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"If you want to accelerate your success -- well beyond what you can do on your own -- the TQ Quick Start Coaching Sessions are for you! This exciting once a month program (12 sessions annually) helps you get your arms around all the fabulous TQ materials, removes the feeling of being 'over-whlemed', and gives you the specific help YOU need -- personally -- to renew and reinvent your life. This program is highly structured, gaited and gives you the information you need to fast-track your success-track! You will see amazing results in just 30 days. Guaranteed." ~ E. R. Haas, CEO

TQ For TQ System Customers Only...

To qualify for the TQ Quick Start Coaching program you must have the Full 12 CD Power of TQ System. The Quick Start Coaching Certificate is included with all TQ Gold Systems, and also includes our sensational Miracle of the Goal, Full Circle Success, and Purpose Driven Success TeleSeminars.

You will be sent a Coaching Certificate that may be used anytime during the year. You may also repete any class as often as you need to truly "get it."

Instructions for registering for a given series of sessions will be sent to you privately via eMail. Each session starts at 8 AM MT on a Saturday morning and lasts about 1 hour depending on Q/A.

TQ About the TQ Quick Start Coaching Program...

Over the past 10 years, we have perfected an amazing new training regimen designed to INSTANTLY improve the effectiveness of your performance.

This program picks up where our exceptional TQ materials leave off—offering you the immediate guidance and direction you can only get from a live Coach.

If you are willing to do the work, you will dramatically accelerate your success. Guaranteed.

We have enlisted the most experienced and caring TQ Masters in this program. They will get you moving in the direction of your dreams. Now!

These dynamic Coaching Sessions will change your life—for the better—if you are willing to follow the program for just 10 minutes a day. We have packaged this program for immediate results, not just depth of understanding.


  • You will have increased your TQ by 20-30 points. You will be working SMARTER than you ever have...

  • You will have a clear sense of Mission and Purpose. You will have true DIRECTION...

  • You will have written Goals and Plans. You will know how to CREATE the future, not just PREDICT it...

  • You will have the keys to long term success, however you define it: Wealth... Power... or Happiness...

  • You will not only understand the material, you will be LIVING it! Daily.

If you are committed to immediately improving your performance, reinventing your life, and dramatically increasing your success potential, this program is for you! Do the work and you will instantly (yes, instantly) see tremendous results. You will make the changes in your life you are seeking.

This is NOT an overstatement or exaggeration. You will be WOWED by what you are about to experience.


TQ This program is for...

  • People who need additional help in getting up to speed.

  • People who need a little more structure and accountability.

  • People who have questions that need specific, personal answers.

    Before the year grows one day older, please stop and take inventory of where you are right now... and where you want to go. Our sole purpose is to help you get there faster than you can on your own.

    During these highly motivational sessions, we are going to substantially raise the bar on both sides of the equation for true and lasting success: High Expectations coupled with Brilliant Execution. We will use this time to get you moving in the right direction, right now.

    Our general theme is: Aspirations + Awareness + Action = Achievement. You will be a Straight A, 4.0 scholar in success by the time we are finished. We promise!

    TQ Aspirations + Awareness + Action = Achievement...

    Our objective is this: To help you find your true DIRECTION in life, by training you to set crystal-clear Expectations for your future... then give you the tools and technology to power up your performance... with crystal-clear DIRECTIONS... so that you continuously Execute beyond Expectations.

    We have found that some people have no problems learning the material on their own... where others need substantially more help. To take your skills to the highest level possible, you will need to engage at that level. You may even learn the material so well that you too will become a TQ Master and attend our next TQ Intensive!

    You want to quick start your success. This is your starting point.

    Do not be afraid. You CAN do this.

    We will help you.

    TQ Direction + Directions = Success...

    These sessions are designed to do two things, and do them well: Give you DIRECTION and give you explicit DIRECTIONS.

    Many of you will be doing a fair amount of "remedial" work, where others will find the specific answers you have been seeking for some time.

    Either way, these sessions will give you a solid foundation for instantly improving your success potential... regardless of your starting-pont.

    Finally, there is a fair amount of just plain WORK you will need to complete as we go along. Fun work, but work nonetheless!

    These sessions can be taken in any order, BUT you will need to complete the exercises in Session I prior to sitting in on the next session. The advantage of doing the sessions in order is it will allow you to build and maximize your understanding of the TQ system from the ground up. It will also help you understand the logic to their order, thereby increasing your ability to ACT NOW and make effective changes from this solid foundation.


    TQ Session I: SUCCESS / POWER...

    This session will quickly move you beyond a basic understanding of the process of success, to immediately firing up your performance... getting you to DO what it takes -- NOW -- to instantly become more powerful... and by extension... more successful.

    Success comes down to just 2 things: 1) Knowing what you want... 2) The power to get it. In TQ language this means High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution which creates High TQ Performance. However you say it, it means the same thing—the POWER to achieve the RESULTS you want over TIME.

    By the end of this session you will have what you WANT in your right hand... and the POWER to achieve it in your left hand. This will be your starting-point for a life of true and lasting success.


    TQ Session II: PURPOSE / MISSION...

    A brief review of Session I. Concentration on your sense of Purpose and Mission.

    Why is your Natural Mission the foundation for true and lasting success?

    Because your VALUES are the basis for living what's MOST important to you. They must be expressed in each of your VISIONS. All that is then necessary is for you to create an EMPOWERING ROLE.

    By the end of Session II, you will have a clear understanding of the importance of Mission to your life. You will see why your Mission IS your life.

    You will have completed your "My Purpose - My Life" form, leading you to transform your Mission into a series of Brilliant Goals.

    This will give you absolute DIRECTION. When you have triangulated your Vision, Values and Roles into your Natural Mission, the Inherent Direction of your life just naturally unfolds.


    TQ Session III: GOALS / PLANS...

    Brief review of Purpose and how to arrive at your life's Natural Mission by triangulating your Vision, Values and Roles.

    Sketch in your 15 Year Time Horizon, moving your "general" wants to specific points in Time.

    The formula for creating Achievable Goals is simply this:

    How DESIRABLE are your Goals?

    How BELIEVABLE are your Goals?

    Do you get the connection between your Goals and your Mission?

    You will!



    Brief review of the Goals on your 15 Year Time Horizon.

    Walk through the connection between your Goals and your Power to achieve them on site.

    We will spend our entire time together in review of your Power of TQ: Your POWER to set crystal-clear EXPECTATIONS for what you want to see happen... over your POWER to EXECUTE such that you meet or exceed Expectations.

    You will have the broad overview of the process of success.

    You will understand the granular level, and the tools used to help you increase your personal power.

    You will understand WHY your Personal Bookmark is the key to High TQ Performance...

    And WHY High TQ Performance is the KEY to the success you desire.

    Ultimately, this all comes down to Achieving your Aspirations...

    By a heightened sense of Awareness in Action.

    We want you highly AWARE of how your 10 Colors are burning...

    Highly AWARE of the Results you are actually producing at every point in Time...

    Highly AWARE of your POWER to transform your Expectations into the life of your dreams...

    Highly AWARE of your POWER to Execute.

    Yes, ACHIEVEMENT of your greatest ASPIRATIONS is the goal... the mission... your purpose for living.

    In the end, we want you to become a Purpose Driven Success...

    By learning to Perform on Purpose... from today on.

    "The only way to achieve true success is to express yourself completely in service to society." ~ Aristotle

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