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"Big Dreamer Challenges TQ"

"You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however." ~ Richard Bach ~

Kent and E.R.,

Here is my real life story.

My name is Francis Mukra, Kenyan and I doubt if I can get it to 200 words leave alone 500.

Why, you ask?

Because everything seems to be stacked against me.

How, you might ask?

All my life circumstances.

I am Kenyan, 50 years old lady, mother of 2 grown girls but I have refused to stop dreaming.

I want to learn to fly an aircraft, I want to climb Mt. Everest, I want to enroll for a PhD degree, I want to learn sign language, I want to start my own company, I want&

What that means is that I have a new dream almost everyday, and don't you think I need to come down from the clouds?

Now retirement is breathing down my neck and I am almost getting into panic mode and I think I need to have some jolt shot down me.

I have taken the TQ test, do very poorly on planning, emotions etc, etc.... The scholarship may just be my starting point because like we say in Kenya, seeing is believing.

Kindly acknowledge.


* * *

Member Comments...

Dear Francis,
Flying, climbing Mt. Everest, Ph.D, learning a new language, owning a business - what are the common values that you see in each of them? If you discover the common value(s) in each of your dreams and discover that they either already are fulfilled by Someone or discover a way to get them fulfilled, you will be able to emmotionally afford coming down from the clouds to be grounded and discover the emotional and mental focus that will power yourself back up.

One common value I see in each dream is a way to be kindly acknowledged. The need to feel loved may be hiding behind all your dreams. If you have been supplying others their similar need, you are probably already dearly loved far more than you yet know and feel.

God bless you. After landing and discovering how deeply you are loved and respected, may you get back up and soar.
Please don't give up. Except for being from Kenya, my circumstances are similar. Retirement is a wonderful time to make your dreams a reality. Keep dreaming and planning and take it a step at a time.
I have felt the same way, so grounded you can only think of how it feels to sour with the eagles. I wanted to let you know you have come to the right place. TQ can give you and anyone else, the skills and abilities, most don't even know they need, to do just that (sour with the eagles).

TQ can help you tap the power within you which has given you your dreams and through commitment and focus make them possible. Dream BIG, Set Goals and, Make Plans: Most important ACT-on things you can do NOW.

With TQ you can Feel the feelings and the accomplishment of your dreams NOW. You can do this by living your values everyday. I have found your values come from the same place as your dreams. Your values and dreams support each other. You can create the beautiful life of your values each day by taking the actions your values dictate, while in pursuit if your most cherished dreams. This will create the inspiration in your life you have been waiting for, and will inspire others around you.

TQ is a powerful process and the longer you apply it in your life the more self-empowered you will become, you will be able to take ever more stronger, more powerful, and more directed actions towards your goals. You will have the power to accomplish more with less effort and in less time.

This is what I have learned and been able to experience within my life, through the power of TQ and the passion and energy which dreams can generate.

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"Yesterdays don't matter..."

You are 100% correct. What was good enough to get me by last year doesn't have a snow-balls chance this year. I have to do things differently -- just to keep pace. The Power of TQ truly opened my eyes to my current limitations and my ultimate potential. I am ever so grateful.

Sherry H.
Santa Barbra, CA


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