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Do you have the WILL to succeed?

S    U    C    C    E    S    S
Is A Matter Of Will.

"Much as we may wish to make a new beginning, some part of us resists doing so as though we were making the first step toward disaster." ~ William Bridges

All last week we focused on creating the future of your dreams. In short, if you don't learn to EXPECT successcreating your own self-fulfilling prophecy of the life you loveit will forever elude you. Conversely, learn to Expect More and Execute Better, and you will fill your life with abundance beyond the dreams of avarice!

TQ You have been given WINGS. Do you believe you can FLY?

This week, we will be discussing The Will to Succeed... the pure determination necessary to triumph over fear, uncertainty and doubt as you move towards your most cherished dreams and goals.

No question, Will Power beats Can't Power everytime!

In "TQ-Speak", you already have your WINGS... now you must BELIEVE you can fly!

TQ Do you have the WILL to succeed?

Please take a moment to visualize your top three 2016-2017 goals. Where do you want to be exactly 1 year from now?

Now, write down the prime REASON for pursuing these goals, or the big REWARD you expect to get once you attain them. (Remember, the WHY behind your goals is far more important than the WHAT.)

My Top 3 Goals & The Rewards Contained In Them:

1. ___________________________ Reward _________________
2. ___________________________ Reward _________________
3. ___________________________ Reward _________________

Time Horizon: 12/31/2017

TQ A Prediction...

If the REWARDS/benefits/values within each goal are not greater than your FEAR of moving towards them, you simply don't have the WILL Power necessary to move them off this page and into your life. You will FAIL to achieve these goals.

However, when you are willing to move heaven and earth to attain the benefits inherent within each goal, you WILL.

When your POWER is greater than the SIZE of the goal, you succeed.

Your CAN'T turns to WILL and what a tremendous difference this makes!

In "TQ Speak," this means turning up the intensity of your Act Now Color... by learning to keep your eye on the ROSE, not the THORNS, by taking swift action—INSPITE of your natural reluctance and hesitation to do so.

One of the most important Factors governing the brightness of your Act Now Color is TQ Factor 10d. It asks if you "use fear as a call to action, and act without delay to reduce the threat?"

So, do you?

When you are stopped by fear, you almost always fail. Every type of fear—physical, emotional or social—has the beneficial purpose of protecting you from harm. However, this does not mean you must always stop.

Remember this: Thought directs action.

Confirm the value of your goal and the appropriateness of your actions. Then, consciously choose to focus on more productive thoughts. Master this and you can act in spite of your fear—and continue toward your desired goal.

"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!" ~ Henry Ford

TQ Factor 10D's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you are a person whose answer to a fearful situation is to take immediate action. Rather than sit and worry, you do whatever you can to resolve or reduce the threat.

You change your focus from what you fear, to what you want and can do.

You gather information, seek expert opinions, change direction, increase performance, sharpen skills and make better plans. You get help when needed, shore up defenses and take any action necessary to improve the situation.

TQ Factor 10D's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment to this Factor suggests you are someone who does more fretting than fixing. Progress stops when you are confronted with a fearful situation.

Lacking the personal strategies to keep going in spite of the fear, you tend to avoid the situation rather than resolve it.

It's easier to skirt the issue, delay the conversation or divert yourself with unrelated tasks. Unfortunately, these strategies never really improve your situation, and you remain a victim to the fear for as long as it exists.

TQ The bottom line?

You gain immediate power over your fears by taking a positive forward action. Otherwise, you are robbed of all personal power until the cause of the fear goes away.

A loss of WILL Power occurs when you permit FEAR to take hold. Fear reduces your Energy level... destroys your Attitude... clouds your Goals... ensnares your Plans... causes a loss of Focus... and stops others dead in their tracks from helping you.

Yes, FEAR is a prime reason why people NEVER achieve their goals.

TQ Yes, Success is in your DNA...

We can actually PROVE it!

When we initially created the huge TQ performance database, one central question guided our extensive research: Why do some people succeed brilliantly — almost effortlessly — while others, with equal talent and intelligence... struggle just to make it through the day... living from paycheck to paycheck with no real progress made towards achieving their dreams and goals?

Ultimately, the question became, ''Why do smart people fail?''

After ten years, and millions of dollars of research, the answer, it turns out, is quite simple...

