to me, a way to accomplish a task on time, in a concise way.

Effective means to me, what ever energy I put into something results are showing.
I currently have no system
Efficient complete a task or goal with out wasting time or resoucese. Effective doing the right thing at the right time
nonononononononon I am not - no
heck what is that ? organizized ? *&^%$#@ never---
I want to be but have no clear vision of what I want to
do with my life - hows that ? no clear vision
I think that is a function of my age and stage in life
I really do - at certain ages and stages you are prepaed and ready to conquer
certain kinds of goals - I have not worked in so long I forgot how to AND worse - I do not believe I can work--
damn !!!!!!!! help me ? thanks
I heard something last night on the radio that may help you, John. I hope it helps others, too.

"It is all up to YOU. If you believe that you cannot do something, then you will never do it (and spend all of your time complaining about it). When you make a firm decision that 'I ***WILL*** come up out of this pit that I am in', and then press as hard as you can every single day, you will start seeing great results."

Press forward every day doing **something** (whether it's creating a new product or service that you think may do well in this marketplace, or helping other people to do something or reach their goals, or finding a course on something you have never tried before at the community college to take, or anything else). I know that you have awesome dreams and visions inside of you that are just waiting to pop out! There is a GREAT future ahead!! You can do this!!
CLARISSA !!!!!!!!!!! thanks for responding thanks alot= I apapreciate your attention and plan to do something fast - have to -
thanks again Clarissa - My very best john R
NOOOOOOOOO - I am not bigger than the obstacles- damn
I want to be, but don't want to experience the aggravation of trying. hell-- why try when you are 62 !!!! - that is the salient question mark ???- damn - It just feels like I don't want to even try anymore - help !!!!!!!! but don't be too quick to send help cuz I may not use it or even utilize the advice - stop - let me know if this is the right stuff for a future plan ? thanks a lot evrerybody thanks a lot - John
You seem to only be seeking attention. You need to study the attitude leeson and if you don't want to "try " to improve yourself then don't bring everybody else down with your negative comments.
62 is still very young. You mentioned racquetball, I have a friend that is 76 and he plays racquetball 3 times a week, golf a couple times a week, weather permitting, and really enjoys life.
Get up away from the computer, go do something that makes you feel good then while you are feeling good focus on what you want in life right now (since you are only about "the moment") and then make a list of the steps that would take to get what you want. Then as you work on those steps you will be fulfilling yourself and then come back to us on the comment and report your success and start encourage us!
I agree with you.
John! focus on being positive. It's amazing what it will do not only your outlook on life, but you output!

When you think positive thoughts people will view you as more successful and competent.

I am working on the organization color too. It needs to increase greatly. I've always been organized in "my" way. Now with the help of the TQ, I am streamlining my processes to save valuable time. It'works! I am also purging everything that isn't neccessary for what I am trying to accomplish. I am "weeding" out everything that doesn't fit into my values, mission, and goals.
I feel free for the first time in years.
I am re-tooling myself. I have been operating under my potential for several years. I am rekindling my embers and the flames are returning! I have challenged myself to organize my work so that I can spend more time learning to be a great investor.
Fan those flames of possiblities into burning desires of probabilities and you will set your dreams on fire!

Getting and staying organized is a great start.

Thanks ER for your focused system!
I am able to really understand for the first time why I need to have a more intentional and streamlined system. It's amazing how it is helping.
I've always been thought of as one of those people that are unconciously successful. I was always afraid someone would find out the truth when they looked in my office!
My organization color is burning brighter. I have a way to go, but am creating systems that are already saving time.
I have someone to help me by scanning in my paper into electronic files.
I am working on REALLY honing in on my values, mission and written goals. It's so easy to weed out what's not important when you know what is!
I am already "selling" your program to everyone I know. Guess I need to set up a website next and become an affiliate?
I've taught and taken many programs over the last 15 years and this is the only one that takes knowledge and shows you how to incorporate it into reality. Way to go!
the biggest obstacle is : ME MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!!!
DAMN - it is me for sure - wow
I can do anything I want AND I am the biggest obstacle----
just little ole me !!!!!!!!!! damn - now what do I do ?
just get up off the couch - NO ! % I don't spend much time on the couch BUT
I am still in the way most of the time - now that is interesting ---
now what ? just doit as they say in the USMC ----
Just doit N o w
The consistent dedication to repetatively utilize successful systems, and as a result, losing out on efficiency and effective productivity.
You want to give me 2 hours of super-productive time each day?

