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Creating WOW Power...

"Anything that is wasted effort represents wasted time. The best management of our time thus becomes linked inseparably with the best utilization of our efforts." ~ Ted W. Engstrom

Last week we discussed how your Time Quotient spills over into every area of your life: Relationships, Career, Business, Family and of course, you Personally.

No question, your TQ is a fundamental building block of success.

Consistently produce better Results over Time, and you become more successful. Don't and you won't.

It's that simple.

With only 50-60 "working" days between now and the end of the year, (subtract weekends, holidays and the time gets shorter every time you think about it!) it is important that we focus on the MAXIMUM utilization of the lower portion of the TQ equation: TIME.

Let's take a look at the immediate future and help you create some WOW POWER!

Your WOW Goals...


TQ How Much WOW Power Do You Have?

Look at your calendar for October, November and December.

This is ALL the time remaining this year.

Last, year... last month... last week is nothing but HISTORY.

TODAY is the first day you have to create your FUTURE.

This is ALL the time you have to achieve your dreams and goals... THIS year.

The question is, do you have the personal power necessary to make each day a real WOW... leading up to 3 big WOW's at the end of each month... from NOW until the end of the year?

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Please take a few minutes today to write down what you want to see happen by New Years Eve, 2017.

How much POWER will it take for you to make the NEXT 50-60 days, your best ever... making you, and everyone around you, say WOW!

All this week, we are going to discuss getting MORE out of each of your precious minutes... how to get more of the RIGHT things done each day (which, of course, moves you closer to the success you desire.)

Follow along and learn how to put a little more WOW Power into your performance! -- E.R. Haas

A Few Ideas For Action...

The following Ideas for Action represent some of the best thinking on the planet regarding your use of TIME!

Each idea is designed to inspire and motivate you to actually do TQ Factor 9A a great deal more frequently.

Spend some time reading each idea this week. Make sure you understand them. Visualize yourself doing them.

Keep in mind, however, that these ideas will remain ideas until you put them into action.

TQ Are You Wasting Time Wishing For More Time?

Your life is a fixed sum of days. You'll never know the total until it's over. The only thing you do know is that after today, you'll have one day less.

If you want to make every minute count, start with this one.

TQ Is What You'Re Doing Worth Your Time?

You know what's most important to your family, career, personal growth and financial goals. If you want to get more from every minute, you need to learn how to make every minute count, and relinquish all those activities that are wasting your precious time.

It's not that life's so short; it's that when it's over, it's over!

TQ Are You Being Useful?

Ask yourself constantly, "Is this the best possible use of my time right now?"

Honestly evaluate every single activity today by whether or not it demonstrates how precious you believe each moment to be.

TQ Are You Trying To Concoct Chronological Alchemy?

Many have looked, but no one has ever found more than 24 hours in a day. You can, however, manage the way in which you spend your time and resolve not to waste even a moment as a result of poor "time choices."

Grab the rudder now! Consciously choose your day's course on the river of time.

TQ Is That All There Is?

You already have all the time you'll get. You can't trick time. Make the best use of the 1000 Prime Minutes you have.

Time never gives, it only takes away.

TQ You'd Be Here Now, If Only...

Making every minute count means focusing on the instant, "the now." Give every minute your undivided attention.

When you've planned ahead, you don't have to think about what's next, and you know you're right where you should be at any given moment.

Be here now.

Concentrating on what's at hand is easier when you know in advance what you'll be doing with your other moments too.


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Running Member Comments...

I will maximize my time this week by talking to anyone and everyone about my new business (www.milliondollarbody.com/misscmac). I will also plan out my calendar through the end of this year, making sure each of my goals are addressed in step by step action plans. I will eliminate ALL of my time wasters and negative thoughts, which are stopping me from positive progress.

We can do this!! Just believe!!
Stay micro focus all in the moment and not wonder or day dream. Or think a head but fully concentrating on the moment at hand.
JOHN C !!!!!!!!!!! great - That is what I focus on = Right here right now ! this very moment is all that you have in the world and this life - F O C U S on here and now - be the best you can be - here and now - this second minute and moment in time - - thanks === John R
test for journal here
It's been a busy weekend & Monday morning; the classes have started & I am so focused on the new material, grasp the information, concentration, & memory are working over time. I am meeting about 15 to 20 people a day, that's a lot of faces. Plus, more certification is around the corner, each product has it's qualifications. There's a lot of hoops to jump through, one at a time. I am being pulled ever which way, lack of sleep, up till at least midnight. I know this will pay off dearly, I am gaining speed towards my dreams.