Smart people fail because they fail to consistently take smart actions! It is no more complicated than that.

With tens of millions of data points, we have learned that there is a direct, almost perfect correlation between the actions you take — day-in, day-out — and your overall level of satisfaction, happiness and success in life.

Over time, we concluded that success is in your DNA:

D)o-it N)ow A)ctions!

When you take swift ACTION to optimize the use of your precious time... when you take bold ACTION to overcome uncertainty, fear and doubt... when you take positive ACTION to change your mood when your attitude starts to turn negative... you INSTANTLY transform your performance from mediocre to excellent quite literally in a heartbeat... moving you TOWARDS the success you desire!

Thus, the key to success however you define it: Wealth... Power... or Happiness is found in your DNA... your D)o-it N)ow A)ctions!

Without question, successful people consistently take SMARTER ACTIONS than those who constantly find themselves in the throws of failure, disappointment and unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

Won't you achieve your most heart-felt goals a great deal sooner, if you have greater WILL POWER? What's holding you back?

-- E.R. Haas, CEO


If you have any questions you would like us to answer personally, just send us an email! Click Here Answers@ThinkTQ.com...

The only dumb question is the one that's important to you... and you didn't ask!

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Running Member Comments...

Thought directs Action--I'll be thinking about this all day--Thank you, Sheryl from Kansas
Before this year is out:

I WILL submit my PhD proposal
I WILL help my daughter read
I WILL help my son get 90% in Maths...
Yes I WILL....
There is more will to do the big things, or spectacular, but will seems to diminish when it comes to the day to day details and the drive required to push through.
hell - I don't know - I really never had a need - or want - or compulsion - or whatever - TO BE PERFECT - in anything - this has been somewhat of a delema (sic) BUT it is true for me - I just want to be OK in theis moment = I want to let go and live NOW - this moment this minute - Just be the best I can be as a person - Give more and be open to change and growth and hope for the best - LOL
Sometimes you just have to trust to luck and hope that it works - most of the time I have been soooooooooooo lucky - sometimes it is better to be lucky than good - I never had a need (internal ) to be great - I hope all of you are in the same boat as me - CUZ - It has been great so far - not to say I have not had some rocky (sic) times - Because I have . wow - thanks everybody and I hope this day you will be the person you should be - Just be the best you can be - RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW _ thanks for reading and listening to me - i appreciate that _ John Rhodes
John, I know you and when you have been sucessful it was because you were good.
All of your failures center around faking good and depending on luck.
I have become a good starter and a poor finisher... I always had that tendency I think it was/is tied to a fear of success/fear of failure syndrome. When I was younger I would often muscle through to the end. Sometimes fear of being fired helped... and other times I allowed myself the success and enjoyed the fruits of my labor. Eight years ago I was working 80 hours per week M-F, for a boss I came to despise and after six months I was so exhausted and stressed that when coming home from a business trip, I had a slip and fall that resulted in my rupturing two disks. Since then I have had many setbacks including ongoing back pain including four surgeries and becoming disabled as a result, a divorce, giving up custody of my children to my Ex in order to spare everyone the bloodletting and nasty battles that had gone on for two years, and a couple of failed (ended) relationships.

I have a built in obstacle in my head and several fears that surround it. I want to heal, I want to be a better role model to my children, I want and need more income, I want a resolved and healthy relationship with my Ex-wife.

This morning I woke up at 5:30am after about 5 hours of sleep. I have been trying hard to get more "recuperative" sleep the emphasis on recuperative stems from the research that shows that the last two REM cycles of sleep are the most beneficial to our rest and our health, these occuring in the last hours (5th to 8th hour) of sleep. But brainstorming ensued despite my desire to get another REM cycle before rising. The brainstorm to write a book blending my understanding of the spiritual mind body connection.

Here is the rub... and why this question from TQ in my email this morning? Karma? here is why I have bothered to answer...
Can I do this? Yes!

Will I do this? {fear, hesitation, doubt).

At times like this I like to repeat a line from Star Wars, Yoda said: "There is no try... only do!"

I will let you know how it goes...
Hi Chris - WOW !!! Not bad Chris - I like the Yoda quote - very very good - Me too on the finishing - I hate that - I always start out like a firestorm - and fizzle at the end - what is it ???? - why the bad finish ? fear of failure or success ? It sounds right
BUT why ???? damn _ best to you - John R
Chris, I hear your pain. Like you, I have been through some traumatic times. What I am learning is that the "finishing" is all that matters. Most of us can start well, but finishing? That's a whole new ball game. But for what it is worth, keep in mind that posterity will not remember how we started, only how we finished.

