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"I learned more about myself in the few hours it took me to review "my" book than I had in 53 years of living."

"Health, happiness and success depend upon the fighting spirit of each person. The big thing is not what happens to us in life -- but what we do about what happens to us." ~ George Allen

TQ The Way It's Meant To Happen...

Dear E.R. and Kent,

My parents were lamists. My pop was a bigamist who committed insurance fraud to pay for my birth.

Life went downhill from there!

Fortunately, I was born with what my granny called "a bright and shiny mind". I made my way through school where I learned to program computers. I started my career in 1976 when programmers ran around in tennis shoes and were commonly left alone to tap on their keyboards hooked to massive computers. It paid well and there was always another job waiting if I became dissatisfied with the company or culture I was working in. If you became the goat at one company, you could become a hero at the next -- until you reached goat status again.

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When I hit age 50, I became ill for the first time. Seven heart catheterizations, a bypass, a labyrinthectomy, out of control diabetes and the effects of soothing my aching soul (which I'd never paid much attention to) with alcohol conspired to humble me. I woke up one day to discover that everything about my life had changed.

Genius was no longer enough.

The younger kids coming out of school had ten times the energy for work that I had.

They thought out of the box.

They had a lot more world experience at 25 than I had at 50.

Everything just seemed to work for them. People quit asking me to attend meetings and the bosses quit consulting me on major challenges.

In short, I had been put so far out to pasture that I couldn't see the barn.

It took a year or so of decline for me to hit the absolute bottom, which turned out to be a review that scorched me. No raise. The threat of probation. A remediation plan. The review of my year lasted 17 minutes and I emerged from my bosses office in shock.

How had things gotten so far out of control? Why was I suddenly failing so miserably? Didn't these people understand I had talents beyond mortal men and they were spitting on me instead of taking advantage of me? Me, the one they'd given every award to in my previous 5 years?

Me, the guy who had the answers?

Depression set in quickly after that. I doubted everything about me. My thoughts were consumed by all the failures in my life. All the "goat" times. I picked up the Yellow Pages and sought a counselor to talk to. I was up front with him. Told him of my rotten upbringing and rehashed the projects I had never completed and all the ideas I'd never brought to fruition. I conceived the idea of the CD and DVD player in 1976 and Tivo in 1977. I'd fleshed out several books and movies over the years. I made a lot of CEOs a lot of money with my ideas in 30 years. With the exception of my current employer, every company I have ever worked for was purchased by a larger company and the officers became wealthy men. I never saw a dime of it. I had my "goat" moment and left the companies before the rewards came.

The counselor was fascinated to meet with me every week. He continuously tested my intellectual capacity with long discussions of philosophy, religion and current events. I received a lot of praise and understanding, but no guidance. No challenge. No help. He never told it like it was, I discovered in hindsight. Eventually, I quit attending to save the $125.00 a week I was paying him to be his pal.

I turned to self-help books next.

I read all the biggies as well as devouring texts about business leaders, technology leaders, the best thinkers of our time about how humans operate and organize their lives. There were so many opinions in those texts. Nothing to soothe my battered ego and soul, though. I wasn't looking for success. I'd had that (or I thought I did) and I didn't like the noteriety that came with it. In six months, I'd read three dozen books and felt like I was still on the outside looking in. I turned to the Internet next.

I began visiting websites that promised insights. There were the religious zealots. The stop smoking and diet successfully places. The followers of Zen. How to organize time to live a better life. They all required a buy-in of someone's daffy theory on what life is all about. I'd buy their books and read their blogs, always hoping for that "Aha!" moment that would knock the scales off my eyes and let me see what I was doing wrong and what I should be doing right. I was 53 years old and drowning.

Link led to link led to link and I wound up on ThinkTQ.com one late evening. It was something different. Something new. It held my attention for an hour or so. I bookmarked it and went to sleep.

I went back there with my coffee the next morning and took up where I left off. It promised success and improvement. Nothing I hadn't been promised before. It was upbeat without exaggerating, though. I'd studied enough sites to know the buzzwords that represented promise without a guarantee.

TQ was different.

No quick fixes were promised. No t-shirts with pseudo-motivational sayings. No religion. Just words.

Now, I was drowning in words at this point in my travels. I wasn't sure I could handle anymore. But something kept pulling me back to this site and eventually I worked up the courage to test my "TQ".

Two days later, I had a book targeted at me. It pulled no punches. It didn't praise. Nor did it pummel. It simply showed me who I was -- and it wasn't pretty.

I learned more about myself in the few hours it took me to review "my" book than I had in 53 years of living. My "Aha!" moment had arrived. Lights started turning on all over my brain. I got it.

I'd tell you what it is, but it is different for me than it will be for you. I have no doubt the authors of TQ had no idea how applicable their data would be to the child of lamists. A fellow who never got a lesson in being grown up, and who had managed to indulge himself sheerly through wit until circumstances forced a reevaluation of what life was.

