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"Assisting Democracy for the Future of Sierra Leone"

"The best defense against usurpatory government is an assertive citizenry." ~ William F. Buckley ~

Dear Kent and E.R.,

I have the honor most respectfully to send you this story of a reality problems existing in my country Sierra Leone.

I got this idea from reading the TQ materials and TQ emails all the time. I may not win by telling this story but I am strongly encouraged by the materials usually received from you people and I am sincerely requesting for TQ Organization to be establish as a sub project within my youth and children organization, World Voices Sierra Leone.

I am the founder and National Coordinator of World Voices Sierra Leone youth and Children organization in Sierra Leone. It is part of the greater World Voices Norway organization in Oslo Norway. This organization gives ordinary young people the opportunity to talk about what is important to them, their real lives, hope, fears and dreams for the future.

Please read below my propose story which I am hoping to establish as a project within World Voices Sierra Leone youth circle.

Youth and Democracy in Sierra Leone:

The multitude of crises that beset Sierra Leone in the last three decades of centuries and which might continue to compromise the future of our Country is largely two fold and inter—related.

In the first place, it is a crisis in the value system(s) that inform our institutions; and secondly, it is a crisis of leadership.

If Sierra Leoneans are to reclaim and realize their enormous potential, it is important that young leaders acquire the democratic skills, training, networking, and a country—wide awareness of the challenges that face the Nation.

Sierra Leone is confronted by countless obstacles to development. Governments and civil society organizations toil to combat poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and underemployment, conflicts and displacement, and the HIV/AIDS crisis. The socio—economic problems faced by Sierra Leonean citizens have deeply rooted historical antecedents.

Disturbingly, Sierra Leonean youth are largely excluded from the policy debates and the identification of solutions to these key challenges. Nevertheless, it is young people who bear the burdens of Sierra Leone underdevelopment, widespread poverty, and health—related crises. Yet, despite their constituting a majority demographic in many Sierra Leonean youth, they have few opportunities to contribute to dialogue on development alternatives.

Due to the acute nature of the crises ravaging the country, development programs are often devised with short—sighted projections and goals in an effort to mitigate immediate suffering.

My organization World Voices Sierra Leone believes that young Sierra Leoneans must be part of the development debate. As the country future politicians, professionals and community leaders, Sierra Leonean youths must be incorporated into such integrated development planning.

If, as World Voices Sierra Leone believes, youth are among Sierra Leones most precious resources, they must be equipped with the skills and opportunities necessary to contribute to national policy dialogue. Sierra Leonean youth must be afforded space to stimulate socio—economic and political development so as to enhance not only their own quality of life, but that of all citizenry and of future generations.

Enabling youth involvement in Sierra Leone political discourse calls for appropriate democratic training and education. Equipping young professionals with Democratic skills and knowledge to engage in political action will foster the development of the country future leaders.

It is this time decisions needs to be made that will determine how human capacity should be protected, developed, and utilized. Thus, it is imperative that youth should be afforded quality democratic education, health care, gainful employment and given a voice to exercise their rightful citizenship.

Hoping to hear from you all.

My warm regards
Daniel M Mcaray
National Coordinator
World Voices Sierra Leone
Web: www.worldvoices.no

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Member Comments...

I think the story is very poignant and powerful and think about stepping up to the plate to help to make the world a better place for kids in Sierra Leone or anywhere where they are disenfranchised by a belief system and poverty.

I am so touched by Grameen Bank and its microloans to the impoverished women in Banggladesh. They are small loans with which women start a small business creating a better life for their family and they repay the loans!

Is a model like that one that could be used in this situation which is one of empowering young people. However it is a climb from no power to power. First and foremost are books and teachers and cleanliness and comfort to set the stage for growth and finding ones voice.

I will begin by taking one child to support and maybe others like me will follow.

Let me know what you think please.

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