Compartmentalize my tasks and ask for help to complete bigger projects. Plan early and follow up several times a day, give positive reinforcement and praise for each project leader and team member.
I love the saying, "Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you."

How do I "be careful?" I have someone who has scheduled time with me 2x and just not shown up but wants to schedule again. Do I give this person a chance? How would you manage that? Cat
Hi Cat!

This is how I would handle it - I would give that person one more chance. However, I would let him clearly know that if he is not where you need him to be within 10 minutes after your scheduled time to meet, then you are leaving. Have something productive to do while you wait (writing thank you notes, putting your calendar for next month together, etc.) so your time will be used wisely. If he does not show up again, then go about your next tasks. If he calls to reschedule, let him know (politely, of course) that your time is valuable to you and you will not be able to reschedule with him for a while.

Hope this helps!!
I normally focus on results. I know that with so little time until the end of this year, I will need to start figuring out how to get those results sooner! I have started taking action steps toward my success, and I continue with more steps every day. It will happen! Believe it!!
Timetimetimetimetimetime = t i m e
I seem to spend my time thinking about attaining the results I want. However what I need to spend more time doing in order to accomplish the results I so long for. I have a good idea of what I want my results to be and am motivated to accomplish them now I need to focus/prioritize, eliminating time wasters and making decisions based on my values/principles and mission statement.
This is me, too. I spend too much time thinking what I want to do, but I never seem to get around to do them. My biggest time waster is not the internet but the tv. There's nothing on I couldn't do without so I just need to sit down and actually do the things I want.
Yes, there are a few things that I can better utilize my time doing. However, I have to go to my job, and I unfortunately can't focus on those things while I am there.
Yes!!! Lately, I've been spending time learning more about Digital Photography. It has always been a lifelong dream to learn how to take professional photos. As I read more about the various aspects of photography, I'm beginning to understand that photography itself is more than generating a source of extra income. It is a source of imagination, planning, instincts, patience, and creativity that is so unique and profound that its value cannot be reduced so monetary terms.

So as a result, I see myself conceptualizing and taking the extra steps to fall in love with the process learning about the beauty and opportunities that Photography can provide.
Planning ahead has been the biggest stress relief for me. For the past two weeks I've been using the Day Planners for scheduling and tasks at hand. I fill these out in the evening for the next day. I also read the comments that are provided on each sheet, good job you guys.
Next step will be to plan an entire week in advance.
there is nothing that I know of that I could or should be spending my time on - thanks a lot - cuz I don't have it in me to continue on - I just don't - ( have it in me )
Hey John, Just reading through these posts and thought maybe you want to talk about this. ER is a great guy and you might try reachig him. Don't give up. We all struggle. We all just need to find the right system and support.
I am postponing a wonderful life until things are perfect. Instead I should be planning how to have this wonderful life despite perfection!
Attract money to me, since I lost my paying job. Find another source of income that I love doing, Something that will effect other peoples lives for the good! I can see things looking up for me in every facet of my life. PLUS I am a size 8 and my success depends on me!
Hi Debbi - if you are interested in an incredible opportunity where you are able to encourage others while receiving income for it, send me an email - c_r_mcintosh@hotmail.com! Hope to hear from you!
My #1 Goal is to find a professional sales position with an ethical company that has a great product line.

I am still looking, my goal is to find this position by January 1 2008.
hell- I am always diverted from the attention needed to accomplish goals - I sure need to focus on attention to detail and the the bigger Plan - I guesss I need a plan -
written out and focus on it - wow
Oh Boy - I do need to focus on the now - right here right now - let it all go, what happened yesterday - just focus on NOW for now - I need to be thankful for what I have and then move on to new goals - wow - this is sooooo hard - John R
My Ex-Boyfriend
Buying extra items
extra spending

My exboyfriend was eliminated last month. However he keeps calling me at work and distracting me, even after he's been told not to call me at work.
The extra spending has been happening in order to keep my emotions on an even keel and my spirits at a positive level.
However, I will have to commit to cutting back.
Hon, where I work at, I'm the person who is delegated _to_. Some of us don't even have an office with a door to close, and are the people that others shove off their stuff on so they can work on their own projects. I remember reading a time management course like this from about twenty years ago--it assumed that all its readers were male, and had offices, wives and secretaries. Guess what, some of us don't fall into those categories. My _job_ is to be available to everyone else higher on the food chain than I am, and if I tried to answer phone calls and emails during 'available hours' I'd be replaced. When I go home, I have a family that expects me to be available for them. My dear sir, what planet are you living on? I do squeeze some time out for myself, but it's not as easy as you think it is. Try living without a Y chromosome for a while, please do...
It's been a really intense week, learning so much information & studying. The power tool to my future is to be informed.

