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"TQ Goes to Prison"

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." ~ William A. Ward ~

Hi Kent and E.R.:

This may or may not be a real success story but I want to share it with you.

I subscribe to your daily newsletter and just by reading the subject line I am so inspired. Not much has happened but the subject line keeps me positive and focused.

I want to write a book and be a professional speaker. The road I am taking is volunteer work as a Life Skills Coach at a local prison.

When I have my workshop on goal setting, I will pull out the TQ page of subjects (I have you in a separate file).

It energizes the men and gets them excited. We talk about what some of the subject lines mean and how they can achieve the success they truly want.

Knowing the recidivism rate is 76% within 3 years -- they kind of shudder and say not me. Then we pick someone from the group and write out a goal for them. It's not a SMART goal - just a very simple basic goal - one that everyone has contributed to. When I return the following week, it's typed out and given back to the person we selected.

I know I wont ever know if this person was successful, but I know I started them on their way and gave them your web site for inspiration.

Jan Harneck

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Member Comments...

i firmly believe the best way to achieve your goals in life it to help someone else achieve theirs. it supplies a neat sort of accountability that some of us need to stay motivated about what we have been called to do. keep up the good work.

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