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For just $29.95 you will receive a single CD in the MP3 format — (like getting 18 full CD's compressed onto one!) with over 15 hours of the most inspiring interviews on wealth creation, health, success and the intentional pursuit of excellence. Early Bird pricing subject to change without notice. Immediate Delivery.

From the introduction on Track number 1 to the last word on track 31, you will learn more about leadership, success, personal power and the intentional pursuit of excellence on this single CD than in 20 years at the school of hard knocks.

You will be inspired, motivated and moved to action. You will be well on your way to becoming a Legend In Excellence!

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(If you are not motivated and inspired by this introduction Track — if HOPE hasn't been rekindled while listening to this sampler — check your pulse. You're dead and don't even know it!)

Track: #2

Topic The Power of Relationships

Guest Zig Ziglar

Description Zig Ziglar openly shares about his love for Christ and for his family and friends. He talks about his wall of gratitude and emphasizes the importance of practicing gratitude everyday to better value and appreciate success when achieved.

When you listen to Zig speak passionately, jazzed with his gifted humor about courting his beautiful red headed wife every day after over 60 years of marriage, you will not only be inspired in knowledge, but you will be filled with hope that "yes", life long relationships do exist, and you can have that same power in your relationships too!

"Annie Armen's zest for life, her joy and conviction, are supercharged with electrifying passion that translates into a radio program like none other. When I think about Annie, I can't help but get excited about how she is making a positive difference in our world, one God-motivated interview at a time! If you listen to her even once, she will take you by storm!" ~ Zig Ziglar, Author: See You At The Top

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Track: #3

Topic SUCCESS PRINCIPLES: "How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be"

Guest Jack Canfield

Description Jack Canfield talks about his latest book titled "SUCCESS PRINCIPLES: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be". You will learn about taking 100% responsibility over your life, about Jack's RULE OF FIVE which involves consistent actions steps over time to achieve the desired result, and much more.

During this intimate interview, Jack shares about his personal journey, about the countless rejections from publishers and about his proactive action steps daily to push forward against all odds before Chicken Soup for the Soul� Series became a household name across the world. Listen in as you will gain Jack Canfield's knowledge of timeless success principles that will guide you in your journey to success both in business and in life. Be empowered and never lose hope because if Jack can do it, so can you!

"One radio interview with Hurricane Annie and your inner passion rises to an extra-ordinary level! Annie Armen, you not only interview the best of the best, but you passionately provoke the best out of the best with insightful excellence, and that is what makes you The Human Hurricane." ~ Jack Canfield, Author Chicken Soup for the Soul series

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Track: #4

Topic Power of Global Excellence

Guest Denis Waitley

Description Denis Waitley goes heart to heart with Annie Armen, LIVE in studio, and begins talking about his grandmother as his true inspiration. As the interview deepens, he then discusses the difference between standard of living and quality of life. Denis then passes on guiding principles so simple, so down to earth yet so overlooked, that just listening to him speak will move you toward choosing to live a life of excellence with purpose, and inspiring countless others along the way, wherever you go across the globe.

Sit back, dim the lights, close your eyes, and just be yourself with Denis and Annie. What you will experience is hope all over again, as Denis will gently guide you toward planting your seeds of greatness today for tomorrow's harvest.

"Annie Armen is a national treasure! If you want to connect your inner essence to your outer achievements and fulfillment, listen to her soul-deep mentoring and reflections. She has that rare ability to speak directly to you on a personal level with life-changing impact. Make her radio program part of your success routine." ~ Denis Waitley, Author: The Seeds of Greatness

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Track: #5

Topic Speed of Trust, Part 1

Guest Stephen M.R. Covey

Description Stephen M.R. Covey passionately talks about his latest book titled "The Speed of Trust". In Part 1, you will gain extraordinary insight drawn from Stephen's personal and professional experiences into building trust based relationships successfully with key principles to help guide you along the way such as: "The more you give, the more you extend yourself to other people, the more trust gets reciprocated back to you".

Stephen will not only fire up your thoughts, hopes, and experiences about TRUST, he will inspire you to apply what you hear and learn from this intimate discussion to the most important relationships in your work and in your life because, in his words — "TRUST is the one thing that changes everything"!

