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"As a single disabled mother on a fixed income, TQ has helped me to reach higher and higher."

I am not a customer but I receive the TQ email every day and have for approximately a year now and I have learned a great deal from these emails. As a single disabled mother on a fixed income, TQ has helped me to reach higher and higher. I have met several goals in the past year that has blown my mind but I am committed to making my life a success story. MY children are counting on me and most of all, I am counting on me. I have learned that life is what I make it. I am fortunate that I clicked the link on one of my horoscope pages and found TQ. It is full of wisdom and knowledge. It means a great deal to me to have what information I have gathered from TQ.

I have learned that in the past I have let other people side-track me and it has caused me to lose sight of my goals. One time I was so down that I thought it was impossible to reach my goals so I threw my hands up and completely gave up. This was approximately 6 1/2 years ago. I became disabled and this has been humiliating, but getting my disability had given me the opportunity to remove myself from the problems I was facing in my life. I made a serious commitment to myself and my kids that I would get it right.

I have gone from ruining my credit to completely repairing it. When we lost our home and vehicle, it was devastating but we have survived. For nearly two years we lived in a mobile home that had holes all in the floor. We experienced snakes coming in on us and other animals. We were sick a great deal of the time from mold under the mobile home due to water leaks. One of my goals was to get my family into a nice home. Well, in my rush, I ended up putting us in another mobile home that was no better than the one we left.

I spent these two years studying and researching everything that involved what I wanted. I self educated myself and KNOWLEDGE is POWER!! When Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Gulf Coast, my family was on our way to North Carolina. I realized that it was my chance to move away from all the problems I had. We are now living in a wonderful neighborhood in a $150,000.00 house. My children no longer suffer from my bad choices. Our journey is not over as there are many goals I am working on. We are not rich yet and there is many things we wish to do.

But I have made it this far and I cannot stop now. If it were not for the TQ emails I get, I may still be stuck where I was. Thanks TQ for changing my life.

Have a wonderful day!!

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