I would move mountains and change the world!

Lets go find those hours...NOW!
I read that to get started on a task sometimes is as simple as saying to yourself "I'll just pick up this fork." if your task is doing dishes. Once you complete that - then say "Well, since I did that I might as well pick up this spoon." and so on. My problem isn't getting started - its finishing. Do any of you have any creative ways to help finish a task? What results did you expect and what results did you get? Why? I just want to know because every time I read a post from you it is always positive and it seems to me as if you have it altogether. It's nice to know that you are human. Perhaps you have overcome this barrier before and can help me if I have the same one. Thanks, Tammie

List are a wonderful tool. You mentioned a great way to start. I too have a hard time with getting to the finish line. If you break your task down into steps you can check them off as you go along. When you can see that you are getting closer to the finish line it is very encouraging to keep going.
Also focus on working on only that task until it is completed. It helps if you or working on the most important task at the time that way you will be less likely to be pulled away by another task.
Good job on picking up the fork!!!!
Here's the beauty of ThinkTQ. If you follow the ThinkTQ System you are constantly confronted with the knowledge that in order to grow, you must do the work. You are constantly reminded that you have not achieved the goals you dreamed about because you only dreamed about them. ThinkTQ makes you slap yourself in your face every day as you realize that success is all about actions after establishing goals and casting plans. Without the vital step of taking action, nothing happens. And, you must take the action. That's it.

Harrison Greene
all the time - damn - sometimes I don't want toget what I expexted = I expected it but then didn't want it - damn !!
Boy = you gotta know yourself first - you really gotta know your self first--- what you like and don't like-- and want you actually want - Hopi (my friend ) got what he wanted and then scr^%$#@ himself LOL
Hi Eric and dave - both you guys got your heads and arsreses strung together -not bad - today I did my duty from the gitgo - up at 6 and right at it and Igot my wood cut for the winter -- it is just august !!! yahooo - I am gonna be warm this winter. hell _ I hope all you folks are still there cuz I look forward to hearing your comments my best John R
HOOOOO RAAAAAAA USMC - let me know you got this at rhodes350@comcast.net - I will help you all if you get back to me - the whole key to this dillemmmea is TEAMWORK!!!
hI AGAIN EVRYBODY - i AM STILL HERE AND JUST WANNA SAY - FORTITUDINE VINCIMUS - " by endurance we will conquer " !!!! does anyone know Ro Kramer ( Renn ) from Hampden mass ?? tell her I still love her - I don't really miss her cuz she was a pain in the arse - a very pushy broad - also Gail Brarmann from New Jersey and now California - where are you Storm ? see you in the next life - maybe ?
Is anybody on line from Arizona ? I got a Marine Corps buddy lives there in the desret= Sgt Ralph Rusty Cornwall - we were in Nam together - almost got killed - up on the DMZ
he with ANGLICO air naval gunfire - a damn good huy BUT liked to drink Too Much - you Ok Rust ? I sure hope so cuz -you deserve to live even thou most of us were inpptressed that you were still alive at the DMZ My best SF John R
I can't find anything when I need it and stack stuff up instead of putting it away. I really do need to get organized! I need to start using my calendar - I am SO out of practice! When my children were little, I was extremely organized and we lived on a schedule!!
I was like you! I brought in my sister who was not connected to my disorganization, and she went through my office. I was a stacker. She went through all my stacks and helped me file everything away. Now I am accountable to her to keep it organized.
I found that if I have a TODAY file on my desk, I can, at the end of the day, put everything I didn't get to in the order that I need to attend to it back in my TODAY file for tomorrow. That way it stays in one place and I focus on that file when I start and end my day. I also have a TO BE FILED box that I go through and file at the end of every Friday.
Hope these tips help or encourage you to try something to move you forward.
No I did not, I realized that I must become more organized and focused. I'm still striving for entreprenuership for many reasons.
1. Kingdom Living
2. More Quality time with family and friends
3. Financial Freedom
4. Travel oppoertunities
I need a system.
I really need to be organized. This, along with time management are two of my greatest needs.
I'm organized well or should I say I have solid systems and applications to leverage for organization. Prioritization needs to be the focus.
I find it very hard to be consistent and organized. I suppose trying is important to succeeding, but it is hard to tackle something that is quite large, or overwhelming. I also find I allow myself to get swayed from things when they are overwhelming. I think it would be worse to have never tried that to not succeed. I never have to fear about not taking advantage of everything that is offered to me. I would say I am somewhat organized, but not enough.
Yes I am quite oreganized and use Missiom Control Principles to keep me organized.


