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Sunday, November 26, 2023.

"What is the recipe for successful achievement? To my mind there are just four essential ingredients: Choose a career you love, give it the best there is in you, seize your opportunities, and be a member of the team." ~ Benjamin F. Fairless 

Are You Having Fun Yet?

Enjoy yourself as you work toward your goals. Smell the roses while you're tending your garden.

IMPACT: A goal is something beyond where you are. If you want to get from here to your goal, you must take the steps required to get there. Goals don't just automatically "happen." Obvious? You bet! But if this is obvious, why do so many people set goals then never achieve them? Goals don't happen on their own. If you want the goal, you have to do the work. This means taking the steps necessary to get there, day-by-day.

There's no value in planting a garden if you don't take time to appreciate the sprouts, blooms, blossoms and fruits of your labors.


Is This a Concern? HELP Is Available...

Today's training is from the TQ Set Goals Color: Take at Least One Step Towards Each Goal -- Daily. To get maximum benefit from Today's TQ, put all your senses to work for you. The words in the video are subconscious triggers that cause you to remember the big ideas. The tempo and voice appeals to the logical side of your brain.

Burn the emotional and logical into your thinking, act on the idea, and you will get better results in less time. Your TQ soars... you become more successful... yes, today!

Some members have no problem in this area, but many do. If you feel this concern needs to be addressed now, we can help.

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  • Objective-3: Create a series of High-Value Goals 1-5-10-15 years out together with the means for achieving them.

  • Objective-4: Find your True Self and discover the life you were meant to live.

  • Objective-5: Breakthrough, Break free and Break Out of limiting performance issues by learning how to INTEGRATE what you KNOW... into your CHOICES and ACTIONS. For many, they already KNOW enough... they just haven't figured out how to INTEGRATE what they know into what they DO. This is where TQ training and Mentoring pays off with huge gains... instantly!

  • Objective-6: Take your career/business to new levels, creating the shortest path possible to Financial Independence/True Wealth.

  • Objective-7: Raise the level of your performance from lackluster to superstar.

  • Objective-8: Immediately start producing significantly better Results, personally and professionally.

  • Objective 10: Training to Compete... Training to Win. If your fundamentals are strong, you now need specific help to get in the game, stay in the game... and win.

Each coaching commitment is custom-produced using TQ Gold tools and tailored to your specific needs.

TQ Master coaches and mentors are highly responsive to your specific needs and design each encounter individually.

In most cases this is simply a matter of scheduling a block of time for you and your coach to address the issues and move forward.

Think in terms of where you are now and where you want to go. We use the 4 levels of Olympic-class performance as our guide: Mastering Your Fundamentals... Training to Train... Training to Compete... Training to WIN.


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One of the best reasons to hire a Master Coach is that it is difficult to fight all the battles alone. We lose hope.

Hope is restored when we are able to see our future for what it actually is... ripe with opportunity and promise... not a foreboding mess where we just spin our wheels, burn-out, and ultimately give up.

If you feel like this, please do not give up. Talk this out TODAY!



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Getting your Daily Lessons In Excellence is a vital step towards exceptional personal performance as it keeps you connected to your goals, and committed to your performance.

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Today's TQ for the week of November 26 - December 16.


Are You Having Fun Yet?


Afraid To Ask For Help?


Should I Reiterate?


Are You Missing The Fun?


So, One Step Is All That's Asked?


Are You Still Mourning The One That Got Away?


Do You Curry The Flurry?


How Routine Is Your Routine?


Who's The Most Creative, Energetic, Positive Person That You Know?


There's No Time Like The Present.


What's Your Average Miles Per Hour Today?


Are You Making Time For The Necessary Steps?


Want To Go For A Ride?


Want To Make History?


If You Don'tT Have The Time To Do It Right . . . .


Do You Have A Reason To Celebrate Today?


How Often Do You Abstain Instead Of Vote?


Can You See Over The Piles Of Papers On Your Desk?


Could You Use More Cooperation?


Are You Torching The Candle At Both Ends?


Have You Discovered The Value Of Reflection Time?


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"You should call this the Survival Edge..."

I've taken a dozen time management courses and read 20 books on improving my time management and organization skills. This goes WAY beyond anything I could ever hope for. It gave me a serious edge when I came up for my last job review, not to mention the confidence I now have.

Steve D.
New York, NY


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"You should call this the Survival Edge..."

I've taken a dozen time management courses and read 20 books on improving my time management and organization skills. This goes WAY beyond anything I could ever hope for. It gave me a serious edge when I came up for my last job review, not to mention the confidence I now have.

Steve D.
New York, NY


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