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The ThinkTQ Internet Program

The Big Picture...

We are pleased to announce our fully integrated TQ sales, referral and affiliate programs. We invite you to join our incredible success as we rapidly expand our network to over 100,000 strong this year!

As you may know, ThinkTQ, Inc. is the world leader in virtual training products for personal and professional excellence. Our MISSION is to test the world's TQ and improve it by 20 points—helping people become a great deal more effective, productive and successful.

We expect to sell in excess of $500,000,000 worth of training products, by giving The Gift of Success to as many people as possible. This means we will be paying over $150 million in commissions to people just like you.

Why not get your share?! Join, and you will...

Your market...

TQ products are purchased by a select group of individuals and progressive organizations.

According to our demographic studies, we're looking for college educated professionals and business people, in the 35-55 age group, both male and female.

Send those people to our site, and you will make money.

If, however, you have a site whose membership consists primarily of teenage girls... then you can send us the traffic. But you won't make much money doing it, as they're simply not in our target audience.

Work BOTH Programs!

When you become a TQ Affiliate, you will have complete access to our exciting sales materials and resources—both online and off.

Just link to us... or send some emails to your friends... or copy the flyers and pass them out. That's it!

FREE Content!

Don't want simple links or ads? Put our Daily Lessons in Excellence on your site and get content—and make money—at the same time!

Here's What WE do for You!

We provide you with access to advertising, promotional, presentation materials and scripts to help you sell to companies and individuals.

  • We provide all production and delivery of product. We collect payment and provide you with timely accountings and send you a commission check!
  • We provide you with unique sales source codes to promote locally and nationally.
  • We can even provide you with content!

As a TQ Affiliate You Can:

  • Earn a commission up to $45 per sale!
  • Earn a commission of 30% of Net Sales!
  • Get paid on sales to individual customers or an entire company!
  • Get paid on residual sales for one full year!
  • No signup fees!
  • Read more in our Affiliate FAQ.

This Is NOT a Multilevel Marketing Program.

We are building a network of people who will be a vital part of their local communities. There are no franchise fees to pay or inventory to purchase.

NOTE: To be a ThinkTQ.com affiliate, you must first be a registered membered. If you have yet to do so, then please register now.

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