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Expectations vs. Hopes and Wishes.

"Think and feel yourself there! To achieve any aim in life, you need to project the end result. Think of the elation, the satisfaction, the joy! Carrying the ecstatic feeling will bring the desired goal into view." ~ Grace Speare

Last week, we talked about AMBITION: The eager or strong desire to achieve something. This week, we will talk about Expectations—what you EXPECT to see happen vs. what you HOPE will happen over the course of time.

In The Power of TQ, we measure your performance with another "Golden Ratio:" Your Right to EXPECT over your Power to EXECUTE. Without going into detail today, this ratio controls your future in a way you cannot begin to imagine.

Today, I would like you to look into your personal "crystal ball," and think about what you fully EXPECT will happen between now and the end of the year. Not what you HOPE will happen... not what you WISH will happen.. but what you truly EXPECT to make happen.

Then, ask yourself what gives you the RIGHT to believe that these expectations will in fact be realized?

Think about this carefully, as what you give yourself the right to EXPECT controls the outer limits of what's possible in your life.

TQ My Beautiful Example...

Print... Clip... Hang.

Back on June 23, 2005 I had open-heart surgery. This was as close to death as I have ever come.

(When they pour 15 pounds of surgical ice into your chest cavity, your Energy TQ is ZERO, as you are, for all intents and purposes, barely alive! From that point on, it is a climb back—first to the life you love—then on to the success you desire. Pretty much in THAT order!)

My family and I prepared for the worst, fully expecting to not only come through the "event" with flying colors... but to actually become stronger as a result of it... which I did!

While I was still in the hospital, I vowed to get my body back in shape, and as much as I hated to do it, follow the sage wisdom found in TQ Factor 1C from the ENERGY Color: "I exercise for a planned amount of time, on a frequent and regular basis."

It is THIS single TQ Factor that now gives me the POWER to EXPECT rather just just WISH!

When I started cardio rehab, my nurse asked me to set a near-term GOAL—one that by getting in better shape, I would be fully capable of achieving.

I immediately thought about hiking up to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been... Diamond Lake in the Arapaho wilderness.

While it is a short 3 mile hike, it is a bit more difficult than you might imagine: Starts at 10,560 feet (2 miles high)... 21 switchbacks... 2,000 feet elevation change... ending above tree line at 12,178 feet.

This is roughly the same as climbing up 2 Empire State Buildings... with about 40% less oxygen than at sea level!

A couple of years ago around this time, with the Quaking Aspen leaves all golden and rattling in the wind, Jan and I took that hike again and, once again, we ALMOST made it to the top.

This year, I am in better shape, and BELIEVE that, with a bit more organization and preparation—starting out in the early morning—we can make it to one of the most spectacular places in Colorado... if not the world!

So, what gives me the RIGHT to EXPECT that I can, and will, see Diamond Lake in the next year? Actually, I EARNED that right!

Expectation: See Diamond Lake by September 30, 2016

My Power of TQ = 93.50

Put simply, I have taken the ACTIONS necessary to put myself in this picture.

It was NOT easy over the last few years. But the GOAL has remained fixed in my mind, and I can actually SEE myself there. My strength and weight went up and down. Got hurt, back problems, etc. However, the desire has been there, and my legs are in great shape this year.

TQ The Bottom Line...

You CAN achieve your hopes and dreams... if you transform them into crystal-clear Expectations... then Execute such that you meet or exceed them. How?

Read Today's Quote again—really STUDY it.

It offers profound advice for achieving results beyond your wildest EXPECTATIONS:

"Think and feel yourself there! To achieve any aim in life, you need to project the end result. Think of the elation, the satisfaction, the joy! Carrying the ecstatic feeling will bring the desired goal into view." ~ Grace Speare

This is precisely HOW I will transform this EXPECTATION into a wonderful MEMORY! This is how YOU can achieve your dreams and aspirations too.

This week we will focus on giving you the RIGHT to EXPECT that your goals will be achieved... providing you take the RIGHT ACTIONS. -- E.R. Haas, CEO



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Running Member Comments...

Just like you, my goals are now crystal clear!
My expectations are more clear than water. I am READY!!!!!!! It's time for RESULTS!!!!
I spend most of my time hoping rather than expecting
I do visualiastion in the gym especially
re G4B forum Tuesday, MIH Wednesday
se the secret 24/9/07
Steve ! this is John R responding to yours _ what are the meditations you allude to in your commentary ? _ I too meditate in the morning- it seems a nice way to start the day - YOU ? get back to me on this thought?
Thanks a lot - John R
Not very often do I wish anything ! I usually just enjoy the day for what it is - A DAY !!! I just want to enjoy the next 17 hours (+ or minus) that I will be awake and up !! - I usually go to bed at 12 midnite and get up at 7 or so - that gives me 17 hours to do as I wish to do-- wow !! I do love that - life is good and I want to enjoy each and every day that I have available to ME - yes to me !! wow - this is sooooooooo Good - thansk you to all for being here for me _ Best to all of you for the day and I hope you will enjoy this day also- John R
where is everybody ? heck --- I am back and all of you are not here this morn - where are you ? I was out west for a week and there is nothing left - It feels like I am starting all over again - SO -- that is OK I guess ! &^%$#@ what does anyone have to say about that ? thanks for listening John R
Hi again - It has been 1 hour and 18 minutes since I got up and I have been on this computer for the last 1/2 hour !!! damn ! I want to do something good today _ sooooooooo I will set my egenda NOW - thanks for reminding me of my obligations - set the agenda and doit - that is easy enuf ? *&^% so just doit out for now - John R
I spend most of my time wishing rather than expecting. Today is a NEW day and I have to see myself in the future. I must project myself to the time when I have a growing part time business and people are being helped every moment. I must project myself to the time when I am working for the passion of what I do, not the paycheck to survive! I must project myself to the time when I am financially free (no debt) and how that feels! I must project myself to the time when I am stepping into my next level of life and happy about it!

