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A brief history of your future.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."~ Peter F. Drucker

All last week we focused on the Power of Positive Expectations.

If you remember only one thing, remember this: Goals don't achieve themselves.

To achieve your greatest aspirations, you must draw on that inner-reserve of power that comes from nurturing a positive self-image and can-do attitude—and dead-stop all that negative chatter that is going on between you and your future.

Do this, and you will create the future of your dreams.

TQ Your Future Is Waiting...

This week we are going to help you write your Future by looking into a Time Machine of sorts... two simple sheets of paper that will crystallize your GOALS into tangible, actionable PLANS.

These two forms will let you SEE all of 2016 and beyond at a glance. They are essential planning tools that I use constantly throughout the year. They give me bearing and direction... at EVERY point in time. They help me remain focused on the BIG picture—with an instant reference to both my LONG TERM view of life, as well as the SHORT TERM, up close and personal view I get by looking at the future in daily chunks.

NOTE: To use these forms, you must first SAVE them to your hard drive. Click on the image and SAVE TARGET / LINK to disk. You may then open and print these files once they are on your PC -- not the net.

(If you do not follow these simple instructions, you will get one of several error messages such as "file is corrupted... unable to print... file not found... etc.)

Your 2017 Time Line...

Your 15 Year Time Horizon...

Something to think about. Today is October 24, 2017.

There are just 60 "Working" days or so left this year.

My question to you is this: Have you reached your aspirations for the year?

If so, fabulous!

If not, why not?

IMPORTANT: This offer applies to people who have registered in the last 30 days ONLY. Other free or discounted offers may still be available to you. Many Thanks, enjoy and prosper!

TQ Fail to Plan... Plan to Fail.

Print... Clip... Hang.

Could it be that your PLANS don't match the size of your GOALS?

Put simply, a goal without a plan is merely a WISH without a HOPE.

There is no way you can accomplish something if you don't know how to proceed. Written plans are the essential instructions for how to reach a goal.

A plan is simply a detailed map outlining the steps to accomplish your goal as quickly and easily as possible.

At a minimum, it includes a complete list of objectives and resource requirements -- all organized in correct CHRONOLOGICAL order.

Thus, the need for BOTH a short-term Time Line... and a long-term Time Horizon.

"Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success." ~ Stephen A. Brennan

TQ Factor 5A's CONTRIBUTION to your performance...

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you have both a goal and a plan. You're inspired enough to have goals -- and methodical enough to develop written plans. With a detailed plan in hand, you're already halfway there. You've overcome the fear and uncertainty of not knowing what to do next, and have a clear set of directives with an excellent chance of success.

With a detailed written plan in hand, you proceed confidently toward each of your major goals.

TQ Factor 5A's COST to your success...

A lack of commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you are someone whose goals often remain nothing but illusive wishes.

You rarely make the progress you'd like. It may not be from lack of effort. You are working hard but too much time is spent on activities that prove to be of little benefit. Lacking specific instructions, you have neither a clear direction for what to do next, nor any way to chart your progress. Sure, some goals are being achieved by trial and error -- but many aren't -- and more are taking far longer to achieve than they should.

TQ The Bottom Line...

We are nearing the end of 2016. Next year will turn out exactly like this year. This may, or may not, be a good thing.

As Peter Drucker said, "The best way to predict the future is to create it." The best way to create your future is to confront it.

To get started, simply print off your 2018 Time Line and write down what you would like to see happen next year... one month at a time. This will start your creative juices flowing.

After all, getting "juiced" about your future is the first step towards living it. -- E.R. Haas, CEO


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Running Member Comments...

Excellent! You guys are the best success coaches I could ask for. Thank you and keep up the great work!! You're helping me more than you know.

Alan W.
Dallas, TX
Thank you for being open to change!

HI Alan from Dallas - You are soooooooooooooooooo right - this is the best site for coaching success - congrats on recognizing that - Dallas - heck---- Alan I had the privilege of watching the Texas/ Oklahoma State game last year in Austin - that was spectacular - had a great time - thanks gain - John R
Can plans include mini-goals?
You should have a short, written plan for each goal -- even "mini" goals!

Mini goals are really milestones that lead to the major goal. For example, travel Europe by rail starting 6/1/2009 for 6 weeks will have many mini goals: Tickets in hand and paid for 4/1/09... passport current 12/31/08... $5 grand in cash and all credit cards paid off by 5/1/09... ideal weight by 8/24/2008 (lose 40 pounds)... etc.

Planning is thinking ahead in writing!

The better you become at planning, the faster you will see your dreams come true!


While getting ready to head out the door this morning, I caught this question.

Not exactly sure of the meaning but as I very *quickly* thought it about, I thought about the "why" of where I am right now.

My quick reflections were: "I am where I am right now (which I view as extrememly positive) because, first of all the over-riding grace of God in my life."

