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Welcome Learn & Burn Members!

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity." ~ John F. Kennedy

About Your Learn & Burn Quick TQ Test...

ThinkTQ, Inc. is in the business of measuring and improving YOUR potential for true and lasting success — in 3 simple steps: Self-Measurement... Self-Evaluation... and Self-Improvement.

TQ stands for your Time Quotient: your ability to produce Results over Time. TQ is a fundamental engine driving personal and professional excellence.

Your Quick Test takes about 5-7 minutes, and when you are done, you will receive a point by point, free report on your performance effectiveness... your STRENGTHS — and specific advice on how to become even stronger — and exactly where you need to improve. People tell us that this short test is a real "eye-opening" experience... the first step for achieving far greater success, both personally and in their careers.

Because TQ measures how smart you ACT — not how smart you ARE — it is the formula for achieving exceptional success.

"Action is the real measurement of intelligence." ~ Napoleon Hill
I've Heard Enough...

Getting Down to the Heart of the Matter...

The heart of the TQ Learn and Burn System is roughly based on the US Olympic training progression:

  • Master your FUNdamentals: Here we put FUN back into your life! Do not worry if you score low to start, as we can get you into the zone fast... in fact, this is the big point of our Fit Smart Fast initiative!

  • Training to TRAIN: Here you transform your Talents into hard-edge SKILLS. We make this Learn and Burn simple. How much easier can it be than to 1) Slap on ear buds... 2) Press PLAY... 3) Learn while you burn!

  • Training to COMPETE: Here you get yourself into the game with the expectation that you are prepared to compete among the very BEST. This is especially important if you are the bread-winner or are in ANY form of sales. The great news is that we have exciting new tools and technology to make this fun, smart and fast!

  • Training to WIN: Here you develop the WINNERS mindset, learning how to enjoy life to the fullest while producing career-building RESULTS. You can WIN. Believe it!

Essentially, our TQ Smart system helps you learn, remember and master the precise ACTIONS winners take to achieve all their dreams and goals... in 3 simple steps: 1) Test your TQ... 2) Review your strengths and weaknesses... 3) Amplify your strengths, eliminate weaknesses!

It is no more complicated than that.

I've Heard Enough...

About The Time Prism...

To see how well you are performing at any point in time, we created the world's first Time Prism to cut through the blur of your daily life.

In the normal course of a day, life appears to be one continuous stream of actions, reactions, situations and conditions. It's all a blur. In this state of overwhelm, it's impossible to see exactly what you need to do differently to improve your productivity, or change your circumstances.

The Time Prism takes this unfocused blur of activity and separates it into 10 bands of colored light — so you can actually SEE where you're hot and where you're not. It helps you SEE your performance with full spectrum clarity... so you can actually SEE what you must do differently to become all that you are meant to be.

On the next page, we will ask you 10 simple questions that drive super-star success. Again, this short test is designed to get you thinking about your performance from a fresh new perspective.

When completed, we will then give you a short evaluation of what we see, and advise you on a course of action for achieving all your dreams, goals and aspirations.

I've Heard Enough...

A Little More Detail...

"1-Slap on your ear buds. 2-Press Play. 3-Learn & Burn!
You will develop success-essential skills while turning a dull workout
into a music-driven learning adventure!"
~ Valerie Waugaman-Gal, Chief Fitness Officer

You want to Get FIT Faster... and become a great deal SMARTER about everything you do.

That's a given. (It's why you picked up our exciting, new Learn & Burn™ system... Right?)

You also want to make more MONEY... Right?

You want to put your CAREER track on the fast track to success... to become the MVP in your organization... Right?

You want to achieve total financial SECURITY and INDEPENDENCE... Right?

You want to become truly successful... personally and professionally... Right?

Great news: You're in the RIGHT place!

The question now becomes, "HOW... how can I become the success I desire? How can I start living the life of my hopes and dreams?"

The answer is simple: Develop the skills to achieve far greater results!

As promised, we are going to give you a BASELINE for improvement on the SMARTER side of the Fitness / Smartness equation... so you can SEE exactly where you stand right now, and what you will need to do differently.

By answering 10 simple question in each of 10 broad areas of your performance, we will give you an initial evaluation of your performance strengths and weaknesses... where your success potential is strong and vibrant... and where it is weak or faded... and needs improvement.

I've Heard Enough...
"Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body." ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

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