We can do this!
all day, I'm in the mortgage business and there is so much negitive stuff happening and it is hard to keep my head on straight and keep moving forward and to be postive. Dana
Like some of the people here mentioned, I too spend a lot of time wishing instead of expecting my life to change. I started my Prepaid Legal business back in March 07 and I was real excited and fired up for the first 3 months. Then some of life's challenges started to get in the way. I could see myself becoming financially free. I have slipped to hoping that I will become financially free. I watched a program today by Bob Proctor; Shifting your paradigm. I am ready to shift my paradigm and start expecting to become financially free.

It's a awesome time to link yourself into the PPL program. It works very well, I have had an awesome time with the benefits. I was just in Tacoma last night, celebrating with a huge array of PPL memebers & associates. I also watched the premier on Court TV today.

In your associate packet you will find the cd's, those are so valuable, the marketing & self management techniques are your tools of influence, they speak volumes. Stay connected, stay committed, you'll get there, residual income is real! I am working with upperclass business men & small business alike, they are loving it. Equal Access to your legal rights! For what, a memebership of $26.95, & the identity theft, it's not just credit protection, it is so much more, this plan is remarkable. Have you used your personal membership? Friday I had an attorney within 15 miutes! BAM! Now how much would that of been, the street value for that consultation would of been at least $175 if not $225. & the attorney is sending a letter to a co. that is trying to take advantage of me. PPL gave me the power to stand up & not let this go. No I am not sweeping this issue under the rug, I have an attorney 24/7 for $26.95; & that's month to month.

This sight will help you build your selling muscle, have faith in yourself, the product sells itself. You just need to believe in yourself, "If you won't buy yourself then of course no one else will!" So when you are ready to buy yourself out then you are on the road to success! I think that speaks volmes.

I think you'll enjoy your purchase wants you see the value in you! Purchase yourself! If you're good enough for God then it's final!

Blessings to Michael, & love what you do!
My present task is to memorize a sells pitch, I have it in front of me, I taped it. I need to believe in this product, become one with it, identify. I haven't figured out why I dislike doing this & what I dislike about approach. I can not farm it out, I can have field training & bring my director to the meeting; however, I would be so pleased to master this myself. & I can create a new perspective, for exampple if he/she can do it so...can... I!

I do feel the energiies moving around inside of me, there's some blockage going on. I can move through this. What's that saying? "Successful people do what others won't..." Close enough. But I did go out in the field training & teamed up, prospected a bit, 4 or 5 hours. It takes courage, B2B is a big thing & so is recruiting. I want to love what I do!

"Don't be affraid if things seem difficult in the beginning. That's only the initial impresson. The important thing is not to retreat; you have to master yourself."
~Olga Korbut

"Think and feel yourself there! To achieve any aim in life, you need to project the end result. Think of the elation, the satisfaction, the joy! Carrying the ecstatic feeling will bring the desired goal into view." ~ Grace Speare

Thanks! Always be thankful!

My feeling is that if you are at a stage where you "need" to believe in a product it "may" not be in alignment with your values and what you truly believe in. Memorization in an initial state may help you become "familiar" with a product but the bottom line is if you do not believe in it then maybe it's not for you.

Take your valuable time to find something that is in alignment with your core values (top ten) and natural mission, thus inherent direction.

You will find that you learn faster and won't have the "need" to learn and recite a script because what you will be sharing with the world is something that you are so passionate about that the words will come to you naturally from the heart.

If your intuition tells you that you dislike doing something OR that you dislike the approach recommended then that "may" be a sign that "something" is not in alignment with what you truly value.

If something is not in alignment with what you truly value "it" will always sound "foreign" to you and you will feel uncomfortable BECAUSE it's just not you.

For example: I could not sell AVON products~no offense to AVON. It is because they are chemically toxic and that does not fit into my value system. Does that mean that I do not value beauty? Absolutely not! It means that I value optimal "health" and "beauty" so therefore I would move to a product that is in alignment with my values. Then there is no holding me back.

I may feel awkward in a NEW setting or selling situation, at the beginning, but my excitement and passion to share something highly valuable would ultimately rule and I would soon grasp what it is that I need to know, understand and do to become highly successful.

ALL beginnings are a little unsettling until one develops knowledge AND competency. I am prepared to accept that and indeed understand it but for me to grow to the level of competency beyond all expectation, which is my personal goal, in everything I engage in, in any sales situation I would have to be passionate about the product and that using it would highly benefit me AND my customers AND is for the better good for the world. TQ for example.

If I do not feel this way, ie. if I have a limited desire and passion then no amount of memorization or any approach for that matter would render me highly successful. I have no desire to sell metaphoric poop.

Identify "what" is holding you back "specifically". Is what you are involved in something you are passionate about. If not, move on otherwise you and the company you are working for will dissipate a lot of energy and resources; NOT great for either of you. If you are passionate about it then, by ALL means develop the skills necessary to do a fabulous job of selling and sharing and achieving optimal success.

Thank you for sharing and all the very BEST to YOU!

Yours sincerely and respectfully,

Gabriele L. Grach ~ EAPC
You are right. If we view everthing in life as Opportunity we only grow up. The moment we associate something as bad, our every is drained but it we assiociate it with an opportunity, we learn and grow wiser.

SPS Chauhan
THANKS FOR REMINDING ME - play ball on every down - stay focused and execute - that is a winwin win formula - Good luck SPS
My very best - John R
Meditation and/or prayer are indeed healthy, especially for relaxation and cleansing of the mind, body and spirit, still I find that rather than visualizing an abundant life, time is better spent identifying what it is you truly value then "creating" a "specific" detailed, colorful, crystal clear ~ for all to see "especially YOU" ~ VISION in alignment with those true and core values.