SPS Chauhan
Efficient is making your work load work for you. Being able to multitask and manage your time to make everything run smoothly. Effective is how your efficiency works for you and mostly those around you. Effectiveness also includes communication and rapport. You can be efficient without being effective.

Which are You

Efficient is to be perfect, but no one is perfect in this life.
Effective is to make a difference, we have to care for each other.

Which are you? We all have some of these words in us. We need to choose to make a difference, so we will become different. If we are more effective over time we will be more efficient. This will last a life time for each of us and will be passed on to the next generation. Make the right choice.

July 29,2008
efficient and effective
Efficient is being able to accomplish many tasks at one time, and effective is the outcome of efficiency.
Effective means getting the end resluts your were after, efficient means doing it in the quickest, cleanest way possible.
Efficient: Doing something on a prompt time.
Effective: Getting good results.
Efficient to me means doing whatever it is with care and making sure it's done right. Effective means making sure that whatever you are doing is done so that it makes your life easier and more efficient!
Efficient is the meticulous, getting the right job/task done, in the least amount of time, on time. Effective is producing the "appropriate" highly significant result impacting the receiver in a most meaningful way. Effective is making "the difference" to the benefit of all.
Thanks everyone .... just reading these comments told me I was in the right place .... Wow!!! Blessings for our day!
I start being organized withe TQ help ,i start knowing my way but i working on knowing the art of the short cuts
I am not organized. I jump from one project to another without completing those items on my to-do list. I also underestimate the length of time needed to complete something. This of course leads to a high level of frustration.
I can completely relate. Every time I try to estimate the time it takes to do something - It ALWAYS takes twice as long. Perhaps my perception of time is off. I know that time is relative because if you are doing something you like it flys but if you are doing something uncomfortable a minute seems like an eternity. I'm wondering if there is a way to keep time flowing evenly. I have however learned to set aside extra time for each task. In other words if I think it will take 15 minutes, I set aside a half hour.
No I didn't, not yet, but I will never give up!
Efficient means you get a lot done. Effective means you get done what forwards the action of your goals
I have very much to improve in this area.
Not only in lead generation but in separation between buyers and sellers and then filing for follow up. Also FSBO's and expireds need catagorizing. Touching my database regularly for referrals will help as well.
Oh, how i strive to be more and more organized. I have always felt that I am the most helter skelter person in the world but my job requires me to be more organized and i have been having success in that area. i keep trying to find better ways to do stuff and to motivate myself to do and not procrastinate.
my systems are not really organized as they should be. so that is holding my full potential & success in a large part.
There is an immense and highly under-appreciated difference between being efficient and being effective. When you're effective, you are able to bring about the meaningful goal you've chosen. When you're efficient, you quickly carry out actions. ... Being efficient doesn't mean you are effective in reaching your meaningful goals.
I think the key is that efficiency is only helpful if its targeted towards the right goal. Once Im heading towards the right goal, then efficiency helps me get there more quickly; but if Im doing something pointless, then being efficient merely allows be to finish my pointless task faster.
Efficient mean to be well planned or organized in your work.
Effective is something that works or have value.
efficient is to be self reliant and self motivated ,where as effective would be to get desired result from your action
Efficient doing faster. Effective doing the right thing
"When the stable's clean, there is no income."
That's from Proverbs. It is also what has helped me remember that in my business there will always be some mess. If I focus on a "clean stable" all the time it can distract from what is most important.

I try to major on the majors and what will bring in the income.
I make my organization effective by making IT work for me instead of IT making me work so IT will look good.

Efficient is making what I do effective. Anything else is busy work.

In saying all this there are ways, as you teach, to put systems in place that help streamline repeatable task.
One simple task for me is sending faxes. I now have put information on all the types of faxes I have to send (many) so that I don't have to take the time to input the info everytime.

Thanks for helping me always remember to go back to what I really value so that I don't get off track on mundane task that will not give me any progress to fullfilling my goals and rewarding what I truly value.
Efficient means that you do more things with the least amount of effort.

Effective means that you do things well and produce your desired results.
Let me start with efficient. Efficient as it relates to organization skills means that I have a process or procedure that allows me to get things done quickly, on time, on target and done right the first time. I believe everyone strives for efficiency because it seems to show that you manage your time well and can operate within the time constraints that define your day. People who are efficient usually are pleased with their ability to stay on track and seemingly accomplish tasks, but the question that an efficient person may ask is, am I accomplishing the right tasks?

