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What Color Is Your Marriage?

"The development of a really good marriage is not a natural process. It is an achievement." ~ David & Vera Mace

A Unique New Approach to "Happily Ever After"...

This test, and the resulting free report, is for people who are looking for a serious, yet fun new way to see exactly where they are in their marriage.

It is a full-color, full-spectrum view of the positives and negatives driving your relationship right now.

Once completed, you will have a brilliant new starting point for immediate growth.

This is not a "what kind of dog are you," or a lame personality test. It's much more than that.

The TQ Marriage Test will give you wonderful new talking points and a fresh new way to start you down the path to your own "Happily Ever After!"

Yes, this test is for people who are FEARLESSLY looking for an answer to the biggest question in their life, "Just what is it going to take to move my marriage up from good to great and beyond?" It's also for people in a struggling relationship looking for specific direction and hope.

Our advice to people who are afraid of learning the truth... people who fear opening a door that has remained closed for far too long... or people who are just plain scared of creating waves: DON'T BE!

Ten simple questions that will take you maybe 5 minutes to answer is not all that big a commitment in exchange for direction, peace of mind and true illumination.

The great news is that, regardless your Score,
you will know exactly where you are right now, and precisely what you must do to start down the
path to a life of "Happily Ever After!"

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About The Marriage Continuum...

Now the question becomes, where do you believe you fall on the Marriage Continuum? To help you mentally bracket this, let's break the range of marriages into 5 clearly defined groups:

  1. The EXCEPTIONAL Marriage: A life of pure JOY... a true success by every measure. It is the ultimate reflection of a high-energy, conviction-driven partnership.
  2. The GREAT Marriage: A life spent in the pursuit of HAPPINESS... highly successful, but with room to grow. And growth is inspiring to both of you!
  3. The Average Marriage: A life where SATISFACTION is the keyword — satisfaction with money... the house you life in... your toys... your career... the way your kids are growing up.

    Everything seems to be OK. But remember what Average means: The BEST of the WORST (Mediocre) or the WORST of the BEST (Good).

  4. The STRUGGLING Marriage: A life where there are serious ups and downs... not a lot of happiness or satisfaction with anything... a struggle for balance... a struggle for money... a struggle with career direction... everything is a real struggle.

    This marriage is a low-energy, pessimistic endurance test where indifference rules. You may have some good reasons for continuing, but big changes must be made to insure you do not drop to Toxic.

  5. The TOXIC Marriage: A life that is filled with venom, acrimony and hate... where your most cherished dreams do not come true... your worst nightmares do. You don't just live under the threat of a Restraining Order, you are praying that the RO will be strictly enforced.

For some people, it is very easy to see where they lie on this continuum. For others, it might not be so clear.

Either way, once you complete your TQ Marriage Test, you will not only know which group you fall in, you will also know exactly what you must do to move up the scale... to go from GOOD to GREAT... and GREAT to EXCEPTIONAL.

When completed, we will give you a short evaluation of what we see, and advise you on a course of action for achieving your dreams, goals and aspirations.

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