State test & test sites, just brutual, if you do not read the fine print your passing test can easliy lasp & oh well, not to mention the $$$. So far 1 test lasped & oh well. So here I go again... focus & read the fine print & do not pay attention to the drama. My emotions can not interfer with my studies.

I am learning control: the state, MIB & many more investigative agency, it is so up setting. Not to mention the social security issues & medicad/medicare. Oh my, we're headed into serious hardships.

Stay focused, my mission is to overcome & to find a means to an end & " a means" $$$ to float our dreams.

Focus, complete tasks & pass the state exams ASAP! I must pass the state exam, I must pass the state exam!!! I did it once & I can do it again!

I just reviewed a business coaching DVD and know the true value of "great coaching" to help you achieve anything. Getting the results you want takes Intense focus and discipline. I can BEST use my TIME by getting help from the experts who have already been there and done. They usually know a good plan when they see it. They also know the pitfalls. Guidance is so important.

I have coined the term, "ToNow" in my daily speech to help keep me focused in the immediate MOMENT, and to differentiate it from today and tomorrow. It helps me to stay on TARGET, in addition to using all the other reminders of successful habits.

My goal for the new year is the creation of my new medical practice focusing on anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Elan Anti-Aging & Longevity Center. It is a med-spa practice. The staff is currently being trained in prevention techniques. The med-spa will include modalities that help to diagnose and silence chronic illness from the inside and create beautiful human beings on the outside.

The emphasis is on non-invasive anti-aging techniques and ENERGY MEDICINE modalities that test, measure and treat illness while enhancing and providing the guidance for optimal health and beauty. Life and health coaching will be a major emphasis on this extreme health makeover agenda.

My immediate goal is to find investors who are willing to take the leap of fatih for better health, to help me achieve ths goal. The benefit to the investors is the return on their investment of health and wealth. And, they will always have me as their doctor.
Cynthia !!!!!!!!!! anti aging and health !! LOL at myself _ - Cynthia - I have been subscribing to the CR diet ( Caloric restriction society ) for about 2 years now - It seems to work - you just have to be disciplined to stop eating so much - this will have enormous benefits for all who do it - go to the Caloric Restriction Society web page and get the low down - very interesting - I believe it works - let me know what you are doing ? thanks a lot - John R
wow - I really do not want to eliminate anything in my life script and habits - NOTHING at all - this is perplexing = what should I eliminate - I have a geat life now - sure - I want - to be continued - best john R
John, if you have the life you want now and want it to continue, then grow it! How? Go out and share what you have learned and lived to make it great. You may find tools, strategies and information in TQ that can help you communicate to others the great principles and practices you live by now. Most others don't know it and can surely use it.

You could be a change agent for them and so by showing them how to live their lives with High Expectations and Brilliant Performance you grow your own life. Can there be too much JOY in the world?
Attitude, I would love to harness in on mine, one entire day of complete thought out control. I sometimes can manage everything, but a lot of the time, I work on an autopilot, it just makes by, I answer & respond in ways that even surprise me. Sometimes after a get together at lunch with someone or in a group setting, I wonder what in the world was that all about. I could not believe my attitude, or what I said. The ego, WOW, now that's a power tripping force on it's own. The more I listen to myself & the more I think I am in control the more I see that I am not as aware as I'd like to be. I am also reading info on centerpointe.com & yesterday's blog was really helpful. I'll reread & see what I can eliminate, I have been alone for some time now, seems I've eliminated some past situtations so I could have a better life. It's been hard & it's not as better as one would think; just so so.

God is with me so it must be in His will & everything is in His good timing.
I do not get started early enuf in the morning
Hi again - weell - here I am again - thank you God and thank you all folks for being here - I appreciate it all - I REALLY DO - now off to get some things done = right here right now - I am just attempting to focus on the NOW and HERE - that will do it for now - thanks and see you all this afternoon - out - John R
Time waster #1 sleeping in. Those last 2 hours in bed, relaxed & warm, who wants to move out of the covers. Then my sweet Beagal Sam, he's not moving, & he has me blocked in, my protector.

This week is brain crunch'in study time for the state exam.