After that it is simply a matter of breaking up the picture into bite size pieces, deciding what part or role you will be performing, in addition to being CLEAR about WHO you will partner and what roles THEY will be performing, then setting goals, developing plans, prioritizing, sharing with and involving the "right" others, organizing yourself and others, optimizing your time by communicating clearly and getting out of your own and others way by managing your projects appropriately, and last but NOT least taking appropriate ACTION to actualize that vision; making it REAL OR TANGIBLE. Thus you will truly be living a life of your dreams.

You are right that pushing forward with something you believe in is far better than dissipating your energy with mediocrity and achieving nothing because ultimately what you achieved didn't mean very much to you.

Personal performance is so much more rewarding when your emotions of love of what YOU choose to do are in alignment with YOUR values. For anything to mean anything "it" must first be meaningful to you and then to others with similar values bases AND "hopefully" it is also for the better good for mankind.

Have a fabulous day! GG
I do that, I approaach my life with mininal get through the day expectations, rather than anticipate a life of abundance. Why? hmmmm

Maybe I need to be more mindful and and focus on my goals.
What goals????? Getting through the day sounds more like a "function" and/or routine as apposed to actually creating and living a life of your dreams.

You can anticipate all you want but until you actually GET CLEAR about what it is that you truly value, create a visions and roles of and for your life, thus a "natural" mission, authentic purpose and inherent direction, then you do not have the slightest basis for goals.

It is great to take time out to smell the roses, but be mindful that your life doesn't pass you by.

God bless! I wish you the best! GG
I often have my expectations set to just get by. I have been down low enough that I hope to just get by. I don't believe that I have been truly striving for abundance. I think I am afraid to try to succeed for fear of failure, and in effect, I have failed myself. In the instances that I do set my expectations higher, I too easily allow my expectations to fall when I hit a stumbling block. It's as if, subconsciously, I have never raised my expectations at all. I deserve better. I owe myself more than what I have allowed myself to have by limiting my expectations. I owe it to my children to show them what it means to truly achieve their goals. I am starting now.
Expectations vs. Hopes

The most valuable part of my present assignment is supporting my daughter's daily needs & their future needs. I am their utmost support system, I fail they experience the set-backs. My leverage is based on the attraction I draw towards me (wealth & abundance), that supports us, or the legal system that demands support. I value my three daughters comfort level; however, there are performance mountains to climb, I am learning to make financial decisions now, wise ones that will bring in residual income for all of us & my retirement. Schooling is an expense & timing, prospecting & mingling with business partners is also time consuming, commission is rather slow if any, & cash flow is limited.

This experiences needs of new interpretaion. So let me eliminate the bad so I can free up my aproach, becuase this will greatly impact my activities & interactions today.

So let's rerun this: I am experiencing a good thing, it is all in the experience & is opening opportunities & I am operating at a higher level of consiousness by thinking so, & in doing so.

Jesus said, "Unless you are faithful in small matters, you won't be faithful in large ones."
~Luke 16:10

"When you are carried away with your worries, fears, cravings, anger, and desire, you run away from yourself & you lose yourself."
~Thich Nhat Hanh

For the past 3 days, I have been expecting more from my life. However, things were not always like this.
I would look at my present situation, and disapprove of where I am and how I lived. I brought that negative energy wherever I went throughout the day. I just wished the day would end so I don't have to feel so bad about my life anymore, and "hoping" tomorrow would be better.
I think it was the easy thing to do. To give in to the emotions that bring me down seemed easier than facing my mediocrity, asking myself the tough questions, and taking positive action.
I believe that when I was in pain for viewing my life, I didn't want to work hard to get out of my situation. My attitude was weak and that kept me lazy and a complainer of life.
I see now that things will always be bad, when I continue to view them that way, and live my life as if circumstances are not in my favor.
I must change so that my life can change.
I am presently looking closely at the three words and their meanings, also the antonyms. They each have very significant meanings. With TQ I'm enabled to realize the knowledge. Before TQ the three words were just lost in my brain of depression. Thanks so very much
Mrs. Shirley E,
I like what you wrote, I can relate. I can tell you from my own personal experience, stick with this program,it works, I have gone from a low TQ to mid range, & have had a lot of high TQ moments lately. This program has an amazing influence in my world, a positive ripple effect.

Sweet regards,

That is IT Dave - you got it !!!
small goals lead to BIG results - Thanks for reminding me Dave _ Good luck - John R
well - IT'S ME - !!!!!!!!!!!! HOLDING ME BACK - IT'S ME !!!!!!!!! - that hurts - BUT i INTEND TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT - You know what ? it has always been me holding back me ! Damn ! - It has been me holding back me - wow - that is a revelation - BUt I finally know it - !!!!!!!! Thanks a lot evrybody for letting me know that you all care a lot - I sure do - I just didn't know how to express it - Thanks for the help - and if you need me just call - I am at --- rhodes350@comcast.net
It's me again - wow - I can't believe it has been ME !! - holding back me !! -- damn- I suppose it is a good thing that I finally know it - ME ! holding back me - ! NOW - It is going to be me pushing myself forward - You gotta believe in YOU, in order to push yourself forward - and - you gotta have faith in yourself - Just believe that you can do it - Believe ! Good luck everybody - Just good luck to all of you and I know you can doit - cuz - YOU ARE HERE TRYING !!! Remember Yoda in Star wars ! ?? he told Luke Skywalker _ " Luke - you will either do it or you will not do it - There is no try " LOL I love that ! see you all later in the day and I want to hear that you all are working hard everyday and accomplishing some small goals for yourselves _ Good luck and god speed in this day - we all have about 17 hours of wake time each day _ SO ---when you are awake do someting great - even if it is just getting yourself dressed properly - that is enuf - thanks for all your help by just being here - Best -- John R
The one thing holding me back is a habit of not focusing on one idea long enough to see it through fruition. I have good ideas; I have great aptitude for conceptualizing and learning. However, I need to first decide what I really want and most importantly, why I want it. Then I need to write down the actions necessary to achieve what I have defined as my WHY!
What is holding me back? Fear is the primary thing holding me back from realizing my dreams. When I set out to accomplish something, if there is an obstacle in the way or if I do not get the results I am looking for, I will stop trying because I am afraid that I will not make it through. I need to process the fear for what it really is, and move forward despite obstacles and rejections. I can see some of my goals coming to fruition THIS YEAR! I can make it happen if I only press forward, make my dreams a priority, and take ACTION every single day!!
Me again - I AM HOLDING ME BACK !!!!