Expanding that a bit I see an intersection of...

1. Conistent choices to try to move in the right direction in view of our values as a family.

2. Meeting just the right people at key points in our history.

3. On-going skill development in relationship which occurred mainly by trying to "stay in the game" so-to-speak of serving the Lord.

4. Trying to maintain a positive attitude through set backs.

5. The ever-present love, support, encouragement and prayers of my wife.

6. And, as mentioned, God's over-riding grace.

Not sure that's where the question was headed, but that's what I thought.

For me those were excellent beginning of the day meditations during the process of heading out to teach class this morning.

These will become part of my personal journal!

Enjoy the day,

Hi Lee _ I enjoyed reading your comments - good luck to you - I believe you have right attitude to attcak each day successfully - great !!! great to see the sun each day that it shows up - great to meet new people each day - great to be able to get up and hit the day running - I feeel soooooo bad for the Veterans who cannot get up w/o pain - good luck to you - keep your chins up and hit it hard each day - my very best _ John R
John R,

Thanks... glad you enjoyed reading my brief comment.

I'm very grateful as a Vet that I returned Stateside healthy after my tour in Nam. Very, very fortunate person I am.

Hi Lee - again - I just noticed you returned from Nam safe and sound - congrats - me too--
Got back in '68 after tet - hell of a fix -
congrats and goodluck in the future-
My best - John R
Well - I do not devote much time to planning except wood production - Is there a conection between where I am now and what I have accomplished ? === s yes ye syesyes = y e s !!I am in a great place now - BUT - there is always a "BUT " but - I want to get to a new place soon - Not too soon BUT soon enuf - I want to find a new passion for my life - that is sooooooo hard - cuz I had so much passsion as a young man - Politics - law - school teacher - business - practice of law - family - home - house work ( manual ) support of family - Matts coaching at Richmond - wow - It has been such a mountain climbing life that I Kinda misss it - BUT I am sooo happi to be here NOW and right here - I take it all by the Moment - Just living in the momentat this time in my life - I do miss the coaching football time - I miss the teaching PE time - gosh that was a good time in my life _ BUT - I am still happi where I am in life - No Agenda xcept the one that I make up each day - WOW = Thank so much america _ I do love living here and being alive right here right now - thanks again _ John R
When attacking a goal, especially a large one, try not to take on the whole project at once. Instead, cut it up in slices, like a salami.
10 - 15 minutes
I spend too much time planning! :) analyzing, preparing, planning....more time needed in action for me - intentional action! :)
I spend some time planning and setting goals but definitely not as much as I should. It's something that seems to be easier as I get older. It's also one of those things that's extremely easy to push aside. I can can get bogged down with details but I find that once I've taken the time to do actually set goals my focus is improved.

To be the most sought-after expert in Corporate Social Responsibilty in my country. To be the no 1.
My grandest dream for next 5 years is having a saving in bank and investments of 50 Lac INR and having a business having a turnover of 6-8 crores INR per annum, with profit margin of 10-12%
I believe that I can be a healthy weight, and an active public speaker with safety, security and great wealth to do as I please.
To begin and possibly complete my doctorates so I can teach classes at NIU
my grandest dream is to reach the president team level in the organisation on or before December, 2010.
I belive that you can create your own future by taking the right actions and planning for the future.

If we can now see our past and think I should have done like this so that the result would have been different, the same applies to our future. The Future will become your past and hence all of us have the ability to take the right action NOW to change the way our PAST looks like. Its only the RIGHT ACTION that can make it happen.

For people who have completed Landmark Forum course, I believe they know of this.


SPS Chauhan
To Fire my Boss, have the home of my dreams, the car of my dreams and to pay off everyone I owe. To get up in the morning and walk along the water, work when I want to work, play when I want to play, live where I want to live. Be where I want to be.
well - I am using it just marginally - hell of a pickle
BUT I want to make sure I am doing the right thing for me
at this time in my life - Rehabilitation ?
Political etc etc etc ect Politics is my problem right now - and i want to do the right thing - thanks for the help---
looks like i need it - best John R
is it all about money or what...everything is all about $
Actually, John, nothing is about money. We as human beings make it about money.

Maybe it is about, as Landmark Education states,integrity, relationships, putting a plan in place to keep our stated futures present for us and sharing with other people what it is that we are up to in a way that they are on board with it, move by it, engaged it in.

Or maybe it's about love versus fear, as in The Course in Miracles, which claims that we act either from a place of love or fear. So many of the world's ills are because individuals/groups/nations act out of fear (aka hatred, jealousy, prejudice, scarcity) rather than acknowledging the sameness of all as human beings and loving each other as we love ourselves.