"Annie, you are doing important work with your show and making meaningful contributions to society. I admire your vision and passion and sense of mission greatly! Keep making a difference and keep inspiring trust — it changes everything!" ~ Stephen M.R. Covey, Author: The Speed of Trust — The One Thing That Changes Everything

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Track: #6

Topic Up Close and Personal with Dr. John Demartini

Guest Dr. John Demartini

DescriptionThis intimate, exclusive interview will immediately capture your heart and undivided attention until the very end. Dr. John Demartini openly reveals about his childhood, family, teenage experiences and unique challenges he was determined to conquer to achieve success against "all" odds. In his words: "We have a mission on this planet. Those with a mission have a message. It's our God Given Gift to share it, to live it."

Do not be surprised if you find yourself hearing this particular discussion several times, each time learning something new, propelling you to live your life on a mission. Immediately after hearing this interview all the way through, you will find yourself experiencing new found hope for your present and future, love for yourself and for others, and gratitude for who you are, where you are now, and all that you have.

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Track: #7

Topic The Master of Sales Attitude

Guest Dr. Ivan Misner

DescriptionDr. Ivan Misner zealously talks about his New York Times Best Seller Book, "Masters of Sales: Secrets From Top Sales Professionals That Will Transform You Into a World Class Salesperson". From the very beginning, Dr. Ivan Misner tells it like it is in this manner: "If you're in any kind of business, you're in sales. SALES IS HERE TO STAY!" You will learn what sets a "good" seller apart from a "great" seller along with valuable, time-tested lessons shared through genuine stories to which you will relate to immediately.

BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE! Annie Armen throws an unexpected, hurricane twist into the discussion mix when she brings up about Ivan's near death experience with a Portuguese Man O'War in Hawaii and how this experience relates to the Masters of Sales Attitude.

Before the interview comes to a close, not only will you be more aware of what the new masters are beginning to discover in the arena of sales, but you will find yourself optimistic toward the profession as you gain priceless knowledge you can instantly apply in your daily lives.

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Track: #8

Topic Expect The Impossible — Up Close and Personal with America's Youngest Reallionaire!

Guest Dr. Farrah Gray

DescriptionDr. Farrah Gray keeps it real when he talks about his amazing book, "Reallionaire — Nine Steps to Becoming Rich From The Inside Out". He openly shares about growing up in the projects, and having heard the following words from his teacher after he expressed his dream of becoming a millionaire entrepreneur when he grows up: "No you're not! Your family can barely keep a roof over their head. You're poor, your family is poor. You better go find something else to do". Can you relate?

One valuable success principle Dr. Farrah Gray shares during this gripping interview is this: "You can't let anyone's perception of you become your reality. TUNE NEGATIVE PEOPLE OUT!" Listen in and take notes as Dr. Farrah Gray talks about his nine steps to becoming rich from the inside out, on a mission to guide you toward discovering your area of excellence. Bottom line, if you want to find what it is that will make you the happiest and the most successful person in your field, than this is the discussion for you!

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Track: #9

Topic PASSION TEST: Is Your Life On Fire!

Guest Janet Bray Attwood

DescriptionJanet Bray Attwood, Co-Author of the number one national best seller, "THE PASSION TEST: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny" joins forces with The Hurricane for a memorable conversation, and this time, the surprise is on Annie Armen. You will experience "effortless" synergy, energy, and passion off the charts when these two connect as they seize each and every "air time" moment as a gift without ever having met. Imagine if you can have anything, do anything, and be anything? Imagine you have everyone supporting you? Now, how can you manifest that in your life?

Then Annie agrees to take "THE PASSION TEST" on the air LIVE as Janet puts her through several exercises for purposes of demonstrating "the effortless path to living a passionate life". Stay tuned for more as Janet then reveals her secret to discovering your number one passion and living the life of your dreams.

