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The TQ System - Bronze Edition

"Your tools and technology are great, but... this whole program came alive for me when I completed the 4 Quick Start Coaching Sessions. In a word, your system is absolutely INCREDIBLE!" ~ Dr. floyd Bennet, M.D.


TQ Bronze System Features

Huge Value ~ Fabulous Coaching!

The TQ Bronze System contains EVERYTHING listed below under the TQ Basics Package—all the materials and site access you will need to dramatically raise your TQ and develop the skills to produce outstanding Results over Time!

This package is perfect for people who need specific guidance and direction to get started and to keep moving!

Bronze Members will receive a TQ Quick Start Coaching Certificate in their package permitting them access to the four Coaching Sessions anytime for one full year! Bronze Members will also be able to access these coaching sessions online in the MP3 audio format, as each session is recorded. (Listen to these sessions over and over and you will not only UNDERSTAND the material... you will be LIVING it!)

The Bronze System Package Includes:

1. QSC Session I —POWER: Your Success is all about having the personal power to achieve the Results you want over Time. In this session we will boost your TQ by 20 points—giving you the power to instantly produce better results. 1 to 1 1/2 hours of LIVE instruction. $149.95 Included
2. QSC Session II—PURPOSE: Why your sense of passion, purpose and Mission is the Starting Point for living your BEST life starting right now. 1 to 1 1/2 hours of LIVE instruction. $149.95 Included
3. QSC Session III —GOALS: You will finally understand the connection between your Mission and your Goals... and will have written Goals 1-5-10-15 years out on your Time Horizon. 1 to 1 1/2 hours of LIVE instruction. $149.95 Included
4. QSC Session IV — High TQ PERFORMANCE: The Secret to Wealth, Power and Happiness. Here you will learn how to move up to Stage-4: Unconscious Competence, instinctively and intuitively producing exceptional Results... in far less time than you ever dreamed possible. 1 to 1 1/2 hours of LIVE instruction. $149.95 Included
5. The Power of TQmade-to-order virtual personal book. $39.95 Included
6. Custom Printed—and bound edition of your 172 page personal book. Full color covers, lay-flat binding beautifully printed in B&W on high-use paper stock. $24.95 Included
7. Expert Personal Review—of your TQ Scores giving you specific, step-by-step written instructions for immediate improvement. $39.95 Included
8. Time Prism Screen Saver Training System—contains more than 10,000 selectable training sequences. $39.95 Included
9. The TQ Smart ENERGY Personal Workshop CD—trains you to commit to peak personal power! $39.95 Included
10. The TQ Smart MISSION Personal Workshop CD—teaches you how to live what you value most! $39.95 Included
11. The TQ Smart ATTITUDE Personal Workshop CD—helps you transform your passion into action! $39.95 Included
12. The TQ Smart SET GOALS Personal Workshop CD—trains you to turn your dreams and visions into crystal-clear goals! $39.95 Included
13. The TQ Smart MAKE PLANS Personal Workshop CD—trains you to turn your goals into realistic, rock-solid plans! $39.95 Included
14. The TQ Smart PRIORITIZE Personal Workshop CD—teaches you to continuously remain focused on your priority #1! $39.95 Included
15. The TQ Smart SYNERGIZE Personal Workshop CD— trains you to create powerful leverage and interpersonal synergy! $39.95 Included
16. The TQ Smart ORGANIZE Personal Workshop CD— helps you GET and STAY organized! $39.95 Included
17. The TQ Smart OPTIMIZE Personal Workshop CD— greatly improves your time management skills! $39.95 Included
18. The TQ Smart ACT NOW Personal Workshop CD— trains you to take bold action to make your life an action adventure! $39.95 Included
19. The Secrets of The Time Prism— and 10 Colors of Intentional Excellence CD Audio motivates, educates and inspires! $19.95 Included
20. One Year Subscription— to Daily Lessons in Intentional Excellence via eMail! $119.95 Included
21. Custom Day-Planner Training Pages— augments your existing Day-Timer or Franklin Planner! $69.95 Included
22. Success On Purpose eBook— How To Achieve Purpose-Driven Success. This 172 page edition is ready to print in full-page, workbook format. $19.95 Included
23. Anatomy of The Achievable Goal eBook— How to Set and Achieve WOW Goals. This edition contains full working examples for expert use of the My TQ Dreams, Goals and Plans Center and is the principle resource used in the TQ Miracle of The Goal TeleSeminars. $19.95 Included
24. Full Spectrum Success eBook— The Key to Wealth, Power and Happiness. This 112 page edition is ready to print in full-page, workbook format. $19.95 Included
25. Premium Site Access— for 1 full year includes dynamic TQ charts, instant performance assessments, deep-linking to your 100 Factor Personal Lesson Plans, access to the My TQ Goals Center... access to the My TQ Mission & Purpose Center... and access to Premium TQ Content, Articles and Reviews! $119.95 Included
26. TQ Basics TeleSeminars— Basic TQ System Clients are invited to attend any three 1-hour TQ Basic Tele-Seminars during the first year after purchase. Experts will answer your specific questions! $99.95 Included
  TQ Bronze System Total... $1633.70
  Basic Package Savings... $1333.75
  Your Price... $299.95


IMPORTANT: To Qualify For The ADDITIONAL $50 Discount, you MUST order TODAY as this offer is subject to change without notice and may not be available the next time you visit this page.

Order the package that's right for you. Final Discount will be taken on the credit card page:

1—Save $2183.50, order the TQ Gold Program for Just $349.95

2—Save $1633.75, order the TQ Silver Program for Just $299.95

3—Save $1333.75, order the TQ Bronze Program for Just $249.95

4—Save $783.95, order the TQ Basic Program for Just $199.95

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, which means that your purchase is 100% Risk Free. 

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Everything You Need To Improve Your Performance Effectiveness NOW! Get the Bronze TQ System and Save Over $1300!

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Only $299.95

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