Or maybe it is as Don Miguel Riz states in The Mastery of Love, that we are whole, complete, wise human beings capable of unconditional love born into a world of walking wounded and so we are taught to be/socialized as wounded too and forget how to love not only others but ourselves as well.

Or maybe it is that modern man creates/lives in a world where scarcity is the belief and so creates that for himself/herself over and over (Law of Attraction)rather than understanding that the natural state of the world is abundance and that there is enough for everyone.

How would our lives, individually and collectively, be different, if everyone operated from any one of those places?! John, it is only all about money if you say it is. You get to choose. Choose wisely. This is the only life that you have (as TQ reminds us). What do you want it to be about? ;-)

May your future be all that you say it will be, Lisa
I am not at top performnace levels - BUT - I am getting there - lol - hell - I am getting there - slow but sure - I am today, going to attack the day - with a cautious eye to the possibilirty that I am may not make it ( to what i want to do ) BUT - I will take it one moment at a time, and just enjoy the day for what it is _ another chance to get it right. wow- this is another chance to get it right and I will revel in that possibilty - thanks a lot everybody - thanks a lot - this is a humble goal BUT a laudable one none the less - hell - I could meet my maker today cuz you gotta know that the chance to screw up is ever present and hell I could get killed in the car today - the roads are dangerous and there are a lot of crazi people out there - good luck to me and I hope all of you wish me luck - thanks for doing it - best - John R
I have never wriiten my dreams . This time me and My wife will create a wish list with a time frame to achevie and comments as what stops us from geeting them.
I am getting better, but,I need to be more effective, and also do some things I have been putting off.
I will make out my schedule more, plan for interruptions,and work on doing 2 things at once.
My grandest dream for the next 10 years is to build a home-based business to a strong six-figure income, get out of debt, then concentrate on what I feel I am here for.
I must start planning.
i must get organized
Yes, I have achieved sales success through planning and certainly success as an author through planning.
Not as much as I would like. yes.
I am inspired by all of the comments I have just read. I find that they will be very helpful to me. I will write down, my goals. I will start the action rolling. I have procrastinated enough,it is time to move forward. The year 2009 will be a very rewarding year for me. Thankyou,all so very much. Kathy
One hour.
Have all 3 of our companies paying their own way and 1 million dollars in the bank. To be able to help other people achieve their dreams. To help people that need a hand up not a hand out! To be 140 pounds, Healthy, positively motivated and in the right relationship with my creator. To be able to spend quality time with my spouse and family.To have my home paid for and have my husband healthy.
To go to Hawaii, to pay down my debt, to earn more money, save more for retirement.
One Hour,

To have built our Monolithic Dome construction company to #1 status in the United States, and building homes around the country and the world. And have at least 2 children in that time.
I believe in 10 years my house will be paid for and I will be able to take my family on a nice vacation. I will be able to return to school and further my education no matter my age.
To be in a more ambitious and respectful position within my organizations' HR department and to relocate back to CT after 11 years of being transplanted in OK; engaged in developing our company's 3rd sister site.
To buy or build a 10,000 plus sf house.
Also, I will have completed the M.A. in Health and Wellness and N.D. so that I can help others to live life by divine design. The Wealth and Health Development Institute will be an Institute with walls.
Declaring my values and goals for the next 15 years.
To make enough money to retire comfortably with a nice cabin in the mountains.
I am blessed to have found TQ, I should say it found me. Intrigued by the TQ test, I dove in. The results were a huge revelation. Thank you for the compass to get me out of the wilderness of mediocrity.
Prioritize and plan my days according to what needs to be accomplished today and in the near future.
Delagating responsibility to others.

Planning, and scheduling more specific blocks along with leveraging the clinic schedule with health plans.
Q: Why is it that I road-block myself against my own dreams?
actually i don't give that much attention to plan how i should spend the day but most of the time if i have some loads i try to plan every thing especially my time.
sure i can see the relationship between my current status to what i had done before. i believe my past is the base for today.
actually i don't give that much attention to plan how i should spend the day but most of the time if i have some loads i try to plan every thing especially my time.
sure i can see the relationship between my current status to what i had done before. i believe my past is the base for today.
I devote 15 to 30minutes to planning the night before or the morning of the day I am planning for. I find this not enough however clarity on what I want to accomplish will put more value into the planning done within that time.

E.R. I have been a T.Q. member since 2005 and in the past year really started working hard on my TQ. I cannot believe the rush of emotions I am feeling and the positive results from the new direction implemented. I have a long way to go, but the switch is finally in the on position and I will update as progress is made. NOTE: I am saving money for a trip to attend one of the intensive training seminars.