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Track: #10

Topic OUT With The Ordinary, IN With The Extraordinary

Guest Dr. Joseph Michelli

DescriptionImagine being dropped in a trash can at the age of three? How does one overcome childhood abandonment, walk in forgiveness, and then live an extraordinary life impacting millions across the globe? Listen in with a pen and notepad handy as Dr. Joseph Michelli walks you through five key principles for turning ordinary into extraordinary drawing from one of his best seller books, "The Starbucks Experience". In his words, "without Faith, there is no empowerment"! This is one heart grabbing conversation that will both inspire and move you into choosing to live an uplifted, hope-filled, empowered life NOW, simply because YOU CAN!

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Track: #11

Topic The Secret to Your Health and Wealth!

Guest Dr. Edward Group III and Matthias Schmelz

DescriptionHere is one secret to your health and wealth shared in agreement with guest experts Dr. Edward Group III and Matthias Schmelz, and that is: Eat fruit in the morning. Why? Listen in and dig up answers that will challenge what you already know, and move you into action NOW because in order to achieve wealth or any form of success, health is an absolute must. Bottom-line, health and wealth are interlinked and with this interview, you will have a solid starting point to nourish your mind, heart and body as soon as you decide to take action with knowledge obtained. Cheers to your health and wealth!

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Track: #12

Topic Sales Success Principles

Guest Lenann Gardner

DescriptionIf you are looking for "STATE OF THE ART SELLING SKILLS" whether your goal is to bump up your sales, or in search of the quickest way to drive your sales up, or simply make more money, this is definitely the interview for you! In this highly informative discussion, guest expert, Lenann Gardner, author of "Got Sales? The Complete Guide to Today's Proven Methods for Selling Services" will generously give you selling tips, and "can't miss" Sales Strategies you need to achieve your growth goals starting now. Be sure to listen in to Lenann's story about her "fire" walk and how this example ties in with her sales success principles.

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Track: #13

Topic Got Time? What are You Doing With It Right Now?

Guest E.R. Haas

DescriptionRich or poor, old or young, white or black, each of us have 24 hours broken down to 1,440 minutes, a total of 86,400 seconds within one given day. During the course of 24 hours, the merciless clock beats consistently to the rhythm of "tick tock, tick tock" every second, without fail, regardless of who or where you are across the globe. Therefore, what are you doing with your time right now? Are you making every second count? In this compelling interview, guest expert E.R. Haas, who is the co-author of "Success on Purpose," and a very dear friend of Annie Armen, purposefully guides you into asking one, very important question daily which will lead you into making smarter choices, taking smarter actions, in order to maximize on your time quotient for those brilliant results.

Listen in as you discover this "ONE QUESTION" and be sure to write it down as your smart choice, and apply it everyday as your smart action to live a productive life for those brilliant results, making every second count.

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Track: #14

Topic Got Soul Medicine? Unleash The Passion Within!

Guest Dawson Church, PhD

DescriptionHave you ever stopped for five minutes to ask yourself, what is hindering you from living your dream to the fullest? Does it sting every time you hear yourself saying: "I lost my inner passion. I have no energy left. I'm so depressed. Days, months, years have gone by and I can't seem to get my passion back", sound familiar? Carefully listen in as guest expert, Dawson Church, Ph.D., author of his breakthrough book, "The Genie in Your Genes" scientifically reveals the extraordinary link between body, mind, and spirit, and the UNDENIABLE impact of your thoughts and emotions on your everyday experiences.

You will learn about energy psychology, about the power of "intention", and how to best apply what you hear during this enlightening discussion in your daily lives to achieve the desired results of your heart.

"Annie Armen's show is media at its best: Lively, funny, positive, and transformational. Annie's enthusiasm and insight brings out the deepest and best parts of everyone who listens to her show. She is wise and passionate, inspiring both her listeners and her guests to find their core, and speak and act from that inner wellspring of infinite inspiration. Listen once, and you will know why listening to Hurricane Annie will always make your day, even as she makes the world a better place." ~ Dr. Dawson Church, PhD, Author The Genie in Your Genes

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Track: #15

Topic Leadership Principles

Guest Matthias Schmelz

DescriptionWhat does leadership mean to you? What key character traits mark a true leader? Does the quality of your communication determine your success as a true leader? Guest Expert Matthias Schmelz, author of "The MillionaireMaker: A Complete Guide To Financial Freedom" says: "Leadership starts by leading yourself, being disciplined in the way of controlling your own habits, because before you can lead other people, you need to be able to lead your own emotions". Join in on this thought provoking conversation between Annie Armen and Matthias Schmelz, as they both share their experiences to best illustrate the effectiveness of this one very important leadership principle — "WORK WITH ME as opposed to work for me". As an added bonus, you will learn about techniques of manipulation, influence, and persuasion in the artistry of successful leadership in action.

