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Ok -- Break It Up!

Your Daily Lesson In Excellence for Sunday, May 17, 2015.


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This TQ Factor of your performance (Act Now 10c) is important because it drives a feeling of CONTROL and CREATIVENESS deep within you.

Ok -- Break It Up!

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Subdivide every large task. Approach the smaller units with single-minded focus and determination. Soon, the whole job is done.

You will always produce better results, personally and professionally, when you break large tasks into a sequence of immediately "do-able" actions. When seen in their entirety, complex projects appear too overwhelming. However, even the most complex task is only a sequence of smaller, "do-able" steps that can be taken one at a time. Isolate the individual steps, and begin them right away.

If an item in today's schedule can't be done in the time allotted for it, it's too big. Break it down again.

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you." ~ Carl Sandburg 


Today's Big Idea For Action is from the Act Now Color: Simplify The Complex to Immediately "Do-Able" Steps.

Print this page. Get out a pen. Better, Sign In and Answer Online.

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Now, ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. What projects are you working on that could benefit from subdivision into simple, single tasks?
  3. What task on your list today is too large to get started on?
  5. Have you scheduled individual steps for each "Monster Project" into your calendar?

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So, Are You Committed to Maximum Success?

Think about it. How well and how often do you actually do Act Now Factor 10C? (Simplify The Complex to Immediately "Do-Able" Steps.) No question, this is a major driver of personal and professional success.

A high commitment (10C rated 8 or better) suggests you are someone who gains immediate control over complex tasks by seeing them as a series of simple steps. You work your way through big projects by reducing them to manageable tasks. Rather than focus on the complexity of the interrelated objectives, you break each task down into its most basic parts -- and get started right away. This process gives you the confidence to take on the impossible, because you know that success is as simple as completing one "do-able" step at a time.

Or not?

A lack of commitment suggests you may have trouble taking action on complex projects. You may become easily confused by complex tasks and the apparent difficulty in achieving them. By only seeing the big picture -- in all its complexity -- you tend to lose confidence in your ability to accomplish such a formidable endeavor. Instead of breaking these tasks into individual steps, you remain mystified by the entire process -- and delay indefinitely from taking that all important first step.

What happens when you do Factor 10C more frequently?

You have more power. By reducing a complex task to a series of simple steps, you go from overwhelmed to full speed ahead in nothing flat.

You accumulate performance positives like "Self-Initiated, Systematic and Adept" -- immediately moving you towards the results you expect.

What happens when you fail to consistently do Factor 10C?

You have less power. Overwhelmed equals inert and incompetent.

Negatives like "Overwhelmed, Mystified and Doubtful" start to take their toll on your performance -- quickly moving you away from the success you want.

Let's Power Up this TQ Factor even more!

Simple, right? Simplify The Complex to Immediately "Do-Able" Steps.

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After all, this is what the MOST successful people in the world KNOW... inside out... top to bottom. Maybe you should have that level of clarity as well.

So, really, do you or don't you: Simplify The Complex to Immediately "Do-Able" Steps.

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You'll find your world is still worthwhile — SMILE...

You CAN achieve all your hopes and dreams.

People do it every day. So can you.

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Remember, Today's TQ is IMPORTANT to your success... now and in the future: Simplify The Complex to Immediately "Do-Able" Steps. We challenge you to find ways to take this Factor Action 3-4 times today.

Yes you... yes today!

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