Joe Lembke
My grandest dream is a seventh level business in 2013. it's seeing B and KC happy--finished college and getting ready to enter the work world. It's seeing JB feel at complete peace with his life and ambitions. It's witnessing everyone in the family being successful in whatever way they choose--their personal best!
my dream in the next five years is to join university to post graduate program and i believe if i have the chance i may change my future.
my dream in the next five years is to join university to post graduate program and i believe if i have the chance i may change my future.
What a wonderful insight you have given me. I will post my Personal Code of Conduct beside my Values and make sure that my actions agree with both.
Daily step by step actions, completeing my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals, plans, to do list, master list! Small incriments of action on a daily basis, towards the completion of my goals is how success is born and achieved! TQ daily in the morning gets my mind right and my motor running!
I am just learning the importance of true planning, it is the key to success! Everyday I get better at it, and can plan further out as I master the TQ Make Plans module! Planning suffocates procrastination, indecision, hesitation, and fear! I will never forget this!
I do not have enough time devoted to planning, too many distractions and lack of direction.
I am so bogged down by day to day commitments, I am not making significant big picture plans and worry my life will pass me by.
My greatest dream for the next 5 years is to ramp our client base up to 50 million people worldwide.

Pass the word. ThinkTQ.com is the single most important site for personal and professional success in the world.

And it's simple as 1-2-3:

1. Test your TQ...

2. Read The Power of TQ: Find out exactly what's holding you back from real success.

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Do your Daily lessons in Excellence and you will ultimately find enduring success. Don't and you will fall further behind in the global battle for superior results.

I WANT TO GET MY DEGREE.. I WANT MY HR DEGREE which I have tried obtaining for the PAST ten years. I have not accomplished more than 4 classes and pretty much I would have to start over
I WANT TO GET MY DEGREE.. I WANT MY HR DEGREE which I have tried obatining for PAST ten years. I have not accomplished more than 4 classes and pretty much I would have to start over
I know I am not the only person who is in this dilemma. I am the primary caretaker for three adults, (besides myself). My parents, (ages 84 and 89) and my husband who has advanced Parkinsons. While each has physical ailments and need caretaking, they are mentally active (and are a lovingly supportive of me). If I am fortunate they may need my continued caretaking for many years.
How do I set time specific, tangible, targeted goals when my future (my caretaker role) is so uncertain? My role as caretaker is ever changing, but clear and definable. But my career goals are undefined, nebulous and vague.
If circumstances were different I would move to CO or AZ. Work diligently for 18 years, then adjunct teach, and enjoy "semi-retirement".
How do I invest my time?

I complete the high ROI stuff first, renew my Energy level, then go into the creative submission mode.

I schedule a time for creativity.

Thus, I am very creative, and stay well ahead of my competition who is killing themselves to death!

Doing only the important things to achieve my goals,roles,values and to make my vision a reality. I am very excited about this test, spent extra time with the book fantastic program. Thank you so much
Over the years I have been living in the eye of the storm, no direction, no plans and very bad with money. Today I have solemnly declared surrender. I am going to take charge of my life and live my dreams. A month ago I list three things I want to achieve before December 31st 2010 needless to saw I have two more on my list to go.
I have decided to make some major changes this year. It starts with what I will do. I will limit the materials and my time to only what will help me overcome what is limiting me. My Fears.
I plan macro events and important stuff. I have made dramatic improvements in doing this compared to several months back. Obviously, this has made me feel more fulfilled at the end of the day. I need to work more at this.
Living at the beach with a beautiful house, a fun well-paying job, and lots of peace.
My grandest dream for the next ten years is to conclude all existing legal battles (successfully), in order to regain my (our) stolen wealth and to deter future corruption (torts/crimes) by Government/s.
I will begin work in Ernest on my Mission Color. This day November 13, 2011 is the first day of the rest of my life!
Yes, I expect to succeed. This has always been and always will be my mindset and the reality of my life. Of course there are issues and challenges that interfere and even affect attitude negatively. The long term is always a win however!
My Expectation over Execution ratio is a solid 9/9 where Energy is my only challenge.

Am hard at work right now to make it 10/10.

These goals are real game changers and accomplishing these goals would be a fabulous feeling of accomplishment, increased security, validation, and victory.
I dropped the ball, but am determined to get back on course. Becoming disabled was such a huge shock that even after 5 years, I'm still fighting depression. But, I'll be darned if I'm going to stay in this pity-poor-me routine any longer. I'm absolutely disgusted with not doing anything - and being told "You can't...." I'm in a wheelchair. I'm not brain dead! Today, I get back on track with my exercising, nutrition, and doing the Attitude Workshop. Praying I'll be answering this next year with a "Look what I've done" comment.
What a great question!

How often -- over the course of the last several years -- have you set limits for yourself that really constrained your success?

My logic says none, but my results are far from expectations.

I am still in the top 5% by all standards, but to finish strong, I do need to aim higher and produce better.

Yes, always looking to improve.

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Barbra A.
San Francisco, CA


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