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Getting Started With TQ

Discover How To Accentuate Your Strengths
and Eliminate Your Weaknesses... Quickly!

TQ is not a "grazing site," as it has tens of thousands of pages that will quickly overwhelm you.

The great news is that if you follow our simple direction you will find exactly what you are seeking: The tools you need to achieve more and get ahead faster."

Follow these simple steps and you will be on the way to making the rest of your life the best of your life:

Promise: Invest 20-30 minutes with us and you will save countless years of running in circles, chasing the same old dreams, never seeming to catch them!

About TQ...

TQ is for people who know they can do better... want to do better... but don't know exactly where to start. TQ is the measurement of your Time Quotient — your ability to produce exceptional Results over Time — the true measurement of your success potential...

TQ measures how smart you ACT, not how smart you ARE. You are already smart enough... you might just need to focus your energy on producing greater RESULTS and do it in a lot less TIME.

The TQ process begins with a simple question, "What's holding me back from the success I deserve and the life I love?"

Take your Quick TQ Test and we will unequivocally answer that question in 3 minutes flat!

Three Exciting Entry Points...

We have products and services for everyone... from simple but effective... to engaging and life changing! We have made it easy for people to get going fast and keep on growing:

  • The Quick Fix — Spin the Time Prism >> Choose a Color-coded area of your performance >> Improve it!

    This is very much the "SEE good idea -- DO good idea" approach to personal growth.

    If you want to casually dip your toe into the pond, this is a great starting point! Click Here to Learn More...

  • Develop The Excellence Habit™ — This entry point is for people who are absolutely committed to long term personal and professional success. In just 100 days, you will look at the fullness of your life, and overcome the hidden forces now holding you back from living the life of your dreams.

    In just 3 minutes each morning and 15 minutes during the day, you will reprogram your brain for success, not mere survival.

    The key is to inject thousands of positive new ideas into both your conscious and subconscious mind, creating entirely new webs of opportunity.

    This crash course is like reading 4-5 of the best books, from the brightest minds on the planet, each day — and making deep connections that create a new path to the future of your dreams.

    It is unconditionally guaranteed to change your life from the ground up. Click Here to Learn More...

  • Systematically Improve Your TQ — This entry point is for people who are serious about getting ahead fast. It is based on the science of Self-Measurement... Self-Evaluation... and Self-Improvement.

    It is roughly patterned after the US Olympics training progression: First master your FUNdamentals... then Train to Train... Train to Compete... and Train to WIN.

    As seen below, this process is as simple as 1-2-3: Test your TQ >> Read your Power of TQ personal evaluation >> Accentuate your Strengths and Eliminate your Weaknesses. Click Here to Take Your Quick TQ Test Now...


Step 1: Invest 3 Minutes to Test Your TQ...

Discover Exactly What's Holding You Back...



Step 2: Read Your 172 Page
Custom-produced Personal Evaluation...

Instant Awareness ~ Immediate Illumination...



Step 3: Amplify your STRENGTHS...
Eliminate your WEAKNESSES...

Simply Remove All Barriers to Your Success...

About Us...

ThinkTQ, Inc. is the world's leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence.

We are in the business of systematically measuring, releasing and improving your success POTENTIAL... giving you the baseline reference point for making meaningful changes... and the TOOLS to rapidly hone your God-given TALENTS into hard-edged SKILLS.

With tens of millions of data points at ThinkTQ.com, gleaned from the last 20 years of serious R & D, we have found that there is indeed a "secret" to long term success—however you define it: Wealth... Power... Happiness... or just the peace of mind that comes from knowing you did the best that is within you.

The secret is high TQ performance: High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution.

Serious about Personal Growth?

Ultimately you have a simple choice: Maintain the status quo and hope for the best... or Decide to grow each day — personally and professionally.

If you are serious about growing to the peak of your potential, we highly recommend you order the TQ Gold Coaching System, and get to work.

Click Here to Learn More...

The TQ Gold System is the most cost-effective, high-value coaching program yet conceived. It contains everything you need — the tools, technology, advice, structure, and reinforcement — to keep you connected to your goals... and committed to your performance. It is perfect for seasoned executives, managers, business owners and everyone on your management team who needs to put their success-track on the fast track.

If you are highly successful, and want to step your performance up to the next level, this is the best system for immediate improvement.

If you are struggling financially, in your career or in your personal life, this is the best system for immediate change.

"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation." ~ Jack Kinder ~


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"Becoming a member of ThinkTQ is the single smartest thing you will do today. It is the pathway to achieving all your dreams." ~ Jennifer Thompson, Gold Member

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"Powerful, Personal, Transforming..."

Never did I expect a web site to make me smarter. Never did I expect to wake up one morning and find someone to help me see my life from an entirely new perspective. You did both.

Barry H.
Dallas, TX


Help Now!
"Powerful, Personal, Transforming..."

Never did I expect a web site to make me smarter. Never did I expect to wake up one morning and find someone to help me see my life from an entirely new perspective. You did both.

Barry H.
Dallas, TX


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