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"Further TQ Training: My Highest Goal in Life"

"To generous souls every task is noble." ~ Euripides ~

Dear E.R. and Kent,

To date, the TQ Excellence program has confirmed principles I know and understand to be true. Throughout trials and tribulations, recovery, worthy contributions and successes, reading the Daily TQ Lessons has kept my mind healthy, sharp and focused.

My commitment to excellence has never waned.
Neither has my commitment to providing meaningful and worthwhile contributions. To say that I have had a few challenges to overcome is understated, but I remain positive, committed and never lose faith regardless of circumstances.
I understand that this is a troubled and often confusing world we live in. I also understand that life is a gift, precious, beautiful and is to be cherished.
It is never what happens to us, but how we handle what happens to us that is of true significance. That exercise certainly breeds understanding, growth, compassion, and empathy, and inspires deep gratitude and appreciation of all our blessings.

I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful and appreciative of the continued opportunity to learn, develop, grow and contribute my enhanced skills and expertise to influence and effect positive growth and constructive, consequent change in others.

I love to see people happy, in harmony, and balanced, doing their best contributing and ever improving.

I love this Think TQ program because it is well framed, understandable, doable and effective.

There are no secrets. It is what it is and it works. It has been very well thought out, planned and executed. It is inspiring and encouraging. Being a trainer, facilitator and designer of professional training programs, committed to influencing people to be and do their best, always, I would be honored to become an exemplary TQ Coach and join your team to help millions of people meet and exceed their healthy, constructive expectations based on honorable core values.

We, human beings, are incredibly gifted and it only takes knowledge, exposure, understanding and exercise of a superb systematic learning process, coupled with commitment, focus, constructive guidance and diligence, to become great and successful contributors to mankind in the field of our choice.
My new TQ buddy and good friend, Mel Starkman, adds, "In addition to her generous and loving nature, Gabriele has innate qualities, many developed talents and skills, an amazing positive personality, constructive intent, boundless energy and a multitude of diverse experiences that would empower her to make the most of the training you offer."

This training will not only rebound to the advantage of my own personal growth, but also to a sizable contribution to my sponsors and a lasting positive and meaningful impact on all those who come to know me on any and all levels of interaction.

TRUTH: I would be honored, grateful and appreciative to be chosen for the scholarship of your fabulous training opportunity.

In the meantime, it's back to work. Wonderful sharing with you. Warmest regards. Be safe and have fun.

Gabriella Grace

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Member Comments...

The name would be Gabriele Grach...of course, that was then and this is now. GG :)

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