Saint Paul said, "I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith, I finished the course." I urge you to finish. Your life matters to so many people. Your life... matters.
More will than can't however I do need to be jump started.
I began the TQ program some months ago, I followed the material, nevertheless any time when I came up to the point to write my Dreams, to follow with my Missions, and Visions, I became stuck, like being at the edge of a precipice, unable to write a word coming from my inner self; I realized there were many lost that I had to heal before the truly felt needs, and dreams would come up; I decided to go for therapy, I am letting my night dreams also to come out, and I am beginning to re-discover my biggest gifts, so stimulating my deepest dreams, and desires; I am pretty sure that at this stage my 10 Colours of Intentional Excellence will be brighter, and the TQ methodology will be guiding me, gently to write down my most deep dreams, missions, vision, and fulfilling goals.

I am finding what was holding me back in my inner self, preventing me from being able to bring my dreams out, and everything that I had done courageously, had helped me, as the TQ System, therapy, readings, family and friends support.

My conclusion is that whenever there are deep lost, fear, anger, or any negative feeling in the soul, healing will bring the serenity, clarity, and strength to overcome those stagnant feelings that diminish the courage we need to envision our Life, then the TQ System will work wonders, like it is working for me.
Everyday - I THINK - I just know - Know - that something good
is going to happen today - something good will happen today=== thanks again & best - John R
There is certainly more WILL in my life than CAN'T, however, the can't crawls in occasionally when I loose focus on an immediate goal, I can see that it has the power to offset the time line for my Larger goals, but feel almost helpless in doing what is needed, and still remain on my time line for the larger goals. I realized that managing enough time for this subject was needed, so adjustments have been made.
I am a full time student working towards a BS (currently a Senior), and ultimately a Masters degree in Environmental Management, my GPA is 4.0, however I need Algebra Functions 151 class before I can move on to the other Math subjects I need for my degree. I have taken this course twice, and failed both times, I am taking it a third time this spring (again, at a community college so as not to upset my 4.0 GPA). I have dropped my normal 21 credit hours to 15 for this semester, perhaps the extra time I have can finally help me to understand the function side of Algebra... I will probably try a tutor as well...
Hi again- well - I am still here - thank you all for the help - hell - I can't help but think that something great will happen today - yes it will - and all I have to do is be ready to receive it ( the good ) - thanks again - - best John R
also - has anyone seen Ro Kramer?? her married name is Ro Renn - where have you been Ro ? also what about Rusty Cornwall ? Rusty was seldom seen as a US Marine - BUT - I do know he may be in Sonoita , Arizona - we were in the Marine Corps together and in Vietnam - I hope he made it - If anyone knows of Rusty - Please get a hold of me at rhodes350@comcast.net = thanks
you know what ? - I am still here and thinking !!! - I have been contemplating the meaning of my life - I have concluded that it means a lot to me - thank you. I hope that you believe the same of your life.
Lots of fear of embarrassment - afraid I'll forget an important meeting or not look right at a social function or not have normal things to say that help me connect with others positively. Afraid that others will make fun of my conversation, thoughts, and appearance. So, I avoid taking on some goals because I want to avoid the negative feedback I perceive I will receive. Also, because I'm afraid that if I forget important deadlines, lose something, not have the energy to complete something, then it will be embarrassing, others will see me as a flake, and it would have been better to never have tried. Wow. I never knew how my past experiences are hovering in my memory holding me back from making positive changes in my present. Also, how much of this fear is really related to my brain and how it works differently, how my comments and thinking are not like others (and thus laughed at) or how I have a weak memory and thus need to heavily rely on written organizational plans to succeed. This extra layer of writing and planning everything adds time and work and tires me out before I think I should be, therefore I really need to take on less of a load than I perceive is normal so I can succeed. . . like I did for the marathon, clearing my schedule of distractions to focus on one thing.
Yeah Ginger, I know what you mean. The fear of not necessarily being criticized but the guilt and or embarrassment that comes along with it, is what tends to restrict and constrict us. I guess you got to feel the fear and push through regardless. Make it in your mind that no matter what it is, it is worth it. I guess you would have to destroy your ego to a certain extent (the part of you that wants to be perfect [unrealistic expectations], and appear perfect to others). Sometimes it's worth looking stupid (and feeling stupid - can't be helped sometimes) as long as you move forward. Good luck. I feel you can do it.
Hi - still here - thanks TQ and all the folks here =
Best - John R
Not being able to pay the bills
Every day begins, todays is the best day in my life and great things are awaiting for me. Iam achieving everything i have envisioned for my self in this year. Life is awesome and i enjoy every moment living to the fullest. Puru
Failure, again. Is it the same as it was 5 years ago, yes.
being left alone and not survive existentially.
Yes it is the same fear 5 and all years ago
Not submitting my PhD Proposal and it not getting accepted
I am wondering about the relationship between willpower and flow. Sometimes we are so busy focusing our will that we forget that there is also a flow in life. In my view, if our willpower is continually struggling with "going against the flow", the end result will be exhaustion. I don't mean that we shouldn't confront obstacles and overcome them; rather, that we need to find ways to allow the energy flow in a situation to carry us, to align our will with a certain sense of flow so that we have the sense that "yes, this is the right direction and the journey there feels good."