In the months I've been using TQ, I am reminded daily of the power of reality and honesty and humbleness and, most importantly, words. I'm using TQ to face myself with complete courage. It's private. It's complete. It's life affecting.

And growing I am!

Not all at once, but day by day. The way it's meant to happen.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


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Member Comments...

Dear Glen

Your life presented in 'Readers Digest version' was eye-opening. You inspire others, that is one of your gifts, as is writing, aside from your computer language writing skills and much more. So life for you was an "ah" moment (years of it) until you arrived at the 'That isn't enough' moment in life and you began to look for the "aha" moment, the moment that brings answers to deep down questions such as "What am I doing here?" You found answers to that question after searching so long (50 years) with ThinkTQ. Good for you. I am happy for you. I am glad I found ThinkTQ too after 4 decades. What a waste of time to search so long, to have lost so much time. But not everything is lost. Your future, my future and others future and dreams is not lost.
Many times it takes threats to health or work to hear the 'wake up call'. What saddens me greatly was to read about your heart condition. All this surgical invasion or drugs may have been unnecessary had you known about corrective chiropractic care. Poor posture in combination with your daily computer writing may have impacted the flow of electrical impulse communication in your central nervous system to your heart and body. The CNS runs from the brain down your spine and out to all your organs. Pressure on the 'vegas nerve,' the heart/lung/other organs nerve, cuts of the eletrical impulses when the neck is tilted out of proper position e.g.:downward/forward/sideways/too far backwards; and it changes the 43 degree 'arc of life' in the neck. Unfortunately, the doctors will never ask: "Let's see if there is any pressure in your spinal columns on your nerves that create your heart condition," or other symptoms of disease/conditions in the body caused by reduced nerve function.
Glen, research this part of your health question and find answers that will likewise bring you the 'aha' moment. Years of health and live is lost needlessly, because people do not know about keeping the spine and central nervous system healthy until the 'aha' moment. Eye-opening, life saving, live changing! In my opinion it is a true crime of our health care system, insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies. A website to start with in your research: www.thebodybygod.com.
I am happy for you and I wish you love,
Lydia Godwin
Thank you.
I am 52, female, engineer. Other than replacing a few circumstances, same reality check. Thank you for the encouragement you shared by telling your story.
Your story hit home . . . as if I were listening to a recorder with my own voice talking back at me! I, too, turned 53 this year. I spent years trying to reinvent myself . . . returning to school for Cosmetology (only to develope asthma and only worked in the field for a year) AND went back to obtain an A.A.S. degree in paralegal studies and a B.A. degree in legal studies - to be told that I have no experience, and how are my dictation skills! I am technologically dysfunctional, so no company (large or small) will hire me. In my region of the country, Spanish speaking is almost a requirement for any industry of employment! Your best line: "I had been put so far out to pasture that I couldn't see the barn" totally spoke to me! I laughed for a solid minute, because that is exactly how I feel. Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury to be able to retire at 53 merely because we cannot compete with "the young"! I am new to this process with ThinkTQ. I truly hope I can return to this COMMENT SECTION in the near future and tell my story about how I have found the courage to move forward and develope the insight and God-given talents that have been buried so deep, because I have been spending my whole life trying to please others. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm tired of all the "how-to books", therapy sessions and coursework that has gotten me to this empoverished position (sleeping on a blow-up bed), and still being unfulfilled and miserable. So for now - updates will follow . . . . Irma
I wish you luck, Irma. So take Spanish--start leaving your TV on Univision and your radio on the local Spanish station. Listening to all that will help as much or more than formal lessons (the movie THE 13TH WARRIOR actually gives a good idea of what learning a new language is like, plus you get to look at Antonio Banderas _and_ Omar Sharif. It doesn't get a whole lot better!). I just read an article this morning on how to learn something. Get a piece of paper with 1000 blocks on it (small graph paper or something like that). For every hour you work at Spanish, you get to mark out a block. By the time you've done 1000 hours, you will be able to get along in it. (Plus, you'll be able to get all the jokes from the Bumblebee guy). Your local library probably has a lot of little kid books and cartoons in Spanish, and some Spanish lesson tapes or CDs. I just thought I'd pass this along.
Hello Ms. Irma

I too have gone the same route as you, but with depression constantly following and hounding me to this date. Ive also gone back to school at a very late age and now have a nursing degree...with many regrets along the way. I had worked in law enforcement for 20+yrs and due to the injuries I sustained had to reinvent myself again...yikes..Ill be 49 this year and havent had to opportunity to really dive into this site yet. Ive been working double shifts contantly since my graduation to relieve the burden of the loans Ive aquired. Im also going through a divorce. I just came across this site one nite..luckily I suppose. Ive ordered things, but at this point havent had the time to actually put them into place..like I said the depression haunts and attacks me every minute of the day..its horrible. I do recognize that this site is special and I will be able to use it eventually.Im also one of those human beings, that longs for something..and if your out there would love to hear back from you.