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Track: #16

Topic The Power of Intentional Excellence

Guest E.R. Haas and Kent Madson

DescriptionWhat is excellence? What is INTENTIONAL Excellence? What does it mean to live a life of results versus a life of regrets, in other words intentional excellence versus status quo? This and more will be revealed by Annie Armen's dearest friends, time quotient (TQ) mentors and guest extraordinaires, co-authors to their amazing book titled "SUCCESS ON PURPOSE", E.R. Haas and Kent Madson.

You will gain timeless knowledge during this thought-provoking interview that will move you into executing smarter choices, taking smarter actions, to displace all the negatives in your life that keep you behind, in order to live a life of high performance in excellence. Kent Madson wants you to think about these two questions: IS IT YOUR INTENT TO BE THE ABSOLUTE BEST YOU CAN BE? What will be the highest standard you can live by? Answer those two questions, and you can live a life of INTENTIONAL EXCELLENCE!

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Track: #17

Topic Who Knew "The Key" to "The Secret" is Mr. Fire — Ignite The Fire Within You!

Guest Joe Vitale

DescriptionRight now, in this very moment of your life, what are your thoughts? Your feelings? Do you have a reoccurring problem area in your life? Are you at peace mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually? Are you at a point where you are READY for clarity and focus? Listen in to this high octane, energy driven interview with guest expert Joe Vitale, also known as Mr. Fire, author of "Zero Limits" and "The Key" who says: "In order to get the results you prefer to have in your life, you have to get clear of the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your own best efforts."

You will learn that excuses, what Mr. Vitale refers to as beliefs, are limitations that hold you back from having, doing, and being whatever you want. For immediate benefits, be sure to clear your mind before you join in on this stimulating conversation between The Hurricane and Mr. Fire.

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Track: #18

Topic Seven Success Secrets!

Guest Linda Hollander

DescriptionStuck with an idiot boss? Sick of stupid office politics? Are you in an abusive relationship? Sick and tired of being a cog in somebody else's machine? Ready to strike out on your own? This "TELL IT LIKE IT IS" interview is definitely the one for you! Guest Expert Linda Hollander, Author of #1 best seller, Bags to Riches: 7 Success Secrets for Women in Business,says: "The primary difference between winners and losers boils down to one word — ACTION. Knowledge by itself is NOT power. Action on that knowledge is what gives us our true power"!

Listen in as you discover Linda's Seven Success Secrets to how she became "The Wealthy Bag Lady". Here's a winning AnnieBiotics� Tip: The very thing that you're meant to do, is right under your nose."

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Track: #19

Topic Are You Miserable Or Are You Prosperous?

Guest Cameron Taylor

DescriptionRight now, are you miserable or are you prosperous? Do you know the difference between liberty and freedom? Dear friend and guest expert, Cameron Taylor who is a self-made millionaire, author of "Does Your Bag of Holes? 24 Truths That Lead to Financial and Spiritual Freedom," reveals a KEY Truth which is NOT a secret yet often overlooked: "If You Put God last, You Will Go Nowhere Fast." As you dive deeper into this Spirit Driven interview, you will gain insights to myths about wealth, prosperity, and abundance, for example the myth about "rich people can't go to heaven". Listen in as Cameron Taylor will guide you with 10 Key habits to what it takes to becoming prosperous in every area of your life.

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Track: #20

Topic Slip and Fall — Up Close and Personal With Hollywood Celebrity Producer & Writer

Guest Nick Santora

DescriptionWhen you hear slip and fall, what do you think? From cleaning parking lots to being a life guard, to being an SAT tutor, to becoming a bartender, to a waiter, to an on-air correspondent for Court T.V., straight into litigation as a lawyer with a practicing law firm today, living out his passion as a writer with his latest book titled "Slip and Fall", a writer and co-executive producer of the hit Fox drama, Prison Break, written and/or produced for several television series such as The Sopranos, Law & Order and The Guardian — all this and more accomplished by celebrity guest Nick Santora!