It's the same with goals. Goals are very necessary because without goals we are rootless and we have no map. However, the flip side of that, the "shadow" side of goals, is that being continually focused on goals can lead you into living in your consciousness only in the future and thus you can lose touch with the energies of the present. Sometimes a person can be so focused on a future goal that he/she doesn't see the blessings he/she already has. He/she doesn't feel the richness of the present moment. This balancing act between willpower and flow, and between future goals and being fully in the present, is something I feel is a challenge in my life.

Also, it's sometimes the case that a well-set goal doesn't turn out the way we thought it would or it changes as it evolves, so I do think we need to be open to serendipity and also to be flexible, and to avoid beating ourselves up when a goal changes. I think there needs to be a process of "goals without guilt".
Not being able to afford our bills. No it is not the same fear I had 5 years ago.
There is always more WILL, than CAN't but there is a lot of "don't really want to"
the biggest fear is : ME MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME=======
ME - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU KNOW WHAT ? This is a revelation !
BUT it is true - damn - all I have to do is get over being
afraid of - ME - I hold myself back and I do not know why-
I have some ideas and I will get over it - thanks TQ and all of you - my best to you all - John Rhodes
I can relate to you John. I have a lot of fears myself. Just try and pick one fear you have,and conquer that fear. Do not let it get you. Like for instance. I sometimes fear driving to far away places that I am not familiar with. I cannot stand all of the traffic on the big highways. I will take back roads anything to avoid what I fear. So every week, I have been trying to go a little further each time to get over my fears. I am afraid of some of the drivers out there. They really scare me, talking on their cell phones while driving their cars, its just awful. I am a safe driver. I try my best to follow all traffic rules. A few years ago, I made a trip to Vermont, with my grandchildren. I did Well. I was a little nervous at first. I knew my grandchildren, are very important to me and I knew I had to keep them safe. It took us six hours to get their. That was the longest trip that I ever took, where I had to do all of the driving. We even came across a bad accident, and had to pull off the road and wait for a while to proceed. It was great. The children where just super, and well behaved. The trip just went as smooth as can be. Then at other times, I get that fear again, if I have to go far by myself, its like I am not in control when I drive the car, and I am nervous, and fearful some one is going to hit me. Keep trying and never give up. Good luck with conquering some of your fears. One Day At A Time! I also pray to God, everytime I go out in the car. I ask him to protect me and get me there safe. Let go and let God! This progam,TQ is really changing my life for the better, and it will do the same for you. Have a great day! Kathleen
95 % of the thoughts you have today
WILL BE the same thoughts you had yesterday
start over today - when I was in the Marine Corps - My senior DI used to say - " today is a new day - it is MY day - each day is a little better than the day before- Just a little better - BUT BETTER !!!! Thanks a lot Senior DI - I appreciate that thought
"each day is a little better than the day before" thats all you need - just a little better today than the day before - enuf for me to keep pushing - best to all again - John R
It is interesting to see the many dimensions of time. There is relative time like the time on a watch. There is natural time like day and night. Then there is mental time.
Mental time seems to be multidimensional. I find it amazing how we can be having a five-year-old experience at the same moment we are having a future experience that hasnt actually happened yet at the same moment that we are living our present experience. Its amazing to me that I have physically gotten older as relative time has passed by, but mentally I have stood timeless in so many areas that I have been incomplete with or left unfinished. Like an argument with a family member or friend, a car accident, just random stuff that seems to get stuck in an incomplete timeless mental place. It seems that everywhere I had to be right in the past, I was either holding on to looking good or a fear of loss. Either way when I sit and listen to my thoughts of fear or concern they are always based on past experiences leading to future concern about what might happen. Logical as it may be to protect our ego, it seems like the most useless and adolescent way to use our minds. How can we live in this moment, with out fear, if we keep being logical? Logic is basically a fear-based mindset about analyzing what hasnt worked before. If Knowledge is something we get from Reading of taking Theory Classes, and Wisdom is something we get from Doing.
Someone asked me a few weeks ago& What is the difference between Success and Wisdom? The difference is, Wisdom is what you get every time you do something and do not achieve your goal. In other words& If you are willing fail over and over but never quit you have to eventually succeed, and once you succeed you know the boundaries of failure. Now you are a confident expert. You literally cannot be an expert if you havent effectively failed in every way there is to fail.
I find it puzzling that we teach our young children in school that failure is bad when the truth is that failure is what makes3% of us successful, financially free, and wealthy. While 97% are taught to fear failure and thus we work for less than we are worth in a highly completive market and live a life of lack and scarcity that someone is going to take our job which will eventually happen anyway then retire broke.
To complete the thought, the power of our mental time is truly in getting complete with the past thoughts and experiences that sabotage our clarity in the present moment so that we can stay in the present moment in conversations, planning and doing. Ultimately being inspired and being excited right not all the time.
What a fabulous observation!