You are gaining that WINNING Attitude!

Thanks Eric - best John R
Thanks everybody - thanks a lot - John R
Yesterday I prep'd for today, which made this morning a breeze; "AWESOME JOB GIRL!" I had a Fantastic day, I felt like I made some nice connections, & what impeccable timing. I have been offered to sale product in 2 large locations, Walmart & Safeway "state wide" & soon to be national, "HIGH FIVE ME!" Everything I have been doing for the last 5 months & yesterday worked to my advantage.
I am so AMP'd! I have a big state certification & some small courses/seminars to wrap-up & I am ramped -up for big biz.
Something I did with the help of TQ was when things started getting funky & I felt a curve ball, I used my TQ power, I moved over & out of the way & went for the positive, no regrets. I am more focused & I am sticking to my game plan, I diligated & have daily plans. I have been doing my daily TQ homework, listening to the CD's. I like that saying, "To succeed, you must expect success."

EXCELLENT JOB, Nancy! You are doing it! :)
Thanks to all of you for the Fantastic support! It means the world to me!

Love to all & have a great weekend!
Hi Nancy _ THANK YOU FOR YOUR THANK YOU !!!! I have been reading yours for a while and you seem like a nice caring nd compassionate person - Good luck to you in all of your endeavors _ wish me luck cuz I need it - I have been changing my life and it is scary and yet a lot of fun and adventurous. I am looking forward to the new yet still a bit tepid and not as yet completely bold in this effort - Boy is hard to change old patterns and habits.. I want to keep some and discard others - I have been selective up to now - wish me luck - thanks - John R

I do wish you well! :)

& I hear you! Change is a daily, if not, a determined minute to minute thought process. It is amazing when you initailly make a choice to be sound, & your mind allows it play out. Those 1st times when you break the pattern, is totally WOW! I think this is called discernment. & it is such a nice feeling to have the control, & just be still. I want more of it!
I am going to be in the possession of my own keys soon too!! I am making the efforts to talk with people every day about my business, showing excitement in everything I do and say, making my daily schedules and following through on each plan I make. I am taking back my keys from the family and friends who feel they "need to lead in my life NOW" or think I am still the little girl they used to know. My keys will be mine again!! :)
I just love the way you used keys as an image of your personal power. Did you learn this from a book or what? I think this thought process would click with my daughters.

I have a few keys to take control of too.
For a lot of phone conversations, I send or request a follow up email (today's lesson). For one thing, when I get an email, I have some idea of how to spell stuff, like peoples' names. I'm sure I haven't mishead invoice numbers or amounts. And, given my ever-scratchier handwriting, I can read it!

Oh, yeah, my expectations: I expect to send out a story a week to a potential market. I expect to pass the accounting class I'm taking with a C or better (ok, I'm knocking myself out for an A, but I'm just like that). I expect to update my Christmas card list with real addresses that work.

And I expect to have the coffee table cleaned off again some day (cue "Impossible Dream").
Some people I like. Some people I dislike, but have to tolerate, because of the world and the way it is today. I get along with everybody and look past the things I dislike in those people simply because they were created by God and are probably used for God purposes and sometimes I ponder that and wish to God I only knew what that was!
But in business the customer is always right even if they are wrong and I tolerate that too.
I am happy when I have been able to act in a manner that I am satisfied with. I am satisfied with my actions and so are others. Honesty. Not others are satisfied with my action but I'm not. Deception
What makes me happy? First of all, knowing God gave me another day makes me happy! Helping other people makes me so very happy. Being free to do what I enjoy makes me happy. Enjoying family and friends makes me happy. Lots of days, life gets in my way, but I am generally happy about who I am becoming!!
Doing new things and meeting new people that fit into my life. Similar interest and goals.
freedom from obligations = freedom from financial debt - freedom form personal losses - freedom to move about the day w/o obligations - freedom of personal hurts - freedom from fianacial obligations - freedom to move about the country if I wish - freedom toexplore new options in life - freedom to be me ! I guesss you must realise that I value personal freedom - it is a challenge sometimes BUT I like the challenge to fill my life with what I want to do NOT what I must do _ I still do what I must BUT at least I can chose what I will do and when - I hope that comes with age and stage - I can get confused sometimes BUt I like it that way anyway _ thanks for listening to me - my best to all - John R
Hello John:
I am with you, freedom from debt, loss, and hurt and the freedom to be oneself is certainly what I wish for. I do not mind the obligations because they give me a reason to move; otherwise i'd be a couch potato and gain too much weight which is happening anyway because I am unemployed. I dislike lazy people and do my best to fulfill my obligations. I just need a job so I am able to meet my obligations. I am frustrated because I cannot meet my obligations and I feel useless even though none of this is within my control. I will tell you to hold onto your freedom because it is very precious. I believe you will use it wisely. I am always glad to see your posts even though I don't always have time to reply, I do read everybody's and I am keeping a journal of all the good ideas that come from these posts! You are all terrific! Keep posting. I wish everyone the things that make them happy.
Hi Tammy ! I just read your post to me - thanks a lot - Good luck to you - do not forget - be content with what you have and improve something in your life today - thanks for the note to me - My very best - John R
Heck ! I was just blueskying - just exploring - just doing the best I can do with what I got - Being satisfied with what I have and then working to impove what I have - great realtionships - great friends - great games to play with my friends - heck _ I got it made and I am soooooo thankful that I have what I have - it is modest BUT it is all mine - thanks everybody for listening to me -- be the best you can be today - right here/// right now// with what you got - that is all you can ask for - good health -good friends= good love realtionships and then go for it all when you are ready to move - thanks agin everybody - I am soooooo thankful for what I have - my best to all - John R
Meet your fears HEAD ON -- meet the death of that fear !!!!!!!!!!- BE BOLD - be honest in all things - even with yourself - especially with yourself - be honest - be fair and then see what you have reaped - be fearless and be BOLD - thanks
Heck - i am still blueskying about my life - it is soooooooo good to be free - thanks - get it ? I am so thankful that I have what I have - I am satisfied with what I have--- even thou it is modest - see you all this afternoon - best = John R
I have always enjoyed being in the position to give, the feeling of giving quality means & much needed $ to someone. & to have absolutely no strings attached.

