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"Coming to the US with Nothing but Perseverance and TQ"

"I'm proof that great things can happen to ordinary people if they work hard and never give up." ~ Orel Herhiser ~

I came to USA in 1993, without knowing any English, worked for minimum wage, I was happy to have a job.

I have had 2 jobs full time to meet needs. Bought a house, had a divorce, have two teenage kids. Working a minimum of 60 hours a week, managing a house, went full time in school, in 2001 got degree as an Registered nurse, still working a lot of overtime but my W-2 form reads $150,000.00.

I am looking to buy another house and I feel very successful.

I have a vision of success. And I may not be Donald Trump but being positive and reading an article as T.Q have had help me a lot.
Every morning before I go to the work I read a daily T.Q, I am using every resource to stay focused and positive and to expand my visions.

My potentials are unlimited. I love what I do and I am doing it well. I have to remind my self on daily bases I can do even better.


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