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Real People, Real Stories

"You write your life story by the choices you make. You never know if they have been a mistake. Those moments of decision are so difficult." ~ Helen Mirren

Stories of success, life, accomplishment, and personal reinvention from the members and customers of ThinKTQ.com.


Several years ago we had received over 2,000 Real People ~ Real Stories and decided it was impossible to manage the archive. Since most stories had the same theme, we selected a number of truly great ones for your review.

Most of these folks had overcome real hardships to find the success they knew that was within.


When I began reading TQ I really started believing I could succeed in life.

Patricia Howland - July 11, 2014
Now I have a different view of myself and life. I am now making positive changes in my life. I have a family and I have struggled for years with procrastination and a low self image. TQ has allowed me to see why I procrastinate and to begin to act now. There are days when I fall back into my old mindset, but I remind myself of my goals and dreams. I know I will reach my goals and my dreams. I know I have a purpose and a destiny. I know I will make a positive difference in my surrounding world.

Thank you TQ for reminding me that I still have goals and dreams to fulfill. Thank you for reminding me that my life has purpose and meaning.
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TQ provided the insight to generate the right changes in the right directions.

Joan Anderson - July 5, 2013
Over the past few months, I have read TQ online and printed off many pages as a workbook for myself. I did this because I desire positive change in my life, and TQ provided the insight to generate the the right changes in the right directions.
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Hate... Hate... Hate...

E. R. Haas - June 30, 2013
A TQ case study from Success On Purpose about moving from a life she hated to a life Loraine loves.
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Bob Unrach - June 25, 2013
My partner introduced me to ThinkTQ a few years ago, and that has been a "miracle in my life." The information, inspiration, and real life stories have helped me to transform my life, become a better person, obtain success, and contribute more to mankind.
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Big Dreamer Challenges TQ

Francis Mukra - June 2, 2013
I am Kenyan, 50 years old lady, mother of 2 grown girls but I have refused to stop dreaming.
I want to learn to fly an aircraft, I want to climb Mt. Everest, I want to enroll for a PhD degree, I want to learn sign language, I want to start my own company, I want&
What that means is that I have a new dream almost everyday, and don't you think I need to come down from the clouds?
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TQ Action Brings Success

anonymous - May 1, 2013
This year I more than doubled my income. I was also promoted twice and now lead a division in my firm. I know that it was my commitment, my focus on my goals and their implementation.
If one truly commits and, moreover, is diligent and follows through with the TQ system, success, happiness, and joy is inevitable! One does not need extraordinary intelligence. One needs persistence, perseverance and to make the commitment to TQ and the betterment of their life.
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Thanks TQ for challenging me to dream again, for daring me to extract the treasures I'd buried in my heart.

Angelia Jean Brown - April 11, 2013
TQ has provoked me to focus. The poignant comments and intensely pertinent exercises have compelled me to zoom in on what is of primary importance to me. They have helped me to eliminate energy drains (i.e. activities that I use to distract myself when I'm procrastinating out of fear of taking a decisive action).
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"Worth 1000 Times the price paid..."

Been there... done that... and I'm not easily impressed. I've purchased thousands of dollars of books, seminars, video tapes, and an assortment of training aids that would fill a garage. Never have I been so impressed before. Simple, straight-forward and very structured. This is the LAST program I will ever need to take! I wish it would have been my FIRST...

Barbra A.
San Francisco, CA


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