Unconditional love! Like looking at baby faces, they are so adorable.

A few really awesome relationships would really amp up my happy thermometer. However, until I develop those I am using some great Motown & Disco music to dance too. I really enjoy dancing, that makes me happy.

What is it inside of me that feels happy? Thoughts, daydreaming and sometimes the dream I woke up too. Being happy sometimes takes more work & I have to engage into a what if... or let's pretend... mind set. I developed this technique way back when, escape mechanizism. I love my la..la..land!
Giving is a great way to raise that "happiness meter". I think everyone should visit that la-la land, i've never been there, but it sounds fantastic! I think I need to put gas in the car to check it out. Just kidding. I think I need to put positive thoughts in my brain to find the place.
NANCY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL - NOT AT YOU but WITH YOU - YOU HAVE A GREAT MINDSET NANCY _ A GREAT MINDSET !!! REMEMBER tedddy Roosevelt ! - He said - there were many things he was afraid of - he just pretended and acted as if he was unafraid - he said - HE GRADUALLY BECAME UNAFRAID - GOOD LUCK TO YOU IN THIS MAGNIFICENT ENDEAVOR OF YOURS - My very best and godspeed - John R
I am finding that happiness is a state of being. When I have good health, money and freedom to make choices, it adds to my happiness.

I am learning that if you wait on outside circumstances to make to happy, then when they are not available you will be unhappy. So I try not to allow my happiness to be totally contingent upon outside circumstances. However, given my feelings on happiness, I must say that having wealth to the point of not having to worry about money is a great soother. When you have wealth to this extent, you not only are free to ewnjoy life, you can also help others.
When the people I love are truly happy, not lying to themselves, that puts me beyond heaven on earth.
do what i really want to do
I wish to walk a mile on the treadmill today
I hope to walk a mile on the treadmill today.
I expect to walk a mile on the treadmill today.
I expect to walk a mile on the treadmill today
I hope to walk a mile on the treadmill today.
I wish to walk a mile on the treadmill today.
Shirley !!!!!!! great - one mile at a time - just one is good enuf - good luck and you are with me on this physical componenet to life - be physical and set physical goals each day - just a little bit at a time is enuf to improve your life - wow _ Thanks for the note Shirley - Good luck in your walk today _ John R
Mrs. Shirley,
If that treadmill is such a dread perhaps you can take a walk on a local trail. Being outside next to nature can help take your focus off the time & the mind.
Here in WA we have many paved trails & other nice paths throughout the woods. Check with your parks & recreation website.

Dancing to some great music will ignite some body heat too. "Dance while you can!

You go Mrs. Shirley! Make it a 3 star day!


Nancy ! heck Nancy I was in washington state last week - a friend had to survey some land in Idaho - so we flew to seattle and then drove across your beautiful state. that was fun AND yes we took some power walks in the trails and hills of washington - just beauutiful = also on way back stopped up at Olympic National Park - great ride and beautiful sights - thanks - John R - P.S. I am from maine and we have a beautiful state similar to WA -
I am so glad you were able to see WA, it is a very surprising state, the prolific mountain ranges, the Olympic sky line & rolling foothills, & all the evergreens; WOW! I was born in Olympia & lived off the bay, near the capital. Very surreal! Had I known, I would of meet up with you. Come back!

Canada is also a must see, I just did a 1500 mile road trip into the rockies Banff, & Lake Louise (a Glacier is still sitting there!). They have a castle of a 4 Season Hotel there too. I love the Canadians hospitality too! Great people, everytime I visit I don't want to leave.
me ? what makes me happy ? - hell - FREEDOM - PERSONAL FREEDOM TO MOVE ABOUT AS I PLEASE = WOW !!! this really makes me happy - this is just a thought - just my thought - I could be unfree BUT the thought that I am free is enuf to make me feel happy - interesting huh ? - just the THOUGHT that I am free to explore and examine life is enuf to make me feel free and HAPPY - this is just a thought process !!! great - and thanks for the inspiration to formulate this thought itself - I appreciate that - my best - John R
I do wish you well! :) I hear you! Change is a daily, if not minute to minute thought process. It is amazing when you initailly make a choice in your head & it plays out. I think this is called discernment. It's is such a nice feeling to have the control, & just be still. I want more of it!
Having a dream actualized on a day to day basis. Having continual Hope and Contentment with each day as you share and progress each day your dreams with your life partner. "Nothing succeeds like success!"
Today, I thought I would be held back by injury, but I kept powering through the SIX (I am insane) hours of martial arts training. I feel like I can conquer anything and my toe (I hurt my toe) is feeling much better. What's holding me back? Apparently, absolutely nothing.