Failure is the price paid for wisdom.

Success is wisdom in action.

I agree that "you cannot become an expert until you have found every way to fail" -- and then some in my case -- then turn those experiences into excellence.


Best of all, it is the path we all take naturally. Some of us, however, get discouraged, tired and depressed... so never get the opportunity to breakthrough and break free of the bonds of mediocrity.

Mostly, this inherent "tiredness and discouragement" is because they have found themselves traveling down the wrong path to begin with!

Find the right path for you, and all your failures will make you an enthusiastic, happy and tremendously successful expert in your own field!


Yes, I truly believe in my success. I can achieve all of it.


I realy believe in my dreams
I truly believe in my success. The overcoming
obstacle I have to hurdle is fear of failure.
I don't know. I have to submit my Phd proposal draft in two days and I am not ready yet... Will I do it???
I have to do it...



Write as if your very life depends on it...

Because it does!

Let me know when the draft is complete... think of me as your "accountability buddy".

Now, even I'M counting on you!

testing. Is this a personal journal or a systemwide thing? How do I fix my time zone?
After returning to school to complete a doctorate in my 40s, I got a dream job teaching at a university in California. The dream turned into a nightmare when my first two years were terrible. Turned out, I had diabeties which tended to make me exhausted, and irritable. Not a good combination for a prof. I resigned rather than get let go and have been unemployed for several years.
In the past three years, I have filled out more than 50 job applications. Although I got some interviews, had trouble because I am in my 50s, and because I was ashamed of how poorly I had performed.
Well, I have the disease under better control now, and I am sending out new applications. Never quit.
Mark, don't quit. You have more to offer the world in your fifties than you did in your forties, thirties, or even twenties. I sense that you have the potential to really succeed. Keep in mind the spirit-mind-body connection (not meaning to sound all Yoda or New-Age-Ish on you), but seriously, with your physical problems, and your bright mind and will (heck, you got your PhD in your forties!), you obviously are what we need out there in the workforce. People like you make the world a better place. While you work on the physical, keep the spirit in shape, and you will see amazing results.
sometimes I´m unstoppable, other times stagnant in pursuing my dreams or even duties...
My wife Joyce and I are Realtors in the San Francisco Bay area and the market here is in a downward spiral. We have taken this opportunity to focus on how we do business and are making adjustments, organizing and changing procedures. We are extremely optimistic and we maintain a positive attitude at all times. These times have truly been a blessing for us bringing us closer together, honing our skills and learning how important it is to maintain a positive attitude and to act now "everyday". We thank TQ's support, tools and enlightenment. The Tietz Team is alive and well. We are in the top 5% of producers for our RE/MAX Brokerage in our city. I would like to take this opportunity to thank TQ and a special thanks to God who has been guiding us throughout this tough time.
We start everyday with these words:

Lord, thankyou for another wonderful day.
We cast out all of our burdens to you today knowing we are in your loving caring hands.
We praise your holy name and thank you for being a loving and giving God.
We thank you for showering us with life's abundance making our Visions a reality.
We are children of faith that continue to grow in your word.
Thank you for your favor of love, health, wealth and happiness that you continually provide us. You are an awesome God.