"The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time."
~ Joe Girard

I hear ya Joe Girard!

hell - that is another great question - what time waster do i do all the time ???- computer ??(*&^%$#@ heck I don't know - BUT - I know I waste time all the time - BUT - I still feel pretty good about a lot of things - I sure do _ thanks everybody for listening to my musings - I am just making life up as I move thru it (life ) = I have always been just making it up as I went thru life - hell _ I just don't know _ BUT - I sure am glad I am here - thanks again - John R
life is a game. So try to become a smart player than the serious player.
lack of courage
Make a daily schedule and follow it, each and every day that I'm in the office. This will help me to organize my day. When I start a project, I will finish it, to avoid jumping from one thing to another, which doesn't get ANYTHING done!
daily planning for myself and my staff to set the bar higher each day to come
Make a Plan for the day & use my Outlook to schedule events & commitments Print it & refer to it add on as needed
Stay on schedule Make sales calls to set appts a priority Do it now don't put it off until later
I need to stay focused. I am good at making the plan but it's putting the plan into action that I stray from and get wrapped up in the adlib of the day.
Why am I not working smarter,harder and planning & organizing better? I'm in a comfort zone at home and need to push myself as I 'm certainly not anywhere I need & want to be financially. I have not taken advantage of opportunities because I'm not focused on what I really want and what I really need to do to get to where I want to be!I feel like I'm lazy and don't want to eat the frog just do the easy stuff is not getting me where I want to be
no prefixed daily regimen- inner resistance- lazy ness, lacking of control and awareness over my time, plans, goals +efforts, pulling my energies down with overeating, numbing me
My ONE time-waster is the internet - as I use it for research for all sorts of projects and then end up going down what I call the 'rabbit hole'. Rarely is that research time wasted though in the long run, but does take me away from my stated goals of the day. For instance we are moving from Canada to Panama, in less than 6 weeks, and I still can not get into my old boxes to sort, give away, stow or sell. It overwhealms me to even think of going into the room that holds all these storage boxes but it has to be done. Even now as I type this note I feel my anxiety build that here I am writing instead of sorting!!

So I make the commitment today, to shut down the computer until after dinner this evening and just DO IT!

Thanks for the kick in the butt ..:-))
To understand my mission, purpose, values (what I truly value deep in my heart and want to dedicate myself to and bring to fruition in my life. To bring deep personal fulfillment and value to others in doing so. I want to work toward moving my life in the direction of my deepest held dreams and have a clear vision inside of me of what will make me truly happy and turn that into the roles that will fulfill those deepest held heartfelt dreams, goals, values that mean the most to me. To experience deep personal fulfillment in doing so which will at the same time I hope bring value to others in terms of happiness, joy, contentment and a deep appreciation of God who gives us these potentialities within ourselves to be of service to the world around us and give Him the glory and make us a good steward to Him. To work hand in hand with God to bring those deepest God-inspired potentialities into fruition so He is glorified among all things and so that He gets all the glory for creating us and giving us this incredible life to have the opportunity to be so deeply fulfilled and live fully human and fully alive in Him and for His Creation.
We're creating wow power ! We'll be ministering in Plano, Tx. this Sat. nite at 6 pm. We have invited people from Zig Ziglar's team whose office is in the same city. We have great expectations for those who show up.
i focus on time, because making the best use of my time will bring about the results that i want.
I am a work in progress! Going from a job that was reactionary to others continually to starting a new venture/ministry where God and I are the action drivers, force me to learn how to plan and order my steps in a better way!
Working through the Miracle of a Goal stuff and reviewing my Mission anew for Quick Start was helpful yesterday and now to work! Thanks ER and Kent!
results, i have a week left until my psych 533 and 240 exams and i am just interested in seeing good results. to get good results must use my time effectively and need God's power to help me focus and not waste time
Mine "was" to get my drivers license back. I'm getting such a run a round that I put it on the back burner and it is really p*&%$#@ me off. All the other sources have ran out. By the way I'm in Alaska. But I need it so.....
trying harder still gets no results
my talents are not sellable
my best is not good enough
deeply depressed with my situation
cannot consistently achieve
waiting on the markets to change, and waiting for the regrowth of the pastures.
Procrastination, the insidious life stealer. WOW - Yesterday I realized that my dislike of unloading the dishwasher has far-reaching consequences. 1)It causes kitchen unnecessary kitchen clutter. 2)Which in turn prevents me from keeping prepared salads, fresh veggies and dill dip on hand as there is no preparation place or the required dishes are not clean 3)Which causes me to eat fattening foods. Additionally, some belief (probably waste prevention) has caused me to not run the dishwasher until full or over-full, bringing the issue full circle. I have now resolved to: A)Unload Dishwasher ASAP after running, and B)Run Dishwasher at 75% -85% full.
I saving water bills because it shall not be wasted.

