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Is The Time Up, But The Work'S Not Done?

Your Daily Lesson In Excellence for Sunday, April 26, 2015.


"The best resource to start may day since Dilbert!" ~ Jon Boswell (former cubical slave!)

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This TQ Factor of your performance (Organize 8h) is important because it drives a feeling of EFFECTIVENESS and EXCEPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT deep within you.

Is The Time Up, But The Work'S Not Done?

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Add any unfinished work to your To Do List, then file it immediately.

If you take the time to organize your storage systems once, you'll reap the time-saving benefits for years. Remember, things are filed to facilitate their easy retrieval. Stop the frustration that comes when you can't find what you put away. Take the time to organize the contents of your files every time you open them. Arrange your files by how often you use them. Keep the files you most often use, closest to you. Keep your computer directories updated and organized. Make sure your filing systems are intuitive and easy to remember.

Organize your paperwork to flow from day to day. Write it down. Then put it away.

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine." ~ Mike Murdock 


Today's Big Idea For Action is from the Organize Color: Put Things Back Where They Belong -- NOW -- Not Later!

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Now, ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. If you put it on your To Do List, won't that suffice as a reminder?
  3. When you can't work on it, why would you keep the work out where it continues to distract you?
  5. Have you added all your unfinished work to your To Do List today?

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So, Are You Committed to Maximum Success?

Think about it. How well and how often do you actually do Organize Factor 8H? (Put Things Back Where They Belong -- NOW -- Not Later!) No question, this is a major driver of personal and professional success.

A high commitment (8H rated 8 or better) suggests you store your files in an efficient manner that is designed for quick and easy retrieval. Your clients' files have yellow dots and they can be found in the yellow folder within an arm's reach. Your payable invoices are kept in blue files, receivables in green files. Each are organized by date. Your computer files are easily accessible because they are stored in logical -- easy to remember locations. You're so organized, you would like to personally shake the hand of the person who came up with the alphabetical system. What an incredibly brilliant idea!

Or not?

A lack of commitment suggests you are often frustrated -- wasting valuable time retrieving information or materials. When looking for a file, you can only guess at which stack it's in. There are times when you do your best to just guess, because it takes too long to gather the factual information. It's not that you don't religiously save all your computer files, but your system for naming them is random at best, and they're saved with similar names in the same folder. Oh it's frustrating all right. And sometimes you call it something worse than that!

What happens when you do Factor 8H more frequently?

You have more power. Everything is right at your fingertips -- where ever and when ever you need it.

You accumulate performance positives like "Organized, Streamlined and Proficient" -- immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

What happens when you fail to consistently do Factor 8H?

You have less power. You waste valuable time and end up looking pretty darned inept when you can't find what you put away.

Negatives like "Disorganized, Delayed and Scattered" start to take their toll on your performance -- quickly moving you away from the success you want.

Let's Power Up this TQ Factor even more!

Simple, right? Put Things Back Where They Belong -- NOW -- Not Later!

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After all, this is what the MOST successful people in the world KNOW... inside out... top to bottom. Maybe you should have that level of clarity as well.

So, really, do you or don't you: Put Things Back Where They Belong -- NOW -- Not Later!

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My Way...

I did what I had to do and saw it though without exemption...

You CAN achieve all your hopes and dreams.

People do it every day. So can you.

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Remember, Today's TQ is IMPORTANT to your success... now and in the future: Put Things Back Where They Belong -- NOW -- Not Later! We challenge you to find ways to take this Factor Action 3-4 times today.

Yes you... yes today!

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Today's TQ for the week of April 26 - May 2.

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