Grit, determination, being hard-headed, and never giving up!
FEAR has stopped me cold in my tracks. It doesn't feed and nurture me to do better - it makes me shrink back. I'm ready to move forward.
I was working a network based business and it was going really well. I was making an additional $300 a week, which doesn't sound like much. But if you can make 300 add the time and consistency of actions that got you to 300 and you can get to 3,000. I got in a relationship and allowed myself to stop dedicating my efforts like I was previously. My profits went down of course and now even part of my belief has diminished. I could kick my self because I think of the freedom that I would have gained and how much more empowered I would be.
ever changing according to my moods and energylevels
Failing to place my trust wholeheartedly in God. I've been worrying too much about outcomes, when they are in God's hands, not mine. I just need to do my best, because when everything seems to be falling apart in my life, I just need to keep my eyes on Jesus, and then continue to move forward towards my goals.
Despite all the things that seem to be going wrong in my life right now, I am determined to succeed. I know that things will turn around for me if I just stay positive, and keep moving forward...never looking back.
When I fail and fail again, knowing that I do not want to live in the situation I'm in right now, drives me to continue to push for success. It motivates me to never give up on my dreams. I have no other choice but to keep on moving forward.
I'm working hard for my success because I truly BELIEVE that I can do it. I truly believe that I can have the future I desire. I am working tirelessly for this.
Ihave to work very hard to stop all of the procrastinating in my life. Iseem always to make excuses for not doing something. I will not give up on my goals. Much luck to you all. One day at atime. A special thanks to TQ.
I feel that there is more WILL in my life. The CAN'T in my life is slowing dying and being put to rest, in its rightful place.
I firmly believe that if I WILL I succeed.


There is more Can't than Will in my life right now. I am working on it, but it is hard!
I have more will than can't now. However, there was a time can't was a norm because of a invisible challenges. My eye's were not working together and that made reading impossible. This was the biggest challenge. I always had the will on the inside and now since eye therapy I have it on the outside as well.

Michele K
I have the fear of failure in certains parts of my life. I don't know why. I have broken through fear before in all parts of my life.
Single Biggest Fear is not being able to enjoy life without the financial pressures of family.

This is not the same fear as 5 years ago, but a reality of health and changes in income outlook.
Being jobless or homeless.
No, I truly BELIEVE in my success. I know that I will have the things that I so Burningly Desire. I will have my Monaco Executive RV, and the $4,000,000 million dollars that I need so that I may use it to build Monolithic Dome Homes for all.
I believe in my success, and truly have seen success in the past, but currently I have doubts that I can succeed as I once did. I know this is "stinkin' thinkin'," but it is a challenge that I am committed to overcome.
I can visualize my dream. I can see me smiling. I can see me doing business travel, always meeting new people, always helping new people, positively impacting people's life, changing the lives of people around me. I live without limits and without boundaries. I don't want to fail though. I don't want to be disappointed in myself, much less, have my parents disappointed in me. And I don't want to be broke, struggling to get by while unable to support myself financially. I feel like I should be further along than I am right now. I have heard all the good advice from others' lessons learned yet, I did not exercise caution in my decisions. Pursuing my dream, or not pursuing it, is not a matter of self doubt, but rather, anxiety about financial stability-will I be able to afford the school's tuition and still pay my bills?
Still on track, haven't heard from you guys in a while.
We just had one man that received the best car of
his life yesterday, and feel we will reach more goals
before Thanksgiving. I'm writing a blog now in myministryspace.com
I do but i'm not being focused enough to really work on my goals. Have been feeling down lately and not my usual self. Trying really hard but everything is turning out negative.
I would like to think about my positive thinkers like
Douglas, Eric, Tiffany, Patrick, Vicki,
and Brett and as it pertains over the company. Anyway, that is what I want to have postive thinkers everywhere. Be around positive people.
healthy food intake, problems keep repeating if they don´t get solved, and they don´t get solved if u can´t find the appropriate tools for dealing with them
My biggest failure has been developing a loving relationship.I have learned to be more open and receive love as well as give love and not be afraid. That being alone is not good and not what I want and compremising and being flexible is helpful in maintaining a health relationship. Putting aside stuborness and selfishness. Looking for the good in others as well as myself.Also truly knowing I desire to have a loving fun and healthy relationship.
Not keeping promises to myself again and again for fear of going outside of my confort zone.

