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Your Daily Lesson In Excellence for Sunday, November 23, 2014.


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This TQ Factor of your performance (Synergize 7j) is important because it drives a feeling of CONNECTION and UNDERSTANDING deep within you.

Do You Always Express Your True Feelings?

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Open, frank communication is best. Express your true feelings honestly, even though it may not be what the other person wants to hear.

The exchange of ideas from one person to another has never been an exact science. You may never understand the other person completely. Neither can you automatically expect others to understand you, and the full background behind the ideas you are trying to communicate. Don't presume that you know what the other person is thinking. Stop the mutual mystification and get it right the first time. Assume you don't know. Ask. Listen. Clarify, Reach Mutual agreement.

Tact and honesty aren't mutually exclusive. They just take practice to successfully coexist.

"Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do the work." ~ John G. Pollard 


Today's Big Idea For Action is from the Synergize Color: Speak Clearly -- Listen Carefully -- Confirm Messages.

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Now, ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. Do you always convey the whole message, even the awkward or unpleasant parts?
  3. How will you handle it when there is a difference between what someone wants to hear, versus what they need to know?
  5. Which is more important to your listener: a complete picture or a rosy one?

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So, Are You Committed to Maximum Success?

Think about it. How well and how often do you actually do Synergize Factor 7J? (Speak Clearly -- Listen Carefully -- Confirm Messages.) No question, this is a major driver of personal and professional success.

A high commitment (7J rated 8 or better) suggests you communicate clearly and always clarify what others want from you. It's partially a personality trait and it's partially the skill you apply to get things right. You gain greater insight each time you speak with others. You're committed to not only hearing what others have to say, but more importantly, understanding them. When you offer ideas to others, you double-check to make sure they truly understood what you think you said -- and that what they think is actually what you mean!

Or not?

A lack of commitment suggests you are often mistaken about what others are saying -- simply because you fail to communicate your thoughts clearly. Many of your relationships are filled with frustration and confusion. Misunderstanding results from failing to confirm and clarify incoming and outgoing messages. This results in bad feelings, mistakes and time lost. You are absolutely certain no one speaks "Plain English" any more -- and what people hear, is not even close to what you say!

What happens when you do Factor 7J more frequently?

You have more power. Your skill at listening attentively, and speaking clearly, helps you reach a mutual understanding for how you can help each other.

You accumulate performance positives like "Articulate, Exacting and Observant" -- immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

What happens when you fail to consistently do Factor 7J?

You have less power. You frequently make critical mistakes, because you have no idea what the other person is actually thinking.

Negatives like "Confusing, Imprecise and Misunderstood" start to take their toll on your performance -- quickly moving you away from the success you want.

Let's Power Up this TQ Factor even more!

Simple, right? Speak Clearly -- Listen Carefully -- Confirm Messages.

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After all, this is what the MOST successful people in the world KNOW... inside out... top to bottom. Maybe you should have that level of clarity as well.

So, really, do you or don't you: Speak Clearly -- Listen Carefully -- Confirm Messages.

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You'll find your world is still worthwhile — SMILE...

You CAN achieve all your hopes and dreams.

People do it every day. So can you.

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Remember, Today's TQ is IMPORTANT to your success... now and in the future: Speak Clearly -- Listen Carefully -- Confirm Messages. We challenge you to find ways to take this Factor Action 3-4 times today.

Yes you... yes today!

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