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Your Mission Quick Test begins now...

Your personal MISSION is critical to success, because it is the guiding light that keeps you on the path to your dreams. Improve your sense of purpose and mission, and you will not only take your career to a new level -- but will find true happiness as well.

The cold truth: Until you learn to live what's most important, you're spending the only life you have on things that simply don't matter.

Is your Mission Color causing you problems?

You can tell when...

  • You know you could accomplish great things, if you only knew what they were.
  • You're not sure why you're even in the different roles in your life.
  • Nothing seems to matter, and you wonder why nothing ever comes your way.
  • Big decisions are always difficult because you've never determined what's more important than something else.
  • You believe life has little inherent meaning, and even less purpose.
However, when your Mission color is strong and vibrant...
  • You're focused on specific lifetime visions, and each day brings new opportunities to make your dreams come true.
  • You can articulate exactly what you want from -- and what you expect to give to -- each role in your life.
  • You find ways to make a difference with your time and your life in a pursuit higher than your own personal interests.
  • Decisions are easy, because your mission always clarifies what's most important.
  • You believe life is full of meaning and purpose, meant to be lived to its fullest.

Take 2 minutes for a quick assessment...

On the following page are the 10 key Factors that drive the intensity of this Color. By calibrating your actions against this "Gold Standard", you will quickly see what you are doing RIGHT... what you are doing WRONG... and precisely what you need to do DIFFERENT to improve this area of your performance.

If you even think you're having problems in this area, then take our 2 minute quick test, get your 2 page personal evaluation, and find out for sure.

Don't just worry about it. Do something about it. Today.

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