Now, if you want to learn what it takes to make it, and you are ready to take action steps toward your success, this is definitely the interview for you!

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Track: #21

Topic Up Close and Personal with Music Sensation Take 6

Guest Dr. Cedric Carl Dent

DescriptionHow do you know when you're in your calling and you're living your passion? Celebrity guest artist, Dr. Cedric Carl Dent, renowned member of the 10-time Grammy award-winning jazz sextet TAKE 6 shares a golden advice given by his parents that has guided him to his success today and that is: "Follow the thing that you're passionate about. Don't choose a career for money; choose it because you love to do it and the money will come." After producing 11 albums within 18 years against countless odds, Dr. Cedric Dent gently reminds us that success does not happen overnight, it involves a process. In this process, Dr. Dent gives all glory to God for their success.

If you are in need of a power prayer for guidance toward finding your calling, your passion, join in with Annie Armen and Dr. Cedric Dent during this most insightful, Spirit driven interview that will fill your heart with hope all over again.

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Track: #22

Topic How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven!

Guest Dr. John Demartini

DescriptionDealing with past issues of guilt and fear when it comes to either charging for services rendered, or receiving payments for services provided? Are you ready to break free of such counter intentions which limit your wealth today? Guest Expert, Dr. John Demartini author of "How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven" passionately shares his wealth principles during this heated discussion, and in one segment says: "Lay on the table what you would like to receive; be clear about it so people don't have to guess. Define and decide what you're worth and your value because until you value yourself and define what it is, don't expect anybody else to know what it is".

You will gain pearls of wisdom together with key insights that will help you jump start good habits in prioritizing financial values beginning with daily savings, paying off debts, and more in this informative yet most practical, much needed discussion.

"There is no question in my mind that Annie Armen LIVE Talk Radio is one of the most SPIRIT-LED programs I have ever experienced. God speaks through Annie, God inspires me, and God's Love through Annie touches millions of lives. Thank You Annie, and Thank God."
~ Dr. John DeMartini — Hit Movie The Secret

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Track: #23


Guest E.R. Haas

DescriptionHow clear are you in defining what is that you want; where it is that you're going? Are you putting deadlines to your goals? Are you committed toward meeting those deadlines? Guest expert E.R. Haas, who is the co-author of "Success on Purpose," Think TQ Extraordinaire, and a very dear friend of Annie Armen, defines goal in this manner: "A goal is a dream with a deadline". If you want to take your dream and turn it into a tangible reality, this is definitely one valuable, no-nonsense conversation you want to add to your audio library of personal development and success.

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Track: #24

Topic Speed of Trust, Part 2

Guest Stephen M.R. Covey

DescriptionStephen M.R. Covey passionately continues to talk about his latest book titled "The Speed of Trust". In Part 2, he defines trust, what trust is about, and reveals myths and truths about trust. As you dig deeper into this intense interview, Annie Armen raises difficult, sticky questions that come up in relationships. For example, can trust be restored once broken? Even when restored, will the relationship ever be the same again? AnnieBiotics� prescribed: "WALK IN FORGIVENESS"! In the words of Stephen M.R. Covey: "NOTHING IS AS FAST AS THE SPEED OF TRUST"!

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Track: #25


Guest Terry Watson

DescriptionWhat is Normal? Guest Expert and International Speaker, Terry Watson says: "If you live a reasonable life, you will be dominated by unreasonable people". Listen in to this no-nonsense, energizing interview and be empowered in valuing the authentic you. To further illustrate this point, Terry Watson continues to say that if Tiger Woods wanted to be Michael Jordon, he would have never been Tiger Woods. Here is the bottom line he wants you to remember before you choose to be like someone else, or do what others do and that is: "If you're not memorable, you don't exist".

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Track: #26

Topic How to Become a Successful Commercial Model As You Are — Without Extreme Physical Makeovers!

