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"Inspiration for an Inspirational Speech Writer"

"Every writing career starts as a personal quest for sainthood, for self-betterment. Sooner or later, and as a rule quite soon, a man discovers that his pen accomplishes a lot more than his soul." ~ Joseph Brodsky ~

Dear E.R. and Kent,

I am in a job that provides no stimulation. I was in a band but was a frustrated musician. Though I love Jazz, the band did not provide me with any 'wow'.

I read widely, Im a free—lance editor for a men's mag and a 'ghost—writer' for pastors, and other motivational speakers. I love to write — and am always on the lookout for new material, quotations etc.

That's how I cam across TQ.com. It's been a journey that's inspired me (how can I write inspirational stuff without being inspired myself)? the quotes and exercises, reflections and stories really inspired me.

This year I wrote two books — one as a 'ghost writer' but I was able to change the style considerably. It will be launched in time for Christmas titled, "Live long—die young."

The other which is aimed for the high school student is titled, "Hola 0gr8" — (two—thousand great) — it's your move." Due for release when schools reopen in South Africa.

Now this one I'm really excited about because for the first time (and definitely not the last) I am credited as the co—author with renowned international inspirational speaker and TV/radio personality, Dr. David Molapo. This is a milestone for me.

So, am I successful yet? Maybe not in monetary terms but I certainly feel fulfilled (Tired and drained but fulfilled). I'm sure that the passion and effort will pay dividends.

I feel alive again and TQ played a part in reviving me.

Alvin T Fredericks

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Member Comments...

Thank you! Thank you! I'm a beginner writer, you've help me to see I'm on the right track. Good Luck with both books, Alvin.

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"The competition is brutal -- this is our edge..."

We are in a brutally competitive industry and if we don't learn to sell and compete smarter, it is the difference between us getting the business or getting out of business. This gave us the edge we were looking for.

Wayne M.
District of Columbia


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