Thanks to everyone for their inspiring comments!

what makes me happi ? heheheheh everything I do all day long !!!!!!!!!- that is what makes me happi - heck _ considering where I have been, and what has happened to me, I love it just being alive and here----- right now right here - almost bought the farm in Vietnam and I am strill here and alive and kicking.. it has been 40 years and it has all been Gravy.. thanks everybody - thanks a lot - best - John R
Presently I am learning how to create clear EXPECTATIONS for what I want...then EXECUTE beyond expectations. The terms hope and wish are still a part of my being and mentally occupy a different understanding for me in my once depressed mind and soul. TQ is great and I am eternally gratefull. Thanks. Shirley
well ! Most of the time I just wish and dream ! when I was younger I was more proactive in pursuit of dreams - NOW - at 62 I am more sedate and slow and deliberative about many things - hell -It has been a rough pass to get to 62 and be where I am - basically I am happi with where I am at this time and place in history - still dreaming BUT the dreams are so much smaller and more manageable - if that makes sense to all of you - thanks for everything - John R
heck ! what now ? today I will collect some firewood for the stove this winter.. I need to do it now as winter is fast approaching - this is big for me cuz I prefer warm dry weather ( desert weather ) to cold damp (northeast ) weather . My family is here in northeast and I have to be near them ( family ) to be happi at all - being near family is very big for my happiness index =- I can't be away from them for too long at all - I usually max out at about a week away and then I have to be home - I get lonely and feeel disconnected when I am away from home and family for too long - My daughter and her boyfriend ( husband to be ) are going to Arkansas for his duty station and it will be a rough pass with KT being gone to Arkansas - damn !!! wish me luck - Best to all - John R
Arkansas isn't a bad place to visit John! I have been visiting my Grandmother & relatives in that state since I can remember. 71 I lived in Jonesboro, 82 thur 84 I lived in Newport, 84-86 I lived in Cabot, 87-88 I lived in Jacksonville Airforce base. The state is filled with beauty, & the people are really warm. There are fireflies in the summer nights; watermelon & many more fresh vegetables. You can hunt & fish till your hearts content. John your daughter will just love the seasonal storms, they are radical.
I hope you go for a nice long summer visit, try a local bed-&-breakfast. & GO COUNTRY! Suee...weee!!!
I have been thinking about wishing & dreaming, now more than ever. About 8 months ago, I bought a dvd called, "THE SECRET," & then I started buying more related books & material. & shortly after The Oprah Winfrey Show invited the team that produced "The Secret" on stage. This validated what I was currently reading & appliying, & what I had been experienceing for many many years. For me, "The Laws of Attraction" had always been working.

There are some areas I want to bring to light, that's in relationship building. I dream of & wish for talent in building & keeping true friends & of course being aligned. I know why I have limited resources, I allow it. These upcoming months I want to have control of my holidays, I want to manifest a warm meaningful season of giving. So I am planning to call a local group which sponsors a foodbank & a Thanksgiving feast to the homeless. For years I have wanted to get involved in the front line of local mission work.

And today I want to give to the same family I give to throughout the year. I have my daughters outgrown clothes, shoes & coats to pass on, & all the wonderful pear apples off the tree in the backyard to hand out. I know the family is waiting in anticipation for the gifts & that's so exciting.
for the most part I WISH and then hope for 'the wish to be granted' and then wonder how can I expect anything to happen without any effort on my part. Being afraid of 'life' stops you from living! Being afraid presumes that I know that I will fail before I begin. Whatever dream, goal, or idea I have dies in fear. Without an attempt!!
Solution: create a dream, make it a goal, devise a plan and act on it to prove my self wrong!
Today I have walked on the treadmill. And along with that accomplishment, an attitude of more organization is brought into my being. I'm truly elated. Thanks John and Nancy. I am encouraged. It's a geat privilege to be able to share who I truly am, and am becoming a better person for it. John, Nancy, and all, the best always.
Seeing my children happy makes me happy!
Being able to provide for my children makes me extremely happy. Seeing them smile when they accomplish something or get something worth while. Being loved by my partner and loving in return, knowing that my love is appreciated and will never be taken for granted. Setting goals and reaching them and hopefully in less time than originally allotted.
Being with family. Working with my husband. Cuddling and reading with my little girl.Making a beautiful home. Once I get out in the garden or out in nature. As I am painting or creating something beautiful and worthwhile with my family.
To be completely honest I do a whole lot more wishing than expecting and that may be due to the fact that I constantly doubt myself.
More than half
constantly. daydreaming has become a handicap, something to lean on.
i wish i will have some kind of friendship that will make me happy and ease my life that one i was looking for, that will last forever with no interference from outside ..pure concern,love,and care.I expect the doors to be opened and eased up for such a good lasting sincere relationship......but things are not clear yet.. need work both ways..when spirits are clear everything goes well.
i always believe it takes two to tango...
I find myself wishing more than expecting most of every day. I once thought that expectations lead to a setup for failure. Without expectations, I am safe from being let down.

I agree that this is so very not the case, and without expectations for success, the universe will simply not grant me what I used to call a wish.