PS..thanks glen for your humble submission..it really did inspire me and through the tears and darkness, I hope to see some light soon.....
From the date on the article, it is impossible to know when you wrote your comment. I for one would like to know how well TQ has helped you thus far. Please respond.

Thanks so much for your well written and charming story and your good looks too! I hope you see the blessing you have of writing and I see a big message to you in all these comments that would make for some super books!

As the kids in my office say "YOU ROCK"! Best wishes always Glen!

Merre in California
You need to read -- and do all the exercises -- in Success On Purpose, as until you actually triangulate your Values, Vision and Roles into a Natural Mission and Authentic Direction, you will be lost. You will find it under the TQ Products menu under books.

You are asking the right questions, but you do not have the right tools.

There is simply no reason to continue as you are. This, in fact, is a life and death issue. You are spending the ONLY life you have to live on things of little real importance. Living a life of significance and purpose is within your reach... if you simply extend your grasp.

Do the work and you will have the answer for you.

Good luck Ken,

Thank you for your very real story of struggle, and breakthrough. Actually the moment you were humbled, as you say, was the moment you broke through. Many people get to the point of being humbled and instead become bitter, hardened, old. The thing that encouraged me the most is that I'm about to turn 44 and I am always thinking "at this rate, where will I be at 54? And how can I be sure the choices I'm making today will make a difference before I reach 54?" You have really given me hope for which I am very grateful. Hope I am really fighting to find and possess as my own. Thank you. Not out of the woods yet, but getting there.


Thank you for your story. I am 31 but I feel "old" already with the speed of change in technology. I am also a computer programmer and a self-help book worm. I also reached a negative review from my boss just this week.

I started in ThinkTQ last Dec 31. I got my personal workbook sometime in January but I did not follow through after that. Eventually I forgot all about TQ until recently.

It's really true, isn't it? I either apply it and get want I want or I won't. It's that simple. I wish working on it is just as simple. Sometimes even making 1 choice on 1 factor is so hard when all my factors are negative. Btw, my score is a paltry 33.25. I do hope I get to your stage where I'm making the right choices.

Excellent account -- thank you very much. Also, I totally agree with your assessment of TQ: real-life success tools without the fluff. Thank you again to Glen and TQ for your daily dose of inspiration.
This year I made myself accountable for the happiness factor. I can't control the economy, my boss, countries bombing each other, but I can choose to look for goodness everywhere; try my best at what I do; set my professional, personal, financial and physical goals; imagine; look for opportunities to make a difference; do my best to inspire myself and at least one other person daily.

Every day I am awed by how many people on the planet do a kindness, help a stranger, contribute by doing what they do well. If the rest of the world outside myself has so much greatness randomly available for view, why do any of us waste a moment thinking we aren't also capable.

Getting laid off or even fired stings, but often turns out to lead you to your best life and your best self. Like the ladies above that went to school later in life so did---and I choose not to stop until I'm dead. It seems to me that choosing to stop reinvinting-exploring what we can do with our lives makes us dead.

The TQ process helps define what I really want. Focusing on what I really want --well--manifests it. Try it and see how rich your life will be. "You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought" changed my life 25 years ago. Check out "mMaster Mind " principles, the power of positive thinking and try it. What have you to loose? The unhappiness gloom the pushes others and opportunity away?

I struggle to keep focused, but I know it keeps me weathly in the most profound ways. Good luck to all of you and to me too. We are at least the people who will encourage and enrich one another.
What are lamists?
Your story is similar to mine, very much so. The way you describe TQ is exactly how I found it too. It gives me a new spark. Which is much needed. I am ready for it. Thanks.

I am 49 and make $12 an hour because I chose a 25 hr a week job versus the stressful management positions in the past that help to drive my blood pressure up to the 200's. I need to lose 100 lbs and have everything to live for...a loving imperfect family including our first grandson now 8 mths old and two grown daughters and son in law. My hubby has income reduction of $1800 a month due to the economy and has been searching for a job and going on interviews for 8 mths now. I am looking at a possible move away from the children in order for hubby to make more although that is not my desire. I have read TQ for 3 years now and still do not have $ to buy it...sigh...I am glad to vent here...any TQ thoughts people? I trust God will show us the way and am trying not to stress about retirement looming ahead since we have lost everything in the last 9 years. we are not going hungry anyways...ha ah...love and prayers to all, ruthie

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"The First truly NEW way to Measure Performance..."

WOW! I clicked a few boxes and YOU suddenly know ME better than I do! Before taking your TQ Test, I only knew something was wrong. I now know exactly what it is! I am motivated and enthused. I also know I can do what it takes to succeed -- on a level I never thought possible.

Carolyn S.
Monterey, CA


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