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"I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance." ~ Pablo Casals

Dear E.R. and Kent,

When I had Lasik surgery performed on my eyes a number of years ago, I said, "That was a miracle."

My partner introduced me to Think TQ a few years ago, and that has been the miracle in my life ever since. The information, inspiration, and real life stories have helped me to transform my life, become a better person, obtain success, and contribute more to mankind.

It seemed smart to me, economically, that I receive this great email from E.R. Haas everyday, for FREE. Everyday, I would go to my computer, click on this incredible source of inspiring information, and move forward with my day, knowing I could make a difference.

My attitude, positive and negative, was transformed into a desire to overcome the odds and be successful.

The objective of TQ is to help you become successful. Most people assume its directed at creating a successful financial career, however TQ really inspires you to become successful in every aspect of your life.
With TQ, I decided to review my goals, my mission and my relationships. What I learned was that I was not yet the "whole" person I desired to be. I had always been successful financially, Id already experienced two careers, and was embarking on my third, however something was missing. I wasn't sure what that missing link was, but I was determined to find out.

I continued my quest to discover the emptiness in my heart by reading motivational books, talking to advisors and mentors, and reading the Scriptures.

Then, about a year ago, my life took an odd turn. The business that had been so successful for me was suffering due to a bad economy. After extensive discussions, my partner bought me out of the business, and all of a sudden, at age 54, I was out of a job. I lost the activity that fulfilled me and kept me busy day in and day out. A state of depression set in, and an anxiety over what I would do with my future. It caused me a great deal of stress and pain.

Because they were a special FREE gift, I continued to read those daily inspirations sent to me by the creativity of E.R. Haas. The many intriguing quotes caused me to check my attitude and say, "Stay positive, something will happen!"

It is for this reason that one early day in October, I said, "I should just buy "The Power of TQ," and perhaps I'll discover the cure to my problems.

I had taken the 100 question test in the early years and scored in the 80's. I thought that was pretty good, but I thought there must be something more to this. I decided to order the Power of TQ and receive the book designed to help me find out what was holding me back. My question was, "how could I succeed and feel good again, or what is the magic formula. What do these numbers and these 10 colors of Intentional Excellence really indicate for me?" I purchased Think TQ so Mr. Haas could finally make a dime off all the help he had given me, and so that I could discover the reasons why I couldnt execute at a top performance level all the time.

The score I received this second time was 93, a bit higher then before. Part of the reason for that may have been that, a few weeks before, I decided to clearly WRITE DOWN my goals, holding clear objectives in mind.

I received my personal book, read it carefully and went about the task of refocusing on my goals. It was this process that gave me the ah-ha experience.

While I formulated my mission statement, I uncovered the hole in my heart. I finally realized that I was trying too hard to achieve success for myself and I wasnt doing nearly enough to help the people around me.
A look inside changed my mission in life to "HELP OTHER PEOPLE." That is now my primary goal. Quit trying so hard for yourself but "do for others what you would want them to do for you."

The negatives that were in my life were crowding out some of the positives. These negatives were holding me back from my true potential, that of being able to give myself to others, without worrying about the result.

Many people, including myself strive so hard for the financial success, that they never obtain the personal and emotional success.

Many buy Think TQ, I assume, to help them achieve financial goals. Similarly, in my case, my vision stated that I could only be successful in my spiritual, spousal, family, personal and social life if I was successful in my financial life "1st." What I discovered, surprisingly, is that I have been successful in my financial life, and the success I have failed at is in my spiritual, spousal, family, personal and social life.

In the end, I was trying to help myself first, and then "help others last." Ironically, financial success is what caused the whole in my heart. What many reach for in this endeavor is to find a way to become successful financially.

What I learned from Think TQ and this process, is that I needed to learn how to become successful personally. I could only do this by helping others.

Now I can achieve anything!

True personal success can only be achieved if you become a whole person, one that pays attention to all aspects of their life, focusing on a proper balance.

As a result of my renewed optimistic attitude, I was called on by a top consultant internationally to work with him in sales and marketing. It brings all my strengths together and will allow me to continue on my journey of Personal Excellence.
Armed with a new mission, thanks to Think TQ, and a written set of goals, there are no negatives in my life that will be able to hold me back. I can focus on my goals and achieve at a level as expressed on the 129th page of my Power of TQ, " Maintain your Power to Execute, Magnify your Power to Execute, Magnify your Expectations, Imprint your foot-steps on the sands of time. Please take to heart." Yes, I hear those words plain and clear.

Thanks for all the inspiration!

* * *

Member Comments...

I love this story! And I like the writer feel very grateful for the gift of daily inspiration by the free email waiting in my email every day. I'm looking forward to ordering the whole program and becoming acquainted with some of the yet undiscovered parts of myself. Thank you TQ. Morgan

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"The First truly NEW way to Measure Performance..."

WOW! I clicked a few boxes and YOU suddenly know ME better than I do! Before taking your TQ Test, I only knew something was wrong. I now know exactly what it is! I am motivated and enthused. I also know I can do what it takes to succeed -- on a level I never thought possible.

Carolyn S.
Monterey, CA


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