Effective on the other hand is a way to gauge whether or not my efficiencies matter. If I am efficient enough to be able to place the ladder against a wall I intend to climb, effectiveness tells me that I have the ladder against the right wall. It doesn't matter how well you climb the ladder if it agaist the wrong wall. Effectiveness is choosing to engage in tasks that move your goals, mission, vision or ideals forward and then efficiencies align systems and procedures to accomplish those tasks with speed and thoroughness.

In order to maximize your TQ, effectiveness allows you to choose approriate activities and efficiency organizes your path to completion.
Right now not at all organized a procrastinator, I am getting selfish and lazy although I know I need to change and I can I will.
Efficient means Ć«ffective AND economical. One can be effective without being economical. However, one cannot be efficient without being effective.
Efficiency sometimes is not Effective because of many reasons like distraction.
I am able to overcome all of my obstacles. I just have to apply it better.
I'm not sure if I'm sufficiently organized - but i'm aware of the need for organization. So full points, right? I have a loose time line and goals for my book, and I have most of my commitments scheduled and this helps a lot. the one thing I need to work on is keeping my work and living space tidy.
Also, I have to make my
I think my eq is not where it should be. Therefore obstacles are seen as huge when they might not be... they feel huge.
my biggest obstacle is procrastination. poor time management is a huge factor but it is borne out of procrastination. my energy levels have improved lately having changed my eating. i am working on the procrastination part of it now. i would be most efficient if i figured out how to do what i need to and then do it. often i figure out how and then refuse to do it. i figure if i got used to doing what i need to i could get used to following my plans and it would be second nature. thanks tq, this journal section in the email is a great idea!
Focus, focus, focus. I am bigger than this obstacle. baby steps will help me overcome this.
I focus on what I want.
I'm not highly organized. I could use the services of a personal secretary and maid.
i do find it challenging filing my work and keeping spaces tidy - so those systems could use improvement.
I would like to reinstate my drivers license. With what the state and JASAP want, money wise it will take longer than expected. They keep adding on to what is already owed.
2hours of Super productiviity!
shit. I think it would increase my income earning potential A LOT. not only for the work that I would complete, but also for the increased self confidence and vitality that this would stir from within me.
not exactly,and its my fault completely.
Yes, I did. I expected, hoped, prayed and acted upon the idea of being financially able to pay my bills on the day they come in , in full, with the minimum amount due and added the interest charge and any and all purchases. Six months in a row. WOW! I will continue this behavior.
B. Systems ( or lack thereof) are holding me back from greatness. As someone who had things come easy it has taken me quite some time to realize that I can't always get away with mediocrity. The last minute rush, the adrenaline still adds up to failure and defeat I have finally grown tired of it and how much it tires me. I am growing in appreciation of the stability that comes with being more and more organized. My chronic procrastination has improved thanks to one book I read. Think TQ is showing me how to put all the systems together, to link it with my values and my visions for my life and wake up everyday knowing what I expect to accomplish in all the different roles I play. I am starting to forget how I lived before, what a journey life is.
Beyond Organized!

This area of my performance is a huge driver of my success.

My systems could be improved... I have an "open door policy" in my mind... That is fine when I'm listening to a client... but for actual goal accomplishment, I need to plan, focus on my plan, and not allow myself to be interrupted during implementation... I need to engage the correct mental methodology for the task at hand... and not let it get convoluted... Left brain tasks done at the specified times... right brain creativity and listening at the specified time and environment...
Hi ER. when i think of how organized i am on a scale of 1-10 will give myself about 4.5. Now in some cases i get highly organized like 8-9 but those are rare. I will work on trying to be more organized with my Time and actions i take in that time.
I have just purchased Paper Tiger to get all my files and household items in an index. I have started the project.
I have just purchased Paper Tiger to get all my files and household items in an index. I have started the project.

What's your number ONE goal right now? To establish a healthy breakfast for my elderly mom.

If there's ONE thing that always diverts your efforts, what is it? Emails.

How far could you go if you applied massive, focused effort on just ONE thing at a time? Very far. A lot of closure, completeness, and satisfaction!
Think of the 4 R's of success:

Efficient means you are doing things the Right Way at the Right Time.

Effectiveness means you are doing the RIGHT Things for the RIGHT Reasons.

Takes all 4 to be successful.

Efficient to me means getting the most out of the Time you have. Effective means how well the outcome is of a situation is.