I am successful. I expect success in everything I do.
It seems so far away to get to where I want to be in both personal and at work.
I believe that I approach my life with minimal, get-through-the-day expectations every day. Why don't I anticipate a life of abundance? That is a question I have never asked myself, probably because I am afraid of the answer. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and receive disability insurance for it. So during my day I do a lot of reading. I feel abundant in that area of of my life. Something I have always wanted to do was to found out why people do what they do and also why I do what I do, and I have made significant inroads in that area.
Little Expectations begets little Successes. The Corresponding thought of little expectation is little success.
A life of abundance is for you, only think big and you will have it. think big, expect big and you will see big things come your way!
I try to work hard as I can. Any job that I have had I tried to improve it and make it better for all.
Motivation, I see that my hard work continues to go some what unnoticed. I need to confront my boss and question his plans for me. It may be that I am not in the right organization.
create an detailed action plan that would direct and accelerate
the vision. Contact people or sources that are experts in what they do concerning your vision(were there is a multitude of counsel, plans succeed) Create timelines, checklist, accountability systems to reach maximum potential. Delegate
and dedicate specific time everyday towards vision. DON"T procrastinate
Wow, that is a good one! I'd say most of the time now that I come to think about it.
Expectations are Motivational Inspiraing
I think that Darrell has the keys. and sometimes I feel stuck in this situation. I need to take back my power.
Take it from a guy who has seen his share of kitchen tables in Las Vegas. Don't let them see you sweat, visualize the close, focus, and keep reading TQ. TQ colors really bring my Game on and quite frankly I enjoy reading each of you sharing "that lonely road of faith" attitude to better our selfs. It makes my journey not so lonely.
What makes me happy? My children. Seeing them happy. My work getting things done and working with people.
My Wife, nieces, nephews, soccer, a job well done, my motorcycle
i am happiest when i'm outdoors it lets me feel free and relaxed, i,m happiest when i push myself and exerices it gives me a feel of accomplishment. and i love to feel that it was accomplished
A cup of tea in the garden....
Well this is a great thought to concentrate on, because I am so challenged right now, that to concentrate and focus on what makes me happy, well that is a good thing. What makes me happy is being a CPA. Yes I really enjoy this position in life, and I have gone through great pains in my life to get my credentials...the CPA license, and now the big challenge is getting my CPA license in California, because I am from the state of MO. Of course what makes me happy also is playing music, but of course my music has been overshadowed recently with the fact that I have to concentrate on my health and making money with my CPA knowledge. Right now what makes me happy? What makes me happy, what makes me happy, what makes me happy? Here is something that really makes me happy. Taking the 10 pages of TQ signs for success, and all day long keep going through all of the 10 pages, checking off each sign as we go through it...yes that seems to make me happy especailly when someothing happens and the sign for success comes to mind and influences me a certain way...and it does work that way for me personally...being organized makes me happy, verbalizing my desires emotinally that makes me happy...having a clearly organized schedule for the day, and following that schedule, that makes me happy...being productive that makes me happy, action is my best friend, and it builds the momentum, that is way that I can pop myself into that happy feeling...coming home to an organized home, that makes me happy...talking to an attractive female, that makes me happy...being in tip top shape, that makes me happy, having my thin, healthy, attractive waistline, that makes me happy...
I would say that my inability to get at what I want is what is blocking me. A solution would be to use the resources I have at hand.
I would have to say I hold the keys and my teacher gives them to me. My teacher is a strong motivation for me to work hard and become like him. But I make the decisions to do what needs to be done.
Music. Music is my life. With out it my life would hold a substantial less meaning. Music has made my life come into bloom and in turn continues to make me happy every time I pick up my violin or sing a clear high note.
Yes I do, and I get disappointed. I cannot change things I can only accept things the way they are. Right now that is not what I want to hear even from myself. Will I cave and lower my self esteem because I know this behavior is not acceptable or what I want I want to deal with at this time or will I remain strong and at least have some sanity and peace? By doing so, I will disappoint some little family members. I "wish" things were different...lol
Today's commentary really touched me. You really are quite amazing ER. I will think of you on the 30th.
I go through waves.. I anticipate a life with abundance on good days... and I try to hold on to that feeling...but nothing comes of it and I am stuck in the same place. I feel sometimes that I live a life of hope springs eternal. I am now getting more and more pounded down to a place where I am accepting minimal - get through the day - kind of living. I mean how long do I hold on the my dreams - when all I do doesn't get me closer and none of them are coming true? How long do I keep expectations high. I am human after all... it is hard to keep them high when things keep not working out.
I agree and understand the importance of going into the day with a definite expectation out of it. The challenge in getting this executed is that we are inclined to live up to people's expectations of us instead of focusing on God's expectation of us. God's expectation of us, is to live a life of ABUNDANCE; abundance of grace, mercy, love, provision, protection and most of all his 'constant presence'.
I don't know what it is that is holding me back.
I don't know. I know I will succeed?
I am going to be successful in Primerica.....period
Six Things I expect to see happen in 6 months
1. Boys prepared in modern day night.
2. New Sunday School program
3. Year planned out Jan 10 - Jan 11
4. See 30% growth in attendance
5. Real progress theologically
6. Mother in independant living
having new friend , communication with my family friends again baby siting often etc sometimes new man in my life taking it slow and thinking ahead of what I wanted out of my life.
Helping people!!!
knowing that I am on track to becoming a better more fulfilled, direction driven person. These accomplishments, will give me the sence of achievement,significance, and a better overall self worth.
While I do set crystal-clear expectations for the near and long term, I am a "wisher"!

I wish things would go better... smoother... more hassle-free.

I wish my day had zero technical issues...

But I quickly snap back to reality, so expectations really do drive most of my actions.

I expected that she understand my situation at a time. I expected she remembers what I have told her before. I expected she understand my anger. I should go throw all these expectations again with her tomorrow they look like a wishing thought from my side.
I make the most of each day, and while my expectations of billionaire in 3 years are reduced a bit, I still believe in the big reward!

Do good for people. Do your best each day. Sooner or later big money follows!

Know that i am ready right now.
why is it so hard to dream big?,I have all these nice wishes but i give up soon before i get, most of the time i lack confident
Living with my parents, Relativs, Friends,
I'm most happy when I'm involved in something that is greater than myself... able to contribute from my strengths and have it self evident... see people impacted in a very positive manner... and know that I am bringing Glory to my God!! This PUMPS ME!!
I live by faith. Ultimately, I know I will be ok. I'm beginning to question, though, if there might be something more than 'ok'.
I set clear expectations of what I want at the beginnig of the day; however during the day, things in front of me interlope my time and thereby compromise my results.
I have successfully managed to get done what I wanted to get done today. I have also maintained my energy all day! Go ME! Got in some exercise, a little bit of fresh air, and backed off when my mind just wasn't "with it," taking a quick 5 minute breather to refresh my mind with the TQ training. I KEPT TQ in front of me all day; reading, applying the message, and no longer satisfied to just be "going with the flow." I will continue to do that! I've been reading, testing, and planning all week. This is going to be my way out of the private hell of my own making.

I also managed to get my creative juices flowing today! I am thrilled to bits! Still have to iron out the schedule, and learn how to handle THE interruption (MOM needs a hobby!)