I have learned that the voices in my head of my family and friends that were never supportive, are not helping me to accomplish my goals, but to keep me right there where they are, in misery. I no longer want this kind of life. I have now decided to move on and the voices in my head are now gone. I decide for myself what I want, and only I can make that happen. So I will no longer listen to others who are not supportive and part of my Master Mind Group.
My biggest failure was that my son got canser. What have I learned better nutrition for all those around me.
If it where me only I'd give up so easily! Yet for my daughter sons and family I pick myself up from the boot strings and put my best foot foward.
Without a doubt, if it came to a life or death contest of will i could defeat anyone that challenges me, but for setting goals i usually speculate about possible futures rather than set definite goal that could easily disappoint me if they do not come true.
The desire to win and to show others that i can defeat them although they may be stronger than me. If i fail at something, i usually get back on my feet just to knock out the competition. For instance, the other day, my friends and i had a race to see who could run to the store and get a burrito with cheese, beans, and bacon first. I beat everyone and then allowed my friends to claim the victory burrito. The point was not to get a burrito, but for me to win.
Change only occurs through rapid cycle trials. Try try and try again until you get it right.
My Vision and My Dream-if I give up I will never have a chance--success comes to those who are relentless in pursuit of their goals and dreams--that means that you make a commitment to give up only when you stop breathing......
moj momentalne najvacsi strach je, ze nestihnem mat vcas deti, ak by sa mi teraz rozpadol vztah. mam svoje roky a chcela som viac deti, tak verim, ze mi budu dopriate, lebo ich velmi velmi chcem. uz by som chcela byt tehotna, mat to svoje male bejby:-)
Not hitting my next projected goal. This is the same fear that has controlled my life since I set my first goal when I was 10.
I truly BELIEVE in success! I BELIEVE it is my birthright. My success is in the plan of God. He said he has plans to prosper me...to give me a future and an expected end!
I am really lost. Its a true case of "The things i want to do i doest not and the things i dont want to do i find myself doing" HELP!!!!!!
I am. I am. I am so optimistic. I believe I can and I willlllll.
I really believe that i will succeed. It is just a matter of time. Need a lot of people to do things. Need a plan.
No I do not and am not sure how to develop that will. Somewhere somehow, it feels like it was pummeled out of me at an early age. I don't know what this 'bad habit' is but it is a perspective that does not develop will or hunger for getting what I want.
I truly believe in my success.
More WILL indeed.
More WILL indeed.
To accomplish, embody or possess nothing including lonliness. Same fear from 5yrs ago, living the reality of this nightmare
I believe in myself, but do not have the self-discipline or plan to follow it.
I am excited not only with my score but because with each day my clarity and conviction is growing There are so many changes taking place in my life and i am enjoying the challenge. Thanks to success on purpose and all you people who stand for our success. God bless. Mario
A little of both but "can't) probably overrides will or I should say that "fear" overrides everything.
As I am learning and getting more proficent in the TQ system, I see my conviction getting greater, once my values are aligned properly with the goal, set the plan, act urgently, I see my life changing for the better on a day to day basis! I have also noticed, by writing in this journal, that I think it, say it, then write it! Then success is inevitable because it becomes a part of me! I find this so valuable!
Public speaking and not being able to support my family for one reason or another
"When you fail and fail again... as you naturally must... what makes you pick yourself back up again?"

Hope... hope that I can in fact make a difference keeps me going through all the minutia that wears me down each day.

Pure, unadulterated hope.

It's tough to stare failure down and know that only me is the key.

Today is yet another day to fight... to live... to snatch glimmers of victory out of the pool of despair that faces all men who have accomplished great things.