today I am planning for a Walk for crop walk, stay home do chores

If I invest better through the day. making the effort easier for my life how ever it helps



reading e-mail is one of my biggest time-wasters. It is easier to read them than to actually work on some of my projects that I really do not want to do at this point in time - because I fear they won't be perfect when I do do them.
Some I have. Weeding them all out slowly as fast as I can to the best of my ability as I work on my overall well being.
What can I do to maximize the use of my time THIS week?

More completions. Will start nothing new until reach some sort of completion on the 9 major projects on my desk.

More energy through suburb nutrition this week.

Lose 5 - 10 pounds by listening to my hypnosis cd.

Extend real work hours to 14 hours for the next 2 weeks.

WOW, I now have a plan for improving my TQ!

sorry iam so busy social work but real to much mii this my foveret wed my tq.
at continue to new learlining and lisem to the great wishdom to bettare lufe book practice meditation with yoga and more spritual study and thinking standing infront my great guru.
use my DAYTIMer to block out time to purge my closet. Fran
Results. I just do what I have to do really without much thought about how much time things take. Especially things around home.
On which side of the TQ Equation do I usually focus...Results or Time?

Both, but the emphasis is on Results.

I am very Results/Completion driven, and am always working towards specific goals.

The result of the Result? While knowing I have a lot of room for improvement, I am very happy, satisfied and am living a life of significance.

What distractions and diversions have been keeping you from achieving your most cherished goals this year?

WOW -- what a question!

Unfortunately, the list is longer than I want to admit, so I won't.

Rest assured that I am all over it like white on rice!

Thanks for the reminder.

The Crazy Drama Games...haven't known HOW to stop them! Or what's happening! I still have a long way to go...in learning but it's encouraging to think that there's actually some sense to this maddness!
What ONE time-waster is holding me back from considerably better results right now?

I need to lose a lot of weight so I can harvest the value of every minute in my day. Will, starting right now, do what it takes to physically, medically, and mentally get back in shape.

Must solve both breathing and weight simultaneously -- no more wasting my life with excuses.

Disorganization. I've been thinking I'm too busy to stop and get organized.
Yes, I set out to accomplish all of the dreams that matter most to me in my life. Once I decide that a particular dream has a deep purpose and meaning, then I focus on making it a reality!
I not only believe in the beauty of my dreams -- I have assembled an entire team of people who's role it is to make them real!

My dreams are in sharp contrast.

My imagination is in full gear.

The force is with me.

Jesus loves me.

What more can I ask for?

What more can I do to insure my success?

Oh, that's right -- continue to work my tail off!

After all, it is the combination of High Expectations coupled with Brilliant Execution that drives my success.

It's a beautiful sunny day in Texas. We'll celebrate our 19 th anniversary.
On the same day, we will release the 1st and only video newsletter
capability to the world. You can review at http://MeetLiveVideo.com be a GUEST today.
I believe i could be more settled in my career as far as following rules and regulatons in the industry. I have however been able to overcome 2 very major obstacles in the last 3 years.
Honestly speaking iam actually further than i should be considering the lack of TQ knowledge. I expect with this knowledge my career and personal life will be a sucesss story!
Up and to the right!

The world sees the VERY best I have to give every single day.

My TQ now averages 92.

Working on boosting Energy to 10.

Live up to my full potential by increasing my TQ Energy Color to 9 from 6.

I finally wrote it on the whiteboard!
It came to my mind out of a question we were answering in class yesterday, our topic was "work", the questions was:
What will you be doing in the future?
One of my students want's to be a Doctor.
the other an Archeologist, so then my turn!
I wrote:
I will own my own school-academy for kids! They asked why and I simply answered:
Because I like teaching kids! I like getting inspired by them wanting to be somebody great in life, and we need hard working and devoted teachers to achive that.
It won't happen in three months but I'm full speed ahead on the thought!
I am exactly where I need to be.
If success truly is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done the very best you could... How OFTEN does the world SEE your very BEST?

What a great question!

I show up at least 80% of the time.

I out-produce the previous day/week/month at least 99% of the time each year.

My best is all I have to give, so I give it.

My Daughter.
My Mother.
Love and Truth.
My relationship with GOD.

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