I climb over, under, around or through them about every 27 minutes!!!

Yes, obstacle destruction is a big part of my day!

I attempt to organize each day - but other people's "ideas" (intentionally or unintentionally) tend to derail a well thoughtout daily agenda.

I respectfully continue to implement proven processes and procedures into my new work routine.
I got results way beyond expectations!

Did I actually GET the Results I Expected, hoped and prayed for?

Mostly yes, but still lots of room for improvement.

I am now wrapping up several top priority completions.

We are starting down the path to several new products.

Things we never even thought of 7 months ago!


Every effort counts and success is the sum of all these little efforts. Every little effort contributed into new results.I remember my first prototypes of the magic stud finder, when I look back at every prototype , I see all these little changes I made then, all of these little changes were small efforts made huge contribution to the final look of the Magic Stud Finder product.
It's amazing how human mind works, if we can just have something to make us flashback at all we have done in the past, you will find all these little effort are the reason why you are where you are right now.
No question, my biggest achievement has been the release of Success On Purpose commercially, as it will change the way the world thinks about results... purpose... performance... and success.

Huge team effort, but as captain of the team, I am more proud of this feat than anything I have yet accomplished.

I'm observing that my feeling of poor organisation is connected to a very large number of people all chasing me with urgent requests for a piece of me, my time, my money and other skills going back from my birth to today/

Csn I mske the whole world hsppy?
I have great time management however because I am very busy with things I don't often take enough time for myself and important people. I will begin to write in more time for this and follow through as well as I do professionally.
I could increase my earning, I would say at least 30% with 2 hours of super-productive time each day.
Get the results I expected. Well, for me the results have been pretty good but my expectations weren't. I realy have to start expecting more from myself and from life. This commentary helps me to see that having expectations is the starting point and reflecting on the expectations gives you the opportunity to improve on my execution. I think I have been opperating on the erroneous concept that if I don't expect much then I won't be subject to disappointment. That is so wrong. Without clear expectations it is very unlikely I will arrive anywhere that brings fulfillment. That will be the ultimate disappointment in life. No more weak expectations. There is always a solution and I can find it. It just takes effective execution and the TQ system will help polish my execution to a shine.
In certain areas, I am highly organized... others not so much.

I see the patterns, and have improved 200%, but have a real problem putting things back where they belong as I am using them: tools, wire, materials, etc.

Right now, I have 19 major projects going and my desk would rate as a natural disaster!

My organizational skills are a prime differentiator of my success. I am seen as a high RESULTS - producer and capable of achieving more each and every day.

Thus bigger and bigger opportunities come my way.

Which I have the power to not only see but seize.

Which has made me very rich.

Thus, high-powered organizational skills are a huge driver of my success.

Today, I squeezed in some real estate info. between webinars at http;//meetLiveVideo.com be a GUEST, some people in Colorado
are lovin' these video tools and instant pay
My life NR1 goal is good healthy body, so I can put exercise whenever I feel like to smoke, I can put my body into exercise into Calming Body by Body-unification exercise at hand.
Yes! So far this year I have exceeded my wildest expectations... and yet... I STILL have outrageous hopes and dreams!

Ain't life grand:)

Yes... but during the last 12 months I have multiplied my EXPECTATIONS 1000 fold, requiring and even greater power to EXECUTE.

That's how it works... that's how I work it.
We're about to have scrambled eggs for breakfast, so yes my prayers are answered. You want to see the great video tools at http://meetLivevideo.com be a GUEST today, let me know what you like BEST Next webinar 1pm EST
This year we have launched three huge new projects and 2 more in the pipeline.

For the last few months, I have been heavily involved in principle writing for MyBelieversGuide.com -- and have had a very interesting confrontation between life as usual, and a more active involvement in spiritual matters.

My biggest achievement? No question, a much better relationship with Jesus as a teacher, creative force, and the guiding light of my life.

Big achievements. Huge accomplishments. But the most significant is getting to know Him better.

Congratulations on all your Successes ER!!! ... & thank You for helping to Empower & Encourage us daily!! His Light definitely shines thru You!!!
Yes, May I add something I have learned that coincides with this idea. Be flexible enough in your plans that allow you to change, during the project, as is needed. There is a balance of change which should occur and this decision itself is based on your understanding, preparation and any changes to the project that may occur. Adaptability is another key to success.
I am committed, but I am not clear on the right path to take; the right vehicle to achieve what I want and need to achieve. I have been vacillating for over a year on which is the right small business model. I''m very frustrated!

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