Today -- yes today -- will be a great day.

I WILL win because I have the WILL to win.

I think about the purpose and mission of my work. I look to God to give me strength and wisdom to overcome my failures.
Honestly, the fear of not accomplishing my purpose and at the same time the inner feeling that I was created to conquer (that there is more to what I have lived so far)and help others succeed.
The biggest fear is not knowing what's going to happen next. I've always been successful at what I have tackled in life and for someone to tell me now that your "talent isn't enough". What now?
I believe I will suceed in my jewelry business, my stock account, and my website for affiliates. I know this is a lot of different things and it looks overwhelming. It is not the stock only takes signing in and placing an order to get going and it automatically stops. The website takes some time and the jewelry is my relaxation and my dream.
because there is no other choice. i'm at the bottom. i can only go up
On December 20, 2009, I was in an automobile accident, shock trauma (10 days), therapy. This is the focal point of my life at this present time. GOD has more things in store for me, the reason that I am still on this earth. Not only, to fulfill my goals, dream, supportive of family members, and friends. GOD knows that he has instilled quality values in me, and that I am willing to succeed.
The things that pick me back up are Life, goals, dreams, and the desire to achieve more out of life. Some of the Goals that I have set for myself, such as working towards my Graduate Degree, in Cyber- security. Currently, I am pursuing this goal, plans is to do well in Graduate School, launch a career in Cyber-security, and to continue to be successful in Life.
I will grow my organization to 500 men and women by 2020 by developing a system where people can stay connected and helped within their ministry.
How much time each day do I devote to planning? Probably 1-2 hours in both short, mid and long term planning activities.

I am a Pastor and interruptions are common for me. Sometimes, they don't last long, but they make me lose the momentum I had and I find myself not completing what I started. I'm training others in the ministry to help me,but I end up thinking of all the things I need to do and sometimes feel overwhelmed. I was doing well at one time and then last year my husband died and I haven't been able to get back into the swing of things. His death set me back and I am desperately asking God to help me overcome. I do the ministry things I am supposed to do. I love preaching as it is like therapy for me. The research to prepare the message and all the things that go with being a pastor are wonderful.. But it seems so hard for me to get a plan to write books and accomplish other dreams that I have. sometimes, it seems as if I will never have the ministry I prayed for. Of course those that know me, think that what I do is awesome. I just want to do more for God and I want to help people in a greater way. I feel if I write best seller books and get speaking engagements, this will give me the financial freedom I need to do all I want for the ministry. But I will be 67 in December so I need to get started and stay focused as well as make the best use of my time.
Retire with enough money to be in Florida and Vermont, to play golf and do something in between to help people
What is my grandest dream for the next 10 years?

Do you truly believe in it?

Great question!

My greatest dream is to provide a $100 million grant to BGSU to fund the school of advanced entrepreneurship.

6 of my top 10 personal values come to life when I think of millions of kids turned on by the fine art of making a buck and doing it right: serving people in revolutionary new ways.

Right now I have faith and belief, but it is a long climb from where I stand.

My Optimize Color is always in the high 9-10 range, as TIME is my most precious asset.

Over the years, I have found the secret to making time my money machine.

It's called high TQ performance.
Buidling strength from being out on medical leave the past several months. How: Returning to work incrementally as an employee versus the employer that I was; Focusing on nutrition choices, versus eating choices, and putting sugar behind me; Getting all those medical things that have been put off, checked off - one-by-one; Paying off business debt; Days have been simplified until I can feel comfortable that the essential basics of living a healthy life are covered. Goals and ambitions are still part of the equation...just making sure that strength (physical, spiritual, etc.) & health are strong launch platforms for me to rebuild.
I do see opportunities around me, but honestly I do not have the energy to take advantage of them. I know from my values list... health is an important one. I've not yet conquered the necessary habits (exercise) to bring my energy level up. My mind and body must have the needed energy to move me ahead with my mission. I'm working on it, but not there yet :-)
I have not spent time with planning. I seem to start the day with claring the desk, working on issues and then moving on to things that I know will need dealing with.

I would love to start by planning, but it never works out. The minute I enter the door, before I can even get a cup of coffee and open my planner I have employees with issues entering my office.

How do I stop that long enough to plan my day:?
no I just take one step at a time and keep a calendar-one!!!

I use evernote and contactually for contacts.

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