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"Mission: Beautiful Women..."

"It is not by accident that the happiest people are those who make a conscious effort to live useful lives. Their happiness, of course, is not a shallow exhilaration where life is one continuous intoxicating party. Rather, their happiness is a deep sense of inner peace that comes when they believe their lives have meaning and that they are making a difference for good in the world." ~ Ernest A. Fitzgerald

A Case Study in Opportunity...

Gail, a 42 year old divorced mother of 3 started in Network Marketing (Multi-Level Marketing) when she was 8 years old in San Diego, California where she stuffed mailer's for her mom.

By the time she turned 16, her mom had Gail making 150 follow up phone calls a week—inviting women to their "pamper parties." Gail loved talking on the phone. Loved helping women look their best. Loved making enough money to pay cash for a brand new car at 17!

By the time she graduated from high school (bottom 5% of her class,) she was interested in just two things: beauty and men... and since both seemed to go hand-in-hand, she equated success with being beautiful.

Having had no other work experience, other than helping her mom grow her at-home business, she focused entirely on one clear Vision of making money by helping women become a little more beautiful... to like what they see in the mirror... to have a little more confidence and self-esteem when they go out and do battle in the workforce each day.

At 20, Gail had already figured out how to make a lot of money in her ROLE as Super Salesperson in her MLM business. She mastered the power of prospecting—and trained her down-line to sell more products and more "business opportunities" than her mom ever dreamed possible.

In fact her pitch was simple: "Give me 20 minutes and I'll take 10 years off your looks!" She excelled, and by the time she hit 45, became one of the top producers in America—by building a systematic approach to getting and keeping customers. She was rich beyond her dreams, earning over half a million dollars each year.

She was happy with her station in life, actually quite satisfied with her life and the results she was producing. She truly loved what she was doing, and did it with grace and excellence. To outsiders, it almost looked like she had a magic touch!

Like Marie, Gail was living her VALUES, and turned her single VISION (find women and make them more beautiful) into an incredibly profitable business with a singular MISSION: The Beautiful Life. Her elevator pitch is to "give women a tremendous income opportunity by helping other women feel great about themselves."

From the story, what do YOU think Gail's top 10 personal Values are: Do you see the simplicity of the tie between her Vision and her Values?

An Instant Mission...

I tell you this story as background to how quickly a mission can form in your life when you simply know your Values, Visions and Roles and can triangulate them into a Natural Mission—on demand.

To many people, Gail might seem superficial, artificial and just plain phony. She plays the "dumb blond" role to the hilt—even uses it to build her business: "If a dumb blond like me can make a million bucks... imagine what a smart cookie like you can do!"

Gail is anything but superficial. She might not be the smartest bear in the woods, but she has a thousand of them working for her!

In late March 2009, Gail got word from her mom that the Navy buzz in San Diego was that our troops would be coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq... probably the first week of May. Gail had a brother serving on the USS Abraham Lincoln, a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with some 8,000 sailors in the battle group. It would be the first time in over a year that they would get to see her brother.

Obviously, they were wildly excited at the prospect of getting together to welcome John and all his shipmates home—to be there when the entire carrier group docked. Just before Gail hung up the phone, she caught the glimpse of a HUGE VISION.

"Mom, why don't you and I organize an EVENT where we will make all the wives and girl friends of our men at sea the MOST BEAUTIFUL they can be to welcome their men back home?" she pondered out loud. "We will pamper these women and help them release their stress and emotions before their guys get off the ship."

From that initial Vision, Gail organized a complete campaign aimed at telling the women of San Diego what they were going to do... where to go to get it done... advertised the event two days before the ship was to dock on May 4, and filled the parking lots with "Beauty Stations." She picked up the tab to charter buses to take her beauty consultants to the docks with no expectation of anything other than to make those wives and girlfriends the most beautiful creatures on earth!

She got the company to donate products and supplies. Other people got excited and pitched in... to do whatever it took to welcome our hero's back home into the loving arms of the women they were fighting for.

A huge MISSION based on a clear VALUES and VISIONS and everyone playing their specific ROLE.

Gail's Mission was simple: Make 8,000 Women Beautiful.

Discussion Group Questions...

How strongly do you relate to Gail's case study? Do you see how she puts her Values into action each day? Do you see the power of a highly focused Vision? Do you see how she has been performing the same basic Role, year after year—for 20 plus years?

Can you see how a moment of inspiration can lead to a Vision so big that you must instantly power up a vastly bigger Role to make it real. What Role did Gail assume to actually form the Mission: 8,000 Beautiful Women?

Can you see that, absent the Vision, and absent the Role—even if the Values matched perfectly—no Mission could form without the creation of an empowering Role?

What title would you give the Role she created to accomplish this Mission: Event Planner... Evangelist... Beauty Ambassador? Please take a moment to journal your thoughts here, or online at the link below.

My Thoughts and Observations...

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Member Comments...

Gail's role was beauty ambassador. She positioned herself as the "go to person" for these women for their future needs.
Great story!

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"The competition is brutal -- this is our edge..."

We are in a brutally competitive industry and if we don't learn to sell and compete smarter, it is the difference between us getting the business or getting out of business. This gave us the edge we were looking for.

Wayne M.
District of Columbia


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