Guest Aaron Marcus

DescriptionSpecial guest expert Aaron Marcus, America's # 1 Actor and Commercial Model Career Coach, full-time actor, commercial model, lecturer, author of "How to Become a Successful Commercial Model" is on a mission to unleash your talent and energize your career drawing from his 25 years and 1,125 bookings (so far) in the acting and modeling industry. He has been cast on television shows such as: Law & Order: Criminal Intent, HBO's, The Wire, Homicide, Life on the Street, The West Wing, and The Prosecutors just to name a few.

In this interview, you will learn how to become a successful commercial model AS YOU ARE, and, how you will have more work opportunities if you look like a "regular" person, without extreme physical makeovers.

Highly informative, insightful, and most resourceful for your immediate needs, guiding you with a practical starting point for building your career with proven action steps that will lead you to your desired results!

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Track: #27

Topic The Power of ACT NOW!

Guest E.R. Haas

DescriptionIs your color of "ACT NOW" on fire toward living your life with success on purpose? What is stopping you from achieving your dreams, from activating your action steps now into achieving your goals? Guest expert E.R. Haas, who is the co-author of "Success on Purpose," Think TQ Extraordinaire, and a very dear friend of Annie Armen says the answer to that question can be summed up in ONE word. What is that ONE word? What is the antidote to this ONE word? Listen in for another spectacular interview that will bump up your DNA (D)o it (N)ow (A)ctions into living your dream with action! Bottom line: "The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer".

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Track: #28

Topic MASTERS OF SUCCESS — "Proven Techniques for Achieving Success in Business and in Life"

Guest Dr. Ivan Misner

DescriptionDr. Ivan Misner enthusiastically talks about his New York Times Best Seller Book, Masters of Success: Proven Techniques for Achieving Success in Business and Life". Listen in as you will learn key guiding principles that will move you toward wealth and prosperity. One fundamental principle Dr. Misner highly emphasizes for you to grab as a resourceful learning tool is this: "Success involves the uncommon application of common knowledge".

As a starting point, know that success is NOT an entitlement because it takes effort and making tough choices. If you want to learn more about Dr. Misner's proven techniques for achieving success in business and in life, this is definitely the interview for you.

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Track: #29

Topic Leadership With Success

Guest Sam Schwartz

DescriptionSam Schwartz, contributing author in Dr. Ivan Misner's New York Times Best Seller books "Masters of Success", "Masters of Sales", also a respected BNI Director for various BNI chapters both domestically and internationally says: "A good networker has two ears, two eyes, and one mouth, and uses it proportionately. If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people". You will gain practical knowledge in that you can lead by starting with smaller steps, and not be ashamed for asking for help along the way. Sam's philosophy is: "Dream BIG�and go for it"!

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Track: #30

Topic The Power of Faith in Excellence!

Guest Dr. Edward Group III

DescriptionAre you looking for that extra edge in your success walk? Do you find yourself in a position where you are being ridiculed for your authentic idea, and now doubting as to whether or not you should continue to forge ahead in action despite the strong opposition? Guest Health Expert Dr. Edward Group III, author of "Health Begins in the Colon--The Ultimate Guide for Cleansing Your Colon, Body, Mind and Home" and very close friend of Annie Armen says: "You have to have Faith and truly believe in Faith that everything is going to be ok, and not succumb to the negativity to get you through challenges".

Annie Armen prescribes the following AnnieBiotics�: Fear tolerated is Faith contaminated". With this Spirit driven interview, you will be inspired to walk in Faith AND action, because the combination of the two will take you beyond the average and lead you into executing action steps in excellence toward achieving your goals with success.

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Track: #31

Topic THE NEW GOLD STANDARD — Secrets of World-Class Leadership

Guest Dr. Joseph Michelli

DescriptionWhat is the NEW Gold Standard? Guest Expert Dr. Joseph Michelli, best selling author of "The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company" brings you back to earth when he passionately discusses the importance of service as opposed to servitude. In his words: "Serving one another is a noble art. How sad that in our society, we've somehow gotten service confused with servitude. The people who've changed my life everyday are the people who keep the boilers going, who comfort me in a coffee shop; they're much more my heroes".

Never forget that every single day, every moment, you have the personal power to touch and change people's lives. You will be empowered with Dr. Michelli's bottom-line message and that is: "As long as you're serving the needs of others, financial success will follow".

* * *

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