SOOOO glad I picked TQ back up! This year has flown by, and I let it, allowing this chronic pain I live with take over, and the depression to settle in. Finally crawled out from under that boulder! I am alive, and pumped, and taking charge!

I fully EXPECT the rest of the year to just keep getting better and better, and I EXPECT to be putting my jewelry out there within the next two weeks. Am already advertising and spreading the word on several social media sites, and getting inquiries. Loving the feedback I'm getting, and letting everyone know the "grand opening" is next Saturday (24th!) Social media has been a huge distraction for me, but I am starting to put it to good use! :)
This week, I did not waste my time on wishing. I spent time working on my mission, my goals, my dreams for the future, and recommitting myself to reach them. This week, I visualized my life for the next 5 years.

Last night, I started working on my schedule. I will have constant, daily reminders of what I am supposed to be doing to move my goals closer to fruition. Today, I was prepared with a plan, a vision, and a mission. Today, I met my expectations.
~Denise B
I try to EXPECT the best and what I deserve from MY LORD not because of anything I've done but because HE wants me to have everything I want and the best there is!
"How often do you approach your life with MIMINAL, get-through-the-day Expectations, rather than anticipate a life of ABUNDANCE? Why?"

I know I need to sit down and visualize what I want my life to look like 5/10/20 years down the road, but in truth the future scares me. I have to rebuild trust in myself. I have tried and failed too many times, and the successes have been far too few. If I can do what I want to get done today, this week, the rest of this month - I know I'll start feeling better, and then I can project further.

I am making a promise to myself that I will sit down and write out what I want my life to look like in the next 5 years, and I will do that today -- as soon as I finish the two projects that are on my list this morning. Maybe that's the OOMPH I need to get back into the land of the living.
~Denise B
Me again! I just finished "Success on Purpose." I am wired, tired (12 hours non-stop), know my values, visions, and roles, and ready to get started! How does an art gallery sound beginning with an online website, or a 40 acre meat goat operation (already experienced there), photography classes, and then taking the physically handicapped on weekend photography tours, becoming the mother my kids need me to be, calling my 3 brothers and telling them to get with the program and help take care of Mother (I'm with her 24/7), taking beading classes, and getting up to par with my beading, giving back go the community by donating to the food bank, and cooking for the soup kitchen, calling the orthopedic surgeon and scheduling my hip surgery now instead of waiting until spring of next year! I seriously need some sleep, but before I sign off, I just want to say, "THANK YOU!" to Mr. Haas and Mr. Madson. Now I can get my goals in order, and STOP wasting time!

~Denise B
My expectations are being raised. Read Ephesians 3:20 in the amplified bible. Meet us in Dallas this Sat. at 6 pm ay the Quality Inn I 635 and 75
freeways. We will pray and agree for your need
"Who has YOUR keys in THEIR possession? "

The person renting my house needs to agree to me using the back half of the property to start one of my goals. My older brother can give me financial advice, and my son has offered to be a venture capitalist for my jewelry business. I will make phone calls, or visit all of them in the coming week - This is already on my calendar. :)
"How often do you approach your life with MIMINAL, get-through-the-day Expectations, rather than anticipate a life of ABUNDANCE?
Why? "
Before this week, I wasn't doing anything but breathing. Dealing with chronic pain has gotten me into a funk that I had the hardest time shaking, BUT, once I decided that I was going to have a better life than the one I'm currently living, I started dealing with the pain I experience on a daily basis by just being more determined to live as if it was no more than a minor inconvenience. Pain pills help some, but not entirely, so I just have to deal with it. In the meantime, I've been busy from the time I wake up, until the time I go to bed. I am no longer just "taking up space."
"What makes you Happy?"

Having my day organized so I know what I'm doing next.
Visiting with my children and grandchildren
Taking the less traveled path for a change of scenery
Playing with my dog
Playing with seed beads, crystals, and gemstones
Writing poetry
Singing in the choir
Making truffles

Looks like I need to break out the calendar and schedule in some play time!

~Denise B
Today was one of those days that was filled with interruptions, and I kept wishing all day that I had a door to my office with a deadbolt. Surprisingly, I got more done than I thought I would after the visitors stopped showing up, and the phone stopped ringing. I was even able to combine a couple of things, so work was actually faster, and I'm not so far behind now that I cannot finish what I had planned for this weekend, including time to play for a little while.
When people use all these great techniques and add e-mail video by
going to MeetLiveVideo.com this weekend. We have found that 80 % of
people open your e-mail video and it is tracked. It's exciting. Someone just opened their Happy Birthday in Ohio
Replaced IQ with TQ as the real form of intelligence in the world.

as a national leader of modern China!
My inner-child is healthy, wealthy and wise!

Imagination is my strong point -- and bolsters my ambition to change the fabric of the future.

Yes, I have 100% faith in myself and team... a high degree of belief that regardless the setbacks, we will WIN.

A constant flood of spirit-led, Divine Inspiration is the key to unlocking the treasures in my heart.
I think I have to bring in actions to unlock my potentials. That is connected actions, learn from people around me who have made manifest their potentials and find ways of incorporating positive actions in my life.
Yes, my inner-child is happy and my inner-drive is in over-drive!

I am on a quest for ever greater adventure and am finding it!
9/10/14 My attitude. My energy and health. My leadership role in my family as the bread winner. My husband role and my father role all need improving.

First time posting here. Been doing ThinkTQ off and on for years.Have had many, many, major, life changing setbacks in the pursuit of my dreams and goals though.

Just wondering why there is no forum on this site? I am looking for a forum with like minded individuals. Need to increase my synergy color! And it would help to remain inspired. Any suggestions?

I prefer a deeper connection with people, not just the usual social media posts. I feel a forum would help to at least get to know people and their stories better. As well as to section off topics better.

I can''t read all the posts here and stay in touch with the people I resonate with. Theres just too many posts, which I love to see, but its hard to keep up with them all.

One love.

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